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  1. Formous

    CV Immunity

    You are arrogant. The point is if the HE fails to pen, it fails to pen and does no damage period. Which is probably what happened. His AP not landing is Entirely possible too. You are the one who can't figure it out. You haven't even tried to analyze what could explain his experience. More so, his story is still entirely possible to be untrue, exaggerated, or misinformed. Nothing about my ignorance here. Frankly, I feel I have far more then you, as I actually cared to try. The point about the Midway was a extreme example, but still a example about how HE works.
  2. Formous

    To salt or not to salt a CV

    Well I'm not certain about a following. I just keep a eye on my team. Or try to.
  3. Formous

    CV Immunity

    Of course I suspect him. I see trumped up stories all the time from people here. I at least try to put a replay if I have something of a story. Good or bad. If he messes up the name, then he could be saying almost anything and make it up. More so, the Spree is a cruiser. Was he shooting a cruiser? Or a CV? Who the heck knows if he can't get his names right. Now I get the chance the similar name, graf, can mix someone up, but it matters when telling the tale. There is no lack of knowledge on my part. I ignored his claim because something was wrong with it. More so, I stipulated what I know of the lightning, and I have experience dealing with lightnings at all ranges. God knows why he went into gunnery range on a lightning with a Zepplin. So my working theory is his shells did not penetrate the Sides, not the Deck. Of course if you want to cherry pick and twist my words, then by all means. You didn't see it either. I have plenty of experience in Audacious where DD guns couldn't harm my cv because I was at a super sharp angle from them, causing all shells to deflect. If that happened there, then it can happen elsewhere. OP doesn't give us any tactical details to work with. Just that his guns didn't do any damage. If the CV took no damage, his Shells hit at either a angle to shatter on deck, probably at Medium range so they didn't angle well, or were hitting the side armor at a bad angle. He explains his torpedoes missed, which indicates the CV KNEW he was there and was running, which any sane person would do if they can. It's almost like I own the ship, play CVs a ton, and have taken the time to figure out what his experience might have been. So your example, Elazer, about this situation happening is ENTIRELY dependent on the possible scenarios. You tell me how my tiny tims early hit a Gearing earlier, got 3 pen ribbons, and 0 damage. It's because by some stroke of luck, my rockets hit nothing that registered as damage. his mast maybe idk. I didn't push it. Or maybe lag. I have seen times where strangely well placed shots completely fail to do anything. So to summarize, His HE didn't work, so likely non-pens or shatters. This happens sometimes with bombs too. I hit a midway with midway Dives and of all hits, no damage. I didn't have a good enough penetration. So Lightning's HE pen wasn't good enough. This same situation happened with Ark royal, causing her 1mm pen buff. His AP are reliant on Angles to do damage, and torpedoes have to catch a target. A smart cv who sees a dd in torp range knows torpedoes are coming and will book it, if he hasn't already started. I don't see how the CV is OP for basic game mechanics all other ships deal with. That of ballistics. The OP DD captain is to be commended for getting so close to the Zepplin, if he did, but sometimes you just can't catch the rabbit. His words, "My HE shells did absolutely no damage at all. Not 1 HP. My AP shells did absolutely no damage at all. Not 1 HP. It could sail as fast as me, and so torps were off the table."
  4. Formous

    To salt or not to salt a CV

    Will I play subs? Nah. I am a carrier lover, through and through. Whether I have to fight a cv, dd, bb, cruiser, or sub. Best cv players get salt? Hell yes they do. Exceedingly. Which is funny because now I frequently leave t10 games in my midway with commendations from my team. 1 to 3, usually. t4? Man, I only play t4 when I wanna joke with the Langley, aka the Fishing trolley as I call it. I stick to t6 to t10. There is a element of strategic challenge found at t10, and at t6, a supportive one. I've recordings of games right now of some games my team loved me, and I usually play short spurts. Bad ones at t4? Hell Yes. Or the trollers. These people in particular use the t4 to beat on people, and I can recognize it by observing how they play. How well they land hits, their activity, so on. Normally see this when I start a new line, most recently german battleships to which I have a bayern now. Newer cv's have a clunkiness to how they play. And I swear Ive seen CV with captains that had multiple skills. I sometimes use mods to help with my aiming, like if a target is going forward or back and a relative speed from that big mod pack (huge waves are fun), and I saw both adrenaline rush AND the extra cruise speed perks active, alongside concealment expert on this one langley, and who knows what else. These people are the ones making a mess of things.
  5. Formous

    CV Immunity

    Mate, I wasn't talking about the Lightning. He didn't get the Zepplin's name right, he called it a Graf Spree. If he can't get the name right, even a mispell is forgivable, then it cuts into whatever credibility he has. Not mine. It's not a lack of education on my part. I expected better of you in particular. There is validity to using guns between reloads. not a lot of it, but some. It's probably one of the main reasons I get DDs near me. Whatever complaints about his guns in Lightning have whatever credence they need. I didn't see his game. But I do know a few things. 1. his Shells are among the lighter kinds. 2. I know he could pen the Deck. 3. his story indicates his shells were landing on the sides rather then the more easily penned flight deck. Further, Zepplin is above normal for armor in terms of current CVs. At least until the main line comes. There is inconsistencies in this story and he spun it to favor himself. I wager he fired at the sides of a Zepplin, probably far off, with the Zepplin's abnormal armored hull angled, a CV which can even resist BB shells at times.
  6. Formous

    Which carrier to "get stuff done?"

    Its a pity big E will never come back. It wasn't very good I hear until all others got nerfed so E started looking good by comparison. And somehow that's grounds for game removal.
  7. Formous

    CV Immunity

    OP, I highly suspect you are lying right now. You can't even get the name right.
  8. Formous

    CV Unique Upgrades When?

    I will wager that the Uniques will not come until the release of the German CVs, which include the tiers 4-10. If there is a time for it, it'll be then.
  9. I see no problem. My CV can't even hurt a Sub unless it's near the surface, and even that is crazy easy to exploit out of. BBs, and most cruisers are just as incapable to fight back too.
  10. I'd wager Reflected damage. Many DD players are also some of the worst team killers in the game. Usually stray torpedoes they fire and forget about, or fire without paying attention to the battleships or cruisers between them and the target. Torpedoes do crazy damage if they hit, and just 2 will sink almost any DD. Ive lost my cv before to bad torp launches from DD's. I remember using thunderer this past weekend, when a Shimmie fired her torpedo barrage. I barely skirted that by hard braking and turning away. Needless to say, I let the enemy cv kill him by removing my AA bubble.
  11. Formous

    Where are the Submarines?

    Funny, because that's the reality of modern submarines.
  12. I think what it means is ALL ships. not just DD. AKA, a CV cant see even another cv until they are in AA range. I honestly don't like this change. The people crying about it only talk DD as if it's the only thing ever. What this means is your Detectability is equal to the range your guns can fire, presumeably when firing. This means no more spotting people for a CV, without taking damage. Kinda [edited] if you ask me.
  13. Formous

    Where are all the CVs?

    You can't trust such polls. Because their only respondants are limited to those who see it, and want to respond to it. Everyone who is fine with the CVs is unlikely to click in and respond. And the invective you speak of is similarly driven. So you get a inflated sense of respondents. You need a true polling and control system before there is any truth from such straw polls. Remember Clinton's campaign? All those polls about how much she'd win? She lost in a landslide.
  14. Just a chat post. So much toxicity these days, so I thought, "Ya know, let's have some fun again." So i went digging and found 2 fan trailers for the game, and It kinda makes me want to go play again. Go have fun mates.