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  1. Hey Gal, just wanted to let you know I have started up WoWs again. Hope to see you in game :)

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    2. USMCGal


      Lol well he's a good old soul like us. And he likes to help people! 

      Don't ever be afraid to ask! 

    3. Chaos_EN2


      LoL Gal you should know I am a normal loud mouth sailor LoL

      But serious AT and I are good friends, and I know he is one of the great ones on here (like you:Smile_honoring:)

    4. USMCGal


      Aw thanks.  

      I think it is good that you are back. Time to shake em up again!  

      Keeping them (WG) honest is the hard part and all of us voiced that opinion with their Research Bureau plans. They were going to put buffs on existing tech tree ships...if you researched a complete line. We all banded together to stop that. 

      Glad you are back!