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  1. SteeLeviathan

    What is the Puerto Rico class cruiser?

    Must have missed that.
  2. So i was scrolling through the WOWs wiki, when I noticed that a new ship had been added to the American line. Its possibly a test ship, but it looks nothing like the other tier 10 USN cruisers. Hard to tell, but the closest ship it looks to is an Alaska, but it looks like it has a better AA sweep then the Alaska. Has anyone heard of Wargames testing for a tier 10 big gun cruiser?
  3. I dont know, but i can guess that though the cruisers will have that thick hull, if you can get past it the citidel will be far past the waterline, as both the light cruisers and battleships have this issue. Probably dont want to show broadside to a battlehip or big gun cruisers. Also, might not have internal vertical protection, that might allow for it to be citidel from the front when overmatched. Speed of tier 10, will be somewhere around 30 to 32 knots, slower then mino but faster then conq. AA will be strong but mounts might easly be destroyed. Possibly short fuse AP. Good for other cruisers, but bad against battleships and destroyers. Might have 1/4 HE pen, scary, or have a high fire chance, also scary, but not both, hopefully. Will be a stealthy large cruiser, with a rough guess of 13.5 for a base surface detection. Comparing the caliber rating of both the mino and Conqueror, gives it a fire rate between 4.9 at the lowest,( highly unlikely) to 16.7, but the median is at 10.8 reload, which would place it slightly slower then a moskva rate of fire.
  4. SteeLeviathan

    Please give Le Terrible SOME AA

    Point your nose into the incoming planes with your boost on. Many times they wont be able to get the redicule centered enough to do a proper attack run on you and will dump the drop behind you.
  5. SteeLeviathan

    The iChase Case

    I sometimes wonder if CV do have magical powers, as there have been several cases of dd trying to stay out of the flight path of incoming planes, only for those planes to change directions and beline my destroyer. I do wonder if the wait timer for planes will help some in the incoming patch but I dont know anymore.
  6. SteeLeviathan

    What's your Favorite ship?

    Love my Henri for High tiers and Perth for mid. I also like my big gun Aigle that lets me score cits on cruisers that ignore me.
  7. I picked up the De Grasse with my coupon, just because it was the only French prem i didnt have. Then went and got 60k in my first battle with her. Tier 7 match. Good ship.
  8. SteeLeviathan

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    Now that you mention it, I did hear a youtuber comment on something about submarines in the new test. I think it was angry nerds Kleber video.
  9. SteeLeviathan

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Thats one thing I wish it did have, a baked in IFHE 1/4 he like Germans cruisers. Italians have worst fire start potential of all cruisers
  10. SteeLeviathan

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    With exception to the Lazo, (possibly because of how new it is) that is about where the Abruzzi sits as far as ranking in win rate for NA servers. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3763255024,Duca-degli-Abruzzi/ Far from the worst tier ship, but neither the best.
  11. SteeLeviathan

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Need to give italian cruisers and Battleships the 1/4 he pen of german and Japanese. That would help greatly.
  12. SteeLeviathan

    Yamato VS Kleber

    Only requires aft to out range a des. Has a base range of 13.6. Adf gets it up to 16.3, which is better then a Zao by 0.07. GFCS gets it up to 18.5 though i doubt it could hit anything at that range.
  13. SteeLeviathan

    Container a day?

    I was wondering the same.
  14. SteeLeviathan

    Loving the unloved ........the abruzzi.

    And it took me a sec to notice that wasnt an abruzzi result, but its smaller brother, the Aosta.
  15. SteeLeviathan

    Loving the unloved ........the abruzzi.

    Not that bad of a ship. Just takes time to learn how to play it well. Must have been running more flags then when i played mine. This is my best in the ship.