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  1. A Shout Out to all of my WoWs Friends

    That's ok, I have had you on my friends list for a time. When I see you on if I am up late I will ping you!!
  2. A Shout Out to all of my WoWs Friends

    Hi Chaos! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more!
  3. One would think. To most that should be enough but to others sadly it is not and they do not play as part of the team and cost the others the mission by not achieving the objectives.
  4. Most people who have already 5 star'd the mission have gotten their big rewards already and they do not play to the objectives for others. They just go into it to farm stars and kill ships because that is what gets you more stars. It is not really fair to not play to the objectives for the whole group. WG should reset the big rewards every 6 months or so. That way every one is playing for the complete goal so people can get them again.
  5. Toxic even in coop

    Fine game OP! 4 kills is nothing to get salty about in a cv. I would have complimented you. +1 Keep in mind with the various missions and dailies that they are putting out now. These can be done in co-op too, so you will see more random players in training mode (as they call it). Carry on!
  6. Cant open wow

    Wow, I wish their client worked well across the many platforms that are out there and people would not have to resort to doing full pc wipes to play...I am glad it worked though.
  7. Behaviour Not Warranted Ingame

    Might want to blot out their name or you will get dinged by the admins for Name and Shame... Send a ticket in to WG and report this person. There is no excuse for this.
  8. Cant open wow

    Understood. Thank you for the update. I hope the reinstall works.
  9. Cant open wow

    Can either of you run the game from the .exe and not through the Game Center Client?
  10. Oh thank you! Glad I could help someone out! That has been downloaded 500 times so far!
  11. If you are running ships with the game client software and do not have the original launcher. I have it here...WoWS_internet_install_na.zip Don't know if that will help or not but it might be worth a try. I have never had to do a reinstall from the original launcher software. Hope I just didn't jinx myself.
  12. Each person is entitled to choose which ever mode they prefer to play. That doesn't make us any less a player of this game than someone who plays pvp. That doesn't make us any less a person who pays for premium time and or doubloons than you or any other person who plays PVP. Many co-op people contribute to the game with their money. That keeps this game afloat. It's not PVP it's not CO-OP its PEOPLE that keep this great game afloat. PEOPLE! It should not matter to anyone what anyone wishes to play. To each their own. I would welcome a change to fight against people in co-op even if it is the pinks. It beats having them torpedo me from behind while trying to hide behind islands...but I guess that has it's own advantages. See you in co-op.
  13. I would like to obtain at least one T9 ship before the end of the year...the grinds are getting longer and longer though.
  14. Varyag SCs

    I got 50k Free XP. I'll thank it and thank you WG.
  15. Anti-Abuse Protest!!

    Troll team killers not being banned are one thing and are WG's responsibility, or lack there of apparently. Them knowing about it and doing nothing is just as bad as taking that same person and dumping them into the game mode we like/want to play. Barring people from playing the game mode/s they would like to play and, pay money to play, is another issue. They chose separating people from their preferred game type over programming a fix to remove an AFK ship from a game and adding another to it. I never said anything about touching or playing a users ship period. But people still complain of late load in times even now...a person we div with loads into the game about 30-45 seconds after we do. Some others have complained about loading in 2 minutes into a match. Should this not get looked into as well? Last week I was in such a match that could have been won if our AFK DD had been in. Yes a Random game not co-op. Is it frustrating yes, but you go to the next game. I complimented the person who tried to carry the game and hoped that eased some of the expressed anger he felt. I know though as the tiers go up the stakes get higher. The bots at higher tiers will wipe out a team often. They kite and zig and zag even at mid tiers now. They turn out of our shells but we cannot turn out of theirs hardly ever. Turning out of torps at less that 2k now as well. And their guns are most accurate. I seriously do not think this will promote anything but more salt for co-op players and will frustrate the random players more by being removed from their game play mode. Adding them to co-op will only keep them there longer as spamming torps from max range will ruin any close in fighting game play that co-op mains like. So in essence you are clearing people out of one mode and dumping those into the mode we like/want to play. But perhaps that is their intention. I can see it now...and actually experienced that fun and engaging time last week being team killed twice by people that usually play random. But I guess it is nice to know how many people play co-op by all of the threads about this very issue. Perhaps WG should take notice of that. I was in a game yesterday with a bunch of random people who said they come to co-op now more because of the bad random play...perhaps the tide is shifting. I do agree with Chaos_EN2, trusting to Wargaming's "thought" processes have let me down often of late.