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  1. Game Unstable since patch

    Game freezes on battle loading screen every time I use the Hipper with mod pack installed. Restarting game in safe mode gets me back into battle.
  2. This should be the first loading screen tip at the beginning of every match. Maybe if everyone was aware of this players would not run and hide when they think the match is lost instead of fighting for the win.

    My favorite ship, not much of a fire starter but the AP is deadly.
  4. Thanks for posting this, ran out of premium time yesterday!
  5. Bayern sucks?

    You are looking around a lot and your gun rotation can't keep up so they are never on target. Hold down the right mouse button to look around, your guns will stay locked where you left them. The Iron Duke that was burning you down was broadside 7km away and none of your guns could return fire.
  6. 0.6.14 Public Test Bug Reports

    Game crashed when returning to port after operations mission. python.log
  7. Computer issue

    Try booting in safe mode with the 7770 in and do a clean install of driver. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2045134/screen-flashes-lines-splashes-color-dell-computer-freezes.html
  8. Halloween Nikolai I??

    There is a contest going on now to win the Nikolai with the Halloween camo. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/140717-where-in-the-world-is-bearzor/
  9. KGV at tier 7, 97000 damage 3 kills and a solo cap....1601 xp.
  10. I had a 12 point Myoko captain in reserve, with 2 of the points not used (2/10). When i transfered the captain to my Kamikaze R for the free respec, the 2 unused points vanished...
  11. I suggest a sweeping change to the community

    Plan on marinating myself with a bottle of rum later tonight.
  12. Old TV show thread

    The best show ever...
  13. This ^ should be on the load in screen before every battle. The way a lot of people run and hide, a lot of newer players may not know this.