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  1. Dan_M_1

    Your favorite Tall ship/Sailing Vessel???

    Do they still make this?
  2. Dan_M_1

    PSA: Santa Crate in Daily Missions Today

    Thanks OP, got a Perth and a 10 point commander!
  3. Dan_M_1

    Priority Target

    I have had it happen as well. I was not detected or targeted and still being hit with accurate fire. It was a co-op match.
  4. Replay files are small. From 250 kb to 4.5 mb (my smallest to largest) thirty of them will not use up much space.
  5. Dan_M_1

    Landlocked Bismark

    On display at the Royal Alberta Museum
  6. Dan_M_1

    Game Unstable since patch

    Game freezes on battle loading screen every time I use the Hipper with mod pack installed. Restarting game in safe mode gets me back into battle.