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  1. silverdahc

    My team was dabbling in sorcery last night

    You're such a cheater
  2. silverdahc

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    I can start a new CV topic if you like, but honestly I don't care about this game as much I used to And the forum has become rather boring
  3. silverdahc


    Battleships are OP please nerf
  4. I guess I didn't pass the account check? Unless there was some mistake but I'd be happy to join and help out
  5. silverdahc

    Willing to purchase a tier 7 ship

    You can't borrow or buy anybodys ship to try unless they let you log into their account but there are plenty of premium ships you could buy at T7
  6. silverdahc

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    Yup I'm disappointed I agree reward should be the same
  7. silverdahc

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today
  8. silverdahc

    ST: New Map Bering Sea

    Another new map I'm so excited
  9. silverdahc

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    It's a fun boat definitely not OP but I'm experienced and I love American destroyers so I can make it work Had a game last night where i was working on getting my fuel tokens and anti aircraft kills But notice no torpedo hits, Which to tell you the truth I was running for my life most the game so not surprising but against T4 carriers lol 45 kills Thank you mouse great review as always where I differ with you is it's fun to play? it is little more work but still fun
  10. Well its better now than 8.0
  11. It's because there's only really 5CV whiners in the forum Rest actually have overcome and adapted and are doing just fine
  12. Yeah I have no problem finding CVs every time I fly the Hill Nothing better than hearing T4 CV captain's crying I thought there was no AA down here Yum yum yum
  13. silverdahc

    If you're a conspiracy theorist....

    No it was all about the money In fact it's pretty obvious
  14. silverdahc

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    Best advice I can give you is if you think you might like this game Go buy a 10 point captain doesn't cost much and it gives you everything you need to start Don't forget the nationality Then put it on your favorite ship and play the heck out of it get good then you can start to grow If you wanna learn to shoot play cruisers to start just because you can fire more