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  1. Shouldn't South America be South East Canada?
  2. Go with the ship you think is fun to play. For me, between the Atago and Scharnhorst, I'll always go Scharnhorst because I'm a BB main, especially at higher tiers. What ships do I use the most for credits, the Arizona, Mutsu and Dunkerque are the most fun for me.
  3. Also recall, some only work if the stats are not set to hidden.
  4. What you really want in heavy traffic.
  5. Makes battleship captains cry.
  6. Uh... Um... Forget it, I'll just eat some popcorn.
  7. So far, I'm using AP in the QE and KGV, the others I'm using HE and haven't made it past T7 yet in the British BBs.
  8. I thought they were easy to hit because their commanders love to 'hide' behind islands to fling HE never knowing they can be hit back. All while not moving.
  9. Has no eyes, but still looks killer with sunglasses.
  10. Always thought it was the bridge, not funnel. My eyebrows are uneven.
  11. Doesn't wear clothes.
  12. The look when you see someone that stupid.
  13. What? This little old thing? Its just my Sunday driving vehicle.
  14. Peering though the screen to see what you're up to.
  15. When someone else takes that last doughnut you wanted.