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  1. Jakajan

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug Reports

    I found a bug, not sure if it was ever reported. Put the Yamagiri in your port. Look at it from the bow on. Now rotate the ship to see the starboard side. You can see on the side from right to left Japanese text reading Ya-ma-gi-ri. Now rotate it to see the port side and it is backwards when read from right to left as Ri-gi-ma-ya Now I do not know if the text is meant to be read from right to left or left to right in this instance, but I know enough kana but the Hiragana would look better on the side of Yamagiri because as written it looks like a foreign word instead of as Japanese. I should research what is appropriate to be honest. However the bug ultimately is that on one side of the ship Yamagiri reads one way and on the other it reads a different way. Strange eh?
  2. Jakajan

    Ranked Broken?

    Mouse do you think the tiger 59 will be good for getting citidals? I am a fan of stealthy light, agile cruisers, like Perth and Huang He and Belfast. Do you think I would enjoy the gameplay this ship provides at t8 from a game style perspective more than a is the ship effective perspective? Also how is the AA? I don't feel like this was touched on much.
  3. Love it. Will buy. You should have sold it with a holo fubuki and a holo hotshot premium as well. Would have bought for a cool skin and premium ver of each ship even with same stats but with a 3x exp for first 25 battles mission. :)
  4. Jakajan

    HMS Cheshire Review

    Great review. I have yet to buy her. I may not because I am trying to spend less on the game, but I do like british and Japanese ships almost equally so I may have a weak spot for her. If she was $30 it would be a very easy decision.
  5. Thank you for this. To be honest I think I have reached a point where I only get a dopamine response when I either play a ship I love, or play a new ship that has a different gameplay mechanic. The main ships I love are Japanese destroyers, any of the Kagero sisters for whatever reason.
  6. I've been playing fire emblem three houses. I can definitely recommend it.
  7. Thank you all for your honest, thoughtful ideas. I think I will do that. I will prioritize my friends, family and exercise first and treat this as something I do when I have no one else to spend time with. I have a girlfriend. I have a life. Bout time I act like it.
  8. So, let me start by saying I have some controversial opinions on things but I love World of Warships. I love the history behind the ships. I love, well, roughly half of the paper ships. In general I think the change to aircraft carrier game play was a good thing, even if I miss the old style. I still wish we could go back to a time of aircraft carriers with no straffing... Hey WOWS classic anyone? I even like the idea of playing submarines in random battles to change game play variety I kind of wish that we could go back to a time, before coal, before steel, before directives, back when USS Blacks and Flints were pipe dreams for the ultra elite, ----- I say this, mostly because I am a ship collector and I feel compelled to earn resources to collect every single ship in the game that I can. As such I feel like I play so much that my own physical well being has been hindered. During holidays when I will be spending more time with friends and family I am instead playing warships. I did get my PR ship btw with two boosters while working full time, it was rough. Anyway Instead of exercising I am more than often not making excuses to get my three crates a day to get resources for whatever coal ship there is coming out. I know, I know. I could very well be content with the 285 or so ships I have in my port - I could stop playing so much for just one more ship and just sign in and enjoy the game for what it is. However I feel compelled to grind for the extra resources. Ultimately. I guess I am admitting I have an addiction problem to this game. I love it, I really do, but I need to manage my time better. Do any of you struggle with this issue? How do you address it?
  9. So I have about 260 ships I can get snowflakes rewards from. I'm concerned because in 4-5 years I will likely have 400-500 ships I can earn snowflakes off of. That could take like, 40 hours to earn them all. Kind of ridiculous I would like to suggest a less grindy way to get snowflakes. What if you could have a mission to win 4 random battles with any ship in the line that you are trying to earn snowflakes in, then get all the rewards of that line? For example if I wanted to earn my Japanese destroyer snowflakes I could run Shimakaze, Harekaze, Fubuki, etc, whatever ships I want in random battles, then after four or five victories it would give me all the snowflakes from that line. Yeah, I understand this may actually take more time invested, but I would not feel as bored as I am running like hundreds of co-op battles. Just a thought. It would be nice to have some alternative way to earn these resources. I am at a point with my grinding that I would be willing to pay doubloons to collect all my snowflakes. Here WG, take 5k doubloons at the start and allow me to collect all of my snowflake resources, instantly. I would love that. I would totally pay that and be fine with it.
  10. We need more events with game play variety, like the holloween event was good and well designed. Cossack was okay too, maybe a pinch grindy but okay. Benham and PR were not good.
  11. Jakajan

    How should the PR event been built?

    I hear ya, but I mean, before I even played 20 games I bought an atago. Overall that was good for the game financially. but yeah I had a hard time with her but very much enjoyed it. I don't really see negatively impacting a dozen players win rate at random a being bad for the game. Not anymore than having a drunk player on your team.
  12. Jakajan

    How should the PR event been built?

    Yeah. I agree with all of this as good ideas. I would still want to give players a month or two of premium time to start off the new year with as well. also a lot of gaming companies give players things when they make a mistake, or even for maintenance or down time. Would be nice to see more of this here.
  13. Jakajan

    How should the PR event been built?

    I think, if the art design had been the building of Goriza and that if you got to build her and then had PR built behind a huge grind wall. People would not have minded the PR thing as much, as long as they got to build a ship.
  14. Wargaming Please make future events less grindy. I have a life, job, a family. I usually like to finish events, but with events like yours I may soon choose to stop playing this game and focus my time and energy on more satisfying activities. I like how the console version of this game has ranked modes that take less stars to finish. I liked the Halloween event this year. I enjoyed some elements of the PR event even if it is too grindy. However I just want to implore to you guys. Make the game less grindy I have a lot of fun playing the game, but I do not like to feel like I am forced to play the game to accomplish objectives. Thank you for your consideration.
  15. So for a moment picture your a executive working at WG. You are looking over the budget, seeing how much was spent on the art etc and you want to design a event that will make money for the event. How would you build the event? Lets keep this constructive. For me, the art involved in building PR is a good idea. The points per minute was a bad idea because a lot of players do not have the foresight to plan ahead. I know they wanted to keep the distribution limited to a select few who could get the ship, but in that case why put so much money into the art and leave 99% of the player base frustrated that they could not finish said ship? This does not seem like a good idea. Lets build the current plan up in bullet points. These are the positives. * Build your own ship. * Great art and animation for the process These are the negatives * Nearly impossible grind. New players have no hope of finishing this thing. When there is a big event, players should feel like they should win. This is a game, not a job. * Pressure to accomplish on top of snowflake event. double dipping for most. Here is how I think it should have been handled. First of all. I would give all players 2 months of premium time going into this event. This would be seen as a short term loss but all players would get to experience having a premium account and I think this would give them a long term gain by people wanting to keep their premium going after trying it out. Plan A: Reduce the grind to 2/5ths of the current grind. Extend the timeline so that players have 8 weeks to accomplish the Puerto Rico. Have two premium boosters, one costing 4k doubloons, the second costing 6k doubloons. Make it so that if one is bought the grind is reasonable to play through 5 of 8 weeks and get the PR. With two boosters you will complete the PR but it will take 8 weeks. I suppose asking 8-10k doubloons for a instant completion would be "Okay" Plan B: Adjust the PR build to take all of 2020 with no boosting. Have no directives or grindy tasks to speed this up though. Do allow ship building tokens from completing daily missions so that buildings can be bought to speed the process up. Have premium boosters be purchasable. The plan should allow for a 6 month completion time without premium boosters, a 3 month completion time or less with premium boosters, or sure a outright purchase for again a 20k doubloon total price if you wanted to buy it outright. I am okay with this as a player. Plan C: Do not go with a build system, instead show animation to players as they accomplish objectives, either set it up as a weekly task format they are familiar with. Everyone gets to play the missions and unlock the ships at the same time. Plan D: Just give everyone who is playing the game a Puerto Rico for Christmas as a apology for a badly managed event and refund any and all doubloons spent. Plan E: Something else. How would you all like to see it go? Please post your own ideas as well or tweaks to ideas.