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  1. My luck is very bad with such things so I don't waste my money on it.
  2. Wowzery

    Submarines cancelled?

    If subs get an unhistorical speed boost then USN BBs should also get a speed boost.
  3. Wowzery

    Submarines cancelled?

    I still expect for sub fans to be disappointed and those who didn't want subs to hate it. Pleasing either group is going to be very difficult.
  4. Wowzery

    Viribus Unitis - DO NOT BUY

    What do I get, having fun. Went to random today, had 3 CVs on each team, not fun at all. Then you had everyone screaming at everyone for not doing what they wanted. Got some ****** saying I cheated and is going to report me for sinking a DD in a BB, yeah, what fun random is. Tell me again how random is fun? Honestly, most days I want to blow opposing ships up. I can do that in coop without the drama that I get in random.
  5. Wowzery

    Viribus Unitis - DO NOT BUY

    Haven't taken VU into random (too many CVS to be fun), but in coop I've been having a blast with her.
  6. The guns between Sharn and Gneis are quite different which makes their playstyle different. Personally I enjoy the Sharn more than the Gneis. Faster reload and for me, the guns feel more accurate. Mass and GA are different. To me Mass is more comparable to NC than GA.
  7. Wowzery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Is glad he's not a turkey.
  8. For me its the Bayern. The one German battleship in the game which I really like as a design. However, in game I seem to struggle just to hit things.
  9. Wowzery

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    I bought it,and its been a very fun coop ship. Not sure about taking it into randoms where it might be focused.
  10. Wowzery

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    I will admit, in Random I can see the need for this. In coop, it really should just be till one team has all their ships sunk.
  11. Wowzery

    Not a Shabby Supercontainer

    I will admit, even at the height of my playing, when I was getting three crates a day, I was lucky to get a SC once a month (more like 1 every 6 weeks). Now, haven't seen one in about 6 months.
  12. Wowzery

    Star Wars IX “Final Trailer”

    The one thing which I pray isn't true is the whole time travel thing. Reading reviews of the latest Terminator movie made me realize something about this trilogy. They got stuck between trying to reboot the franchise and making a sequel. The end result was a mixed hashbag of meh and mediocre storylines and characters.
  13. The problem with this game is its like chess. You can learn the moves and pieces quick, but to actually learn tactics and such require a lot more along with taking time to figure things out. And here is problem two, too many don't wish to actually learn that second part they want it to be hand fed to them. They want to always win. Reminds me of a kid one way while I was practicing bowling. He threw a tantrum because he couldn't throw a strike. He couldn't be bothered with learning how to throw, or the fact his body wasn't strong enough to toss it like I did (let along throw a 16lb ball accurately). That's today's player, whaah, I didn't kill that enemy ship in one shot and they killed me. Unfair! I should be able to have an unsinkable ship and sink anyone I want by merely looking in their direction. I grew up with the mindset where you installed the game, inserted the disk, booted up the game and played. Who the heck read the instructions before playing? That was part of the fun, figuring out what button did what and figuring out tactics to winning the game without that. And if we wanted to figure out more, that's what the magazine was for.
  14. Wowzery

    How many bundles did you open?

    Well, its not 22, but came in at 21, now just need 14 more tokens.
  15. How many bundles did you open to get the Genova? So far, opened 19 and no Genova. I fully expect to open it on the last one.