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  1. I just had my highest experience game ever in the Harekaze. I love this boat. I may take her into ranked next season, will see. Then again I might not love her after that. How are you all liking her? Have any good scores to share?
  2. I've been having a little harder time with my battleships recently and been thinking of changing specs. For a long time now I've been running a 4x second tier build with expert marksman, adrenaline rush, jack of all trades and high alert. Down the line I get superintendent and concealment and or fire prevention. Still I feel like I'm not as competitive these days, could have more to do with the fact I've been spamming t9 bb to get to 10. Still, how do you spec?
  3. Kii

    I think I can agree that aft is helpful for AA, not so sure I would spend 3 points on BFT. Would have to try the AA module.
  4. Desu
  5. Kii

    How do you like to spec your kii captain for this?
  6. I just wanted to toss out a quick shout out too any developers that I am enjoying my Kii and her Makoto Kobayashi skin. The Kii by herself would have been nice and I would have purchased her, but the extra touch of her pretty additional skin and the idea of having more Japanese ships decorated by Makoto Kobayashi is pretty cool. I had actually met him in person last year and so it made purchasing her a little more enjoyable. The Kii herself is fun, not too powerful, but strong and interesting to control. I have always enjoyed ships with lots of tools and things on the ship to consider using. My win rate and performance is honestly a little lack luster in her right now, but hopefully with practice I'll get better with her. Still thank you for the cool ship WG! I hope to play more fun ships in the future and can't wait to see what sort of creative skins come out of this collaboration.
  7. I used to like playing aircraft carriers, back when I could warm up with Hosho, do a few straffe runs on fighters, some random manual drops, then I was ready for Shokaku or Taiho. These dats I feel unprepared when I start a CV battle and totally out of my element. Usually I get straffed and lose control of the sky resulting in low damage, complaining team mates and a not so fun time. I could try warming up with Saipan or Kaga but they behave too differently than the tech tree CV and would not be good practice. I suppose I could run co ops or maybe Ryujo but those feel off. Honestly I wish straffing was not a thing but we still had manual drops at all tiers. What do you all think?
  8. I noticed you did not mention her 100mm secondaries / AA at nearly US level. How are they?
  9. Well, there are ways to balance it. If the carrier launching it becomes visible for 25 to 30 seconds during and after attacks. If it could only launch say once every 2 minutes, do 5 to15k damage tops to a target, if it hits, have a firing range not exceeding 20km, be inteceptable by fighters and shot down by defensive fire. Block able by mountains, There are lots of ways to balance this.
  10. Well, the practical fighter set is seen as being too boring for her.
  11. I have not ready fleshed this out but I was thinking about Graf Zeppelin and how WG wants to make her a unconventional carrier. More interesting, more memorible One idea idea I thought up was maybe to give her a rocket consumable. I saw a video recently of a missile system that was tested in the game recently but not implemented because they were fun but too powerful when guided, or like high impact but long reload guns when used as a gun. Anyway rockets like the V1 or such would be appropriate fired from a German carrier. They were the first nationwide in the world to really use rockets. It would give the CV a unique feel while still allowing her flight squadrons to be fighters and dive bombers. Could always put range limits or long reloads on rocket launches. Might even make the CV visible on launch, there are lots of ways to balance it. Missiles may be shot down by staffing or defensive fire for example. but I think it could be a neat concept. The damage, reload, everything can be tweaked to make up for the damage difference that WG wants the current Graf Zep to reach to be effective. I figure you would use the consumable, then select a target in range a countdown in English or German goes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Then it launches a rocket at the target, range, obstacles, and angle of target can influence the hit rate. Angle and area of impact may influence damage.
  12. Will HSF ships be re-voiced for the new command system? The voice work does not work properly right now.
  13. Poiii
  14. Maybe Zao or Harekaze, not sure.
  15. I completed the Russian one tonight, it was fun. I ignored the French one.