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  1. silverdahc

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    It's the same captain skills I have on Jutland
  2. silverdahc

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    Nice I look forward to watching
  3. silverdahc

    First game in Fiji

    Fiji is fun
  4. silverdahc

    Pan Asia ships SUX. Period

    I don't know i like them
  5. silverdahc

    Ranked Comparison: Black vs. Kitakaze

    I would think black, personally I might try Jutland
  6. silverdahc


    It does take practice always get a chuckle out of some thinking it's easy to play well.
  7. silverdahc

    Tier 8 MM needs to be fixed.

    I've noticed this too on the off hours and that's the reason I don't play T8 In those times. but if there was actually a fix I would probly play them and that would increase players in those times most people know that thats the way to go on the off hours keep you from all the crazy matchmakers fly t9-t10 Personally that's perfect time to fly T9 It seems like you're in the t7 or t10 game but really doesn't matter But if you actually announced that certain times you would have a protected matchmaker queue times would probly fill up It would be fun to try
  8. silverdahc

    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Play off Sunday Well since my beloved Broncos Didn't make it think I'm gonna have to pull for the Chiefs. There a lot of fun to watch and I actually don't mind the franchise and they're in our division so why not.
  9. I'll check in with her stream tomorrow though she's fun to watch
  10. It's a good day not to play with carriers in your game tomorrow is what you're saying
  11. silverdahc

    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    The inlaws are in town this weekend Really do love them, but no time for WOWS this weekend But I still have time to bump this thread if you're shopping for a new Clan then you Definitely need to stop in and say Hi we might be the fit
  12. silverdahc

    Opt out for cv

    I agree nothing screws up a good surface battle like a bunch airplanes I really see this rework is either gonna make or break the game for me personally so I will say anticipation is annoying but is what it is
  13. silverdahc

    Opt out for cv

    I would like to see that to for these next few months gonna be crazy but it's not gonna happen
  14. silverdahc

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    I've used it and its workable one thing I don't like is It's not very viable in unexpected knife fight unless you just happen to have it on the right side