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  1. Panhandler62

    Gouden Leeuw or Hindenberg

    Gouden, if you're a pyro... Hindy, otherwise.
  2. Panhandler62

    Carriers in general

    Mostly ... the lack of being able to spot, cover and attack all at the same time is frustrating, especially since other players expect you to.
  3. Panhandler62

    Tired of chat heros

    My win rate is improving... but it's still in the bowl. CVs, in general, are kind of hard and this one more so than most... it's like DDs... unicorns if you play them smart, totally unforgiving of any dumb moves. My Shima games are either 150+ or 30- ... not much in between. No one seems to go off on the cruisers and, frankly, they are the backbone of a team effort. lol
  4. I am reaching the "ish" level for damage with MVR. I think my cumulative damage average is about 68k now. Most of my games are considerably better now (it will take awhile to shake off the really bad games from the learning curve... lol) This said; my win ratio is poo. What do y'all do to effectively impact match outcomes? I try to balance AA cover and spotting but I can't actually clear the DDs unless I get cruiser to use my spotting. I get the best damage farming games by chasing the YOLOs and lone wolves, but I don't think that is necessarily helping with game management since they are not generally very effective players anyway. I have also found it hard to hit stacked ships without loosing my plane inventory early since these German planes seem to have given up armor for speed. Please help me suck less. :)
  5. Panhandler62

    Tired of chat heros

    I never claimed to be awesome... but it was a decent game. But.... if you think my stats are bad... here are his... lol https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1023595991,deleted987/ You can talk smack though (though it doesn't look like you play CVs) :)
  6. Panhandler62

    Not loving the Parseval

    On the flip side.... Ricky is a bad [edited] (still draws lots of hate, but I can rack up BB levels of damage with it.) My bad ... didn't know "B.A." was not permitted.
  7. Panhandler62

    Tired of chat heros

    Took Ricky out... killed three ships... rolled up 120k of damage, ate 22 enemy planes.... and the a-hole in the Monty who finished second from last is going on and on about how the loss is all my fault. How can people still not know that KM CVs aren't made to hunt DDs? It's not like they haven't been in the game for some time now. sigh
  8. Panhandler62

    Two Things To Change Please

    When you are approaching your target; move the camera so you are looking straight down and fly the reticle onto the target (offset for ship's movement, of course) and ignore the planes themselves. You can't watch both of them at once. :)
  9. Panhandler62

    Not loving the Parseval

    Skipping Implacable is why I don't have enough free XP to skip Parseval... lol
  10. Panhandler62

    Not loving the Parseval

    I do feel like I am getting the hang of it, but as you just said; the match setup is a huge factor. My Audacious can adapt to just about any MM variance with small changes in play style but I get in matches with Perseval where I just can't get anything done. "CV: go spot that Halland!" "Yeah, no, you go spot the damn Halland." On the plus side.... I did get 2 Close Quarters badges in my last game, one on a DD and one on a BB (I had already hammered both.. the secondaries just finished them off.) Of course; whenever you are counting on your secondaries you've already screwed the pooch.
  11. Panhandler62

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    CVs used to be extrordinarily OP, but really hard to use well. They lowered the skill floor and the skill ceiling with the rework. Most players are fairly average. I think the unicorns and taters get noticed more because it's the most visible ship on the board. Most DDs have enough AA to shred fighters. If you turn your AA off to avoid detection (unless you are in one of those Swedish flack traps) you can turn it back on when the rocket planes leave and delete spotting fighters if he left them. Also; if it is a KM CV; DDs are all but impossible to kill. No way you'll hit one with a bomb and the AP rockets all over-pen. Really, really good CV players *are* hard to counter, but then so are really, really good BB players. (And don't get me started on Soviet super-cruisers!)
  12. Panhandler62

    Not loving the Parseval

    That's some deep irony there.... lol (The Smol is the only boat in the game *more*OP than the Halland... lol) Chasing a Halland with AP rockets is synonymous with "setting your planes on fire on the deck" You won't hurt it and you will almost certainly loose your whole squadron to it. I'll attack them with my Audacious, but not Perseval. People seem to think that CVs are champion DD spotters, but realistically; except for being able to get somewhere fast; we don't hold a candle to radar cruisers in that department.
  13. Panhandler62

    German CV Captain Skills

    This is mine... 15 point CO on Parseval Mostly trying to keep my birds alive and in service.
  14. Panhandler62

    Not loving the Parseval

    I'm starting to get the hang of it... but it is hard. I'm getting a fair number of 80 - 120k games now (though still getting some 30k games) What I have learned and applied from this thread is mostly target selection. #1 Avoid stacked AA situations (even more so than normal) #2 Don't waste munitions on DDs unless it is a desperation issue or he's dead still, humping a rock or something. Drop fighters near them so others can shoot them and move on. #3 When bombing; always rush the target and fly the reticle, not the planes. Try to time your bombs to land center of mass (no, not easy) #4 Torping BBs is easy, but unless you can get someone to flood after they have burned a repair consumable; don't expect much. #5 Farm YOLO cruisers #6 Avoid the urge to charge. You can't protect yourself from DDs, so keep back in the shadows. An upside to T8 CV games is that most players actually *do* know your ship type and don't get overly salty when you don't waste rockets on DDS.
  15. Panhandler62

    Not loving the Parseval

    This could be part of my issue. I play Audacious quite a bit. I'm not elite, but I do fairly well in most games. I'm thinking all my reflexes from playing Audacious are just wrong for Parseval. I didn't hate Weser (though I did hate people yelling at me for not hunting DDs in a ship that is almost useless for that purpose... lol) Part of it is likely that T8 plays T10 games most often whereas a T6 is typically top tier. I'm just not used to getting 30k games in a CV... :P Makes me feel a tad newbish.