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  1. There should NOT be homing torpedoes in the game. What’s next, wire guided missiles in WOT? It is also incredibly stupid that hydroacoustic cannot locate a sub.
  2. Panzer__Monkey

    Your Schlieffen auction predictions here

    I cant see bidding anything significant for a ship i can grind out from the tech tree. I also cant see bidding on the coal either sicne you can grind that over time too. Only thing maybe worth bidding on is the 14 point captain sicne its just for silver whoch we can all gridn out too.
  3. Panzer__Monkey

    Future Tech Tree Lines

    American, German and Japanese subs should be first (despite the community not wanting subs). I could see I-401 as a premium for sale or special event. (The real I-400 series not azure lane) Expand the Italian lines sicne they had a real world navy. Time for DDs. British battle crusiers since the Germans are getting them. Maybe escort destroyer alternate lines or premiums since if you have subs you should have “better” sub hunters. Like DDs with SONAR since hydro doesnt detect subs. Russians CVs could be funny since they would need tugboats to tow them around the map.
  4. Panzer__Monkey

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Oh wow, that brinsg back memories. I remember gridning daily so i could earn enough “pearls” to but Kamikaze R. Then they sold kamikaze and Fujin. So there are really three kamikazes and I have all 3. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/project-r-announcement/
  5. That is a nest EASTER EGG. Thanks for sharing.
  6. They have never even hinted at a sale of converting dimissed commander XP. I doubt it will ever occur. Your best bet is likely to get gold from christmas boxes (this is typicaly the best deal of the year) and use that to convert the captian XP. Othereise i suspect you are waiting for a sale that will never occur.
  7. Panzer__Monkey

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Battleship Moltke

    It’s free and it gives you a chance to see what the new german battle cruiser line might play like. So no loss in taking it for FREE. #FREESTUFF
  8. Panzer__Monkey

    Premium subs - which subs?

    The I-400 class Carrier Subs?
  9. So we had DDs spamming torps, CAs spamming torps, Some BBs with torps, CVs dropping torps….. and now subs with torps. So this is where you draw the line?
  10. The camos or flags specify which XPs they boost….. ship, commander, credits, etc.
  11. So some of the CCs or former CCs have done vids showing prospective pictures of the potentail upcoming German battlecrusier line. What a collosal let down from WG if they come into the game as is. The German WW2 battleships and crusiers were beautiful modern ships. Yet the descirptions for the upper tier battlecrusiers indicate German designs from 1943 and 1944 mainly and yet they look like some sort of horrific nuclear mutants. They are bristling with WW1 style sponson secondary guns and one ship even looks like a modern day Aegis cruiser with a huge sideways superstucture. Whoever designed these ships did a poor job; they are truly a pathetic letdown.
  12. Panzer__Monkey


    I really wish they would bring back fighter squadrons to CVs. Not as a consumable, but ones you could control. I used to love the Air Superiority load out for the Saipan. I enjoyed fighting the other CVs planes directly. Wish controllable fighters were one of my flgith options still.
  13. Panzer__Monkey

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    This is horrible. Your AA should not “spin up” and “spin down”. The captian calls for battle stations and everything is armed and manned and they hold fire until told to open fire sho it shoudl stay like it is now. And especially when the captain orders firing to stop it should stop immediately. IF and only IF this really goes into poractice then AA effectiveness should be muich higher once it is “fully warmed up” esopecially for ships that were designed tobe AA platforms. Plus if you CIT a ship, you should be able to occasionaly CIT aplan and knock soem down instantly.
  14. Panzer__Monkey

    Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou Take Command

    Is there a way to turn off the annoying voices?