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  1. I joined the shark because the eagle camo is too ugly.
  2. Should Ocean Come Back?

    Yes, we need it back. Ocean is the only map likes the real battle ground in WOWS.
  3. Kronshtadt! i got her finally

    I got Kronshtadt too. It is not impressive after played several game in it.
  4. Seattle is really sucks, it can be blown up by any BB, at any angle. Hopefully I can unlock Worcester tonight without fxp and will get ride of this Suckttle ASAP.
  5. Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    So WG made another P2W boat.
  6. Many people have Cleveland and will grind to Worcester, not bother playing lower tier inferior ships.
  7. Zao Torp buff?

    Yeah, Zao is the INJ's mega torp boat now.
  8. Kronshtadt. Fear Nothing Comrades

    Great job. By the way, what mod has this information in your video?
  9. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    They will have steel for sale, just a matter of time. They only need money.
  10. Development decisions discussion

    This development team messed up too frequently and too much. Think about quitting this game.
  11. German cruiser Nerf coming?

    that is 10% off its DPM, a big nerf. Currently, the average damage of Hindy is about 77k. 10% off will be around 70K. Do you think it is nothing?
  12. Question for Shima captains

    radio position finder
  13. Question for Shima captains

    Next captain skill is the RPF. Shima will die if went wrong direction.
  14. Fed Up With Ranked

    Every time when I heard a player said "carry the team", but when I checked the stat, meh.