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    Some noobies just have no idea how torp works. Two days ago, a noobie CA launched torps 1 Km behind me while I was in DD and then complained me drove into his torps. Just one of the stupid and idiot players.
  2. I keep getting captain reserve spot, but not port slot, from containers. Wish I can trade my captain reserve spot for port slot.
  3. Detonations need to go!

    f**k detonation.
  4. Musashi Grind Thread

    I already have MO and Yammy, so no interested in getting Musashi for such big amount of FXP.
  5. Not interested in Musashi. There is no point to pay that much free XP for a nerfed Yammy.
  6. Return of the Legend Musashi

    Already have MO, and 840K FXP. Base on current information, I will not spend my hard earned FXP on Musashi.
  7. Thanks OP, got 3 day free pre time
  8. Too many credits!!

    You only has 6 T10 ships and whine about too much silver?
  9. Conqueror needs to be nerfed asap

    OP stated that he has conqueror. The picture showed what RN BBs OP has now.
  10. NO is a [edited] ship. I passed it ASAP, using camo and flag.
  11. Gee, salty clan is really salty.
  12. Kutuzov, Missouri, or Musashi

    It is all up to you. If you do not like Kutuzov, you will probably not play her anymore. Why not take the chance to sell it and get other ship you like.
  13. you are the one call me out first. Crying louder, your parents may hear you.
  14. I play all kind of ships and enjoy them all. DD is only one of them. I enjoy playing my BB. you, as a selfish moron, crying out all the time to nerf the ship you donot play.
  15. I meat BaBies stop crying DD nerf, wth you Moron then barking at me.