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  1. my game broke?

    I had the same thing happen to me while in an operation right after I died as well...I do hope this is fixed.
  2. WoWs Crashes on Steam Launch

    I would send in a support ticket on this asking specifically if you can have multiple installs on the same drive from the differing platforms (i.e. game center vs steam)...maybe they could verify that for you.
  3. I dug my Mosin 91/30 out last night to see if I could do the same and granted I am not in the best of shape but, I could hold it for about 40 seconds or so just counting. Minus bayonet of course and I'm 5' 2"... so it could be done...just not for a very long time...I am definitely not firing it like that as I know I will eat the barrel and would not hit anything...lol
  4. No, you still have to contribute to the game play...If you do not contribute enough to the game play the game will not come off...so play!
  5. When is Rains in pours

    Hi Chaos, I hope things are going better! I know and feel your pain as well. The hubby and I built a 40 ft bridge over the backyard creek this past summer, Worked from early May to the end of September. Spent most of the savings I needed for a replacement vehicle. We had the furnace and AC inspected like we usually do in the fall, they found cracks in the igniter area...hence needs replaced. I still need a vehicle but elected to repair it for now. Got that fixed after Christmas, but the vehicle sat due the family getting the flu...went to go drive the vehicle this past week and both calipers hard locked on me and my front brake job got fried...poor car repair guy had to redo my whole front brake job...soo I know how your doing! Regards, USMCGal
  6. Can I shut off badges?

    I can "sort of" understand how WG might have "thought" that the badges overall would be a neat addition to the game. However the way in which they have been applied is in extremely poor taste and has created more salt than not. I do not think that getting a badge in your face from your enemy is very sportsman like. Nor does it promote good feelings amongst the teams. Creating animosity at a players removal from the game is not the way you should be promoting your product. Why not instead have a little box pop up on the side that asks you : Bestow Karma? With a check box. This would allow you, the defeated, to determine if this was a good kill for the aggressor. This would allow you to determine your outcome and give the aggressor a compliment, if you so chose. Perhaps applying a smaller badge to ones ship or to the icon above the mini map (upon death) would be better than to have the badge flaunted at you like a salt lick. Not giving the player base an option to turn the badges off is the most irrational decision that you have made thus far. I would hope that this is changed.
  7. Multiple issues: 1. The Erie's hud is malfunctioning-no gun loading times are lists and are all greyed out. No firing icon comes up when zooming in on a target so you have no lead or range indicators. *I will buy back my Erie tonight and see if I can replicate this issue as this was happening on a family members account and not mine. (could not replicate issue). 2. Torp bombers seem to have a random "text field" label on them for a brief second or two when launched from a cv. It goes away so quickly that it is hard to get a print screen. 3. Also I have noticed that cv planes when launched from the cv will sometimes appear half way across the map, then blip back to the original starting/launch position by the cv.
  8. Christmas Day Game Play

    I hope to be around as well. If I see ya on @Chaos_EN2 I'll ping you to div up if you want. I am sure by then my sleep schedule will be totally shot.
  9. Merry Christmas to Warships

    @Chaos_EN2 Thank you and the same to you and yours! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone as well, and stay safe for those in harms way! Semper Fi ! Regards, USMCGal
  10. USS Cassin Young USS Constitution USS Cod William G. Mather USNS Hiddensee USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. USS Lionfish USS Massachusetts PT 617-at the time both were under restoration. PT 796 USS Nautilus Charles W Morgan- Mystic Seaport USS North Carolina USS Fahrion when she was in port one time. Not a museum ship she was active duty at the time. My ultimate goal is to visit one Iowa Class BB's one day...
  11. No worries on the late reply and thanks for letting me know the status of your pc. I am truly sorry and hope you did not lose too much in the way of your personal data, pics etc. Time to start pc hunting...
  12. Have you tried to look at Lenovo's website for any fixes? It may be a known issue for your laptop model and they may have a fix that you could resolve on your own. I found this one here:-http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3051432/lenovo-laptop-turns-black-screen.html and this one- https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Laptop-Won-t-Boot-BLACK-SCREEN-NO-BIOS-ACCES-NO-SAFE-MODE-SOLVED/m-p/1432831#M90781 I don't know if they will work with the model of laptop you have though...
  13. I wasn't sure how old your pc was hence the suggestion. I hope you can get your pc back up and running again.
  14. You said you had a Lenovo. The newer machines come with a reset button on the back of the laptop. It is a very small sized hole on the back of the laptop just below the screw and below the area where you would attach a docking station to the laptop. Just something enough to fit a paper clip into and press the little button on the mother board. Check and see if you have such a reset option...better yet look up your laptop model type to see if it does exist for your laptop type. It certainly beats paying geek squad 100$ just to have them do the same thing. It's worth a shot at this point.
  15. original installer

    Here is a zipped file of the old launcher. See if you can download this one please. WoWS_internet_install_na.zip