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  1. MeKanism

    Black Swan - Changed AP to HE

    BRITANNIA RULES THE W- nevermind
  2. Round 2 for the PTS starts tomorrow (9/6).
  3. MeKanism

    My personal Art work

    I like this a lot
  4. moving at a blistering 9 knots
  5. MeKanism

    Ranked is dead

    give it a few days/weeks for people to climb up to rank 5 and then check again
  6. I love that show. That makes a lot more sense now.
  7. MeKanism

    were did my ships go

    Godspeed captain
  8. MeKanism

    Supercontainers - ad naseum

    sorry for flexing
  9. MeKanism

    Supercontainers - ad naseum

    Last one I got had a Belfast, so that answers that question
  10. Tier restrictions? Ship type restrictions? Nation restrictions?
  11. MeKanism

    Friedrich Der Grobe - IFHE or Demolition Expert?

    I feel like IFHE would give more consistent damage, unless you want more fires from your main guns too
  12. MeKanism

    Musashi is way easier to get using coal

    999,999,999 coal
  13. MeKanism

    *Reminder* Game Very Buggy on Mac

    There's your problem