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  1. Hi WG, just wanna purchase the second 10 skills IJN captain in armory but found only one there plus that lady was counted as many nation’s captain, that lady we saw her many years, why she turn to be 10 skills captain? I don’t get it, but I don’t wanna buy her, can we have more normal IJN captains with special skills soon?
  2. Thank you! Then I can see normal ship model gunbang each other in battle?
  3. Hi, this is so immersion breaking to see warhammar and space theme, is there a way to turn it off in battle to see only normal ships model? Thank you!
  4. WG you have to consider both side of players taste, if you mix WOWS with all fantasy stuff it’ll be feeling sick for me. But I hope you do so if your boss really wanna chase quick profit then I can save my money and time for some other new release games.
  5. Ya I’m a returning old player, just want to experience some historical naval warfare atmosphere once more but till I saw this crap of warhammer theme ships and a lot of space ships in the game I thought I made the wrong decision to return! WG, good job to mess up WOWS!
  6. Really ridiculous to mix WOWS with Warhammer fantasy, plz don’t do this anymore, WOWS becomes more weird if more of this type of stuff implemented in it. Gonna chase away a lot of players including me!
  7. Brock_Amnel

    Twelfth Ranked Sprint

    WG are you serious? Why the reward is so closefisted? I prepared a long time to get VIII ship, but look at the reward, rank 2-5 just award X5 banners! wth!
  8. Can not receive sms code via phone, also when i submit a ticket regard this it tells me WG is under technical issue plz try again later? What and what WG?