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  1. Still not happy are we
  2. From 2 salvos he took 15k damage and was forced to play passively. In this situation it was not a problem because by the time I shot at him(~12mins in), their team had already won DD control and had most of the caps. If 2 of our DDs were still alive or they did not have 3 out of 4 caps, this damage would have swung the favor of the game. He was essentially dead and the only value he had left were the points for not being dead.
  3. Can you elaborate on your reasoning
  4. That's very conducive to enjoyable gameplay /s
  5. Rip Old Ice Islands, where C was a bunch of people blindly running into each other. Good times, I miss it honestly. Can't we technically say that we have gotten an HD change already though. Didn't they say the improved the water textures, I haven't noticed a difference though.
  6. I mean I enjoyed the contests earlier in the year, but as I got busier, I stopped looking at them as much. If it wasn't inspiring or didn't seem achievable, then I likely did not participate. Another issue was that the contests were always kind of spoiled at the end. There were always people upset about the results and that's fine and all, but maybe you should close the threads off earlier. I mean somethings warranted angry people like the NC Alabama Contest. Other things like one of the camo design ones where an entrant complained about not winning only spiraling the discussion into whether he stole artwork or if it fell under fair use, really sour the mood. With art contests there is also the issue of pen and paper vs computer, and within that drawn and CGI. It's kinda like asking what the best piece of art in the world is. There are so many different branches and types, it wouldn't necessarily be fair to put them all on this same scale. Pen and paper vs drawing on the computer is not the same. You have a far greater capacity on the computer compared to pen and paper, cleaning lines and getting the exact color is almost infinitely easier on the computer. Then even within the computer realm, you have some people that load up their drawing software and whip out their tablets and draw similar to using a pen and paper along with people who load up the ship's ingame texture file map, design their camo on the texture map, and mod it into the game(although with the mod bans and stuff can you still get mod skins?). These all require lots of time and effort, but the results are vastly different and it's not easy to be fair. By modding your skin in, you can get a nice action shot of the ship with the camo without having to a wizard at perspective like you would have to be with pen and paper, with pen and paper you can stylize the ship which you can't do with modding a skin in, just in general they aren't the same. I might look at the contest post day 1, draw a rough sketch, and not be able to work again until day 4. On day 4 I might look at the post again to refresh my memory of the requirements and what's at stake, but I will also see what other people have drawn. I my head I will have my vision and I will think, will my submission be on the same level or greater than what I see now, or will I even qualify for a honorable mention or consolation prize. If I am not fair sure, then I don't enter and drop the project. Part of it is that the incentive isn't strong enough and that there is no guarantee for anything. This isn't necessarily me saying that the prizes are too small, more along the lines of that the prizes are too few. The fact is you won't always win and it's not fun getting nothing for your efforts. This doesn't mean give everyone a participation prize, but maybe enter quality submissions into raffle or something. This way even if people know they won't win the top prizes, they could still will a participation prize. It incentives trying even if you know you aren't going to win.(I feel like you guys have done this before, but I could be wrong)
  7. Carriers can be somewhat decent at getting double strikes at higher tiers. In the later parts of the game when all the remaining DD's are weak, you could vector your DB's to one and your TB's to another and let RNG play its part, or if you see a weak BB, commit just enough to kill it and strike something else that is relatively low. All of the other classes are hampered by their reload. Splitting your salvo and trying to juggle health bars are extremely inefficient. The other option is to just dump 15 torps with the Shima toward the enemy or smoke and hope people stumble into them.
  8. The way I've understood it to be so far is that DF is a ship modifier and MFC is a captain modifier. It's like how AFT and the AA range mod give you 7.2km range instead of 7km range. The AA range mod increases range by 20% to 6km. AFT increases the ship's AA range by 20%, which is now 6km, resulting in the 7.2km. DF is a ship modifier like the AA range mod. So if your AA DPS was 100, then with DF it is 300. Then MFC will kick in and double it to 600, or as far as I know. I'm not too sure whether it still counts the 30% bonus damage so instead of the DPS being 600 it would be 780. Some people say the 100% increase overwrites the 30%, others say that it stacks, but this is what I understand at least.
  9. High Alert is DCP cooldown reduction and MFC is for buffing AA DPS or buffing secondary accuracy. I don't see any overlapping stats unless you mean different skills
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't necessarily know the upgrades these ships can have. They might(and probably shouldn't) be able to mount the Radar upgrade similar to how RU DD's can't mount the Range mod. Solo play with the PA DD's seems like it won't be that great. Taking radar over smoke will leave you in a similar place to the Radar Mino. Firing into smoke doesn't mean you are concealed more often than not will leave you open to the enemy firing back at you. Smoke is such a big crutch to DD's. If you look at IJN DDs that take TRB over smoke, they have to play much more passive and can't contest caps at all. RU DD's that take the Repairs over smoke can't break LOS if they are kiting away. You are spotted for the fully 20 seconds and for your full gun range. With smoke you could play closer to the cap because you have your out. Smoke will break the LOS and give you a breather to get distance, with the heal you can't play as aggressively because you don't have the instant out. Division play is another thing though. There are definitely some points that might make the PA DD's a little too strong, but at the same time you could do very similar things with a Radar Mino or DM if you wanted to. It's probably not as effective as what the PA DD's might be like in a Div, but it gives a reasonable estimate of what they could be like.
  11. Do they float though? I wonder how many people remember this archaic joke
  12. buy the Nelson. I just completed 3 of the Yamamato campaign and got 1k doubloons and 50k free xp. This puts me at 3k doubloons and 358k FXP. Converting <1k doubloons will give me enough FXP to buy the Nelson, so should I? Somethings to know are that in the last 2-3 weeks I earned about 8k FXP and I am strictly F2P. In earning that 8k FXP I used no FXP boosting flags. Other options would be to save the 3k doubloons in hopes that I eventually earn 2 more SC's with 1k doubloons and buy a tier 10 perma camo. Is the Nelson worth it, or am I better off going a few more weeks and earning it naturally?
  13. No more credit containers and IIRC you get the doubloon value of the premium ship. The closest thing to credit containers will be if you get a flag container with a bunch of flags. Some flags sell for more than others and selling all of the flags in a SC can get you like 6 mill credits.
  14. For the longest time and even somewhat now I only play on the weekend and only solo. I feel that the weekend players aren't necessarily responsible for the bad play. Yes, the worst players I've seen have been from on the weekend, but at the same time my weekend games are the vast majority of my games. That aside, I feel that a lot of my games are brought down by players that complain about the weekend. They valuye self preservation and the chance to get to the late game where damage is a little more safe, but this guts the team's ability to do much. Missing a BB from a push is critical. A lot of my bad weekend matches are from players that play overly passive and complain about the team dying or play out of position and complain about the rest of the team. In some cases they have a point, in most they don't. Statistically speaking, my winrate is slumping. Part of that is the fact that I am too aggressive in this super passive meta, but I am also playing a lot of new ships and retraining my captains. Maybe I haven't played enough games during the week or just don't notice the blowouts as much because I'm already having mediocre games and am probably dead.
  15. The X on the minimap seems like it should be fine, but it really isn't. When firing at smoke you can tell the horizontal axis of the ship fairly easily if the enemy is firing, but judging the vertical axis is much much harder. The use of a spotter plane makes this much easier. While the X on the minimap doesn't give you the higher angle, it shows where you are aiming. By displaying where on the vertical axis you are firing, you can get a better idea of where you are firing. At the same time the salvo is still an un-targeted salvo. To see how dramatic targeting can be, you can go into a training room and sail 8km away from a ship in a DD. If you target the superstructure, you will hit it somewhat reliably, but then as soon as you press "x" and un-target you start shooting over the ship. To hit a ship un-targeted, you have to aim at the waterline and pray. All it seems you have to do is put the x over the last known position on the minimap and drag the x a little bit in the direction they were moving in. The salvo is un-targeted so it is not likely to result in many hits, but one hit is more than none. I could be wrong but didn't in like a Q and A Sub_ say that un-targeted salvos didn't get the benefit of sigma or something.