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  1. Wowzery

    My First Hackusation

    Yes, I don't know why players, even at higher levels, continue to run in a straight line broadside to a BB then complain when they get pounded. And PT is a must for any ship I play.
  2. Wowzery

    Your very first Premium was?

    Very first premium was Ishizuchi. That was followed by Warspite and Imperator Nikolai.
  3. Wowzery

    P.E. Friedrick

    Overall, from what I've read of the PEF it looks to play like a Mutsu. Weak armor but with less firepower.
  4. Wowzery

    Leaves Bad Taste In My Mouth

    I will disagree here, if you truly want to know how to operate a BB, in guns, angling, situational awareness the best learning line is the US line. Because of their general slower speed you must know where you are in the game. Guns will hit fairly well at most ranges, both long and short. They can both snipe and brawl (not the best but can). If you do not learn how to angle it will punish you. German line will teach you many bad habits which do not translate to other lines, and British HE doesn't move to other lines either. AP is the best bet in BBs for most situation. (In my Giulo Cesare with 1/2 health against a French Lyon, almost full health, if he had been using AP instead of HE I'd have been done for, instead I took off 3/4ths of his health with AP before he finished me off.) US BBs are a jack of all trades, but are not the best in any category (except maybe AA). However, unlike many other lines, I know in the US BB I can be very flexible to whatever the battle throws at me. They are not easy, but learning how to play the US line makes the other lines even easier.
  5. Wowzery

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    I'm not sure how this is different than any other BB in the game. All full speed and max turn I haven't been in many BBs that the ship doesn't out turn the guns. And let's not get into British BBs, the worst at this.
  6. Wowzery

    Got a warning for using a mod

    I don't use mods either, early on had a skin for a ship but took it off, and that was probably with the first couple of months of the game coming out. A bit funny, but a few days ago had a guy in a carrier accuse me of using hacks. This was due to the fact I avoided of his torpedo drops (T5-4 game). Told him I use WASD. Oh boy, did he go off on that. Obviously he had never heard of that "hack" and thought I was using some illegal hack and said he was going to report me. Went on afterwards after the game about how players like me using illegal hacks should be banned and were ruining the game.
  7. Wowzery

    Completed the PEF event

    I don't have the PEF, but have one nation completed and the rest are all more than half way.
  8. Wowzery

    The Last stage of Prinz Eitel Friedrich event

    I can't play one ship over and over again. So I swap between nations each battle.
  9. Wowzery

    The Last stage of Prinz Eitel Friedrich event

    Its doable, I'm not superman when it comes to playing games but I'm 4.6 million in of 24 million needed after one day. It does help to play higher tier games as they generally earn more credits.
  10. I played it before T4 was protected. It regularly saw T6, nothing like slugging it out with a T6 BB or knife-fighting a DD in it.
  11. I will admit, when I first saw this thought we had a week. But 12-13 days is more doable.
  12. I'm still missing it. If you are in the premium ship mentioned, setting someone on fire for longer time is a nerf? I must be missing some important piece of information.
  13. Maybe I'm missing something here. An increase in fire time is a nerf???????? Seems like a ******** buff.
  14. Wowzery

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    Every game has the potential to be both fair and unfair. How people play determines a lot more. But it does look like your CV player either isn't that good or had a very bad game.