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  1. Stuttering could be video related as well... Try setting the Direct x back to version 9 instead of dx11. Set all video options to Medium or Low and make sure you have the most current version of drivers for your video card. Do no use Windows 10 windows updates to update your card. Go to the manufacturers website and down load new ones if possible. Try playing a game or two with those settings and slowly turn back on other video options etc.. see what breaks the game again. To get around any game center issues you can also try running the game directly from the .exe. You will still need the game center client installed for future updates though. Just fyi.
  2. Under your user profile there is a separate menu item for "My Attachments". Do they all show up there? Would be interesting to know if they do...
  3. ^This and very much so. They should be "thinking" of the overall player base both existing and new, when making new items available. If people are interested why not.
  4. I agree that they should offer the flags separately for those that truly want them and for those that got the ship prior to their new and improved "bundle". But I see what WG is doing in only offering it as part of a bundle because they are trying to land the bigger fish and do not care about the smaller game...That seems to be their entire money making strategy period. Eventually that will catch them up cause everyone will have everything in their tech tree lines or premiums and people will stop buying. If they took half the time to completely consider all options instead of rushing obscenely large packages out the door they might make more money over the longer haul than just quick cash. Adding new things ad hoc doesn't help either and dissing your current player base over new [steam] players will cost them. Until I can fly two flags however this point is moot.
  5. What about your Direct X setting? Have you tried lowering that to 9? What I generally do is set everything to the lowest possible settings, turn shadows off ,anti aliasing, foliage etc.. Then slowly turn one thing back on then play a game. It is tedious and I do not know what you have attempted yet. Just tossing stuff out there for you to try...
  6. The link to the original installer is further up in this thread if any of you are still having issues.
  7. Or you were out of range of your target?
  8. 1. The opaque or solid background is a good idea! 2. If training room is an acceptable mod it should be part of the game. Along with a check box for enabling replays with some functionality built in to auto delete them after a period of time which the user can set. I don't use mods. I consider them cheats. but I digress...Regardless (This is not to or at you directly so please do not be offended if it sounds as such) I still feel overall that clans should be able to play together all year round. This garbage of having it be a season is worthless. Otherwise what is the point to having a group of people that do want to play together? i.e. sarcasm: "Oh here is clans btw you can only play together when we say you can play together, sorry". The short sightedness of WG is really bad. 2.a. I think the Team battles took place before I was in the game and I have heard it mentioned on and off throughout my reading. But some form of playing mode should be in place for everyone to play same tier matches all the time as well and have it free form as you said not a competition...that would be nice. 4. The filter is not for me but for those around me. Those little people that I don't want seeing certain things. People do not seem to understand that and they say grow a think skin...trust me when I say I can cuss like the rest of everyone here but, I choose not to because of those around me. So even if they do not get the correct spelling that is fine...as long as they can not see the correct spelling. Understand? 5. Misbehavior in chat would apply to this.. if your out of bounds your zinged by your peers. Or at least those that care to do so. Like other things it can be abused but I didn't make the system they did. We just have to live by it. 6. I would like to see "worth while" canned messages...we have requesting support and sos. Why the heck do we need 2 messages for literally the same thing? Pare them down but make them more worthwhile...and functional to the team. Guess that is the comms jarhead in me speaking. 7. That sounds like a good idea as well...something to give you a brief window to see where you are at in relation to others. I almost ran mush first into a BB. Being too focused is a bad thing. I could never use the zoom feature either, scroll wheel all the way for me! 8. Provide me a link on how I should angle in relation to the enemy please. Teamwork or lack there of : Then you keep teeing up targets regardless. If even one person fires at said target then you have accomplished your task. Then move onto the next target. There is nothing you can do about the hissy's in the game. You play your game and assist the team if you can. (9. Being able to block chat from a specific person while in game would be a good thing. Have valid during the game only...?)
  9. I don't think it is as much lacking the cajones to advance but the fact that they have been hung out to dry too many times which would dictate the play style that exists now. It is not fun to advance and look behind you to see empty sea and then you are part of it. If others would support the push that would help. A few of the random games I have played I did get others to assist me though that is an extremely rare occurrence which is sad.
  10. Semper Fi my brothers and sisters! Was a com grunt, served 3 years stationed at 29 palms and Pendelton.
  11. 1. Chat text needs to be changeable in not only size but alternate colors too.-people have been asking for that for years! White on a white ocean is bloody stupid. 2. Clans should be allowed to fight amongst each other ALL THE TIME! ALL YEAR ROUND! - a. This would limit matchmaking for the clan vs other clans playing at the same tier. b. Allows clans to practice together all year round for the next season of play. c. And open up alternate clan based play modes for clans in general which could be available throughout the year. d. a Clan Campaign would be nice too. Long term I feel this promote teamwork in alternate play modes. e. They need to make exceptions for people not yet in a clan as well and allow them to join this game play. 3. Beginners tutorials that one can go to once they unlock a ship of said class & tier, including cv play...you take your ship into the tutorial and play it in a training room match against a set group of ships. Make repeatable. 4. Profanity filter would be a nice start too. Again something that has been asked for time and again. 5. Adding a General Chat into the Chat types might help keep the random talk from overlapping the game mode talk..Divs have a separate chat why not add a General chat to the game too. 6. Don't know if the current F keys state this or not but it would be nice to have ones that state: Torping to/from or behind (if you are following said person) your starboard, Torping to/from your port An alert for torp planes inbound so you can call out enemy planes inbound on a friendly. Similar for Dive bombers. Alert for enemy torps inbound. 7. A simple audio message stating that you are on a collision course with a friendly ship...and give range to target so you can take notice and adjust accordingly. 8. Develop some sort of mentoring system with rewards for both parties. Tutorials probably will not be enough to keep people in the game long term. Having someone show another the ropes as they progress is not a bad thing. Most glaring issue no teamwork...some of the above might help develop that. FWINW
  12. People have been asking for this for a long time and I agree. It would help not only the new people but others that have left the game and came back to it to get a feel for the game again. Would be nice if they would have something for each tier and ship class and give you the option to play in the training room built into the game but I digress.
  13. If using the new Game Center Client try setting the Direct X to 9 vs 11...that has fixed the crashing issue for others.
  14. The Halloween ships are for the event. Your existing ships should still be there...make sure you go to the carousel view to see your ships...if you have Halloween game mode selected it grays out the rest of your ships. Select co-op or random to see your ships... The game center client launcher is the beta version of the new launcher....not the game..
  15. "Beta Versions"??? If you were running under the old launcher and now have the new Game Center Client the launcher is their new "beta launcher" ... A lot of people are having issues with the new launcher. But your ships should still show up once the game is installed. If you want the old launcher you can download that here:WoWS_internet_install_na.zip