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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    The look you give your team when they are all sunk in the first 5 minutes.
  2. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    My experience doing this as a BB main means I usually over-extend myself. I'm really aggressive so I have to throttle back early on to counter that aspect of my play. I find I pick the target which gives me the most damage for that shot. I'll fire at that first spotted BB, do so regularly. I find that by the time I reload the CA has appeared and usually is no longer bow on like it would have been had I held fire. So by the time I take two salvos I've shot at two broadside enemy ships instead of one bow on. If I pick one specific target ship out of them all, I do lousy. As I do lousy it means someone else had to pick up my slack. So I pick the best target. The biggest problem is the majority of time my teammates do not follow me in a push. I can't tell you the number of times I've push up, firing away dodging shots, having 3-6 enemy ships locked on me in a fierce duel only to sink. Then look at the mini-map and see my team huddled behind an island 5km behind me. I'm not buying what you're saying because I've been bitten too many times. When they do support, we usually roll, but alas, that is the exception. So yeah, I start slow to see which types of teammates I've got, the rare pushers or the typical hide behind island types.
  3. What happened to this game?

    Game play is fun right up to T8, then you get massive passive play. The only way I play T8 and up is coop, at least I know 1 side will be aggressive. (as for T3-4 having constant team-killing I have no idea where that came from. Have yet to see that, and a real TKer I haven't seen in almost a year)
  4. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    The thing you must consider is tactics. In coop I find being super aggressive is better. In random, a bit more caution and watching how a battle shapes up. I've also seen many, many human players who are worse than any bot. Even had teams in random where I wish they were bots, as at least they would have done something. But overall, the tactics of a coop game do not translate well to random (and if I use random tactics in coop I do a lot less damage).
  5. BB AP

    I've been having a hard time getting any cits lately in my BBs.
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    Stare into my eyes.
  7. I've done a lot of inspecting my damage and HE vs. AP. For me, I do more damage using pure AP than HE. I can't count on fire doing consistent damage match to match. Lately though it does seem like my BBs are doused in gasoline waiting to ignite at the slightest touch.
  8. Are you sure its a dude?
  9. WGC isn't reason to ragequit

    Guess I'm out of the loop on this one.
  10. Actually, its great that there is a new player, and spending money. Personally, in a coop game, that's where I'm super aggressive not cautious like in random. Of course even in coop in the upper tiers you have players hiding behind islands and doing nothing (must be random players hopping into a coop game). I don't think there should be any limits to buying a ship above the tier you're at. To do that means you might miss out on a sale of a ship you really want. Such things only discourage players from coming back. There are players in the game with thousands of games, T10 ships and suck.
  11. I can recall all the threads of players complaining about stealth firing (and from all types of players). I also seem to recall some saying that stealth firing was actually the result of a mistake and never intended in the game and were always going to fix the mistake. I mostly play BBs, and have had many engagements with DDs, the problem isn't that DDs aren't good, its that BB players as they play more and more games have to learn how to fight DDs because their allies wont' help them. They will either consistently die to DDs, or learn how to fight them. Adapt and readapt.
  12. Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    Best BBQs I've had were usually small, mom and pop places near small towns in Texas. Kansas places were okay, but not the best.
  13. All I see is another way for teammates to sink each other.
  14. I'd love to see 1 pre-dreadnaught of each nation as well. The Mikasa is lonely.