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  1. Actually that's not a given. It depends on what the AA does to your ship's detection range. Some IJN DDs (like Kamikaze) can blaze away with their two .30 caliber machine gun AA armament and not affect their detection range a bit... Some of them probably do need to turn their AA off. Need to check your ship's stats to see which category you're in. ;)
  2. jkirschy

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    I can't make much sense on the stuff on the site either. However C14Alpha plugged it into a spreadsheet program or something and got stuff that does make more sense. He posted a chart with the number of unique players per week over the last three weeks and a graph the server populations over time. It is on the thread I linked to.
  3. jkirschy

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    I'm not sure if this is the kind of data you're looking for, but C14Alpha posted some numbers from http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html on this thread a couple days ago. I'm not vouching for his numbers or how he put them together from the site he got them from. I'm just linking to the post since it seems to be what you guys are asking about.
  4. Not quite. Olympia in her Spanish-American war form has 4x2 8"guns as her main armament with a secondary armament of 10x1 5" guns, 14x1 57mm guns, and 6x1 one pounder guns. If they put her into the game in that configuration you would only be able to control the four 8" guns. The rest of her armament would be controlled by the AI. Oleg on the other hand has twelve 6" guns that the player controls... Given that, I'd say Olympia would be a better tier 2 cruiser. If you really want another American tier 3 premium cruiser (and one from the Spanish-American War to boot)... USS Brooklyn (ACR 3) would be a strong contender since she has eight 8" guns and twelve 5" guns and meaningful armor. The only real downside I can see is that she can only do 20kts... As for the title of this thread... I'd rather see the development team concentrate on fixing the balance issues caused by the CV de-balance/re-bork than rush that so they can put more new ships in the game.
  5. Not sure why I'm bothering to post this since I have no plans to spend money on premiums after the current debacles... US USS Olympia USS Brooklyn (ACR-3) UK HMS Majestic Commonwealth HMAS Sydney (1912) Germany SMS Blucher France Suffren (the predreadnought Italy Regina Margherita Quarto Japan Asama Funny how all of them would be low tiers... ;)
  6. jkirschy

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    You mean it isn't a different game since .8.0?
  7. jkirschy

    Ship you hate facing the most

    Depends on what I'm driving really. If I'm in a mid-tier DD... Belfast and Atlanta. If I'm in a low tier DD... Bogatyr and St. Louis (and Charleston)...
  8. jkirschy

    warships today down?

    As others have said, Warships Today has been unreliable for quite a while. I switched to https://na.wows-numbers.com/ months ago since at least it is up and working.
  9. jkirschy

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    Can't speak for anyone else, but I haven't play ed CVs since the de-balance. When .8.0 hit I sold all my CVs for free xp & credits, and I have no intention of ever playing CVs again.
  10. Actually it didn't make much sense. I got the feeling he didn't really understand what the devs are talking about doing. Someone needs to ask Circon if he'd enjoy playing a tier 5 premium tank that was moved up to tier 6 with no changes, so in effect if he'd enjoy playing a tier 5 in a tier 8 match. Then again this is circon so he'd probably enjoy the challenge...
  11. jkirschy

    DD population in Randoms?

    He's not the only experienced player who decided to drop to tier 2 to avoid CVs. I did it too. And I've run into a fair number of other people who are avoiding CVs that way. As for the bit about skill points... Skill points allow you to buff the weaknesses and strengths a bit and make your ship just a little bit better. Tier 2 ships can benefit from a high point captain just like any other ship. When the rework happened, I moved the 19pt captain from my Kamikaze to my Tachibana Lima since the skill build for them is basically the same. I have a 17 point captain on my Sampson, though he's always been there. I think all but 2 of my tier 2 DDs (Umikaze ((6pts) and Tachibana (9pts)) have at least a 10 point captain at this point. Its my tier 2 cruiser captains that are lower skilled. Most of them are in the 6-10 point range. As for having fun... Eh... It isn't as fun as playing in a T5 division with my clan-mates, but it beats dealing with sky-cancer.
  12. jkirschy

    possible solution for GC situation

    I think your definition of a very, very, very bad day and mine are just a wee bit different. Compared to what I'll be praying to have happen to the dev's if they start nerfing premiums w/o buying them back in cash, everything that has happened so far concerning the nerfing of premiums and however bad its made their day isn't even a bump in the road.
  13. jkirschy

    Paper ship salt?

    Italy: battleships, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers. Russia: battleships (soontm), aircraft carriers. France: destroyers, aircraft carriers UK: carriers (soontm) PanEurope: battleships, cruisers, destroyers, carriers PanAsia: battleships, cruisers, carriers PanAmerica: battleships, cruisers, destroyers, carriers Those are the ones I know of off the top of my head... Pretty much. Because they tend to be a wee bit over-powered. Not that ships that were actually built can't be over-powered, especially if they get fantasy refits. Its just easier for a paper ship to be OP for the reasons FlyingRedRocket said.
  14. jkirschy

    possible solution for GC situation

    Then go play in tier 1. Otherwise someone will always be an advantage because of the ship you start off with.
  15. jkirschy

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    I didn't see that until after I made my post. I was busy writing.