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  1. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/yes-we-clan/ In the original announcement it says 5PT or 8EST so I hope it is just an oversight!
  2. as the title says ... please adjust start time back to 8pm EST.
  3. I want to have 2 separate ship of the same kind (2 DM for example) where I can have a different setup for random and for "competitive" play ... you guys have a point by not limiting it only to CW, but for whatever like ranked (if ever T10), or training rooms. Meta changes all the time, but 2 setup will always be reasonable. I also want to have 1 captain, who can be assigned to either ships with an alternate skill setup option. Monetization can be worked out - I have a reasonable example in the OP, but it is unrealistic to spend 50 doubloons (2 module change) per change 2x a day for 4-5 days a week for 8 week times 3 ships (already at 10k doubloons) plus the captain retraining 500 doubloons every time ...
  4. Did you read the rest of my post and did you understand it?
  5. It means that I will not take a non anti air version of that ship to random.
  6. Due to the CW restrictions, until the season is over I can’t take my DM, Gearing, Montana and Missouri to randoms. I’d like to buy a second ship of the same kind I already have in port (for 50-75% cost) that can be only used in CW. This will eliminate the need to spend 100 doubloons every time I want to switch between game modes. Further, allow the captain to have an alternate skill distribution for CW (would even pay 500 doubloons to unlock it per captain) and allow the same captain to drive both of the same kind of ships.
  7. You are guaranteed to get the camo if you do all non Hood quests. There are 7x7 tasks and each gives you 2 crests so you have 98 crests. Even if you always only get the same crest, you will have 97 duplicate and you only need 23x4=92 to exchange them.
  8. I got to the conclusion that fire has more players due to having more overall wins.
  9. ​You can see it by the w/r ... since fire and water are random (at least I don't think MM puts the teams together) whichever team has more player, will win more. Imagine, there are only 24 people participating 11 water and 13 fire .. side A of the MM is 6+6, the B side is 5+7 ... if side A wins, the w/r will be 50%, but as soon as the other side wins, the w/r will jump up... water has no chance to catch up whatever great they play, at best they would get as much win as the other team. As of now, there is 8.7% more fire participant ... a couple of days ago it was only 5%, but since very little people will choose the losing team, most new participant chose fire .. it is not too skewed, so they will not lock it, like water was locked on Friday.
  10. Clearly team water is the more skilled bunch, yet fire will win ... typical WG [edited]... there are at the moment 8.7% more fire team members (based on current w/r) ... every other task the difference is less than 8.7%, which means on average, team water is more skilled.
  11. I think the most difficult will be the win challenge. Using Spyde's example with 64% w/r you need 200 games. You can easily make 200K base xp in 200 games. I also think the Minotaur will do good ... high average dmg, ability to secure kills, craps out shells like a machine gun for the ribbons.
  12. After pressing Z, can you cycle which shell or torpedo to follow?