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  1. Formous

    PTS is just broken

    Truth is you can lead donkeys to water, offer them apples, but it won't make them eat. WG can offer all kinds of rewards for semi light participation, and go ignored. That is not WG's fault, and some people prefer to let other people test something imbalanced, and hope it comes out okay, before raging later because no one tested the patch, and WG will be left there with the gift basket in hand dumbstruck at the idiots. For myself, I am resigned to the poor balancing that AA has and will have. It's too powerful, too strong. It's not fair anymore for CV play. I only had to watch a des moine effortlessly deplane 3 carriers to know how absolutely broken AA is, and I dare Octavian to prove me wrong. Im a cv main, but I have no voice because a few hate-boner dd players are whining about anything. There's a thread right now complaining rockets hurting too much when likely RNG was just good on the rockets, and ignoring how he was barely moving 5 knots making him a easy target. But it's not convenient. A BB can get 7 citadels in a shot, like the kremlin does all the time, but rockets getting good rng? Baaaaaad. geez.
  2. Formous

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.7

    @Sub_Octavian I hate to say it Octavian, but with the immense nerfing of CV, you have just advocated and created a infinite use DEFAA consumable. At this point, I have to wonder if you ever actually played a CV and done well in it. CV put forth more effort, credits, and pain to do well then any other class in the game. Can you at least consider improving regen times? Giving me a handful more craft to waste the lives of to feed someone's kill score, while maintaining a high cost per plane and LONG regen times is making it a abysmal experience. t10 CV with premium camo are barely playable at this point, regardless of whatever damage your sheets tell you. And now you just gave everything in the game a HUGE buff while again, ignoring the fact the game is favoring Surface ships to a extreme. Only the dedicated, highly skilled CV players are playing anymore, and we only do well because of the high degree of effort we put forward to stay above the red line. Please buff CV regen times and lower the maintenance costs. If you WANT us to lose more planes, don't make us suffer heavy inconvenience and imbalance at the same time. AA is way too strong now. People keep telling you this.
  3. CV are massively over nerfed right now. And it is about to get worse here pretty soon once Unlimtied Non restriction DFAA is added to the game. No matter how you slice it. What is sad is there is next to no counter weight being added to fix this. just 1 or 2 more bombers per cv at the start of a battle, completely ignoring what the devs are doing. I no longer think the devs are listening to CV drivers about how absurd AA is. Unless I play a audacious, I almost never see planes return from attacks unless its near the end of the game. There is no height immunity or negation of AA damage which is skyrocketting. CV take far more effort then any other class at this point to do well and not get completely gutted in my opinion, as even the slightest brush with a AA curtain usually garuntees' plane deaths, which will get much worse here soon. And of course, the costs of running a CV are about to explode...
  4. Formous

    An Idea For CVs

    In all honesty, before we give MORE ways a plane can die, given just how op it is already, We need to buff the regen speeds of nearly every aircraft carrier in the game. And lower the costs. Planes are already dying too often and WG seems adamant to make it even faster, while refusing to lower the repair costs for the class, resulting in vast over punishment to the player involved.
  5. I want Royal, but CVs in general are immensely underpowered. A few extra planes on deck is going to solve no problems.
  6. Formous

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    just me but..how will I defend my cv against these guys?
  7. Formous

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    I..wanted to go test the new CVs..but it seems the weakest AA ships are all now Des Moines. With unlimted DFAA. Femm, can you just give me a couple fat man nukes on a proxy timer, so I can make my midway at least be a okay-ish fireship? These AA changes have gone too far. Plane regen is already terrible, and the "buff" for CV was just 2 or 3 more planes on the deck at game start. That's completely illogical. I play nothing but CV, but I pay attention to all the 8.7 videos I can fine, and..this is nearly ludicrous. Nerf the AA for once. Please. This is getting stupid.
  8. Well how should I put it. I see a lot of people talk about bow tanking, camping, and so on, and as time goes and I have learned far more about naval design philosophy, I realize, as nearly all of you have, that right now, matches become stale and stagnant thanks to the island camping meta. We can talk all day about pen angles and more, but I am a cv player, and so am graced witha fairly wide map view of things, and I find it near impossible to ignore how campy the game can be at times. I see the same ship types in the same places game after game, destroyer, cruiser, battleship, doesn't matter. DD and CV are a little more fluid, given one is meant to sneak around and the other is a scared chicken running for it's life with a bullseye on it's back, sometimes literally on it's ship, but as time goes, I have to wonder. If we could change the Meta of bow tanking, Should we, and could we? If we could directly incentivize that the best firing and tanking angles was to be parallel to the target, and get rid of the World of Tanks vibe, Would that serve the game better? In my opinion, yes. The BB who is firing max range, but is forced into moving at varying speeds to throw off the beads drawn on him, as he moves around the map, the Cruiser skipping island to island rather then being in predictable situations, would I think greatly contribute to the variety of games. Right now, I often see Squares of Doom, that is, 2-4 BB or cruisers or a mix of the two hiding so close together you'd think it was a dock yard. Or a pizza party between the crews. They do this because the game actively punishes moving into the open, being moving, and showing your sides to the enemy, when the reality is the opposite. Sitting ships were going to be dead ships, usually to planes or submarine combat, though we all know planes are really not able to do a damn thing to 2 ships anymore without overly special tactics. What I would love to see is cruiser and battleship formations driving around the map, firing at each other, without a overly high need to use islands for cover because their sides are unrealistically vulnerable. I feel that aside from changing how armor works on a hit to the bow and a hit from the side, I feel the game needs new kinds of objectives and versions of play. There is roughly 2 kinds of games in this game. Capture the zone, and...king of the hill capture the zone. Not much else. If we are starving for content, make some new games already. New PVE scenarios comes to mind. How about changing the Capture mode to a form of Island capture. In that you get close enough to land LSTs and other such craft. Obviously we are not transport ships, but I can believe it is more a real objective then what we have. How about Assassination? One player, same class each side, is elected to be the Admiral, and their ship is significantly buffed armor and damage wise. The game is about finding and killing this man, but no one ship can just kill the Admiral (looking at you DDs) in a single half salvo. All allied vessels have a respawn timer around a minute or more to prevent zerg rushing, since that'd just see the idiots dead and the team hurt more then if 1 guy died. Assault perhaps? We saw this demo'd somewhat recently. This was a awesome idea for a game mode. Can we please get some actual development here on the mode. I would like to see a semi balanced version sooner rather then later. A year and a half to get this mode working is lazy. Historical battles? Why not make some maps related to real naval engagements. The battle of Iron Bottom Sound comes to mind, as do a few other engagements in the pacific and atlantic theater. Asymetry can be fun Battle variation? Lets get MORE storms going. Let's add some heavy waves to upset aiming, make the ships ROLL during typhoons and hurricanes such that you have to time your shots and make things unstable. Ironically, I'd play BBs more if the seas were not always calm. If Wargaming wants to keep people interested and ships are not doing enough for content, and they will run out of ships eventually, then seriously, play with your systems and make more vivid and chaotic battles. Storms and waves are just one thing that can happen. Some of the modes, like the DD torpedo beats mode I hear were greatly enjoyed. There is no harm in doing more of this either. Ship costumes. Okay, I get it. perma camo is a money maker, but why not sell more wierd variations? For example, that lex steampunk skin was awesome, though I regret not getting it last year. Why not add more of these skins? All you have to do is add a Check mark in the graphics menu so people can just see standard camos instead of these special ones. If I saw more ships with skulls on them, It would be cool. More so if they were firing skulls at my planes. How about cross events? Perhaps a small cross over event with Warhammer 40k. If I could get my Audacious Wyverns to look like Imperial bombers, I would be over the moon, or my Hak and her planes to look like a Ork Cruiser and it's Fighta-bombas. Full skin swaps would be even cooler, with a unique model. Its all the same ship under, but if I could have new cool skins to play with, I'd buy it.
  9. Formous

    What a ROFLstomp

    You win some, you lose some, and sometimes you Murder cruisers with a ram.
  10. Fun fact. Rockets were real. So real in fact, that Corsairs made great use of them, and the Navy had plenty to throw around. Maybe not ideal for ship combat, but certainly viable. Though really, they should be using 50 cal guns for strafing instead. That is the confusing part.
  11. Gone? Most of us maybe. But Those who remain? Pff, No. My Audacious is ready to hurt as many of you as I possible can. I have new strategies now helping me land 120k+ games. And no, I have no intention of sharing. I don't want yet more unnecessary buffs because I happened to have done the "git gud" my fellow dark souls players are so familiar with. But with how whiny some players are, I want my secrets safe, so WG doesn't do yet another senseless blanket nerf.
  12. I will be sure to hunt Shinzon if I ever see him ingame. Best of luck in that Encounter Shin!
  13. Formous

    Ark Royal release date and pricing?

    I have adapted my strategy best I can in this respect. so maybe 30-40.
  14. Probably the only premium carrier I have a interest in. While Big E would be fun, its a t8, and thats a problem to me. So does anyone know when the Royal will hit release, or is likely to hit release? And if so, what kind of going rate would the ship end up costing? Part of why I hesitate to get Big E is I could get Code: vein for that price instead.
  15. Formous

    Armour made out of element 151?

    You'd think that much high explosive would have a effect...