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  1. Deastin

    Proposed Montana armor and citadel fixes

    I'm fine the the proposed changes in theory. However they should come with a very obvious caveat of "Only do this when/if/after you hit Conq and GK".
  2. I would vote DM between the two. It rewards you extremely well for good play and positioning vs any class of ship.
  3. You mentioned Bayern and NM, both ships that I played through (altho Bayern much more recently than NM). The Bayern is basically a floating tank. You are very free to challenge other T7 or less BBs by just walking up to them because their guns won't be able to do much to you if you angle. However if you get within a reasonable range (10km or less) it's quite easy to get citadels on them aiming at their waterline, especially with your higher ROF. Bayern also just smashes cruisers. One of the important things you learn in a BB is being patient. You don't get the constant stream of shells like you do in other ship lines. You need to maximize the value of each salvo. The most important piece of advice I can give is learning to anticipate your opponent's turns. If you properly anticipate a turn you can easily blap a cruiser or BB and get those high damage numbers you keep seeing. Think about how you would move if you were them. Which way they have to turn because of torpedoes, islands, etc. Take advantage of that.
  4. Deastin

    The Friedrich der Große needs some help

    I agree with the prevailing opinion here that the FDG doesn't need to be buffed. I had a hard time playing it back when I was a scrub learning battleships, but once I focused on getting better with the main guns and learning how to dodge torpedoes with a combination of fighter plane and hydro it got a lot better. Being able to safely walk into a DD's smoke and kill them as a BB is a pretty funny experience. I agree that the arcs on the 3rd turret are irritating, but not the end of the world. Would it be better with the catapult block removed? Sure. Does it *need* to be that way? No.
  5. Deastin

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    This is the best thing I have ever read. As a fellow Canadian, thank you LWM.