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  1. I would LOVE to see a Jun'yo at tier 6. Would absolutely love to buy her. Her sister ship Hiyo would be good if not Junyo. They were really well constructed IJN carriers with better survivability than their counterparts, actually survived being bombed a few times.
  2. I would buy if she is less than 42 dollars
  3. Thank you for the video. I always liked to strike from behind and overpath as you called it, not as used to approaching but it makes sense.
  4. It makes sense it is based on the stock guns, would be nice if it scaled but there are not many ships impacted. Still a bug. :)
  5. I could post screen shots if needed, but for some reason Harekaze with 100mm guns has a 2.5km detection range when firing from smoke. Akizuki is 2.4. I'm not saying this is a big deal or anything but Harekaze has a 5.4 minimum concealment and Akizuki a 5 9. They should be equal at least or give the Harekaze a 2.3 km smoke detection range while firing, from smoke.
  6. I'm a little annoyed the camo is behind a 72 dollar bundle, not buying this one.
  7. Huang He: Do you like British cruisers? Flanking, or being a team player providing close support for your destroyers in a cruiser? Are you adept in destroyers and capable of utilizing stealth and cat and mouse tactics? If so Huang He may be for you. Huang He is a short, agile cruiser. She is able to out maneuver many destroyers. This vessel has the best stealth out of any tier 6 cruiser. Huang He features some of the most interesting consumables in the game; a Perth like smoke generator which allows her to emit smoke and cruiser in it for a good 90 seconds, choice of either hydro-acoustic search, or torpedo reload booster for a nearly instant 8 second reload on her torpedoes. Indeed Huang He can be a very potent threat if not taken seriously. Many people criticize the ship for only having six 152mm guns, however the artillery is easy to handle and are among the highest performing six inch cannons. They are Russian guns, the same found on the tier 6 Budyonni, as such they exceed at striking the citadel of targets and setting fires. While Huang He may only have six guns, what makes her shine is utilizing them while in a moving smoke cloud. These cannons will make short work of any destroyer or broadside cruiser. However they will be unable to do much more than harass a battleship. They also have very poor range at 13.2km, but because of this I have found myself often in range to land citadels on cruisers Because of the lesser number of guns Huang He should avoid a straight up gunfight with any ship her own tier, unless it is at close quarters, in which case her quick turning circle and rapid fire torpedoes may allow her to win the fight, at likely a great cost. This is not exactly a con a much as a standard issue that smoking cruisers face. A Fiji, for example is at a disadvantage against a Myoko in a straight up gun fight, assuming there is no smoke and no one else interferes, and both ships angle wisely. Huang He has 2x3 torpedo launchers, 3 per side loaded with very impressive 8km range, 60 knot speed 14,400 damage torpedoes, these torpedoes hit less hard individually than Perth's torpedoes, however have 100 meters less detection range. Unfortunately they only have one firing option, which is a tight spread. I really wish this ship also had a wide option as well. My tactical recommendations for any Huang He captain would be to plan to fight in bursts. With each smoke use have a attack and retreat plan in mind. After the smoke is used try to lay low, scout, and take pot shots from behind islands, while requisitioning for your next in smoke attack. Lack of spotter plane and hydro acoustic search may leave you blind if you do not have a ship available to spot for you when you are in your smoke, keep this in mind when planning your attack runs. Huang He has a great anti air suite of 2x4 closely packed Russian 100mm secondaries as well as 2x8 37mm anti air guns and 1x8 20mm guns. Unfortunately she does not receive defensive fire as a option, if she did she would rival a Cleveland in AA damage. However she is still above average. For those of you who are into history, the Huang He was the HMS Aurora, a very famous British cruiser, as there is already a ship in game called the Aurora it sadly, nixes the chance for us to get that famous ship, so I do not mind this fantasy British style cruiser in my fleet. In brief Huang He's Pros and Cons Pros Cons Mobile Smoke Fragile Stealth One, tight torpedo spread option Agility Only 6 cannons, 13.2km firing range Russian 152mm guns Poor recon tools Great AA and secondaries Requires 14 point captain, IFHE for best performance Is she a good boat to own? If you like British light cruisers and want to have something that is incredibly stealthy and agile for that role? Also she is the only ship that you can presently purchase with Perth smoke, if you have not experienced this smoke it is very fun. Unfortunately you need a 14 point captain with IFHE and concealment expert to really make this ship shine. Compared to Perth, In general I will say Huang He scores citadels on targets way. way easier, her gun handling is really good too and honestly looking at my actual gun hits I will say she does a comparable damage with her six guns as Perth can do with her eight. It is useful that four of Huang He's cannons are upfront. Unfortunately, Huang He lacks the recon tools that Perth has, but Huang He is stealthier, shorter, and more agile, allowing her to weave through fire and torpedoes with great ease. Overall both are fun ships and it is hard to pick a favorite, but Perth is more versatile, Huang He turns so tightly, making her a joy to drive. On the plus side, she is available on the North American premium shop for just $26.49, a reasonable price for a fun little cruiser.
  8. To all the nay sayers, wait a month and see how the stats are performing, but then she will likely not be in shop. I am having fun with her but she fits a really specific niche.
  9. Every ship with smoke has inferior gun power to non smokers in their tier. A ship like a Buddy with smoke should have less firepower than a Budy. It is simple game balance. Also, I would say that the Huanghe may actually have better firepower than a Perth, at least from my limited time with her.
  10. Actually, and I mean really, does anyone who actually owns this ship have a big problem with her? I have played about 300 games in Perth and I can say Huang He has far superior AP performance than Perth, she just gets cits left and right. Her torps are meh, but they are a interesting style. AA is great. There is nothing bad about this ship.
  11. Honestly I like this boat. She seems like a Perth, but weaker slightly because of her lack of recon tools, but she is more agile, gun power feels similar due to faster fire rate and higher velocity shells. The torpedoes could use a fix, needs to have a option of at least wide or narrow spread, but other than that she is good.
  12. That is fair, to be honest the game would be more balanced without those two options, but that is again just likely our mutual opinion.
  13. That is the main point. Tier 8 destroyers both have defaultly better concealment, also giving them the concealment module makes for some way too stealthy boats. Destroyers from tier 4-7 have a gradual reduction of stealth, at tier 8 they are dropped back to tier 5ish levels, then tier 9 and 10 they become less stealthy once more. So again, I think that having different modules that could compete with concealment module, or maybe moving the concealment module to a different tier would be interesting. Just to throw this out, and I'm not saying this is a great idea, but could you imagine if the concealment module was given out at a different tier, or remove altogether? I could also maybe see it more fair if it was reduced to a 5% concealment bonus. Concealment module at tier 5 would be a interesting choice. I'm not saying it is a good idea, but it would take the extreme stealth bump out of the tier 7-8 gap. There would be a gap but not as bad. People would complain about seal clubbing Kamikaze again, but tier 5 is the worst tier for seal clubbing right now so I think it would be manageable.
  14. Lately I dislike playing tier 7 destroyers. I think it is somewhat because the tier 8 concealment expert module is so dominate on tier 8 + destroyers as it gives such a massive advantage. Frankly I would like to see the tier 8 module slot just completely disappear but I do not think that would happen. The concealment module makes such a massive difference, I would say tier 7 destroyers are not nearly as much fun as tier 7 cruisers, or battleships, but enough griping. :P The other module slots at other tiers have tempting alternative options to their best one, even the 500k cost module allows for secondary modification, anti air modification, and aiming system modification for different flavors that work for the skill. For the 2 million cost? It is just the concealment option. What other options for that module would be worth taking instead of concealment expert? * Maybe air concealment module? Reduce spotting by air by 40% * Element protection module? 10% reduction to fire and flooding damage, maybe even 5% more torpedo protection *High explosive charge module? +100 meters per second to shell velocity These are some ideas that may be competitive to concealment module and might make the tier 8 slot more interesting. These are just my thoughts. What kinds of modules do you all think could be competitive to the concealment module?