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  1. Dazzlor

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    Having one with Dasha on it would be an instant purchase for me.
  2. I am sure the very clever folks will figure it all out and let us know as soon as possible.
  3. Thank you for this information. I would have never found it on my own. I have the files in their new location and upon loading the game, it seems to have worked. As Steinbeck wrote in Cannery Row: Once again the world was spinning in greased grooves. I am proud to be a patron. Thank you for your great work!
  4. Never had a doubt as to your status in the land of the living. Looking forward to your next update! Be safe and stay strong!
  5. Thank you for all your fantastic work!
  6. I appreciate your well wishes and sound advice. But I am not really hurting in any way. I was going to do a one-time contribution, but I see there are monthly options so I went with that. This mod has really made a difference as WoWS is just about all I play anymore. I appreciate the quality and humor placed into the mod. Please pass on my appreciation and admiration to your entire crew. You have made an old vet very happy. :-)
  7. As an udate, I took a clue from Windfang. I had been placing the zipped files within the designated folder and unzipped them there. That was not working so I wiped the folder clean, downloaded the zipped files to a different drive and unzipped them directly to the appropriate res_mod folder and now everything works as it should! I thank you for all the work the entire crew placed into this. It has breathed new life into the game. Your voice work and visuals are of high quality. You all are great! I am now a patron and messaged you through that site. Fortis Mane!
  8. Hello and thank you for the quick reply. I have done exactly as was stated. I did get the crew images to change - which is cool. And the Viking is on the loading screen. However, the Mermaid's Wrath choice does not appear in the lists of choices for sound - which is disappointing. I tried this several times and got the same result so something is amiss. I realize this should not be this difficult. It is the price I pay for waiting to try mods - always late to the party. ;-) Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello Everyone, Please forgive this set of questions. I learned of this great mod through another player in a match and investigated the details. I downloaded all six files and unzipped them in the appropriate folder within WoWS. When I logged into the game, I find that the Mermaid's Wrath choice does not show up to be selected. What did I do wrong? This is my first mod so sorry for this post.