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  1. Panzer__Monkey

    What would you like IJN Light Cruisers to be like?

    Just FTLOG no stupid new gimmick of some sort. IJN.,…. So best crusier concelament, good longrange torps, good HE, hydro, and probably paper thin armor so they are fast and meauverable. Sort of an upsized Harugumo.
  2. Panzer__Monkey

    Air Superiority Carriers

    So now we apparently need Support carriers despite not asking for them? Yet we can’t get air superiority builds despite constanly being asked for ever since they were removed by the CV rework? I am sure I am not the only one who wants to directly, manually, actually, literally, and purposefully wants to attack the enemy CVs planes !!! Make Saipan Great Again!
  3. Panzer__Monkey

    Firing Rate and Server Refresh Rate?

  4. Panzer__Monkey

    Next Japanese line when?

    If they bring subs back you could have regular subs and an aircraft carrier sub line. They actually did have aircraft carrying subs after all.
  5. I cant recall who did the video on Youtube but one of the more common reviewers recently did a video where they talked about how very fats firing DDs do not benefit from certain captian skills since the reload rate gets too fast and the server only refreshes so many times per second. So that the DDs with very small high rate of fire guns DO NOT atcually get an increased rate of fire from some captian skills. Does anyone else remember seeing this? If so do you recall who it was? They had stats on it too from test rooms.
  6. Panzer__Monkey


    I actually do try to Skip the Bombs. I have found it especially useful when there is a group of ships where the bombs that miss the first ship will skip into other nearby ships. But, to your point, if you are using them vs a DD then it seems to work better to try and hit them on the first line.
  7. Panzer__Monkey


    Yes, I miss the air superiority build Saipan as well. But I do like some of the newer changes too like Skip Bombers.
  8. When did we get a color system for WOW? I though that only existed in WOT?
  9. Panzer__Monkey

    Serious question before I go to T10 for 1st time

    Do it! Complete your training and embrace the dark side!!!!
  10. Panzer__Monkey

    Preussen OP, pls Nerf

    But they forgot the engine speed boost and the attack torpedo squadron it can launch?!!??!?!?
  11. Panzer__Monkey

    Farming Old Campaigns

    I do the same thing. I also look at the missions first to see if some of them are compatible where you can complete more than one at teh same time accross the campaigns.
  12. Panzer__Monkey

    Divisions need limits

    Im just glad the havent put wheeled ships in the game and ruined it like WOT. The last thing we need is captian america shields for armor on the sides of ships.
  13. Panzer__Monkey

    Anyone get a triple Coal drop recently?

    It’s sort of like how supercontainers used to be super years ago……. You could get doubloons or ships…….. and now they are more like mehconatiners where you get a big bundle of basic signals or camos.
  14. Panzer__Monkey

    5 kills but no kraken?

    But the shot clearly shows 5 kills…… just not the missouri…… but it definitely shows 5 kills, so he should have gotten Kraken.