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  1. I think the Gearing's legendary upgrade is too strong. Right now Shimakaze has a good niche and is a effective destroyer. Allowing Gearing to match her concealment will once again make Shimakaze matter less. a 12% concealment bonus instead of a 15% is more appropriate for this legendary module. Even 100 meters concealment difference is huge in the hands of a skilled DD captain.
  2. Tier 7 destroyers are in a really bad position against t8 DD. I think this is because the concealment module is too strong. It grants a 700 to 900 meter concealment advantage to the destroyer equipping it. This is more powerful for a DD than the t9 modules. Honestly, for DD I thiNj this module should only give a 5% concealment, also offer alternative modules that give a speed bonus, or torpedo range increase to be competitive with a concealment module. Another thought would be to move the slot to allow DD at T7 to take the concealment module.. T6 DD are generally stealthy and would not suffer as badly vs t7 DD as t7 DD do to t8 DD now. Just a thought.
  3. I really am looking forwards to Soul Calibur 6 news. I check the 8wayrun forums every day for news on that game. Can't wait to get my fightstick back in action.
  4. Also sorry to ramble Huang He has only had one torpedo launch option since she came out It is a nice, tight spread. It works and does the job but I find it to be a anomaly when every other ship in the game gas two spread options while Huang He has just one.
  5. I wish the new campaign did not require cruiser or carrier use for so many tasks, adding a US DD option would be nice. Or BB option? I get tired if repeatedly playing US cruisers.
  6. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Yeah I hope she will come soon.
  7. RADAR is line of sight only...

    Radar can bounce off the atmosphere and cone back. So it can work through islands
  8. I think Kronstadt really should be vulnerable to Assashio deep water torpedoes. Her and USS North Carolina have very similar tonnage and displacement. There is no reason besides class that prevents dwt from hitting her.
  9. I loved ranked this season. Especially the move to rank 10 being irrevocable. That was key for me with the tier change because I has to try several before I settled on a ship to push up with. Ship choices and tactics were so diverse, it was almost as if there as not a meta though, but all classes made a strong showing and it was very fun. Thanks for a good season!
  10. I think I will quit wows for some time after this ranked season. too stressful.
  11. I go for 10 games a day. I climbed from rank 18 to 4 in a week. Unfortunately I am currently in a slump. down 3 stars, not sure what to do. I know some of it is me. I've had 9 losses tonight, kept my star twice. It's not that I am performing badly but the players I am up against are very skilled. My attitude is not the best tonight though. Taking a day off will only fuel the madness because I will wonder what I could have done better.
  12. you can only climb up in rank as good as you are. I'm at rank 4. I have to admit it is cancer, but if I was 6 getting to 5 would be cake. I could carry the team till rank 5. now I'm just part of the cancer.
  13. I would enjoy it. 24 v 24 or so.
  14. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    My Shimakaze won 7 out of 9 games tonight. It was exciting. I also did get lucky but I was never carried to victory. I carried my weight tonight in one form or another, either in caps or kills, usually caps and dodge tanking radar cruiser fire. I got pretty good at making Harekaze wiggle, the same skills apply here except I'm more durable, tanked 2 million potential damage once. Play for the team, screen for the team, don't yolo unless it is needed to risk a 25% chance of something great.
  15. This is very logical. I'm just not sure if the gameplay could work in this engine.