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  1. Sinsie

    Hitting The Wall

    It's a fun game to come back too. I welcome breaks for other games. My walls tend to be around snowflake events. Spring and Fall. Last year lets do snow flakes and also announce somers is getting pulled right after I blew my steel load. I did get somers but got burnt out hardcore between that grind and snowflakes. I couldn't finish the anniversary snow flakes. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I did finish the latest snowflakes by watching netflix and rolling co-op.
  2. I feel like these pick a team events are among the poorest content. They keep doing them and expending resources on them but who actually likes them? Yeah everyone participates because there are rewards, but it feels like a lot of resources wasted at WG for something people just click through as fast as possible. I do like the game and most content but find these events annoying. Take a gamble on what team to choose and hope you choose wisely. It feels like being part of a social experiment based on name and/or position in the menu.
  3. Sinsie

    Grandmaster Collector

    In your port off to the right just above the carousel there is a gear and if you mouse there it till tell you your ship count. Pretty sure it is based on the ships you own at the time. In past expansions of the emblems the rental ships counted towards people getting them too.
  4. Indianapolis has 10km radar at T7. It is crazy unique for the tier. On top of that it has very good guns for the tier. I wouldn't say that ship needs anything. Sure any buff would make it even more fun to play but it is already competitive for the tier.
  5. I got 12k dabloons, 90 days of premium time, 130k coal and a bunch of flags and camo. Zero steel. Been playing the game since the first month it came out and I've never gotten steel in a SC. I do have nearly every T10 so had a lot of super containers. Will be farming the lower tears for a while still.
  6. Sinsie

    Convoy - Quick Reaction

    All for anything that shakes up the stale camping meta.
  7. Sinsie

    Welcome Our New Show—"Rico/Chet!"

    I'd call it entertaining and say it isn't bad thinking of it as a pilot. RNG is such a troll simply repeating the tests could yield different results. Perhaps you can evaluate Henry Acceleration as it compares to Wyoming. lol
  8. Sinsie

    An 'On the Table' Rule Proposal.

    wait until Friday and the snow flake event starts. Co-op will be flooded.
  9. I can't agree with the OP. Every ship should have some level of counter. I'm not saying they should all be equally as good. Not having a counter just makes another class that will just draw hate. CVs have no direct counter and is the cause for the hate. If they don't give every ship a counter to subs, then subs will just get the hate too.
  10. Sinsie

    Update 0.10.8, technical issues

    I definitely appreciate communicating when you are aware of and working on major bugs. It helps knowing you are aware and working on it rather than just assuming or people asking on streams if the community managers know anything about them.
  11. It has been in the game forever but remembered it again after watching a replay. When targeting an enemy and that enemy has a collision with another ship. My targeting shakes like I'm the one in a collision. It is is annoying and disorienting and unfairly makes aiming harder against that target. It is a silly bug but one that is annoying. I'd imagine most people have experienced it, but most likely don't remember to say anything about it by the time they get out of the battle.
  12. Sinsie

    Important message for the community

    This all sounds great and is a good step in the next direction. Next step is accountability. Have WG staff print this, hang it on the wall and read it at least once a month.
  13. Sinsie

    Server stability is garbage.

    The comparison is the same as saying gasoline burns and so does wood, why can't I put wood in my car. Games communicate differently than each other. Just because one works doesn't prove another should. Same issue with people saying I can stream movies in 4k ultra HD why does my latency suck so bad. 9 times out of 10 if the game is not communicating in a stable fashion it just needs a reinstall.
  14. Sinsie

    Server stability is garbage.

    As much as you don't want to hear it, the issue is likely your setup. I end up doing a clean install of the game about once a year when I get stability issues.
  15. Sinsie

    Update 0.10.7, Clan Battles restrictions

    Is this ban/restriction list in addition to Graf Spree(and variant)? or does it replace that ban?