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  1. Alaska-class, (Tennessee, California, or West Virginia), and you can have standard map mode in exchange for one of those items. I won't miss standard.
  2. LittleWhiteMouse, did you have a preference on Harekaze's guns? The 5"/54 look attractive, but I wonder if three barrels provides sufficient DPM compared to the admittedly smaller Akizuki guns. Any thoughts on the relative merits between the two choices?
  3. I rather enjoy the mode, but, I've seen some really sad teams just struggle. I've even suffered a few outright defeats, and the one common element to every defeat are people charging forward to inevitable doom and then decrying that all the bots were shooting at them or positioning themselves where they cannot shoot the enemy allowing the rest of the team to be overwhelmed. On an unrelated note, I have seen more Krasny Krym's in this new mode in three days then I have seen played in three months. Guess people are using the opportunity to dust off the old gal.
  4. If PVE was actually viable at all tiers, I might never play PVP again. Honestly, play some cooperative games. The bots are better then some human players, and watching human players be slaughtered by bots generates all kinds of eyes wide open degrees of shock. I'll add my obligatory, standard map needs to go and bring back bastion and zone, the far more interesting map modes!
  5. Perhaps it is a result of language, but I fail to see how aircraft carriers are less "real" then any other class. If you count the smaller escort carriers, I am reasonably certain the United States Navy fielded more aircraft carriers then every other countries navy combined had in battleships. Aircraft carriers are real?
  6. Personally the straffe mechanic needs to removed from the game. It is unrealistic and does not even make sense. Strafing ships, perhaps to suppress AA, yeah, that would make sense. But strafing planes, that is silliness.
  7. I think this patch has been successful in reducing dynamic game play, promoting a more passive and selfish approach to the game. It was not a good patch in my opinion, but, since there is an apparent trend towards reduction of complexity and simplifying game play while reducing player agency through the gradual elimination of player choice, no doubt this will be hailed as a success.
  8. Krasny Krym, because the best tier 5 cruiser needs updating.....
  9. I miss bastion and zone, which I thought were fun and interesting game modes. Yet, I still have to suffer through playing standard map mode. Can we get that removed since bastion and zone went away? Perhaps more seriously, I might suggest an option to select game modes. If people really want short queues, they can select all modes, and if someone really hates a particular game mode, they'll wait longer to avoid it, and I think it would provide some valuable data if you see one mode overwhelmingly popular or unpopular.
  10. If anything is needed, it is a removal of standard map mode. Terrible mode. Bring back bastion, I'd say. Or Zone.
  11. At the end of the day, it remains superior to standard map mode. And I for one hope it remains in rotation as a means to lesson the chances of seeing standard map mode. I usually find the games fairly enjoyable in epicenter. If one team fails to push and secure the inner rings, the game is over quickly, and so much the better. I do believe, however, that some maps could be better optimized for this particular map mode, but I think the desire to have multiple modes on each map prevent this.
  12. But... RN cruisers don't shoot HE except for Belfast and Commonwealth Perth. Are you using Minotaur secondaries as your point of analysis?
  13. The iChase one looks really good, actually. I about laughed up my coffee with the "my eyes are up here" though. Now you're making me think I need an avatar.
  14. And I personally like epicenter, it is superior to standard, which I think needs to go away.
  15. And here today I was complaining because I never see enough CV.