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  1. Black Swan - Changed AP to HE

    BRITANNIA RULES THE W- nevermind
  2. Round 2 for the PTS starts tomorrow (9/6).
  3. My personal Art work

    I like this a lot
  4. moving at a blistering 9 knots
  5. Ranked is dead

    give it a few days/weeks for people to climb up to rank 5 and then check again
  6. I love that show. That makes a lot more sense now.
  7. were did my ships go

    Godspeed captain
  8. Supercontainers - ad naseum

    sorry for flexing
  9. Supercontainers - ad naseum

    Last one I got had a Belfast, so that answers that question
  10. Tier restrictions? Ship type restrictions? Nation restrictions?
  11. I feel like IFHE would give more consistent damage, unless you want more fires from your main guns too
  12. *Reminder* Game Very Buggy on Mac

    There's your problem