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  1. I don't know if you guys ever played the stock Nagato. It was really something and that something was absolutely miserable. You had shells that didn't do anything along with armor that was abysmally low. You would sail and throw a salvo out, maybe something would, maybe not, but whatever hit sure as hell didn't pen. Is that any justification for not having historical hulls, not really, but at least this way it'll save you a lot of heartache and well free xp.
  2. To me the biggest issue is that there is no in between in terms of damage. You either hit or you don't. It's not like an AP shell where you can pen, bounce, overpen, shatter, or cit. Imagine if you were playing a BB, in terms of damage, it is very simple. Big guns, highest alpha, long reloads, worst handling, and secondaries that do damage(well depending on nation) characterize BB's. Now continuing to imagine, what if with the only damage with your main guns could be citadels, any other hit did no damage. You could hit right smack in the bow and no damage, not even overpen damage, you could anywhere but the citadel and do no damage. Would that be fun? To some maybe. To most it would be immense frustrating, or at the very least to me it would be. You are getting your shells to target and some are hitting, but you aren't being rewarded. Only when you get the big damage are you getting rewarded. That's the same way IJN torpedoes are. Sure you get your torpedo close to the right place at the right time on the right target, but if it doesn't it doesn't matter. There is one remedy to the torpedo hit issue. Reduce detection. It is as simple as that. People aren't dumb. They know to turn in and in some cases to turn out of torps. If you are sailing in a straight line and a Shima launches a single torpedo turret at 10km so that the torpedoes will hit you perpendicular, you should be able to dodge the majority if you start turning in as soon as the torps are spotted. If you spread torps out a little bit and launch all 15, then the target is probably hurting a lot, probably at below half. That's a lot of damage for just throwing torpedoes out. Low risk, high reward, and if you miss oh well, just wait for a few BB salvos and you are good. But then you start factoring in potential Hydro, planes, captain perks, and others ships and all of a sudden those torps aren't hitting anything. If you see torps spotted 5km away from you, just tap the A or D key a little and you are completely safe. If you reduce detection and make them harder to accidentally spot by other players or aircraft, and by extension reducing reaction time, hit rate will automatically go up. More consistent damage and more fun gameplay. It is absolutely the worst feeling with the Shima to launch 60 torps and have no hits and finish the match with only 11k damage from the few pot shots and fires you got and maybe a cap. Dropping detection by .1km or even .05km and shave a half second off of reaction time is enough. This still fails to fix the underlying of IJN DDs though. They are just aren't good enough ships. This is not about the torpedoes and a little less about the guns, but more about how the ship moves and does in the game. They don't have good enough maneuverability to really snake their way out of a cap if spotted, they don't have the guns for comfortable and constant use, and they don't have really special consumable or quirk. Yes, you can take TRB at the cost smoke and that's a little too much for an albeit drastic reload drop, but smoke is your biggest fall bad in terms of self preservation. The US gets DFAA to make dodging plane torps even easier and surprising hurt the enemy CV, German's get hydro, and the Russians also DFAA or DRP depending on the line. Granted you do lose smoke for the DRP, but smoke is not nearly as big of a lifeline for the Tash as it is for the Yugumo. The IJN, yeah they can turn decently, they can kinda go zoom zoom, they can shoot occasionally, and they don't need to be the best, but they kinda need to be better for a better game. To me it feels like you bleed so much speed and it takes forever to get to your top speed in the IJN DD's. You buff their ability to get out of Dodge and their ability to get to strategic locations and you'll probably have better gameplay.
  3. To me the Ranger was great. The Hiryu has trash TB's that basically get shredded by equal tier AA and the fighters are only alright. The biggest strength in the Ranger is maximizing your strafes. If you can catch both or just one fighter and reduce the amount of planes fighting your single squadron you are golden. You just have to be smart. At tier 7 it's not uncommon to spot a DD with your TB's and they will slow down and smoke, so just manual drop them with your TB's. Stacking DOT's is very effective. Lead in with your DB's and if you get two fires great, count the seconds that DCP's normally last and then go with your TB's. BB's at this tier generally don't have too fantastic AA and the US BB's tend to get left behind so they are easy targets. If you only get one fire and the BB doesn't DCP, just let fire burn. Count how long the fire is burning to see if he delays his DCP use until he thinks you've decided to change targets. If the fire burns for less than 30 seconds you know you can go in with TB's. The biggest thing is get good at strafing. Once you figure that out, the Hiryu is garbage. The only big threat left is the Saipan and to deal with that ship, you just bait strafes out or you try to tie his fighters up over allies. You won't necessarily win the fighter battles, but the hope is that he loses a fighter early or his fighters run out of ammo and you have at least two fighters left still shooting. The only buff that the Ranger needs in my eyes is speed. The planes are slow. When the bombers are returning to the carrier, they barely match the speed of the Hiryu's fighters. A little faster and it becomes much more comfortable.
  4. So I took a few weeks break and came back a few days ago. First thing I notice is that the game always opens in windowed mode and I have to change it to fullscreen manually everytime. Not too big of a deal, but it is a little annoying. I queue up for a battle and to my surprise, shell tracers were missing from when I turned them off through Aslain's several patches ago. No problem, I kinda like it with no shell tracers sometimes. Whatever I play and I come back today. I log in, game still launches and dumps me in port in windowed mode, and I AFK for a while. I went off to do something else and came back. I queue up for a game and the game crashes, first time since I had the "critical error" issue over a year ago. I get back into the game and play. Two things stand out, shell tracers are back and I have premium time. I'm so lost. Why did I crash, why are shell tracers back, why do I have premium time, and only like 2 hours at that. It doesn't show up in my H2H and I never clear that.
  5. Carriers tbh. If you have the Shokaku or Lex and get into a like tier 7 min battle, it's fairly easy. Well assuming that the enemy CV is equal or worse than you in terms of skill. Just stack your DOT's correctly and it's easy damage and high calibers. From what you have, probably Fletcher or Gearing are your best bet. Focus on setting fires. If you set one fire on a BB then target another BB and start another fire. Setting 2 fires on the same target will draw out a DCP which will stop the fires. You in theory could get a third fire on that same person, but it is unlikely.
  6. It annoys me to no end when players just sail through the landing zone and don't pick anyone up. I agree though, all you really need to do is just AA spec and have decent aim. Positioning and teamwork are important but with enough people chances are that everything will be covered AA-wise by at least 1 ship and that someone smoke something. I've played this 3 times. Twice with the Cyclone once with the Anthony. Got a 1 star, 5 star, then 2 star. In all three games had the highest plane kills with 34 being the lowest in the 3 games and had either the highest or second highest kills with at least 13k damage. Like just CRTL+LMB and you shoot down planes. Just alter and you dodge torps. Aim twice as far as normal and you will hit. I don't understand how some people finish the match with 2 kills and 3 plane kills after being alive for the full duration. Honestly I don't see any point in playing the Anthony. Yes you have DF, but it has a 15 second active time and a 2 minute cooldown on the premium version. Your DPS jumps up to 9 with 8 DPS at the farthest aura, but 9 DPS is the same as the Cyclone. DF does scatter the torps and bombs, but the convoy ships are surprisingly good at dodging torps, better some player tbh, and it just makes the already low chance of divebombers hitting even lower. I've been hit by the random guns more than DB's. Also don't let your fighters die. All you have to do is take you and a friend and just sit under them. You are in a good position to shoot at the enemies and it is decently likely that the bombers will fly over. Once you've saved your fighters they will actually do things. Maybe not as much as we would want, but it is better than nothing and shooting the German fighters contributes to the secondary objective.
  7. Over the last little while I got 2 supercontainers that had 1k doubloons each, and after several forum contests I finally had 5k doubloons which was enough to buy a perma camo for a tier 10. It's really nice. Being able to earn both 25% extra credits(20% compared to before I guess) and pay 50% less in repair cost makes it basically a tier 8 ship in terms of profit potential. Compared to before where I would have to grind endlessly on the Shokaku or on a premium tier 5 DD, it makes life just really nice and comfortable. For the longest time the Kami R was my go to money maker. Then the tier 5 MM was changed or at least something happened and the Kami R just stopped working out for me. Sure I could average roughly the same amount of damage, but it just wasn't fun. Then the Shokaku was my go to money generator. It was a pretty straightforward 75-150k profit every game. Then economy changes and profit became far less reliable with and what became a million a night became barely 500k a night at its worst and at its best the same million. Zoup gave me an Okhotnik, bless him, and that was fun until I could never win, I mean I made money but it was unsatisfying. Doing solid damage and have an overall decent game only to lose later is a lame feeling. But now with the perma camo on the Gearing, its really nice especially coming off a period where I just wasn't playing. Even while this is all nice and everything, now no more reachable goal or anything. It's another 5k doubloons to earn for another perma camo and that's probably not happening anytime soon unless I find a very generous benefactor. Yes reaching tier 10s is a goal, but the tier 9s are boring at this point. Playing the low tier ships are fun for about a game and a half. I guess there is just no more interest necessarily. The French CA line is basically the only place I can make immediate progress, but I don't really care about those ships. They seem like selfish versions of the US CA line and that doesn't appeal to me. I finally just stopped playing the Bayern and moved the captain into the Bismark from the event and that's fun now but I still have a sort of bad taste in my mouth from retraining the captain. The Gaede has turned on me and my average damage in the last few games. I think the biggest problem I have is that ships are either not fun, looking at the Gaede and Ognevoi, or they have very little variation in gameplay from game to game, looking at the Ibuki or either of my CV's. It just feels like the gameplay isn't as exciting or dynamic. Maybe I need to buy a premium tier 5+ ship and get that endorphin rush from a gimmick. I don't have the money but feel free to donate a ship to me if you want. I mean right now it's really nice, but taking a step back from this happiness and looking forward, I wonder how long this will be nice for. I mean I can play the Gearing all night, but that's not going to go on forever. I mean I'm of course going to play the Gearing to death, but when it stops being fun that's basically it.
  8. I thought you couldn't have more than 100. I thought they auto opened them for you after 100. But man that is some bad luck. Usually every 70-100(I don't use the TYL, I rather just get the credit ones and have spending money for ships or whatever) I get one, but considering I haven't actually played in like 3 weeks, its going to be a while till I get my next one.
  9. Maybe because I have almost 1000 games in CVs, I don't mind them. There really only has been one occasion where I have been straight nuked by a CV (stock CO Land of Fire isolated spawn T8 CV #FeelsBadMan), but other than that I always enjoy the presence of a CV. To me personally the issue with CV's isn't CV's, but rather the non-CV player base. You wouldn't sail broadside to a BB in your CA, extinguish the first fire in your BB, or sit perfectly still in your smoke in your DD, so why do you do stupid things in the presence of a CV. As a BB, you wouldn't sail alone into a cap with lurking DD's, so why do you isolate yourself in the presence of a CV. As a CA you wouldn't sail in a straight line when being shot at, so why do you not turn to avoid CV torps. As a DD you wouldn't stop broadside and smoke up in front of a CA, so why do this in front of TB's. There is this lack of respect for the class. There are things you don't do in the presence of a BB, other things in front of a DD, and such for CA's. You have to realize, there are certain things you can't do in front of a CV.
  10. In a sense it kinda does. If the IJN flies his bombers by your fighter locked squadron, you can strafe out and strafe the bombers. You could technically do this with IJN, but your fighters would lose if they got fighter locked again, whereas the US fighters can take a 6v5.
  11. I'm really glad that the contest was extended by a bit. I started a week or two before the contest was even announced, but then I had to take 2 weeks off from building the model when the contest was announced. So in total just under 3 weeks were spent on making this model with about an average of 4-5 hours for those three weeks. My pictures on the actual contest submission site are meh, mainly because I was afraid that if I took a full body shot of the ship, the details wouldn't be as clear. So to remedy the meh pictures, here are some more Also as I said I started working on the model about 2 weeks before the contest, I don't have my name or date in the first picture. Hopefully that's not an issue.
  12. Let me amend that, what felt like near bow on Although PCola has 16? 17mm? of bow armor which means 17*14.3=243ish which is less than the 305mm guns the Konig has so maybe it was bow on? I know you need a 25mm bow to bounce tier 5 BB shells It was a while ago, and I don't know my armor values for tier 7 cruisers so there could be minor discrepancies
  13. Because first salvo one-shotting Pensacola's through the bow at near max range was slightly overpowered at tier 5.
  14. I don't read German, so can I get some context behind this, like why is this a thing.