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  1. Panzer__Monkey

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    This is horrible. Your AA should not “spin up” and “spin down”. The captian calls for battle stations and everything is armed and manned and they hold fire until told to open fire sho it shoudl stay like it is now. And especially when the captain orders firing to stop it should stop immediately. IF and only IF this really goes into poractice then AA effectiveness should be muich higher once it is “fully warmed up” esopecially for ships that were designed tobe AA platforms. Plus if you CIT a ship, you should be able to occasionaly CIT aplan and knock soem down instantly.
  2. Panzer__Monkey

    Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou Take Command

    Is there a way to turn off the annoying voices?
  3. ALL RADAR needs to be nerfed. It has destoyed DD play.
  4. Due to...... 1. Proliferation of radar spotting DDs 2. CVs spotting DDs with near impunity 3. CAs and BBs who don;t push up and cover DDs from the radar ships. ..... how do we help make DDs relevant again? Suggestions..... 1. Make DD smoke block radar? 2. Should all radar be nerfed? 3. Make the spotting range “by air” of DDs far shorter than it is now? 4. reduce the spotting range of DD launched torpedoes since that is all they have left going for them anymore? 5. Or are DDs so irrelvant now that there is no point in playing them anymore? I used to love playing DDs but now it just sucks. You get no support from all the whiners who expect you to spot then let you die. You get consta-spotted by radar and CVs. And especially if you are IJN your torps get spotted 50 miles away even though their real torpedoes left no bubble trail in real life.