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  1. jkirschy

    Are you buying economic packages?

    Nope. Not buying them. And I was busy trying to pull the economic buffs from the old signal/draconic flags off as many of my ships as I could earlier today because I have zero intention of paying doubloons for economic bonuses. Still not anywhere near done w/ that, but it tells you what my opinion of the new system is.
  2. jkirschy

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    Because (s)he's not really Sailor Moon. (S)he's really Papillon Rose. In all seriousness its going to definitely take some time to get used to running ships w/o camo since I've been doing the opposite since 2015... And I agree WG really screwed itself by removing the combat and economic buffs from camos... Just removes the incentive to get and use camos... Oh well.
  3. By being outside the immediate blast zone, shielded by superstructure, and/or being blown clear is my guess. The only survivor I can find information on was Ted Briggs. He was on the compass platform near the bridge. According to the wiki article on him: It sounds like he was in the forward superstructure/bridge and that shielded him from the worst of the explosion and even then he barely managed to get off Hood before she went down. As for another Admiral class at tier 8 in game... I honestly wouldn't like to see that. Hood is a tier 7 BB/BC. Its armor scheme is old by WWII standards and the RN knew it was inadequate against the 16" shells of the USN and IJN battleships from the 1920s, much less the newer ships from the late 30s firing improved/super-heavy 16" and 18" shells. The planned refit wouldn't have made her comparable to modern construction, either the KGVs, North Carolinas, South Dakotas, Bismark/Tirpitz, Vittorio Venettos, or god help her Iowas or Yamatos. It would have been analogous to what the USN did with their standard class BBs that were modernized during the late thirties and during WWII (including Tennessee, California, and W. Virginia) and the UK did w/ the QE's and Renown in that it would have marginally improved survivability by improving deck armor and AA (partially by going to dual purpose secondaries) while paying for it by removing other armor and lightening the ship by more modern machinery. The result is a ship that would have been better than it was and available more quickly than building a new ship completely from scratch, but still not up to the modern standards of the new construction BBs of the era.
  4. When I bought the premium ship it came w/ a permanent camo that increased the dispersion of incoming fire in addition to reducing detection range and offering economic bonuses. The removal of the reduction to detection range for the camo is a net zero since WG went in and baked that into the ship itself. Ditto on WG baking in the economic bonuses. However the dispersion buff is now gone which reduces the value of the premium ship I paid for by making it more vulnerable to incoming fire and less effective in game as a result. Ditto on a perma camo applied to a tech tree ship. Not sure how that's hard to understand.
  5. jkirschy

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    FWIW, you have two things that need checking now. Auto resupply for camos (which will only cost you credits) and auto resupply for economic bonuses (which will cost you doubloons). Auto resupply for economic bonuses can be found by clicking on the economic bonuses section under the economic bonuses tab under you ship stats.
  6. And that's supposed to make me feel better the next time some no skill troll in a Langley or Ryujo chunks my Kamikaze for 1/3 or 1/2 its health with his rocket planes because LOL?
  7. There is a complete removal of economic bonuses from all camos, not just the ones that are free-to-play. And the removal of the dispersion buff from all camos also.
  8. jkirschy

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    Then going forward it shouldn't affect you. However I'd still suggest you check every one of your ships and make sure auto-resupply didn't get somehow turned on by mistake. I haven't found any of my ships with it enabled yet, but I'm still looking. I started w/ my tier 5s and am still not done w/ my tier 6s... Given I have 150 ships, less some of the tier 5s I simply sold because it was quicker and easier than doing all this manually (and because I really am sick of this WG crap), I probably have over 130 ships to go.
  9. Or because they couldn't afford it. Or because they didn't know any better... And how does that make it better that WG screwed their everyone who bought/earned a premium ship or perma camo by devaluing said item?
  10. Its never been an even playing field. That's why people bought and used camo in the first place. They didn't do it because it made their ships pretty. They did it for the detection and dispersion perks since that actively improved your ship's performance in battle a little bit. Its the same reason that people paid for signal flags with performance advantages, like say victor lima or sierra mike. A 4% dispersion buff might not matter as much if you're say driving a Musashi or Kurfurst with its own post code. If on the other hand, you're driving a Kamikaze, Tachibana, Isokaze, Minikaze... with a very limited HP pool and get spotted, a 4% dispersion buff matters. Especially given the nasty prevalence of sky cancer since the CV rework. And in the case of premium ships, since they came with a permanent camo, that 4% dispersion buff was always baked into the ship... So removing it devalues something people paid real money for.
  11. jkirschy

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    All camos, except permanent camos (which cost doubloons) and "special" camos, cost credits now. If you run out and auto replenish is active, you will have an ongoing credit expenditure, same as it always was, except now that expenditure has no net positive since camos do jack to improve the stats of your ship. So say you have a type 1 camo on your Walkytalky set to auto-replenish. If you have 10 type 1 camos in inventory, on your 11th game, you have an outlay of 22,500 credits for something that offers absolutely no tangible benefit. And those are the cheapest camos... If you're running something like a single color camo its 45,000 credits. If you're running an "abstract" camo its 75,000 credits. And for a thematic camo, like the "red, white, black" or Revolutionary camos, its 90,000. As near as I can tell, you to make sure that doesn't happen you'll have to go in and make sure auto-replenish is not selected on every ship in your inventory if you simply want to run out once your inventory of a specific camo is empty.
  12. jkirschy

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    At this point I've been going through and pulling the camos off my tech tree ships since those will eventually cost me credits. I've also been selling a lot of my tech tree ships because honestly its quicker and easier than de-mounting flags, camos, and economic buffs separately. Well that and simply because I've stopped giving a [edited] about grinding in this game. I'll keep my premiums. I'll keep the low tier ships I use to get stars for my clan in naval battles. I'll probably keep the top tier ships I was (slowly) working on going through the tech tree lines. Other than that I'm kind of at the point where I just don't give a [edited] anymore.
  13. Losing the 4% dispersion buff is a direct nerf to camos, and specifically permanent camos and premium ships in particular. It devalues both. And I've paid money for at least some of my premium ships. A lot of people have paid a lot more money for their premium ships. And a lot of people have paid money for premium camos which included that benefit. If WG really was operating under the principle of making sure they didn't harm their users with their change, which is what they said they'd do in this change, they'd bake that 4% dispersion buff into the premium camos and premium ships.
  14. Great now bake in the 4% buff to dispersion for all ships that we lost and you might not have done anything bad to players with a major rework. For a change...
  15. jkirschy

    Warship Size Comparison: Axis Powers

    Again... I wasn't talking about a WWI Kaiser class BB when I said that the never actually built H-39 variant in the game is a German fantasy design. Please try reading and understanding what was actually written. I'll say it again... The Frederick Der Grosse in game and in the video about the sizes of all the "Axis" warships is a WWII era, H-39 class design variant. It is not a WWI Kaiser class ship. Please re-read what I've said repeatedly. The Frederick Der Grosse in game and in the video about the sizes of all the "Axis" warships is a WWII era, H-39 class design variant. It is not a WWI Kaiser class ship.