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  1. Yep I can't wait!!!!
  2. https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/fb0u62/minimap_is_a_great_help_for_leading_your_shots_on/
  3. Micro tactics ftw :D or at least some smoother(ish) sailing!
  4. No one is even arguing it is the golden path just people trying to score points.
  5. I like more planes but lack of good fighters can still lead to low CV plane kills. CVs also look where friendly torps hit or miss in smoke for cues :D
  6. Yup. It is touch and go. Sometimes planes are far off, or the CV mains TBs and DBs not planes. Multi CV matches are a different beast though.
  7. Do you play DDs? They are pretty fast. Slow ones are like 35 knots iirc.
  8. I typically mention it during a match. No reason not to type out a quick advisory. Try it if you don't say it regular.
  9. If your AA bubble is larger than your Air Detectability consider turning off your AA to be harder to spot. https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/f8wmeb/friendly_reminder_to_dd_players_turn_off_yer_aa/
  10. Shaddowze

    GZ Should Get Pre-Nerf Plane Speeds

    Nope but all they have to do is increase arming time between drops to defeat sling shotting. It will probably still have a use for skipping over AA but increasing the arming time will force players to have to start at longer range which will subject them to AA bubbles.
  11. GZ was nerfed with other CVs getting lower speeds as part of a global adjustment. AA has been fixed. Slingshot fix is on PT. Please restore GZ's original plane speeds.
  12. Shaddowze

    Time to buff CVs

    Skill gap is bull jive now. The rework makes CVs so much more accessible to new players unlike RTS. Time for WG to stop.tresting CV players with kid gloves.
  13. They should do this, it is not cool and a slap in the face of players who have been careful to not be detected only to provide the clue to the CV player that they are nearby somewhere. I say this as a CV main.