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  1. things overall seem civil to me. but then again I work with pissed off people all the time on my job.
  2. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Khaba is also my most played t10 ship and comparing Cossack and Khaba in terms of gun power is like comparing a Shimakaze to a Benson in terms of gun power. Very different characteristics even if there are some things in common in terms of raw output. Also once you get enough games and experience with the concept you can make use of any concealment advantage above 100 meters, but I agree unless you have some kind of knowledge of their course it becomes more difficult to leverage it. It can and does still happen though if you use rpf and approach at say a 45 degree or 60 degree angle off target. You can make a few assumptions if you think a dd is heading towards a cap, or towards a bb. You have to think the enemy destroyer has a goal in mind and use that to your advantage. Besides your typical dd at tier 8 has a 5.8km concealment. It is easier to utilize the 450 meter advantage a Harekaze has over that ship than the 300 meter advantage that Cossack has over that average. Thus why I think a ship like Harekaze is far superior to Cossack at this role of cap contesting vs the average target.
  3. Jakajan

    Tier 5 Ranked Battles Prep - DD Commentaries inside

    Hold on a sec. It has been a while since I played carriers. T5 carriers are not manual drop right? We could see a come back of carriers in T5 ranked. I might try it.
  4. Jakajan

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    .. Oh Doomeagle. Thank you for the chuckle. ::Shelves his thoughts:: With repair on the upper tier British destroyers do you all think SI is a must skill? I'm trying to look at em and figure out how to play them at top tier. I am not a fan of the detection nerfs coming to Daring but I am guessing she needs it.
  5. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    Well Cossack has 8 guns but practically she has 6 guns forward or 6 guns rear, but they have poor arcs. How do I put it. If you had a Benson with 6 guns but a 5 second reload time instead of a 3.3 or so, would it actually have more guns? No. I would argue a well played Benson would out play, but not out utility a Cossack. A Lo Yang out utitlies a Cossack but could not out gun it. I still think the Lo Yang is stronger in this department though by a huge margin for being the best all rounder dd. So Cossack is < Lo Yang as a utility boat < Harekaze at scouting. <Akizuki at gun boating However can kind of do it all, however I think the Lo Yang is still the better all rounder. Maybe, just maybe I suck at her and British DD in general though. I have 649 battles in Harekaze with a 59% win rate, 12 battles in Cossack with a 41.67% win rate. They do not feel like they can compare with each other at all. All of my normal competitive DD numbers are over 55% usually. Kinda. Okay my T10's need some work but meh.
  6. Jakajan

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    I guess I just need to overcome my desire to conserve my smoke and just pop it. The most I have managed to use is four charges of smoke in one game.
  7. So I have been playing with Cossack a little and some of the other British DD a smidgen. I'm trying to get my mind around the smoke.. The work time is so short that the performance difference of 10 to 20 seconds of battleship dcp really really matters. But I think what is more significant about pretty smoke is not the short work time of 40 seconds but rather that 30 second down time between puffs. With Jack Dunkirk captain, jack of all trades, and flags you can bring that gap down to only 20 seconds between puffs, which seems a lot more workable and interesting. I did infact try jack on my destroyer build and it seems to work okay - feels better and more comfortable for me. I'm still not used to it but I do better in the furballs now. Still can't help but make me think there should be either 5 seconds less cool down, or 10 seconds more duration on this smoke. I have never managed to use more than 4 charges of this smoke in a battle. Maybe I am too seasoned with the other smoke and need to adapt to this style. What do you all think? You liking the smoke? Would you change anything? What would you do? Current action time 10 Active time 40 (feel like less to me) Recycles in 70 seconds I think I would go for something like Action time 25 Active time 30 Recycles in 65 seconds I think this would make the smoke more comfortable and give it a better niche. The current smoke just does not feel as useful to me.
  8. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    Harekaze vs Cossack 1 on 1 I do see your point, but this is not a 1 on 1 game. Harekaze has a 150 meter spotting advantage over Cossack as even though her and Kagero class ships are listed as 5.4km their concealment is actually 150 meters. I used to play Fubuki back in the day when she was a T8 and back then I learned to use every meter I can get sempai. Every meter. Those 150 meters when played right will allow your team to get off the first shot, or even two, when coupled with RPF it is easy to jockey that advantage. At least for me. Now on to a 1v1 scenerio. Harekaze can soot two thirds her firepower out of her tail providing a much more narrow target. If Cossack broadsides to get all eight guns on target she will take a massive amount of puniisment. Harekaze arcs are far superior to Cossack and with a little agility I wager she does about twice the real world DPM and, as you said has a extra rack of torpedoes.
  9. Jakajan

    Harekaze Diverse, Powerful, and fun to play

    Well, she is my favorite destroyer so I can not disagree.
  10. Jakajan

    Khab Buid?

    i use pt, ar, ls, se, si, bft, aft, pm. de only adds 1% to fire chance vs t10 targets would rather have 10% more durability through more repairs.
  11. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    8 guns? Akizuki is better. fire starting? per shell sure but smoke is too limited. with jack of all trades she might do better.
  12. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    Harekaze is better at cap control and vision. What is Cossack best in class at?
  13. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    Well her problem is she excels at nothing.
  14. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    yeah, i like harekaze and asashio because both are great when up tiered.
  15. Jakajan

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    If she had 5.4 concealment, or 2k more hp, or german hydro, any of those would make her okay. Or maybe if she had darings repair ability, would also make her "okay"