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  1. Ranked Trio Question

    I'm highly interested in this. I think I will buy it. Please tell me more about the ranked missions.
  2. Depends on my nation. I would have already been close to island cover because I never approach a cap without it. US: I go to a island while keeping well angled. Russian: Same as US, but with more elegance and speed. Hopefully both have radar to be handy. German: I bee-line to cover. My sides are better protected. British: I smoke where I am at and dare them to blind fire on me. while still, sometimes angling, sometimes not. French: I turn and run like the wet juicy.... sausage? I am. Japanese: Pretty much like french, but I'm not a sausage this time.
  3. The USS North Carolina in Williamsberg NC. She is located in a very busy area of downtown Williamsberg. There are many fine resteraunts around and the ship is a well painted piece of art. Absolutely a blast to go to!
  4. Any idea what hour of the day a new premium ship gets released on? I want to buy a new premium. Have not bought one for some time. Honestly I would buy Ashitaka if you put her back in the shop. That's how much I want a new ship tight now.
  5. True. I need to re-add that one! But I might play on Linux one day. Actually, any chance we can do a Master of Orion tie in event?
  6. Any chance we could get a permanent space port if we purchased the space camo? I REALLY like the Republique starship camo. The model and paint work are phenomenal and the effects for the being on fire to the engine effects are really well polished. I actually speed played my way up the French BB line to make sure I could buy this camo. It was well worth the climb and the Republique is a fun ship to boot.
  7. Actually about flags. I understand you guys would rather make larger sales than smaller ones. What if we could buy like 500 flags of one type at once? I would pay $25 for 500 papa papa flags.
  8. I think that Asashio looks neat and fun to play. I think Harekaze will still be my destroyer of choice for a all round build, but on nights when I see 7 or so bb per team I would gleefully take out Asashio. I would buy Asashio rather happily as she is. Her AA is lackluster though, cruisers and cv hard counter her. She is countered by every destroyer her tier though with skill can deal with some of them. ... My Harekaze will enjoy sinking them more than she enjoys sinking Kagero, this is a funny thing to me.
  9. I would like to see all the premium collectible flags, or as many of them as possible turned into emblems. Also, if your going to allow space battle emblems to be displayed, why not have high school fleet emblems?
  10. British Battlecruiser Suggestion

    I get annoyed at people calling the Hood a battlecruiser. She was but was not. The version in the game has higher armor values than she ever had historically and is a fast battleship.
  11. Yeah, special match making +3 or -2 tier for Belfast would likely be fair, it might even be sellable after that. I actually, no longer think that Gremy is OP.
  12. Yeah, I guess. It just seems to me that there are better solutions than to stop selling a ship because it is over powered. If you up tier a ship you increase its dollar value do you not? If you lower the tier of a ship you can make its match making more favorable. Either can be cast in a positive light. Also I guess changing the tier of a ship could be fun for people who are paying attention and can then play a ship with a whole different match making spread.
  13. So, what if a ships tier and price point could actually be changed based on ship performance? So if the Lyon outperformed the Richelieu consistently they might swap tiers. Yes, I understand there are module issues. There are also likely numerous issues such as if the Kutuzov or Belfast performing well enough, if they do excel to actually turn a tier 9 cruiser and tier 8 cruiser respectively. You could argue that some people might be upset about their purchased ships gaining a tier, but I think it could actually work out in an interesting fashion. It might get a bit crazy and I think any shifts would need to be okayed by devs obviously and I am a little concerned about modules and etc. I'm not actually saying this is a great idea neccisarily, but rather it is one that I think is maybe worth exploring because it would allow for prmiums to be released, and then if over powered they could be "fixed" by allowing the tier to fluctuate based on performance and expected performance. So if the Huang He is tanking in stats, or the Krasny Krym isn't pulling her weight, it allows for some shiftabouts is all I am saying. Some ships may grow in valu after purchased, some may lose. Odd things might happen if say Kaga or Saipan ended up being tier 8, but you know maybe she is a little too strong? :P Hard to say, would be interesting to see.
  14. Let's talk Asashio

    I would buy Asashio in her current state if nothing else for the lovely camo. That said. I would like to see her done with simply the type 93 mod 3 torpedoes that are in game, 12km range, devestating 23k damage... Multi role torpedoes. Sell her at t8 as a premium, make her a Kagero. It might be too simple though. Alternatively maybe trim the 20km deep water torpedoes to 15km range and allowing them to hit cruisers would be good.
  15. Quick shout out. The Gascogne looks beautiful. I am tempted by her, but want to learn a bit more.

    BTW on the webpage I found a little typo on captain skills. It should read Expert Marksman not Experment


    Commander Skills

    • Priority Target
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Superindendent
    • Fire Prevention
    • Concealment Expert
    • Basics of Survivability 
    • Experment Marksman

    These Commader skills taken together provide additional survivability for Gascogne. She'll need it for those mid-range engagements.