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  1. Submarine Watch - Update

    Actually I was thinking more of the DDs being spotted by the sub and focus fired by the enemy team. Thought that was obvious.
  2. Submarine Watch - Update

    DDs already fear being spotted, which is why many don't push forward to spot for the team. Now add in one more class of ships, even more stealthy, to spot DDs and the salt will flow. Still have yet to read a compelling argument for subs.
  3. This can be largely dependent on what other ships are in the battle. For example, are there more DDs in play now over BBs, that can be a huge drop for BB damage. Even if you're used to 6-7 BBs a side in a game and that drops to 3-4, you're losing a lot of damage. So without that stat, its hard to say just from damage done in a game.
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    Pixelated for protection.
  5. Submarine Watch - Update

    Gee, here's a great idea, let's add something else players can complain about. They can't balance carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers, let's add another class.
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    Sees shiny new ship.
  7. Submarine Watch - Update

    But, isn't that what this game is, a specific type of combat? I haven't seen any pro-sub argument which won't increase the about of complaints about how the game works/runs/plays. I foresee an increase in complains by everyone, including sub players. I love the sub games, but they play differently than this game. Its not designed for subs to fit in.
  8. Submarine Watch - Update

    Subs are a top killer of ships, but its where they are used. They were not designed to engage in gun battle, but to be that silent hunter. USS Indianapolis was sunk while sailing, not during a battle. She was a lone ship. Personally I haven't seen much of a sub being an active participant of a naval battle like Jutland, or Midway (other than sighting and some attacks either before or after the actual battle). Where were subs during the surface gun battles off Savo Island (which is a better representation of this game)? I also see a lot of salt from and towards DD players if subs are introduced. Some players already are salty about how the DDs don't spot, and DD players whine about being deleted early and focused upon (not to mention some DD players when a BB player sinks them). Now you add in subs which are only countered (mainly) by DDs. Or imagine a game where there are no DDs, but subs because MM decided to be funny. All I see is more and more problems if subs are introduced which will hurt the game more than the supposed help.
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    Did someone say pudding?
  10. Who's a good premium Cruiser?

    I'll second this.
  11. Caption the profile image above you.

    Secretly like the color pink.
  12. Seriously?

    Not following the OPs line of thought here. To put the Lexington at T5 would require major nerfs.
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    Is this too close?
  14. Caption the profile image above you.

    Enjoys giving off cuteness overload.
  15. Submarine Watch - Update

    Everything I've read only reinforces what a bad idea it would be to introduce subs. Heavne't heard a good reason to put in subs. Someone mentioned DDs could hunt subs. Yeah, there's a good idea, not! As the DD is hunting for a sub, which their teammates were screaming at him to do he's spotted by the sub, and now is focused fired by the enemy team. All I see is now more salt by DD players, salt by sub players and just about everyone.