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  1. Well being WGs survey numbers.... Wish they would have done this on the rework And I do agree with my limited time I don't have anything to put towards this except for a few games
  2. Well if you look at the WG survey on discord they're overwhelmingly popular
  3. SilverPhatShips

    [--K--] Kraken is expanding

    Random play getting you down? Don't go alone!
  4. Yeah that shows their good at replacement. Not really growing anything. I have competitors that have come and gone over the years. While I barely survive the 1st year over 10 years I've had great growth. Every year. It's actually really simple I give quality product for a good price. Meanwhile I've had many competitors charge a lot more for the same quality product. You wanna know what's funny they're all out of business meanwhile I keep growing. My people keep coming back and telling their friends and everyone of my competitors that got ripped off guess what they come to me. That graph is skewed also, with the times of people being stuck at home out of school and nothing better to do. If this was a quality game that line would just keep climbing and climbing. I could go on and on but I don't think you would get the point.
  5. I think a lot of veteran players have quit playing, games not what it used to be no sense supporting it. So WG has focused on new content and getting new players that buy something before they quit and this is why we have this new content coming now. Instead of developing a quality product that I would refer people to play and play forever Instead they just give us this. If I could just have quality surface only combat my wallet would open.
  6. No I just want surface combat only Don't need flight sim above me or submarines below me Yes good old surface only combat
  7. SilverPhatShips

    -BSK- Is recruiting

    Good luck on your recruitment I've had a chance to hang with Groo, can confirm he is a good dude.
  8. I didn't re up this Christmas don't plan on ever doing it again at this point
  9. SilverPhatShips

    So, a submarine game mode?

    So you want to have a special game mode for subs? Why did WG put so much effort into this if not for all play? I want special game mode also for other ships but WG said Noooooo Anyways get use to them in randoms soon, WG doesn't care about their current players, just the new ones.
  10. SilverPhatShips

    I'm Out...

    Truthfully I didn't re up on premium time this last Christmas having enough to get through this year. After the CV rework craziness and knowing subs were coming soon I figured I'd wait and see how this year rolls.
  11. SilverPhatShips

    I'm Out...

    Yeah but you knew it was coming and when they hit live randoms will be another wave
  12. SilverPhatShips

    I'm Out...

  13. SilverPhatShips

    [--K--] Kraken is expanding

    The last of the U boats
  14. SilverPhatShips

    Who is really at fault for Subs??

    They're the same thing pieces that don't fit into a surface combat I say just throw them right into randoms like they did the CV rework last year They need good data so might as well put us in the Beta test again right? Still waiting on my Beta tester tag from last year....
  15. SilverPhatShips

    Pick one...

    Lol I put that fity bucks back in my pocket at this point