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  1. Honestly I don't look at the patches and emblems. Even those I see I couldn't tell you what they mean, if there is any meaning behind them.
  2. This can be said of many complaints, not just this one. I recall the stealth-firing debate, torpedo spam, and, yes, at one time too many DDs. (There was a point before the German BB line in many games I was the only BB in the match with 6-7 DDs on each side.) Simply, players complain, WG takes action and players complain about the 'fix' and the cycle continues.
  3. As you go up you'll realize that the tactics for each tier changes. T8-10 battles are different than T2-4 battles.
  4. Absolute garbage games.

    Tier you played? This can be a big determining factor. Random or coop?
  5. I know someone as T6 and T8 are bottom, just not me usually.
  6. You said 24 players, the post didn't mention ship types, that's a fault on you for not be clear about that. Still not seeing where people won't complain about MM. WTR I've noticed has been affected by being a premium member or not in my own stats, so you'd give preference to those who buy premium time your way. How do you balance a division when a very good player pairs with his not so good, potato, friend to help him out? Which group are they placed in? It all sounds good, but again its not very functional in RL.
  7. Yet if you do this, mathematically you will have some players gain or lose in WR. If you group everyone with a 60%+ WR and have them only play each other its impossible for them all to keep such WRs. That's nice, but you ignore its more than just 24 players. If you match up by players, then you will have unmatched teams. You're MM must also break it down to BB, CA and DD players (CV if there are 4). This is to keep a balance with ship classes as well as players. Do only players you might end up with one team having all the DDs, and the other all BBs. You think there's complaints now, this would be worse. With each step it becomes more and more complex. And again, what do you use to calculate the 'skill' to match up these players? WRs, average damage, something else, total or for that ship, each of these tells only a bit of the overall skill of the player. All I see is a different type of complaining. As you said, its 24 players it has to match up (along with ship types) not the easy 1v1.
  8. I can have vastly different WR in different battleships. One I might be close to 60%, another more like 40%. How would you rate a player who is low in one stat but high in another, say high WR but a low average damage (got that in the Colorado) or vice-versa (like my Bayern). I think, as others have said, people wanting a skill based MM do not really understand what it is they are asking for. This isn't a 1v1 game where such a MM would make a lot of difference.
  9. Overall, I see the same problems arising with a 'skill' based MM as what we have now.
  10. Most games I can tell simply by how I'm shooting how the game will go. Most steamroller games against me I have little damage dealt nor can I hit anything. Yet the very next game I can't miss in the same ship.
  11. I love many of my T8 ships, but getting into a T10 battle, ugh. T10 battles are the least fun matches in the game due to how they are played. Largest yawn, snipe fest of all tiers. Its not being underpowered, its how the match is played which I can't stand.
  12. One thing which has been asked, but never answered, what 'skill' is this to be based upon?
  13. I recall a thread similar to this about two years ago. If memory serves it ended up as a bad idea as no one could answer what qualifies for creating each 'level' as the OP wants. Win rate, damage, do you do this per ship, overall, etc. Taking the top 10% of top players and placing them only in games among themselves you'd find many would have their win rates drop significantly. Its mathematics, in every game played half will lose. In other games showing who is skillful and who isn't is much easier.
  14. Tier 7 MM

    Lately I've gone down to T5 and 6 to have more enjoyable games.
  15. Favorite snack to eat while playing WOWS?

    M&Ms, either dark chocolate or crispy.