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  1. FlandrexCirno

    Remove chat bans

    But... chat ban is pretty common thing in mmo games.
  2. FlandrexCirno

    Early Access to Pan-American Cruisers

    If I read this correctly, we have one mission chain starting tomorrow that gives tokens, and another mission chain starting before 12.4 that gives bonus package(for tier 6 to 10 ships wow). I'd assume this mission chain would b limited to high tier pan-am ships. But I still want to get some detail on this since there are no similar mission in previous EA events. I'm thinking that you can get tier X package only if you have tier X ship. And detail would be good. p.s. that would affect the decision making on getting a premium ship or EA ship for more bonus package.
  3. FlandrexCirno

    Feedback on Ranked! What do you think?

    With the current ranked style, I'd say it is excellent, with a 6v6 format, suitable maps, and an optimal length of 2 weeks. Star saving has some ups and downs that sometimes encourage passive play but also benefit me in bad games. I think it would be good for us to have a recurring mission each sprint for both a reminder and a small prize for participating in each sprint.
  4. I think there is a mod called good news mod in modstation that you can get rid of all notification with one click
  5. That was exactly what I meant you weren't expecting an answer. You would believe some OTHERS who shares the emotion with you even if the answers are not true. Then you would bully the "triggered ones" as you CLEARLY writen in the title even if they have the right answer. ps I guess you are triggered when I pointed out you are biased against sub.
  6. I guess you are not expecting an answer but just to vent your frustration. The answer was always there that splashing damage deals 1/6 the shell damage. It 's not a direct hit and different from direct hit. It has nothing to do with the saturation mechanics that is related to direct hits. It's a unique mechanics which makes sub easier to hit but takes less damage per hit, especially with large caliber HE you get larger splash radius.
  7. You get 1/6 the damage for splashing, not 10%. That would result in a 8494/2=4247 damage, partially based on your calculation. And it's indeed weird that OP never realized HE never does 1980 damage until he shot a sub and expect a 1980 damage.
  8. FlandrexCirno

    Stats don’t lie

    I have a strong mentality If you don't try to rank up you don't get annoyed. That's why I stayed at silver, and now my massa has a 74% win rate in ranked.
  9. FlandrexCirno

    Stats don’t lie

    Mostly I heard the stats is meaningless talk is when my teammates throw the game, and I'm carrying the weight and trying hard to turn around the game, with one of them keep blaming the team. I say shut up you 44% win rate moron, and they say StATs iS MeANiNgLeSs. Happened once last night in ranked battle when the bottom player kept saying our top 1(me) and 2 players are idoit bots, while we won with a 3 vs 4 flank soon after he suicided.
  10. FlandrexCirno

    Brisbane Availability

    I'd say you get it much cheaper with this event.
  11. FlandrexCirno

    Targeting Subs based on Sonar arcs

    One more useful and reliable knowledge. Thanks Ahskance
  12. FlandrexCirno

    Subs in 1 vs 1 brawls?

    I recall last time we had a 6v6 tier 8 brawl with subs. From my experience in both sub and surface ships, sub is really a bad pick to have. Sub takes up a ship slot but can't inflict as much impact. Sure you can drive away enemy ship by pinging and torping, but once they start to kite away it's almost impossible for sub to kill any ship. Meanwhile your team is having one less ship in a rather small team of 6v6. Now in a brawl 1v1, sub is even a worse pick. You need to have a huge skill gap between the sub and any surface ship to let the sub win the game. BBs can hardly be killed with one shotgun, and BBs can easily wreck subs with HE shells if they surface due to the splash mechanics. Cruisers have hydro and enough gun power to kill subs quickly. DDs can play time and cap contest. Keep the distance and shoot the sub if they surface and try to cap. Don't try to use depth charge because brawl is focused on cap and you don't need to take the risk. Depth charge is a noob trap that only makes you vulnerable if you try to use them. CV has OP auto ASW and a large HP to tank so its a auto win. In summary, sub has little chance winning a 1v1 in brawl against any ship type. And the first thing to do right against sub in brawl is STOP USING DEPTH CHARGE. If you lose to a sub and got your ship shotguned, think about it if you were trying to drop ship mounted DC.
  13. FlandrexCirno

    Splitting economic boosters?

    It still makes no sense to split boosters even if you are a coop exclusive. Foe example if you play 4 games with 200% xp booster , you get 4*300%=1200% xp. That is equivalent to playing 1 game with 800% booster(900%) and 3 games without booster(300%). And all the calculations are based on you can run out all the boosters.
  14. FlandrexCirno

    Why do players...??

    You mean you need to detonate first to get 10 detonation flag?
  15. FlandrexCirno

    Blowouts are integral to PvP multiplayer

    I heard entering another battle with ship locked in previous battle is coming in the near future. I guess quit and forget and hit battle again solves 90% of the issue.