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  1. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Great review as always Thanks mouse
  2. NoLoveForPhatShips

    -BRS- Is looking for You

    Sadly we've had a few members come and go over this last year so we wanted to open up recruitment again and we have a few spots. We're selectively recruiting Please feel free stop by our discord we love new faces. https://discord.gg/rQjeMcD
  3. NoLoveForPhatShips

    PSA: 0.8.8 sound change issues

    Really looking forward to a Fix wife aint too happy with battleship guns thundering through the house
  4. NoLoveForPhatShips

    CV whining is now outdated. Move on

    No it is the year of the CV, I think we still have a few months in us
  5. NoLoveForPhatShips

    CV whining is now outdated. Move on

    I would trade you submarines for no carriers Oh wait...
  6. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Appreciate Wargaming

    Yep war gaming this is still my favorite game to play thank you
  7. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Excellent CV Buff

    No I think hes really a 3rd party site I don't know if he really plays the game or not Most likely PR director of the CV rework
  8. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Excellent CV Buff

    I don't care how balanced they are or if they fit is it fun to play against that's the question
  9. NoLoveForPhatShips

    8.8 Patch Notes

    That's a lot of pinging
  10. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Excellent CV Buff

    No your unbelievable because you have nothing to back you up Might have some good points on thing but when you start bragging about your experience well... There is a lot to be left to imagination
  11. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Excellent CV Buff

    I used to live on Mars How unfair of you demand that they proof of anything
  12. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Excellent CV Buff

    @ITZ_ACE_NZ Great thread point out a lot of key issues that get drowned out all the time #makewowsgreatagain
  13. NoLoveForPhatShips

    Excellent CV Buff

    Yes it is very strong