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  1. There is no bug, it's just a happy accident. Happy accidents can be okay.
  2. _Nyarlathotep_

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    Thank you, Mouse! As always, your work is appreciated.
  3. _Nyarlathotep_

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    Did I miss the official post somewhere a clone as USS Boise will get a separate release or is that speculation?
  4. _Nyarlathotep_

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    When this was announced many moons ago, I was excited. A premium Svietlana, it sounded great. I had concerns, but at tier v, if properly balanced wouldn't be terrible. Ironically, I thought the Molotov would be junk. Instead, I purchased a Molotov and ended up liking her quite a bit. Just not sure about this one anymore.
  5. _Nyarlathotep_

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    Thanks LWM. Always come for the avatar, but stay for the content. As someone who enjoyed the New Orleans, I can usually dodge long range battleship fire with the fast rudder shift time and varying speeds. Is the Indianapolis sufficient maneuverable enough to simulate this or does it end up being a tad too unmaneuverable? Would you say it feels more like Pensacola or a New Orleans? Thanks again.
  6. _Nyarlathotep_

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    Thanks LittleWhiteMouse, always enjoy your reviews! Personally, I too was attracted to the quick torpedo reload time but found the slow speed of the torpedoes to not be worth the effort to use and started playing her more like a Tashkent, jumping into gun range, peppering the target and pulling back when they noticed me and it worked fairly well. I think if you consider it a harassment and scouting ship, and not the one to carry the damage, it is fairly effective. Of course, if I had my tier five captain skill, I might reconsider my opinion. I could see a division of these operating as a fairly effective harassment squadron as well. Or, two Tachibana and a BB would also be a good combination... now if only I had a Mikasa...