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  1. USMCGal

    Game Center Problem!

    The other one is the Task Manager. Right click Task bar at bottom of main desktop window>Select Task manager or Press Ctrl +Alt+Del to get to it. Apparently the WGC is hung and not displaying correct information. Rebooting the pc should correct this as well, if you leave it on for a few days at a time. Good Luck!
  2. USMCGal

    Future of the game?

    One would think that WG would like to keep it's customers. It seems not though because we, "the customer" are being ignored. Questions are asked of us, changes are play tested , opinions are given and they just steamroll forward as if no one exists. Asking questions does no good either as we get no answers. Taking the News threads down about the WGC with the comments wipes that under the carpet as well. The WGC download version issue has still not been corrected as some people are still complaining about not being able to pick their install location. For some who originally tested the beta WGC it tossed up some alarm bells. For the trust that WG is trying to exude to the chosen CV testers and then slamming the CV people with the "you must have WGC" to participate in the test, it is just wrong. I understand they are a company, I also understand that they do not nor ever will listen to anything we want. As it stands now there are bugs that have not been corrected for numerous patches. Or they are for one patch then they come back in the next one. You can keep some people if you would just develop an alternative to using your client. Some people do not trust it when their existing client works flawlessly. A work around for Steam is not what we want to have to do. A full migration process would be preferred for those that do not want the WGC. Many have said they would do that and keep playing if it was put in place. I have 6 dedicated people that would. Will you even consider that? Who knows if you at least allow us to keep playing maybe one day our wallets won't be cemented shut as they are right now. It is truly sad to see such a unique game that is loved by many with a truly dedicated band of people become split due to poor and misguided management. Out
  3. Unsure about the good behavior part but I dc'd from a game last week and did not have pink after the game either... I never saw the message that the penalty was removed as I was able to get into the game briefly. But when I did reconnect I saw my ship for a few seconds, then I had no hud and was DIW observing. I saw no enemy near me dead or alive at the time either.
  4. USMCGal

    For those with concerns about WGC

    Under the support section there is a Game Center feedback thread. Start at about half way down on page 6, With Nidhogrr & KSN's (sp) posts...they are the ones that discovered the two different installers. There are clearly 2 different files out there for this WGC. WG was told of this issue and has not corrected it. Others on Reddit have complained about the install location as well. Some said they had no issues others obviously got the installer that forces you to install to the Program Data folder... Of the 2 News articles that said the WGC was going to be pushed out to all users, many people have said they don't want this installer in the comments. That it is not needed. And they are right. It is not needed. All of us want a bit more "transparency" with this program. "Once bitten twice shy", they say. Unfortunately this program bit a lot of people and it continues to do so. What may work for you perfectly, may not work for another person. Please keep this in mind and try to at least respect each others information on the subject and the issues they are or are not having. I have asked questions multiple times and never got them answered. If this is the "transparency" we can expect going forward there seems to be a serious issue with this company. I hope to see you on the seas...right now it is not looking that promising if WG forces my hand. On the other hand I am wondering if I do put this on all 5 of my pc's what it would do to my network. Good Luck Captains.
  5. I dread being a DD on my team. I usually die too quickly but I am getting better. I generally try to eliminate the other dd and that usually gets me offed. What I dread seeing on my team is a bot CV. -I can depend on nothing from them, no help with cover nor help with spotting the enemy cv...only to be torped by them...sigh.
  6. USMCGal

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    Yes sometimes. Generally we play to the dailies which is T5 or higher. But our group likes new and older ships so we can play anything from T1 to T8 at times. Some of the people we play with do not get to play that much so we keep our lower tier ships to help div with them when they are on.
  7. USMCGal

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    ^ This too. My damage is in the dumpster as well. I land the shells see them hit, oh 9 bounces...1 hit...sigh. I rammed a BB the other day cause I got tired of shelling him and having all my stuff either break up or bounce. I had enough of that apparently. Thanks @Taylor3006 I too was hoping for something small to help improve game play but the drastic changes were a bit above board and totally shifted the game balance and meta.
  8. USMCGal

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    @Fletcher7_1944 Your observations are pretty much the same as mine where the game play has changed. I will not HE spam either. One does simply not play BB's that way. One would "think" that if a significant part of the player base does indeed play co-op, that they would not purposefully mess it up for them. But as many have said they must not really play that part of the game to know what their players truly want from that game mode. Makes me wonder what they test and why they would continually push away a dedicated player base that DOES spend money on the game. Co-op mains have invested heavily in this game too. I have my fair share of premiums and have spent money here and there but WG keeps making changes that do not benefit the game play nor it's players. Instead they have to totally ruin a mode that so many had found enjoyable. Making co-op boring like random battles is not what we wanted. We would like to brawl other bb's and knife fight that destroyer. Giving us the chance to do that until the end of the match is what most of us want back. We never asked for you to end matches early. Giving us back that ability to earn more XP is what we need now more than ever. Unfortunately WG will do as they see fit without a by your leave from us. They couldn't find a happy medium with both hands and a hand grenade to save their lives. What I said before about this ship sinking, well the water is at the port holes and there is nothing we can do about it. I guess them mixing up the charging bots with the hiding bots is the best we can ever hope for now. At this point with the hiding kiting bots an increase in economics is their only viable option simply because they have backed themselves into a corner like always. They have no foresight to think ahead and they only think of the here and now. I didn't mind the kiting addition, that was fine and more of a challenging target to hit. But when you have a ship that is out running you WHILE kiting that is total [edited]. Now the BB's are doing s-turns to avoid torps launched at 2-3km or less. I generally get in close when I launch torps 1-2 km or sometimes, if I survive the secondary's closer. Now the bot ships bounce total volleys of shells at broadside and point blank range. I know the bots cheat like hell but they have crossed the line where it is ridiculous in some cases. The game play changes have really impacted cruiser play as well simply because you get focused before you can launch any torps. One change affects so many other things in the game. But again WG is only working on the next "new and shiny" that they aren't paying attention to the train wreck that is going to possibly jump the tracks with the next update. Truly sad.
  9. As a co-op main those bonus' are sorely missed. I agree.
  10. USMCGal

    Cant install WGC

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/127462-wargamingnet-game-center-feedback/?page=6 This link as some info on why the installer location cannot be picked. On page 6-7 I think...At the time they started this WGC stuff again they were pushing 2 different installers out to people. Nothing like consistency right? One where you could pick an install location and another where you were forced to use the c:\program Data folder. I linked the one feedback thread with a couple of links to installers in them. If you can get the alternate file perhaps that one might work... Good luck!
  11. USMCGal


    The bots seem to be back to normal no more hiding and chasing them down. The biggest issue I had was not with the kiting but their lack of speed reduction with the kiting. Being in an Iron Duke and trying to chase a bot Iron Duke while it was doing all of the fancy footwork was a bit over the line. I am sailing straight for him, while he is kiting and I was still not gaining on him. Thank you WG my secondary's will be able to hit something again! I would prefer the 12 bots vs 12 humans option. It would be a nice change of pace and that version might help better prepare people for the true size battles that Randoms are. It seems that more and more people are leaving random to come to co-op even if only to complete a daily mission or challenge.
  12. USMCGal


    If we wanted to play PVP we would but we don't. We prefer co-op period. Now the game is just not fun as they ruined it. If I wanted to hide behind an island I would, but I didn't have to in Co-op because the bots never hid until now. My idea of fun is not sniping at max range. I like to fight up close. Now that is gone. You cannot even do that in PVP as everyone hides. Now any and all secondary builds we have on our ships are utterly useless because you simply cannot close with a ship that is running away from you faster than you can close the distance. Now we have to chase our prey down as the cheating bot kites away at full steam and are not even taking any speed loss for kiting...simply no longer fun.
  13. USMCGal


    ^This 120% Congratulations WG you just can never get anything right can you? I went from scoring at least 20k per battle and higher to now only get 4-5 hits per battle at times. I played about 5 games this night and only once was I over 50k damage...now I don't call that an improvement especially when I see bb's that are supposed to be as slow as me turning and zigging and zagging out of my shells and still out frigging running me....yeah. You created a new random mode, well you can shove it. Repeal this garbage of an improvement. We never asked for ships that turn and run, we never asked for them to hide behind islands. On epicenter they were not even contesting the cap zones. We like to fight the ships and I don't care if they yolo it certainly beats having to chase them down in every game that we will have to play going forward. You didn't just miss the mark here people you should be in the water asking for a life preserver to save you.
  14. Thank you for the information and suggestions on skills to pick. I just got mine yesterday but have not played her yet. Thought I would read up on her a bit...+1
  15. Windows 10 has a built in setting called Night light. Which adjusts the screen to a more amber color per the scheduled times you select. I have used Flux on my laptop at work with no issues. Is good if you work off hours or late into the night. After a while of having it you don't even notice the color changes.