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  1. jekell1

    DD counter BB...snicker guffaw hahaha

    I killed it this season in my Fantasque DD. As long as I could kill the BB with 6 torpedoes it was a an easy win. If I had to turn to use the opposite side torpedoes it was 50/50. The Massachusetts secondaries did a number on me.
  2. jekell1

    Ranked 1v1 is a success.

    I used a Fantasque with a 19 point captain and RPF. The fun I had going up against carriers and daring them to kill me before I torped them into oblivion. Spoiler: The didn't.
  3. jekell1

    So you bought Genova...

    So far? Awful.Tissue paper armor that gets citadeled from any angle. But she's free which is kind of nice.