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  1. Hermes issue

    I thought that was on purpose to stop you from just running down the Graf Zep and ignoring the other ships. If you just chase after the Graf Zep, the bot DD's will torp the Richi.
  2. Montana BB ?

    Don't use doubloons to convert free xp. If you really have to play the Montana, get on the PTS. You can play all of your high tier ships and earn a flags for the live server.
  3. But is that really enough to help the New York?
  4. The Life of a Corgi

    Meanwhile I'm here with my first Corgi game with 2 Doublestrikes, Kraken, 7 kills. Could have had 8 but just rammed a Nassau in the spirit of giving things away.
  5. Gearing

    I don't like the fact that I'll take full BB pens even if I'm completely broadside. Other than that it's a good ship. I spent all of the free doubloons I've gotten to get the perma camo for it, a very worth decision in my opinion.
  6. That or match the Balti's concealment. I miss that 7.2km smoke fire detection. With the 8km smoke fire detection you still have about the same sweet spot where you can spot DD's with radar, but not be spotted when smoke firing. The only difference is that you are positioning yourself 1km farther away. In reality, 30mm of upper belt armor is probably a lot more valuable. The only issue is that 30mm would be a fairly significant buff. Ships like the Zao and Hindi are kinda reasonable in having because they have four turrets and in order to bring all the turrets to bear would mean giving a decent amount of broadside. It is a risk to fire all four turrets, but that risk is compensated by giving you 30mm of armor to bounce shells when you aren't firing all four turrets. Does the risk equal the compensation? Probably not, but with the overmatch mechanics the way they are, there probably is no perfect solution. For something like the DM, you can fire all three turrets pretty easily. Giving it 30mm upperbelt armor would mean all you have to do is hit A or D, let the shells land and bounce, then return to your original angle firing all three turrets all while only missing one salvo with your back turret. It's not a time consuming process like the Zao or Hindi where it takes 5-10 seconds to angle and then another 5-10 seconds to angle back. With the DM, since your firing angles are so good it takes probably in the realm of 2-3 seconds. To me the DM is fine. To me it's an exploit ship. You exploit DD's that are out of position with radar. You exploit cruisers that are turning with 18-27 SH shells. You farm parked BB's with HE and land 5k salvos every 5.5 seconds against broadside BB's with AP. You just have to put yourself in a position to exploit the enemy. 30mm would be nice, but it's probably a little unjustified and would be a tiny bit overpowered.
  7. If the ship you are trying to shoot at is towards the center of the map, you can repeatedly hit M to get a slightly higher view as the camera moves to the top-down map of autopilot, similar to how some people do this to peek over islands.
  8. Cossack is OverPowered!

    The stats aren't bad but the ship is. Poor angles on both the guns and torps almost make them situational. It's just not fun to have to give almost full broadside to fire all of your guns. It makes it very clumsy despite having very good maneuverability. If you stray in to a knife fight, you have to give full broadside to fire your torps and back turret. 4 guns on a 5 second reload with a lower HE alpha isn't really going to win effectively. Giving full broadside to bring in the last turret for 50% more firepower opens makes you a very large target and easy to hit for the other DD. Trying to fire torps at the other DD also means you have to give even more broadside which makes your torps relatively telegraphed similar to how IJN CA torps are telegraphed. So knife fighting isn't this ship's specialty which has already been acknowledged. As a gunboat or pseudo Soviet DD it isn't all bad news. You lack the speed of the Minsk and Lenin but make up for it in maneuverability. So as you are sailing broadside firing all 6 guns(or 3 turrets I guess), you can just turn in and dodge shells much easier than the Soviet DD's. At the same time, this should make the Sims a better gunboat than the Cossack considering it is even faster than the Cossack, has a tighter turning circle and a better rudder shift(2.7 according to the wiki), and a longer range and reload, but the Sim's isn't known for playing like a Soviet gunboat. This kinda discredits the idea of the Cossack being a pseudo Soviet DD, at least in my eyes.(The wiki stats look suspiciously like stats with a captain so this could definitely all be wrong). If not a knifefighter and not a Soviet style gunboat, then all that's left is torp boat or German DD style. With only 4 torps in the water at a time, I have strong doubts that this will be a reliable torper. Yes, it has the single fire which gets a tighter spread, but at the end of the day, it's still only 4 torps. Playing like a German DD kinda works I guess? I have no clue what I'm doing in German DD's or what I'm supposed to be doing, but it seems like could be decent in the same role.
  9. wth WG? You can't make this up!

    Part of it is that supercontainers really aren't all that super. My last SC was 100 speed flags. While speed flags are quite nice and are relatively hard to come by, I could have gotten the same amount of flags pulling flag containers instead of credit containers. When you consider that 100 flags is about about 3.50 reg price, it's not bad, but at the same time from regular basic containers you can earn reserve slots and port slots. You can get 4 reserve spots per item in a container which is equal to 600 doubloons. 600 doubloons is 3.50. So in terms of monetary value, the regular container is better because you get the 4 reserve spots which cost 3.50 plus whatever credits or flags. The flags do have an ingame impact which is impossible to quantify. The other part of supercontainers is that they are so variable in their rewards. From the wiki Supercontainers contain much more valuable rewards than regular containers. Possibilities include: 50 000 or 100 000 Free XP. 1000 or 2500 doubloons. 100x non-special signal. 25x, 50x or 100 special signal. 50x camouflage. Premium ship, including captain and port slot. 7, 14 or 30 days Premium account. Special upgrades. There is quite a large difference between the highest and lowest possible rewards. When you consider the fact that you could earn the same amount of Premium eco flags as regular flags, getting the regular flags is kinda lame. It's the whole issue of relative happiness. Somebody else and I could be doing the same work and while I make 6 digits, the other person makes 50% more than me. 6 digits isn't anything to scoff at or be unhappy about, but more often than not, I'm going to be unhappy and resentful because for the same effort and work I'm being paid less. That applies to here also. Earning a SC, while largely RNG and luck, does require labor. If you don't play the game, you aren't going to get SC's, and by playing the game more you get more containers and by extension more rolls at an SC. Grinding through 100s of containers to get a SC and then getting the minimum premium eco flags while some other random players gets the maximum amount of premium eco flags, is bound to leave you feeling pretty bad. In a sense it becomes even worse when you go through 10 or 15 SC's with no ship and some player with less than 1k games gets a ship from the SCs they get from leveling up their account. While this doesn't necessarily apply to the OP, I feel that's the main gripe people have with SCs as a whole.
  10. Here's the thing, you didn't shoot anything. Not your MBTs or torps. To the game, there is no difference in you dying in early on or you just sitting AFK until the last minute and capping. So the game assumes that you were AFK and gives you nothing. If you shoot and don't even hit anything you'll get the base ship XP at the very least.
  11. If you are strictly F2P, you probably won't get your first 19 point captain until tier 10. It took me about 50 games into the Gearing to get the first 19 point capt, and a few more + some elite commander to get it on the Shima. For a little more measurement, my Taiho captain is at 18 points. So after about 800 games in IJN CV's, this captain is still not level 19. I believe this captain also started with a few points, 5 at most, which doesn't change much. This also accounts for retraining, but at the same time I did have xp and commander xp boosting flags and camos for more games than I was retraining and probably more than makes up the xp "lost" in retraining. If you really really want a 19 point captain, which is pretty nice, you are probably going to have to wait. During their anniversary event they give away a bunch of the premium signals and I forget when or why they gave away a bunch of the Restless Fire camos. It's really going to be a lot of waiting and grinding. If you can keep an average of 1k xp per game then you'll eventually get there as I did, but investing into a premium ship is probably going to be the fastest outside of buying premium time. You can get the Shinonome for free after a bit of grinding in the campaign.
  12. What's this symbol?

    The Yamato has a symbol that look reminiscent of the Bastion symbol. What does it mean?
  13. I mean it wasn't too bad before the CV change. I enjoyed it. It wasn't quite like the Ranger where you could just stomp on other Hiryus because most of them were still learning CV mechanics and if their TB's got through you weren't letting anyone down because they are paper and died before dropping, but I enjoyed it. The Shokaku is definitely the ship to play, but it was always funny hitting people with 6 torpedoes then slamming for 25k in HE bombs setting 4 fires. You couldn't quite do that in the Shokaku. I played the Lexington when I just wanted to stomp on BB's and DD's. The Shokaku I played when I wanted to win, make credits, put my tryhard pants on, have more cerebral gameplay, and all that. Even stock Lexington was hilarious to me. 40 plane kill game with 1 fighter squad. It should be noted that my sense on the US CV's is all messed up. I hated the Bogue and I have very positive win rates with all of the CV's and whatever player rating system you use, except in the Bogue. Like I had a 7 kill game in the Lex and I had higher max plane kill in the Ranger than with the Shokaku. Granted it was a 2 CV game, but both CV's were tier 7. I haven't played it since the change tho and I'm hesitant to buy the Essex
  14. You can play it without IFHE as I did for a long time until I could get enough Elite XP to respec, I wanted to kms after I realized I got Fire Prevention instead of IFHE. It works, you just have to be selective. Use HE on lower tier DDs and aim high on angled equal or higher tiered ships Ideally you aren't knife fighting and you'll be breaking torpedoes and maybe even guns. When firing AP, always aim high. Upper belt and superstructure pens are easy damage. Angling does wreck you pretty hard especially since you don't have the better autobounce angles, but positioning and patience can work. I will say it is much better than spamming AP in the Nurn. When the game was first coming out and the newest lines were the Soviet DDs and German CA's, I played the Nurn. At that time the mechanics were widely a mystery and Hurr Durr Nurn AP does a lot of damage compared to the HE so might as well spam it since the HE fire chance is low. So I fired AP against everything. That worked not too well. Back when the game told you how many shells penetrated in the post battle results, I think my penetration % was over 50% but that's because it included overpens. In reality it was more like 25% overpens, 25% pens, and 50% either shatters or bounces. I mean my stats aren't too bad with the Nurn, but if I had not been an idiot and fired HE, they would probably be a lot higher.
  15. With this split, the roles are a little more defined, One branch is a CL line and the other is a CA. So with the DM line the play shouldn't change, AP anything that isn't perfectly angled and HE the rest will remain, while I expect the other line to be just more CL HE spam. So unless WG does RN magic to these ships, I fully expect to see an HE slinging version of the Minotaur sans smoke. This is one of the more defined splits in the game. The IJN line really shouldn't have been called the gunboat line. The Akizuki is a gunboat and that's it. To me this line was just lets dump all of the other possible IJN DD's into the game. If they did something like they did in WoWP where they have it so that a ship can branch into two others, but then those two ships will be able to research the same ship for the next tier. For example, at the Fubuki you could research either the Shiratsuyu or the Akatsuki then both of those ships would be able to research the Kagero. You don't need to have played both the Shiratsuyu and Akatski, nor do you have to even research both of them. Really this line was just cram in all of the other DD's and let's use this opportunity to rebalance the torpedoes and re tier ships, in my eyes at least. The Soviet split was a little more defined as the Khab Tashkent and Kiev are definitely different compared to the Ogne Udaloi and Groz. The Khab's line definitely is the gunboat that takes the heal and runs around being annoying while the Groz's line is an in between US DDs and the Khab line. So you can actually do DD things and reliably hit things from more than 8km away, but you don't quite have the speed or beefiness as the Khab or the concealment of the Gearing.