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  1. I don't care one way or the other. Every time there was a corgi captain in the game, he was on my team. Such is luck.
  2. As a BB main I dislike firing at a low health ship, less than 1k. I feel my my damage potential is better firing at a higher health target so I encourage my CAs and DDs to finish them off even if i did most or all of the damage.
  3. Fires and Fire Chance

    Personally I have terrible luck with fires. I can shoot HE all day long and just don't set fires. When it comes to fires, I'm unlucky. With British BBs, I have trouble starting fires even with the flags. I know there are a lot of people who have no problems setting fires. I'm not one of them. If I shoot nothing but HE in a 'good' fire starting ship, even with flags/captain skills I'll get about 5k of damage and about 4 fires. If I'm lucky, maybe up to 7 and close to 10k. Its why I personally dislike fire damage missions. I actually did a test last year to see which shells I did more damage with (including fires) in a BB. If I used HE hoping for fire, I typically did some 5-15k less damage (including fire) than if I used only AP. Even in British BBs I do slightly better with AP over HE. You have good luck starting fires, all the power to you. I don't, never have in this game. I'm sure you've had games where you've nailed an enemy ship countless times with HE, got the flags and captain skills, and don't get the fires. That's me almost all the time.
  4. Unless that player is playing a Dunkerque. Ironically my most memorable game was when I got in late in a game, in a Dunk. Took about 10 minutes to log in (forgot my AV was running a scan). Got in, there in front of me a Bayern (didn't even have to move my guns), just sitting there, guns facing the other direction seconds from winning the game in our cap and me at full health. Only took me three salvos to take a full health Bayern and sink her in a Dunk. Not sure he understood what happened after the first shot as he didn't start moving until after the second and by then, he had almost no health and guns facing the wrong direction. I also purposefully didn't start moving until he did to make him think I was still AFK. Boy chat lit up, it was quite funny. People wanted to know what happened. And I now never pass up an opportunity to lob a few shells at an AFK ship.
  5. There's already a lot of threads about how bad T6 MM is. Protecting T5 would only make this worse. Before the change T6 players saw T4, and they would seal club them. WG thought if they protected T4 by the time players made it to T5 they would have a better understanding of the game and not be such easy targets.
  6. They did the MM change of T4 to protect the newbies from seal-clubbing T6 players. You protect T5, you'll see the same thing happen in T6.
  7. Caption the profile image above you.

    You got a kraken, double strike, confederate, high caliber, witherier, arsonist, close quarters and die hard. Good, I'm excited for you.
  8. Fires and Fire Chance

    I do think there needs to be another way for players to reduce fire prevention. A captain skill or a better flag. Sorry, but what's out there, sucks.
  9. Best Ships of All Tiers

    I'll go through the ships I have, both with premiums and tech tree ships and view it if I could keep only 1 ship of each tier. T1: Doesn't really matter to me, but if I had to keep one the Erie. T2: I like the Chester here. T3: St. Louis hand down. First tier which for me has a clear winner. T4: Imperator Nikolai but without premiums I'd take the Duguay-Trouin. T5: Getting tougher, here, toss up between Texas and GC. Without premiums, the New York. T6: Toughest tier for me, so many good ships. Only one, the Arizona, and without premiums the NM. T7: For me, the Hood, its a fun ship for me to drive even though I know so many wouldn't agree. Without premiums, the Colorado. T8: Alabama, and without premiums the North Carolina. T9, only have two, and that's the Missouri and Izumo upon which there is no doubt, Missouri. I wouldn't keep the Izumo at all. No T10, so won't comment on it. My list of choices of ships I currently have which I'd keep if I could keep only one. Its not the 'best' according tot he community, but the ships I'd have the most fun, and do the best in for my playstyle.
  10. I did several games months ago to see if it really was sealclubbing or not. I had several games where the majority of players had 1000+ games in random. So if everyone is a sealclubbing, how is it sealclubbing?
  11. My first draft was several paragraphs on what was wrong, then decided to go simple. Everything from Han and Leia's relations, Luke gone missing, to the factions in the movie to name a few things done poorly. I've heard the phrase, and I think its accurate, separately the movies are good, but put into the SW universe, they suck.
  12. The Dreadnoughts - "Fear Nothing"

    Interesting, though I did have a discussion years ago with a guy who claimed the High Seas Fleet was a coastal fleet. When challenged he stated early German dreadnaughts rolled heavily in open seas, as a result they are only coastal ships. Also had another guy try and tell me the turret was a failed invention. His reason, the designers didn't allow 360 degree firing. Um, superstructure, but to him that didn't matter.
  13. Something bugged me about the new movies since the beginning of TFA. After watching a few videos recently I finally figured it out and it was like a lightbulb went off for me. It is a continuation film, still following a bit of established characters. Yet the bridge between RotJ and TFA is so bad, poorly written and felt slapped together I had no connection from the previous films to this one. It felt like they had to change every character just to change them with little or no reasoning.