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  1. Clearing Up Steel

    double post
  2. Clearing Up Steel

    Yes, based on the logic WG laid out, 4 rank 1 = 2500 steel \
  3. But it has been nerfed already... how much more do you want it nerfed (smoke circles, smoke timers, armor scheme, RPF, allowing and distributing angle indicator, X marks the spot mods)?
  4. new MM is working !

    MM is fantastic, well done WeeGee
  5. Clan Battles/Missions

    You mean ranked has its own rewards and ranked is for winning not farming...
  6. Emblems earned

    Once we earn an emblem, do we get to keep it, or the requirements need to be maintained to use them? For instance the one that require x win is clear .. once you unlock it, it is to stay ... but what about the average damage emblem, once we earn it do we get to keep it, or do we loose it if the average damage goes below the treshold? On a side note - WG please leave the emblems as they are... in the face of the sunken!
  7. I would be ok to keep the win bonus in points... after all, the goal is to win. Otherwise it would be a dmg grind fest.
  8. Top 7 xp earner out of both teams should gain a star, 8th should not gain or loose, rest should loose a star
  9. Stream Sniping (is it a cheat?)

    So if I am in a dd on the team of the streamer and the enemy knows on the minimap where I am at all times it is not considered cheating against me. I don’t care if you use twitch to know where I am or an other app that removes FOW it is cheating. I don’t care if the streamer provides you a means or somebody else who wrote a mod to remove FOW provides you the means you are cheating the same way.
  10. Stream Sniping (is it a cheat?)

    Stream sniping is very similar than using aim asist. In both cases you use a 3rd party software to know where to aim. Stream sniping may be even worse as it removes the FOW from your minimap.
  11. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/yes-we-clan/ In the original announcement it says 5PT or 8EST so I hope it is just an oversight!
  12. as the title says ... please adjust start time back to 8pm EST.
  13. I want to have 2 separate ship of the same kind (2 DM for example) where I can have a different setup for random and for "competitive" play ... you guys have a point by not limiting it only to CW, but for whatever like ranked (if ever T10), or training rooms. Meta changes all the time, but 2 setup will always be reasonable. I also want to have 1 captain, who can be assigned to either ships with an alternate skill setup option. Monetization can be worked out - I have a reasonable example in the OP, but it is unrealistic to spend 50 doubloons (2 module change) per change 2x a day for 4-5 days a week for 8 week times 3 ships (already at 10k doubloons) plus the captain retraining 500 doubloons every time ...
  14. Did you read the rest of my post and did you understand it?
  15. It means that I will not take a non anti air version of that ship to random.