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  1. DTKGamer98

    Best citadel farmer for cruisers?

    Did this a couple weeks ago: First instinct was Alaska as well, but things died too quickly...ended with 9 on the first attempt. took Des Moines a few games later and had a kind man in an Albemarle feed me 8 in the first engagement of the game, got a few shells into an enemy Worcester or Minotaur sharing a smoke screen for the last 2. It's obviously not guaranteed, requires some interesting plays from the enemy, but something like that or Salem are probably your best bet.
  2. DTKGamer98

    Matchmaking oddity in Brawl?

    Or something along the lines of "win *or* get X base xp perhaps, in the theme of snowflakes or Daily Trial missions?
  3. DTKGamer98

    Matchmaking oddity in Brawl?

    I can't speak for the second divsion, but ours (alpha in the first screenshot) easily averaged 80% winrate or higher since brawls started, and several of us are well over 50 wins...I don't think the "increase in power" is the best explanation, unless the other div was meant to hamstring us (can't remember their performance in that particular game).
  4. DTKGamer98

    No more "Insert Coin" achievement?

    Yea, I didn't have a clue until I saw this thread...and even after that, I had no idea where to look until the "spotted" indicator popping up for my hull caught my eye while waiting the last couple minutes for Raptor to waddle into the end zone...that and the sidebar mod kept having one "ship" left over after everything should've been dead.
  5. DTKGamer98

    No more "Insert Coin" achievement?

    That may or may not be the case, but the achievement description on the wiki does not specify that, and I have no other way to verify that you're right if it isn't working anyway lol. Skimmed through this thread yesterday, thought I'd try it out for myself, and when it didn't work for me either I just figured a larger sample size of replays and/or scenarios couldn't hurt.
  6. DTKGamer98

    No more "Insert Coin" achievement?

    Just torped him with Serov, also mid exit...no achievement here either. 20220420_223441_PRSA106-Serov_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  7. Based on those examples, it's not about how well you play but the fact that you're in them at all...hit 200k+ and you'll lose 3 karma and maybe get 1 back
  8. DTKGamer98

    Victims (Winners) of the Torplushie Salvo

    Just had this game, and I didn't even kill everything alone...had two solid teammates as well. definitely possible to get more, just requires a lot of pieces to fall into place.
  9. DTKGamer98

    Update 0.8.5.: Rogue Wave!

    Was this canceled, or am i just blonde? Can't find anywhere to designate someone a "spectator", all the x2 and x4 options were removed from map selection; tried the old-fashioned way with t1s and nothing happened...can't think of any other explanations. Would love a little help, thanks in advance.