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  1. Hey, I have not posted in for-ever. don't worry I am still playing. Just wanted to send a quick shout out to the devs Thank you for improving the sound and the video. I was using filters to get the video quality I wanted, the colors now pop and are vibrant and way prettier to me. Thank you. The sound is also fun. I am enjoying some ships that I did not enjoy as much because of the cool different gun sound effects. Loving it, thanks!
  2. got mine in 2, dragon flag on the firdt so tried more
  3. Jakajan

    PT, AA changes

    if you add up montys aa it is effectively unchanged the new AA still looks too strong.
  4. Jakajan

    PT, AA changes

    I would like to see a system in place where all 3 AA auras work differently. there is no way mid range AA on a ship can focus just 1 plane. long range AA should be flak. Mid range AA hitting all like old system. Short range AA can focus down individual planes. makes sense?
  5. I got into wows fiest, then Linus next. funny to see this happening. ill rebuy Haida, sure.
  6. Jakajan

    KMS Siegfried

    yeah. I would love to see a T10 Graf Spee in spirit. :) 2x4 15 inch guns on a cruiser with good durability.
  7. Jakajan

    An untapped financial resource Wargaming SHOULD capitalize on

    I like this idea, pay with cash or doubs, then once it is added to a ship it is only available on that one.
  8. this is very good. thanks all.
  9. Jakajan

    How are the new Ruski BBs?

    in ranked the Kremlin seems too strong. saw a Bourgogne and Kurfurst both try to brawl a Kremlin at once. All at full HP to begin with or greater than 80% Krem won.
  10. They are all exciting. I am most likely to want to play Hayate however. In order Hayate Ark Royal Friesland Siegfried. Cool name btw. I do want them all.
  11. Buy open back headphones so you can hear around you. Any sennheiser even low end open back is great. I just got some photos x2 open back I love. They are heVy but super comfy.
  12. Jakajan

    Accessibility Survey

    I'm blind in one eye. I have used outside programs to help me with this but I wish we could have the ability to mirror widgets on the screen. Move map from bottom right to say bottom left or top left for comfort options. For now I use a program called always on top and put it on a second monitor and select a area of world of wRships so my minimap is like a 12 by 12 box on a vertical monitor
  13. Most cruisers and ships always reach for the T8 concealment module without a second thought. But what would it take to make some cruisers or even a few DD to occasionally pick this module? I had a thought. What about making it so the target acquisition module would add .5km range to hydro and 1km range to Radar ranges? Yes, that does mean a Design Moines would get 11km radar, but her concealment would also be a good 1.2 or so km further out and she would take more shells due to losing the concealment dispersion buff. I think at least, it is a idea worth testing. Right now there are too many best modules. It would be nice to see some weaker choices buffed to spice up gameplay
  14. Jakajan

    Who Actually Loves this game as is 5/19/19

    Yes. Still love it.
  15. Jakajan

    CV aiming compilations

    Thank you