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  1. Wowzery

    I am done

    I will admit, the carrier rework and adding subs didn't make me want to play the game more. If anything, I play a lot less since they added that.
  2. Wowzery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Mom, dad, this is Xanu, my boyfriend. Yeeeees, he is that Xanu, the demon lord. Oh, geez, why does everyone freak out when I introduce you to them?
  3. Wowzery

    Gaming Experience in Warships Lately

    You have that, or watch your team hide behind an island in random. Pick your poison.
  4. Wowzery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Don't be afraid, its only a human.
  5. Wowzery

    Gaming Experience in Warships Lately

    I pretty much left random after being in several T6 matches where all of my allies huddled behind an island. Went to coop, you want to do that there, go ahead, more points for me.
  6. Wowzery

    Great Game / Losing the "GAMER"

    I pretty much stopped playing random when I was watching my team all head behind islands right away. Boring!!!! So yeah, I do coop where you have to be aggressive and go in first, otherwise you get no points. I enjoy it when I see my allies go hiding in coop because I know its more points for me.
  7. Wowzery

    Lines you stopped advancing because they were uninteresting

    Any destroyer branch. I dislike the stealthy play, not fun to me. (This is for any game, I don't like the stealth play).
  8. Wowzery

    Grand Battle is just awful

    I entered my first game in the Grand battle with trepidation. So far have been presently surprised that I don't have the entire team hiding behind islands like a normal awful T10 battle. I'll play a few more, but overall the enjoyment has been much higher than a typical random T10 battle. Worse battles in the game right there.
  9. I've always liked Grease the Gears skills, without it if you turn hard in a BB, forget keeping your guns on target. You've taken yourself out of the game right there. What happened with the skill reset? Last couple of times they just wiped what you had and you had to reset it all. This time they picked for you, and now most of my captains have crappy builds that are not suited to my playstyle anymore.
  10. Wowzery

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    Been away from the game for about a year, came back to try the Italian battleship line. So, had about 6 games Sat afternoon at T4. I went from 2 humans on the team to full humans the very next game, right back to 2 humans.
  11. Wowzery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    You couldn't hit me if I was stuck in a hole in the wall.
  12. I'm aware that the US was already gearing up and preparing for war. I just had never heard of this message before. A person replying to him even makes this comment which the poster ignores and says the message could have changed how the US prepares. But never provided any links or specifics of the message. So I thought I ask here with people who love naval history. Personally with how this guy replied I seriously doubt his claim about this message. He was very much anti-US and just started replying to any questions with insults.
  13. So, reading some comments in a video ran across a guy making the claim that an Australian RAN cryptologist Lt Comd Veve sent a message 6-7 days in advance to Pearl Harbor warning the US that they would be at war with Japan. Originally the poster says by the weeks end, then within 9 days. Poster also says that the US ignored this very important message which could have changed everything. Has anyone heard of this message? So far couldn't find anything in a Google search. I've heard of warnings from the Soviets and Britain this is the first time I've heard of someone from Australia.
  14. Wowzery

    I'm out

    Its why I rarely play random anymore, and been that way for over a year now, more like a year and a half. Just seems like people are fine with this timid play and justify it.
  15. Wowzery

    I'm out

    The new player base and the way they play, its why I dislike playing random now. Sorry, but it does suck.