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  1. Jakajan

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Just to elaborate. In ranked or competitive play if one dd spots another and a entire side focus fires one dd can be destroyed in as fast as one to two salvos. With a 6 second delay it would give the dd a moment to move and turn. to be honest I would rather it be a 10 second delay but it gives them a moment to have their own fight before the fleet gets involved.
  2. Jakajan

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Had a idea regarding cv spotting and radar changes. Make all spotting by air, sea and radar use the same delay concepts. If you see a ship via any method at all, you get 6 seconds of exclusive spotting. The target gets revealed to everyone on the mini map, ahnd then they can all see it after 6 seconds, irregardless of spotting method.
  3. Jakajan

    How to rework the Rework

    No. I like the current re-work and would miss all my carriers. I do think the plane recharge rate needs to be adjusted to be lower and the f return ability tweaked.
  4. Jakajan

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    My two cents on the CV re-work so far. Tier 4 is playable and fun. Ships are effective and damage seems okay, maybe a little low. Maybe I need to learn to set more dots. Tier 6 is almost impossible to be effective in. Ranger and Ryujo both have a hard time. My ranger planes die terribly to Nagato AA without doing any damage for example. A T6 CV should still be able to touch a tier 7 BB. Particularly one that is not known for AA. I think Independence strike craft durability was weaker than Ryujo. Damage is definitely too low here. Tier 8 The damage is too low. Had difficult with two cv trying to sink a Fuso. Took too long to do it. Plane durability was a little low but serviceable. Kaga needs more play time but I think she is better in offensive power than the tier 8 counter parts, but lower defense. I'll call it balanced. Saipan - I want to like her but her planes do not seem quite up to tier 10 standards, like just a little bit too weak. I think overall Saipan needs better plane quality but retain her small squadron size. Tier 10 Damage seems low still, however the planes durability is in a good spot. In short CV are not outputting enough damage per match but maybe I am judging too quickly because I have had maybe a dozen games today.
  5. you no longer need ifhe on her. I prefer pt, ls, se, ce, rpf, ar, bft build to make her a solid dd hunter. I gun down fletchers with ease. prefer to use ap om broadside cruisers or aim he at superstructure.
  6. Harekaze, is not gimmicky and a good balanced Kagero option. less durable with more speed. or with ifhe a meaner dd fighter.
  7. If Roma was T7 with T7 armor and modules it would be fine.
  8. Jakajan

    Which steel ship?

    I too am not sure. I have 31k steel. I think I will buy the black soon.
  9. Jakajan

    Yudachi DD wish list

    So the Yudachi has been confirmed to come as a T7 premium DD. What would you all like from her? Assuming every feature comes at a price I would like. I would like her to get German or British smoke duration, but get a torpedo reload booster in trade. Or maybe make Yudachi even slower than Shiratsuyu, but give her F3 or Yugumo 12km torps. :) What would you all like? Already I am excited we are getting her.
  10. Thanks. I am still on the fence as to what to spend my steel on. I have 30k so I could get black and then wait 6 months and maybe get Stalingrad or Azuma then. Or I could get Stalingrad now and then save up till later. I'm really not sure.
  11. Basic question. Can we still earn snow flakes up till the next big patch?
  12. Jakajan

    Yet another poll on CV's

    I mean if people wanted there to be no dd I bet they would click that button too.
  13. With the Kurfusrst players can choose between reload rate and gun size. Why not give the Conqueror the same option? Allow her to either have 8 bigger, more rapid firing guns or her current 12 gun config? Make the 8 gun usable I say.
  14. Shigure as a Shiratsuyu with deep water torpedoes with option of smoke or reload booster could be fun.
  15. Regarding the CV fighter defense consumable. Why dont we give that conseable to ships? then the CV wont be blamed for failing to provide AA cover? Just a thought. It does not even need to be super effective. Just helpful and occasionally very helpful.