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  1. Poiii
  2. Maybe Zao or Harekaze, not sure.
  3. I completed the Russian one tonight, it was fun. I ignored the French one.
  4. Old news yeah. I would not mind the 2/1/2 configuration if the torpedoes had a longer travel time in the water for flavor.
  5. My problem with a 2,1,2 is the 1 torpedo squadron would not be very effective, planes not durable enough to survive more than two Torps getting off. Maybe if they were high speed, long range like Kaga. Might be fun is they were long range air dropped Torps. Like 7km long range.
  6. I'm very excited about the upcoming German carrier Graf Zeppelin and would like I t to be a success. I had a couple of ideas I would like to share to bring it into a well balanced state. Idea #1 keep the Graf Zeppelin as a dive bombers carrier but give her two types of bombs. HE 500KG and AP Fritz bombs. The AP bombs are rocket guided and could be launched from say 500-800 meters, while the HE bombers have to come closer. She would have two flight deck options. Two fighters, one AP dive bomber, two HE dive bombers. Or Three fighters, one AP dive bomber, one HE dive bomber. The second group could have two HE groups two but you get the idea. I think a three fighter squadron option Zep would allow them to combat Enterprise band Shokaku for those who want to have push a air war, and two dive bomber groups as strong as the ones I have read about will still be effective. Also having two different kinds of dive bombers will prevent a overkill strike. Three HE bomber groups would sink destroyers too quickly. Three groups of AP bombers would shred CA and BB too quickly. Balanced might be worth testing and would be more interesting to operate. Idea #2 is to make it tier 6 with 48 planes and 6km range secondaries, however we all know that will not make as much money. Anyway these are my thoughts. What would you like to see?
  7. I forget where I read it, but Wikipedia aside wasn't there a plan for the Kii that had 3x3 16 inch gun turrets? That would be interesting.
  8. Funny thing is I had a Khaba back then in those days and I used her as a torp boat and likely, very very likely lowered the average performance of the ship. The guns are so strong. I'm susprirsed they do not need IFHE to pen stuff. Are they using a better formula for penetration than the average 1/6 rule? because it sure feels like it.
  9. The kii was never really finished, even though she was a paper ship. Why couldn't she be more Nagato esque? Yamamoto loved that ship.
  10. So we know the Kii is under development. What would you all like to see on the Kii as your wish list? I had some funny ideas, not all of them practical. I would like to see her slow, like 24 or 25 knots slow with good armor and longer range torpedoes. Give her 3x Zao 8km torps and Akizuki guns, giving her all of the best IJN tech available for every system reasonable, but trading off speed making her the slowest tier 8 bb in the game. However as the specs she is listed at right now. I would buy her if her turret traverse were improved to be 45 second base TT, and her gun reload was 30 seconds. That is just me however.
  11. They are Fritz bombs, the ones that sank Roma I believe.
  12. 1: Why did you choose to buff Benson's rudder shift when she is considered to be the best or one of the best t8 dd? Did she really need any more love? 2: Any chance Kagero A hull and Harekaze could have a minor buff to rudder shift and just maybe 1200 more hit points? :P
  13. I have a multiple question post as well, pick any of these that you may want to reply to if you do. However first thank you for making this fun game! 1: Regarding carriers. I think that strafing is too punishing to new and less experienced players. Are there any plans to reduce the power of a strafe so that it is not possible for one squadron to wipe out six squadrons in one pass? 2: Regarding smoke fire. What plans are you currently considering for smoke fire penalties? Are there any serious options on the table? It might be interesting to give players the option of plan 1 or plan 2, that way you can maybe tell the players they asked for it if they complain later.. interesting idea no? maybe less responsible but I sort of like it. 3: Cruisers currently are too squishy to Battleship guns. Are there any plans to make them less squishy? Personally I would like to see something like 2/3rds or 1/2 cit damage to cruisers.
  14. I want to playyy. I worked 12 hours yesterday and really wanted to get some tender and loving Russian destroyer time in!
  15. This is my current build, it is not optimal but maybe serviceable. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000000011000011100000100019 I'll look into double rudder khaba, just have to decide how much respeccing I want to do. The advantage of this build for now is it allows me to do double duty on Leningrad and Gremy, my other Russian captain is just a 13 pointer, when he hits 15-16 I could justify going full khaba. Will play around some, thanks guys.