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  1. AhosChaos

    Ranked Lost a Star?

    Just to clarify, whoever killed first would have been on the top in the killfeed above the minimap because if so darn. I don't have a screenshot of that but you'd assume our team would have won by the fact that the Wooster who fired their final salvo first against a Zao who was reloading to fire his, but Zao shell velocity isn't a joke. At the same time I think I remember seeing the Zao with the kill on top of the Wooster's kill so
  2. AhosChaos

    Ranked Lost a Star?

    Just played a match where both ships killed each other for the end, we were up in points, and our team lost the star? As far as I could tell, our team killed the ship first so which means that we should have won. Here's the replay link: I could be wrong in who killed who first, but even so all ships are dead and we had the point advantage. The final game after battle report says all allied warships destroyed so points aren't being considered, but all enemy ships are also destroyed. If our team died first then we lost, but we still also completed the mission of killing the enemy team. I'm not saying we don't deserve to lose a star, mistakes were made all round, things I said were misinterpreted (let me know if what I said made sense or not), and well winning and losing games is part of ranked even the games you kinda throw, but that being said I don't feel like we should have lost a star in this situation.