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  1. Wowzery

    My first impressions of subs

    Right here is the problem for subs. This style of play doesn't suit the arcade nature of WoWS.
  2. I can only play random a couple of times before it starts to piss me off how bad it is there.
  3. Wowzery

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I started last week, then took a good look at the grind and just went nope this time.
  4. Wowzery

    Bots Come After Me From Across the Map...

    I've seen the bot shoot clear across the map for me when there is a barely handing on ally almost point blank for it. Oh yeah, I hate Two Brothers map in coop. Where ever I go, the bots will not be. Go up the side, bots go down the middle, go up the middle, they go down the side. Play for the middle and a side, nope, they all go to the other side of the map. FML
  5. Wowzery

    How is a coop main supposed to do this?

    Base XP is one of the missions which I dislike the most.
  6. Wowzery

    Are you buying economic packages?

    Nope, didn't buy them before, not buying them now.
  7. Wowzery

    Tiers 11-15?

    I can see it now, subs flying around at 100kts while US large warships (battleship equivalents) struggle to make 20kts.
  8. For all the hype on the forum over this I can see a lot of players being blindsided by this 'update'. These are the players who don't read the news, watch YT videos or come here. If these players are unable to quickly pick up what's is what within minutes and a couple of in game clicks (not going through reading a bunch of news or forum threads) they risk of losing players over this.
  9. I just see this tremendous confusion coming from the player base over this. There are still people confused on the forum despite the devs explaining it. Now image the player who is just playing and not coming to the forum, or reading the 'news' in game. And I'm willing to bet there are many. It will be interesting to see their reaction to this.
  10. When I need credits for a mission, I just pull out Missouri, slap some flags on and good to go.
  11. Wowzery

    Stop teamkilling subs!

    Another reason I play coop. The way subs was done along with the carrier change has destroyed random for me. It is interesting how tone-deaf WG seems to be about how poorly they implemented subs. Like they can't admit it didn't work.
  12. I'd take that over 100 flags I don't use.
  13. Wowzery

    18 countries back report calling for loot box regulations.

    My luck with loot boxes is bad, so I never pay for them in any game.
  14. Wowzery

    What was the winning Musashi bid?

    So, realistically they paid about 2X what a normal premium T9 ship costs.
  15. Wowzery

    What a grind...

    I did that, now I've got gold and a game I don't play as much anymore. So it was just sitting there not being used as I play less and less.