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  1. Well we can all give you advice on what to do. How to get better. If your aim is subpar we'll tell you to improve your aim back at T4 if you can't reliably aim on seals it's gonna be hard at higher tiers. If your map awareness/position is the problem go watch some gameplay videos or have someone div with you to show you the ropes. But after all that it still depends on you if you can improve and learn. Go take our tips and suggestions then comeback after a couple hundreds games if your performance improved. Well even if you do have thousands on games, i'm pretty sure someone who played blind will take more time to git gud as someone who scrubbed his way to gameplay videos ,tips and guides. Don't be so down on yourself everyone's been a filthy scrub , it's all about getting off the mud pile of crap. Patience : 33
  2. Ping and Frame Rates

    I play at 100ms ping and it's not a problem. Altho there's some times where my ping rockets to 1000+ms for a few seconds.... Frame rate tho i play at the lowest possible settings but my craptop gets upto 40 fps. I do get fps that goes 20fps and even 1fps ( for a few seconds ) which basically tells me my craptop is dying and i have to stop playing.
  3. The fun of T4 is that skill level wise is pretty low so you don't get smacked too often. Good for learning how to aim because bastards on higher tiers keeps on wiggling like a worm. Whenever i see a premium ship in T4 it's instantly a seal clubber to me so don't feel bad when you get clubbed. The only downside of T4 is that ships are pretty meh, don't have modules , slow , crap main batteries , no AA....... Also lots of CVs the CV heaven club seal pool.
  4. Captain Transfers

    as far as i know you have to train the cap on every transfer, premium ships however don't get this issue.
  5. T4 is a good place to chill out , it's a stress free place. Mid/High tier is good and all but if it's stressing you to much you can have a seal party back on T4. Personally i hate fighting people better than me because they'll kick my [edited]. Gotta fight those who are on my skill level or lower : 33
  6. ARP Takao - Thank you WG

    I love her she's carrying my stats really hard.
  7. What's Happening lol

    Oh well i guess i'm still a scrub at IJN cruisers atago is just carrying me : 33 Didn't learn IJN cruisers prior tho thanks ARP .......... wishing for a rerun and get myself a lovely pink kongo.
  8. What's Happening lol

    So......... been playing the takao for a while now. And i'm doing pretty well according to stats. My K/D is garbage tho lol. I still choke and do terrible mistakes tho , got lolpenned by a yamato once while angled. Bye 75k something feelsbadman.scrub But before takao i played haguro( oh god shes so adorable uguu ) for a while didn't enjoy it because i'm borderline garbage potato in the trash. I'm part of the sailing broadside citadel me please squad. So is this improvement orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr atago is just that good , like leagues above a myoko lol. A 1 tier difference can't be that huge right? How does mogami compare anyway. Can i get tips on maps too. Screw shards i rather play ocean instead of that.
  9. Why I won't spend another dollar

    Well Tiers don't have that much of a difference , it's not like a tier 8 can't beat a tier 9 or even a tier 10 granted played well ofc there's those ships that are inherently better. Sucks to be a cruiser tho hello BB shells. As for never spending a dollar i'll prolly never will coz free atago and i don't plan to rush T10 with premiums. The game is survivable even without spending a dime ( prolly if you don't play tier 10s coz money problems ) Balance wise this is understandable ( i think RN cruisers needs some sort of buff tho and also CVs ) , this isn't a simulation anyway.
  10. General observation with Smoke

    I can kinda do it against CL/CAs and BBs but really have a hard time if it's a DD.
  11. Brain Fart

    Uh oh ..... i'm guilty for this : 33
  12. Dunno but i don't think playing to win is a good mindset it's a team game anyway even if you try to play to win there's those wildcards aka. your team and potatoes. There's some games where i do well and still ends up in a loss , that might be really frustrating if you have that mindset. I rather just carry my weight or do well , my team mates can still fck it up and turn it into a loss. But ill try my best to contribute to the team. To me Performance > Wins. Getting gud comes first before stats. Gotta hate those games where a potato throws the game for the team : 33
  13. I know that feel even when i'm playing my bismarck most of the time i only get to 20k. The only time i get to 50k-70k is when the enemy is not focusing me and i get a free shot or when there's alot of broadsiding potatoes. ( so bad at BBs the only reason i decided to get bismarck is secondaries : 33 )I think i only got maybe 5 BBs games where i get 100k+ : /
  14. If i did play cruisers at the start ill prolly have around half my current average damage.Altho as of late i just wanna play with cruisers ( aka. takao ) because i'm so useless as a BB because i don't know how to deal citadels. Like 1 citadel every 50 shells. My only damage source when playing BBs is when i see a fellow potato sailing broadside. When i'm against a skilled player it's over for me.
  15. Well i had watched a couple of ichase's vids when i started playing so i guess that helped my stats alot.And my high?( maybe ) average damage would be due to playing BBs for my 1st 250+ games so i guess that inflated my stats : / Altho im playing takao right now , and i think i'm doing decent with it by just playing the rat burning BBs and hiding alot.