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  1. NoLoveForPhatShips

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

  2. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Somers worth it?

    Love it, both
  3. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Steamroll Hypothesis

    The issue is how do you balance 500 and below PR players if your the MM? The game is now full of them Over 80% of all teams are now full of bad players One might go run off to the corner and play with it self One might turn around and TK someone One of them might blob up and hide behind everybody and not do anything One of them might rush to the cap and die instantly One of them might get a cap and actually live more than 5 minutes but not much more You see where this is going how do you fill each side with an unknown quantity of bad players that MM cant figure out what the bad players will bring to the game? And alot of veteran players have quit or just don't play randoms anymore, so fill the que with unknown quality of bad players and here we are. Good luck
  4. NoLoveForPhatShips

    CVs as DD hunters

    FTFY And that is why CVs don't work And as far as helping you hunt down the DDs better goes against my morals, so... But others will be happy to help you
  5. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Match making broken?

    If MM was truly random you would have blowouts all the time and I mean all the time WG has some secret SBMM in place just have to download a MMM to see it Problem is it has to figure out how to balance 500 and less PR players per side and with that kind of quality it's very hard to know what those kind of players will produce Hence steamrolls
  6. NoLoveForPhatShips

    CVs as DD hunters

    No you just need to get good good players have no problem achieving the results they want bad players reject that they fail and blame other for it
  7. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Match making broken?

    Is MM broken? Debatable Are most players really bad and cause steamrolls? Yes
  8. NoLoveForPhatShips

    CVs as DD hunters

    The only limitation is your skill There's nothing a player can do to stop cvs If you can't its your problem, others dont have any problem killing anything anytime
  9. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Hyperbole is a plague that needs to be addressed.

    Another wasted moment brought to you Ensign cthulhu
  10. NoLoveForPhatShips

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Surface combat ships only? Yes
  11. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Squadrons vs Ships totally unfair

    You want to know what is unfair low quality bait
  12. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Reported for trying to win

    If you're gonna die Die with your Boots on
  13. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Games from last night Again this is from primetime last night, all game were fairly balanced, all played out well and were good battles If MM only mirrored ships would the teams average be so close?