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  1. How to Grozovoy

    It's a good boat as is But once it gets its heal it'll be a go to ships at tier 10 for me, looking forward to it
  2. Kidd/Fletcher build help

    Although I just got the boat so my sample size is small I would have to say that the superintendent is still very valuable for the heal, And since It is a gunboat having the extra smoke is valuable Glad I finally got it even though it feels a little OP like a tier 9 ship
  3. I don't know but I have no problem with the Que being full battleships more damage to farm
  4. Detecting Hacks and Aimbots

    Well that explains a lot of my experience with this game
  5. Mercy Killing

    Oh I do believe it is their fault there's many games where it's just a stomp on one side versus the other If they're putting games together with their secret recipe then there should be some idea of who are good players and who aren't and they should be evenly distributed between the teams but many times I see one side has 8 great players and the other side has none so whose fault is that when 8 great players just stomp the other team it's the MM
  6. Mercy Killing

    This is definitely something to blame WG for because it's their matchmaking that put these games together and if they can't get the games to go until all ships are killed or 20 minutes has past then their MM is a failure
  7. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Where still looking for some good players stop by You will enjoy our playerbase
  8. I would love to see this implemented because you never know if it's a hydro or radar ship that's hiding behind that rock
  9. Possible solution to balance Radar

    They should just make it from a spotting radar that everybody can see to a target radar that only the targeting ship can use
  10. Weekend spree

    Well I unlocked the roon this weekend and to my surprise cruisers aren't so bad once you get past the T8 barrier having a lot of fun with it
  11. Engine noise

    O thank you very much that was it in fact everything sounds awesome now even guns and such
  12. Engine noise

    Ever since this last patch I have not been able to have engine noises on any of my ships even though I have it turned all the way up turned all the way down still nothing on any ship just curious if anybody else was having this problem

    Happens all the time so you wanna hurry up and get through it