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  1. Hi a welcome to the forum
  2. I could think of a dozen other premiums that need to be nerfed Are they changing them no So why are we tweaking the Sims it's not like it's op
  3. The problem with flying Destroyers is there so much you have to be paying attention to at all times and that's where most people have a problem with them because you miss a step and you will get destroyed
  4. Hi there good luck nice to have you have some turkey
  5. Just cuz this made me chuckle you get a plus 2
  6. Lol Welcome to the forum
  7. It would be nice if they explain why they do things instead of saying that they're doing it with no explanation
  8. It must do something or otherwise why change it
  9. They are taking deck armor away from The Sims I think 16 to 13 mm
  10. I'm a little sad there nerfing The Sims
  11. I truly don't think there are too many trolls or toxic players in this game I mean there are few but it's really just a few that get noticed and I don't think they get favored
  12. Man I wish I could get that dirty in my khab
  13. One more point I was thinking of is how awesome these are going to be at three division Squadron I hope I'm not the enemy Destroyer on the other side And with the deep water Torpedoes you don't even have to worry about trorping your buddy dd's right
  14. But then again it's going to kill the other Destroyer lines for me at high tier I think