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  1. NoLoveForPhatShips

    LFC - abandoning my clan

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/173-clan-recruitment/ Yup a lot of people are
  2. NoLoveForPhatShips

    -BRS- Is looking for You

    Well we're all full up again at 50 ready for the next season New paint, brass is polished, fully stocked ready to go Want to give a shout out to all the next season's clans wishing you the best of luck Unless your battling us
  3. NoLoveForPhatShips

    WG staff

    Only thing WG cares about as long as that keeps flowing they could care less
  4. NoLoveForPhatShips

    -BRS- Is looking for You

    We picked up another tonight and we only have one spot left But it could be yours
  5. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Closing down threads

  6. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Confirmation bias my [edited]

  7. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Does WG not like small clans now?

    8v8 is going to make a bigger difference then they think LOL that's typical lets just do something and see what happens is so SOP
  8. NoLoveForPhatShips

    -BRS- Is looking for You

    CB's are back next week we love to play, if you do too we need to fill two spot still PM me
  9. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    Hands down close in combat British
  10. NoLoveForPhatShips

    -BRS- Is looking for You

    Meanwhile at BRS headquarters were producing new technologies for the next generation of ships Be part of the cutting edge with this clan Join today
  11. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Why Do you Play Destroyers (Diddys Quest To Understand)

    They're just Funnerer
  12. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Take Your Game and,,,

  13. NoLoveForPhatShips

    So what is the best tier to play now?

    Tier 9 is the new tier 7