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  1. SilverPhatShips

    YES YES Thank you WG, love U

    I'm excited just because the random experience is absolutely terrible anymore. Give me more ranked please.
  2. SilverPhatShips

    Time to limit the number of BB's per game

    No they're the easiest things to farm out there please add more battleships..
  3. But what about the numbers? Any changes CV numbers plummet, we all know what WG will do if numbers plummet.
  4. Yes must agree OP is a slacker, I think I'm almost close to 10000 disposable camos
  5. SilverPhatShips

    Ranked shouldn't be streamed

    Lol added a new TV to the man cave but still have not had a chance to stream snipe.... Don't think it really helps, but OP you just keep going with your fantasy.
  6. SilverPhatShips

    PT 0.10.4, balance changes

    Still no new maps.......
  7. SilverPhatShips

    PTS 0.10.4

    Yeah still no new maps....
  8. SilverPhatShips

    why match making needs a rework

    Whole game needs rework Everything...
  9. SilverPhatShips

    I like inflicting pain upon myself

    This is the David Hasselhoff line. A DD that hunts light cruisers that like to hunt destroyers. It's for manly men.
  10. I mean truly the new player should get the full experience right away. They should have one or two player flying around in a hot air balloon each side at T1. That select player gets to drop a Bomb every minute. If that select player hits, it always causes a fire or citadel depending on which nation is playing. This select player cannot be stopped and will wander the map and spot wherever they wants to.
  11. Meh they should just have them right away let them figure out sooner than later that it's game breaking and no fun to play against.
  12. SilverPhatShips

    Why is ranked set up this stupid?

    Yep I'm a little disappointed on the weekends for the time they set to play. I get during the work week that server population may plummet in the morning hours. I surely miss getting up Saturday morning and playing. If they're not allowing me to do that I'll go find something else to do. Randoms are just terrible anymore and I dont ruin my morning's with them.
  13. SilverPhatShips

    Premium Ship Review - ZF-6

    Thanks again been waiting for a good review of it.
  14. But WG controls the market they manipulate the market and then they benefit from us having to pay to make changes accordingly to their changes. Should WG allow us to for your reset every time they change anything good or bad? I think yes, But WG would rather suffer through the PR disaster and make money off of their changes.