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  1. gonowgetdown

    Clan Delegation of Authority

    Sometimes I feel like WG isn't concerned with quality of life issues, such as this one. Can we please get some input here? It's been a while...
  2. Thank you. Lol after all we argued.
  3. December 2018 bump on a problem that's been around for two years or so...
  4. For years I've been complaining...
  5. Duckman thinks you're just seeking out attention.
  6. So you realized you lost the argument and now you have to sorta change the point of the conversation to one where you can point to something that makes you right?
  7. You got caught up hommie because I made persuasive points which probably caused you to at least somewhat reconsider, hommie. "The day before the fix is instituted" What makes you think a fix is being instituted? I looked at the 7.7 release notes and I did not see anything about the spotter bug. In fact, that's what reminded me to come [edited] again.
  8. This and exactly this. Hit shift w/o spotter plane, goes to where you expect it. Launch spotter plane and hit shift again, go to 26km out. And by the time you get it right, the one-shot opportunity on the cruiser has passed. STOP ACTING OUT FOR ATTENTION!!!
  9. Hommie it looks like you, not I, like to post. But thanks again for the bump! Keep it up, Duckman!
  10. Well the cool down issue is a game balancing mechanic. I'm not arguing with WG there. I'm happy to see you're also aware of the spotter plane bug. The guy who responded before you thinks I'm complaining because I want to bring the attention to myself. lol... this is the attention I dreamed of as a child.
  11. So the guy below you, who agrees with me regarding the spotter plane issue, and all the other people who commented on the bug in this thread, are they wrong too? Are they bringing attention to themselves too?
  12. Keep getting triggered yo. Bring attention to this thread thank you.