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  1. Wowzery

    Bored with game

    I don't play for the gind, or even the missions anymore. I play the ship which I have fun in, that's it now. I also usually go to coop because I just want to blow some s#!t up.
  2. Three stories: First one, I was in the Warspite, two brother map, and going up one side. We were starting to lose, and were down in ships. I'm on the weak side, have a cruiser and destroy with me still and decide to head up as the other side was losing. Head in, start capping and out come two cruisers and two battleships. Cruisers start pounding my DD, so take aim, bam, sunk. Cool. Take aim and with next salvo devastating strike on next cruiser. Just missed a double strike but they lost both full health cruisers that fast. This allows the DD to move in on the BBs, and we focus on each in turn quickly taking them down. We move up and over and catch the other group from two sides. Second, was one of my first ranked battles, went in with a New Mexico. Can't remember the map, but pushing in behind our cruisers and the enemy appears. We focus on a Mogami and things are equal for a first couple of seconds of the engagement. I spot the cruiser, about a quarter health and close to it is another full health cruiser. So I fire the first turret at the Mogami, and the rest at the second cruiser. Sink them both in seconds. With such a large shift in ships so quickly in the battle we rolled over them quickly. Last game, I was in the Dunkerque, and because of an anti-virus program running a sweep of the computer (forgot it was doing it) I loaded in very late into the game, think 8-10 minutes. Finally get in and assess the situation. Our carrier is out of planes, and in a Brogue attempting to run to ram a Bayern in our cap. It would never make it as it was too far away and the Bayern was close to capping. I look at everything and that Bayern is sitting right in front of me, about 8km away, full broadside, and his guns are facing the other direction. So I fire, take 15k away. Confusion occurs, I don't start moving, stay still and wait for the reload. I want them to think I'm still AFK. Teammates still talking about rushing to ram the Bayern when I take the second shot. Another 15k or so of its health. Its down to a little and I'm still full health, and it has its guns facing the opposite direction. Now they now I'm active, and I get moving as the Bayern is now desperately trying to speed up, turn and move its guns. Never got a shot off against me before I sank him. Then with the remaining ships went off and won the game. The parts which stick out the most.
  3. Wowzery


    I don't pay attention to chat, so I don't see this very often.
  4. Wowzery

    for those newer to the game, and BB drivers..

    I will admit, there is one thing which highly annoys me when playing a BB. That's the CA or DD who decides the best spot is right next to me while I'm sailing. Nothing worse then when going to angle and turning right into the CA who sails straight. If you turn to avoid it you expose your broadside, and they are too busy doing whatever to see what's going on around them. Or if they are behind you they pound a salvo or two right into you. Just had both happen in my last game in coop, made me with I was playing with bots. Wasn't bad enough to be focused by 4 enemy bots, my allies had to join in.
  5. Wowzery

    for those newer to the game, and BB drivers..

    My priority is usually what ship is closest and sailing broadside to me. Or which ship poses the largest threat to me, like a DD making a beeline for me.
  6. Wowzery

    An Open Letter to Wargaimng

    And that rebalance, are you sure it would have 'balanced' it, or made a good ship a bad ship? Honestly moving it up a tier it would need some buffs, not nerfs to be at t6.
  7. Wowzery

    An Open Letter to Wargaimng

    The problem isn't buffing, or nerfing a premium, its WG doing it right which people have issues with. As for P2W, sorry, still not seeing it here in this game.
  8. Wowzery

    Best game

    Big Rigs Over the Road Racing would like to see you.
  9. Wowzery

    Why even play T10?

    Play where you want and where you like. Honestly there is nothing great about T10 battles, except its T10, and even then, its meh for me. If you are disliking the play as you rise up, getting a T10 ship won't help that, as the play will remain bad to you. There is nothing wrong with playing at T7, or 5, or even 3 if that's where you are having fun.
  10. Wowzery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Saw killer probe and destroyed it.
  11. Wowzery

    High tier coal ships

    Got both the JB and Georgia. Currently Georgia is my go-to coop ship, but JB is also a lot of fun. Currently if I could only have one, it would be the Georgia.
  12. Wowzery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Doesn't see killer probe lurking a mile ahead.
  13. There are also many players who don't have lots of FXP or credits. So how is this reset working? Is WG wiping it out across the board, if so it will cause a lot of grief for many players. Personally I've been saving FXP for the Alaska, so if that's wiped out by this NTC I'll be pretty POed.
  14. I haven't been paying attention to this NTC thing much because I honestly don't care to do it. But what's this about resetting FXP? Will that affect all players?
  15. Wowzery

    Average tier you play.

    T6 is my favorite still.