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  1. If I'm reading this right from now on WG wants to make it so that if you have an absolute blow-out match in a clan battle/brawl (either because one team is just that good, the other team is just that bad, or some combination of the two) that is over really fast, WG is going to penalize both teams. Someone's going to have to explain the logic behind this to me because this makes absolutely no sense... In fact it makes me wonder if we are once again seeing the effect of too much vodka on the part of the devs in the decision making for this game.
  2. Nah... If you're going for a typical fantasy ship for a tier 10, then you want this sub:
  3. jkirschy

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    When I read the article, I can't help wishing you'd picked a different USS Ohio to offer as a reward ship. Instead of yet another paper ship that never existed in real life to be the the Ohio, I wish you'd picked this version: Then again what do I know... I like playing pre-WWI and WWI ships.
  4. jkirschy

    Worst Premium ship in game

    Kamikaze... The torpedoes are just so short-ranged and slow, the surface detection range is so huge (even w/ a captain w/ concealment expert), the guns are so crap, the ship is slow and sluggish in a turn, about the only good thing I can say is it has awesome AA... Wait... sorry I forgot to put the sarcasm tags before that post. Seriously though... I think the worst premium that I have in my port is Varyag (and yes, I do have Mikasa...). Mouse has a review where she called Varyag "censored" and "Oleg but worse" before giving it a rating of "garbage". I've found I have to agree with her on this. This turd has got the same guns as Diana, Oleg, Aurora, and the stock Bogatyr; but its broadside is only 6 guns so the DPM is horrible. The AP is horrible. The HE is acceptable, but again that low DPM limits you so very much... You (literally) have no AA, and you will see carriers who will feast on your tears. Her armor is inadequate to stop anything bigger than a spitwad, and her HP pool vanishes surprisingly fast. Varyag is reasonably fast, for a protected cruiser, but its just not enough especially since tier 3 has light cruisers which will do almost 30 knots to Varyag's 25... Varyag is basically a tier 2 cruiser at tier 3. That's not saying you can't have fun with Varyag (in co-op). Or that its impossible to have a good game. Its just... Wall meet head.
  5. jkirschy

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    Well the dev team went ahead and did a direct nerf to a premium (DoY). And not a whimper from the community about the precedent it sets this time. I blame the fact that when the devs announced this nerf also announced they were doing something even stupider (the original iteration of the naval academy) at the same time. All I'm going to say is damn you Wargaming for starting direct nerfs to premiums
  6. jkirschy

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    Whether they're trying to compensate for the direct nerf or not is kinda irrelevant. Last time they proposed direct nerfs to a premium ship the community lost its mind and spent the next 2 months pouring hate on the development team because wargaming had previously said they don't nerf premiums directly like this. Given the lack of rage so far either people are more worked up about the training center fiasco, or they care for DoY a lot less than the Julio Cesare.
  7. Read the thread and the news article Mouse linked to... My reaction is simple. No. Just no. And if the ninnies in St. Petersburg do this over the community's protest, they'll deserve all the headaches, insults, abuse, heartache, and rotten fruit that get tossed their way. You know... It would be really nice if the ninnies who develop this game could go more than 2 months without shooting themselves in the foot w/ a freaking 4 gauge shotgun loaded with 000 buckshot.
  8. jkirschy

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    I thought WG learned its lesson about nerfing premiums the last time around. But it seems that evidently they didn't since they're nerfing Duke of York... Guess we are due for another round of mobs with pitchforks, torches, and rotten produce calling for the devs heads.
  9. jkirschy

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    Not liking the new ninny-map. I don't like the fact that I can't seem to disable last known position or the ship names from showing on the ninny-map no matter how many times I try. I really wish the ninnies in St. Petersburg would learn the old maxim of "If its not broke, don't [bleep] fix it."
  10. jkirschy

    Can someone explain to me...

    Other people have already said what came to mind immediately for me. Either this player started w/ a premium ship or joined using an offer that gave him a Langley to start with and then used the free xp he earned to bypass tiers 1 and 2; or you're just seeing looking at random battles and he did tier 1 and 2 at co-op. Given that he has an Ishizuchi (a relatively cheap premium) and a Langley (which WG is giving away to new players via a code) I'm thinking its the first option. That is incorrect. Checking a player profile (in game or on the WG website) shows you co-op and randoms separately. I checked just now by looking up my XO's profile in the game client. Indeed. :) Used to be, back in the day, that the tier 1s were also a blast to play in random and co-op. Now... Not so much in randoms. ;)
  11. jkirschy


    Omaha's B-hull would like a few words with you. What you said was true back before WG eliminated open-water stealth fire (and correspondingly buffed Omaha's firing range to 15.2km). Now not so much. At this point the Omaha B-hull has more guns, longer-ranged guns, faster firing guns, more torpedoes (albeit shorter ranged ones), and the same HP. While I'm planning on using the p tokens for Murmansk, I'm not blind to the fact that its just a C-hull Omaha with longer ranged torps. And at this point the C-hull isn't as good as the B-hull, IMO.
  12. jkirschy

    Now you've realy done it WG

    Lert, in the OP's defense, the other low-tier BBs may not have as much superstructure as some of the high tier ones; but on the whole, they have a lot more than the low-tier Russian ones.
  13. jkirschy

    June Missions - a role for Tier Four ships.

    That's one way of looking at it. The other is that if people, especially DD drivers, find playing against CVs makes the game unfun, they have every right to play in tiers where there is no skycancer. But I'd rather not rehash that battle for the umpteenth time. My comment was simply that in my experience the CV rework did a better job encouraging people to seal-club in tier 2-4 than allowing missions to be done in tier 4 ever would.
  14. jkirschy

    June Missions - a role for Tier Four ships.

    You aren't the only one who misses those days. I had some really great games back in Hashidate and Erie back in the day before WG nerfed them into the ground and neutered them in the name of "balance" and preventing people from playing them just because they were more fun than the higher tier ships. Newsflash... WG already encouraged it big-time. When they redid the CVs it encouraged a lot of experienced players to become seal-clubbers in tier 2 so they could avoid the never to be sufficiently damned skycancer.
  15. jkirschy

    June Missions - a role for Tier Four ships.

    Fair enough. I think I tried it once or twice myself after the tier 1s got nerfed to hell and back in .5.10 (?) just to see what it was like. Didn't work well so didn't bother with it again. I would think your best bet to do meaningful damage will be to take the fire flags and spec the Swan's captain for rate of fire (if you have the points) to get the best odds of setting fires. I'm glad you're planning on doing this in co-op though. Drives me nuts when I see that particular fail division in a tier 2/tier 3 match in a random. Not to mention it screws over one team...