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  1. Ognevoi B or A Hull?

    Yes. Its a gun boat. The positives severely out way the negatives
  2. MVP

    Overwatch does this and i enjoy it +1
  3. Kranschtadt?

    *Kronshtadt I think its still with supertesters atm
  4. demolishing a personal record!

    Windows Key+Alt+Print Screen Key is how to take a screenshot. And well done!
  5. What about a Greek Tech Tree?

    Sure, but they wont make any profit
  6. Suffering Through Bottom Tier

    I see. No wonder why i was confused when you mentioning a tier 6. My mistake
  7. Suffering Through Bottom Tier

    This, low tiers are fun to play (especially when clubbing)
  8. I dont see a reason why you would lose it
  9. Supercontainer glitch

    i have a glitch too. I never get them
  10. Why did you pick your patch?

    Squirrels are awesome
  11. Forum Game - Million Dollars, But...

    What if my waifu is an iguana