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  1. You cannot remove the Jutland and Daring. DD players will play the new ships and can only play one ship at a time. if they play Jutland and Daring, then they cannot play other DDs.
  2. HillRock1

    Code for dragon flags

    Code is dead. WG sucks.
  3. It is the reserve captain slot, not port slot.
  4. Sure, WG cannot force you to grind other lines. So is they did not force you to finish those missions.
  5. HillRock1

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    I had some of un-nerfed SCs: 250 flags, 25 M credit.
  6. HillRock1

    Cyclone or Storm Poll

    Cyclone is a joke in WOWs: you can see everything except ships. The sea was so peaceful but ships suddenly were gone.
  7. HillRock1

    Last day for yy before nerf

    Make me do not want to play it. Anyway, I am not good at YY.
  8. HillRock1

    Matchup Monday - Daring vs. Gearing

    WG is just too greedy. It make every new line OP at first so everyone wants to grind/freeXP for it. After WG got the money, then nerf it.
  9. HillRock1

    RDF Firing.

    It is almost impossible to hit anything with RPF, except torps.
  10. HillRock1

    new bonus code

    Thank you for the codes.
  11. HillRock1

    What it takes to kill a Kurfurst

    No, GK can not kite. Everyone can shoot it.
  12. HillRock1

    How to Dev Strike proper and polite

    Didn't realize I have many Dev strike medal.
  13. HillRock1

    Nearly Everyone Has Abandoned Eagles

    I joined the shark because the eagle camo is too ugly.
  14. HillRock1

    Should Ocean Come Back?

    Yes, we need it back. Ocean is the only map likes the real battle ground in WOWS.
  15. HillRock1

    Kronshtadt! i got her finally

    I got Kronshtadt too. It is not impressive after played several game in it.