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  1. Sinsie

    New Coal Ships Coming Out Next?

    On the Twitch steam about a month ago they said Kitakami is not likely to make it into the game. Didn't sound like it tested well. I believe it was removed from testing too. Though what they say changes so who knows.
  2. Sinsie

    RB ships - Ohio or Slava?

    Slava is a fun ship but virtually no ability to carry. I like playing it a lot but only play it in a division so I know other bases are covered. Ohio has much more carry potential and is better suited for solo play than Slava. People are definitely describing the pros and Cons of both very well so I'll avoid what's already been stated well. You'll see Ohio in competitive play, I don't know if I've seen a Slava.
  3. Can't even do daily missions in this mode. In one night I grouped with 2 separate Gales and they both upon getting close to me leave division and dump all their torps. From that point anyone playing that ship became shoot on site. Have won in the ring and have gotten keys and gotten out twice already. I'm already bored and done with this mode. Grind for some perma camo, nah I'll pass. Can't play with friends in this mode, can't complete daily missions in it. Camo and some commanders is all you can get out of it. Can they just bring back any of the previous Halloween events? Definitely the least enjoyable one they've made.
  4. Sinsie

    Submarine Testing

    TST is not an available option.
  5. They said it on the official twitch stream a few weeks back that it will probably not make it into the game at all. Pretty sure it was removed from testing too.
  6. Sinsie

    What’s in your port?

    Also forgot to mention if you have a ship and can earn it again, for example you get another of the same ship from events or containers you get another port slot. I haven't bought slots in years and just keep getting more.
  7. Sinsie

    What’s in your port?

    I have 400 right now. My girlfriends collects purses, I collect ships. Well port shows 403 with the 3 rentals atm. I even have all the CVs even though I hate CVs. Well except the FDR but I'm only 2k steel from getting that too. Definitely 4 level carousel and have to use filters to find what you want. I recommend keeping ships if you can. Great for snow flake events and some event missions that want specific ships. I think I opened like 43 super containers from the last event. If you click on any ship while in port it will tell you your ship count and vacant slots on the right side just above the carousel.
  8. Sinsie

    ST 0.9.10, Key Battle

    It's great that the developers realized the diplomacy concept that became normal in the last Halloween event. It is great that they wanted to incorporate something like that, but they missed the mark. The most fun I had last season was getting in a div with friends and then determining if a separate group of 3 would be friendly or not. The new idea is making this another play by yourself mode and is very disappointing. Fun short duration events should not be trying to mimic highly competitive modes like ranked where I agree divisions are inappropriate.
  9. A guy I play with puts salt into a good perspective. He laughs when people get super salty because he works in an ER. On at least one occasion he's come home from work and played the game to run into super salty players and the response is "get over it I watched 2 people die in real life today, you'll survive losing a game."
  10. Sinsie

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    @Hapa_FodderNo one wants this. Please reverse this. Do not let us join a battle without a commander, if that is the case it is a user accident. Frankly I'd like an optional "are you sure" warning if I try to go into battle without a commander, camo and flags. Particularly if I finish a battle and just click to go into the next battle. It would be nice to know if I ran out of that type of camo. If people don't like the warning idea, make the warning an option that is off by default. Such a change would be in WG interest anyways to help curb the lack of camo/flag use and potentially increase camo/flag use overall.
  11. For the record I hate the research concept, but I'd like to play some of those research point ships. I've conceded to doing the quarterly double point resets. I think this might be the highest I've ever gotten for total XP and freexp in one game. Curious what other peoples bests might be trying to regrind. This was with every possible flag, the Mosaic camo and first game of the day on that ship bonus. Went through a bunch of my ships looking for flags to demount.
  12. Sinsie

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    Oh definitely agree but will wait until after I've done the directives for containers before I drop my load on it.
  13. Sinsie

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    Missed that too. it also says it is possible that ship drops from the containers earned from Objectives during this event. if your lucky you can save the coal.
  14. Sinsie

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.7

    I would rather WG put effort into getting the game to load faster before they start playing more videos when the game starts. I have some of the best hardware you can get and the games load time is ridiculously bad. I can't imagine how long it would take to load for someone with spindle disks.
  15. Decided to play a scenario with a buddy(trying out T6 ships we haven't touched in forever knowing they will be next CB tier). I did 70k more damage than my friend(Nurnberg), had way more kills than anyone. Lots of damage to DDs. Yet I'm way last on score. Is something broken or am I not clued on how something works in scenarios?