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  1. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    Queue the pro CV brigade
  2. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Just Got Daring

    Weird I've had mine for a while and it shows 3 different choices for perminent camo hmmm
  3. NoLoveForPhatShips

    So are we gonna talk about WeeGee adding CV’s to Clan Battles?

    Who play CBs anymore?
  4. NoLoveForPhatShips

    WG please give CV's some love and new ships.

    Well with so many complaining about CVs it's hard to keep track of what thread you're in
  5. NoLoveForPhatShips

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    It's not that i ignore you nor anybody but I like to know where they're coming from if they have a point to make I'd like to understand where they're at in the game I too once upon a time was horrible and I looked at the game differently than I do now But to hide your stats and then get on soapbox and tell everybody how it is, I can't get behind that, it's deceiving and that's what I expect out of that person
  6. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    I didn't have to be Releasing 2 of them back-to-back of the same class is a cash grab Meanwhile still no DD in the RB that WG just had to have
  7. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Quick Cut: Tier VIII Premium European Destroyer ORP Orkan

    Thanks @SeaRaptor00 Looking forward to the new line How do you feel about the 2 million FXP for the T10?
  8. NoLoveForPhatShips

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    No when crap comes out from a player that has bad stats you can pretty much ignore them Same thing with players with hidden stats assumption falls on their bad until proven otherwise 99.9% right about them sucking
  9. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    You know if they didn't have the hayate coming out soon I don't think I would gripe but having both be FXP right on top of each other is just More krapp coming out of WG, Just another example of bad customer service, But Hey they're good at it Can't wait to see the T10 fxp battleship costs At least 3 million
  10. NoLoveForPhatShips

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    No I'm hardly on the forum at all anymore don't really care about it or the game I used to but the feeling's gone and I just dont think I can get it back, sad
  11. NoLoveForPhatShips

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Funny thing is is there's like only a 100 people that even talk in this forum And when some guy comes in here that hasn't posted in months he's jumped on and kicked around and made to feel bad about talking from the good old "regulars" Game sucks this forum sucks and its not getting better
  12. NoLoveForPhatShips

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    It's really just kind of a silly game there so many other better ones out there not many people play this thing except for really really bad players that can't make it playing other games Installed a MM monitor can't believe how bad 90% of the players are I mean really bad WG had a nice thing going for a while but as with everything they screwed it up they have built a bad game built for the bad player and if you're slightly competent your God in this thing And as it's going it's only going to get worse not better so why invest any more time
  13. It's want like one likes to abuse the system and one wants to fix the system One group doesn't care about his fellow players and one group does care about his fellow players Actually it's good entertainment The 17 pro CV white Knights makes me chuckle them typing away daily defending the honor