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  1. Why would anyone want to trade identical ships, My Friesland has a 21 pt captain, That's a long grind, No thanks I love my Friesland
  2. grandpa_1952

    WG Server Problem?

    I live in North Carolina, Charter is my ISP, the first thing I do is run a speed test and buffer bloat, A+ across the board, As soon as I log in and start playing Wows, maybe 5 min. in my wireless adt. gets disconnected, As long as I don't play warships my internet is fine, I can play any other game with no effect, so go figure, I have years a $$$ invested in the game, You would think wargaming would try a little harder to help get this resolved.
  3. grandpa_1952

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    I to have the same problem, don't say it is a local problem because it happening to a lot of player,s
  4. grandpa_1952

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Constant freezing and getting booted from game, got a team kill penalty of 16, because it kicked me in the middle of the game, sent report into support but they blamed it on my ISP, No problems until last update, Done an internet speedtest and got a solid 90 mbs anyone else having a problem ?