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  1. USMCGal


    My deepest sympathies to you and his family.
  2. USMCGal

    LOL here we go... (PVE Thread)

    Nice to know they are aware of the issue and will be working on it.
  3. USMCGal

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    Thank you.
  4. USMCGal

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    Is there a time frame to this change or is it still tbd? Thank you
  5. As long as you have the time to do so yes.
  6. Depends on the ship i play. I don't play that much at this time just a few games at night and I don't have my screen shots with the info at this time. BB's seem alot less damage than I used to get which reflect the stars. I rarely play dd's anymore because our mode is saturated with the ship. Cruisers I do better in but again it's hit or miss like this game is... The good games with alot of damage are long gone for me and at the time i play ...just my perspective is all. Could be my pc too.. its lower end and older.
  7. From what I have seen lately, Yes. I play mainly in the evenings. Depending on when you play, what you can earn fluctuates. Lately battles have been way fast. So earning the base XP is alot harder now that there are full human teams all the time now that the snowflakes are being ground off.
  8. USMCGal

    CO-OP changes

    BB's in co-op were the popular choice for a time because of the bots laser like strike capability at times that broke dd and cruiser play for a time. Why go in with a ship that will be vaporized in one shot? Balance being what it is WG still does not have it right. We shall see what this new update brings. I feel the dd cap at 3 should be the hard cap period. In slower BB's you still get no damage. 6-10 k damage in my US BB's means I am losing credits and not gaining anything on ships that I must play to get stars on. Besides if there are no human players all WG's subs in are DD's...we don't need more dd's. Sub in bot cruisers or bb's if needed.
  9. USMCGal

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.10

    I agree about the updated graphics and that there is just not a need for it. I would rather hope that they would fix the bugs with the bots running into islands that these wonderful graphics updates have caused. I didn't know there was a mod for this either so thank you! It may be the first mod I would have to use as well.
  10. USMCGal

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.10

    I read it the same ( and my brain is beyond tired). I hope they keep the majority of earnings like before and just limit the tokens. If they keep the personal challenges thing around that might help even out the coal earnings too. Thank you for the replies everyone!
  11. USMCGal

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.10

    Will the "ship rocking" be nullified with the graphics set to low as well? More info on how this will not affect gameplay is required please. I had hoped that the Christmas flakes would have been like before earning direct rewards of coal and or steel per tier. Many people depend on this time to earn more coal to get ships before the end of the year/ship removal. Now you are taking that away too. If the tokens can be turned in for coal that is fine but again just having the flakes earn direct rewards is easier and less cumbersome.
  12. USMCGal

    Halloween Scenarios Broken?

    I have a hunch that the ships were still operating under the old captain skill set and not the new "reworked" ones. It's easier to omit something than to spend the time fixing it. So everything got tanked economywise... The Elite Captain Xp earnings were the main draw to these operations as you could get a decent pay out with flags to boost it. It is sad to see such a lack of forethought to these events. The missions "could" have been revamped to be at higher tiers so they would count for the dailies but no. What I do not understand is that if you are bringing back an event why go out of your way to nerf it into oblivion? I would have thought that having this event would help people gain that much needed ECXP...but there I go again thinking logically...
  13. USMCGal

    Waterline: Superships

    Can we get a Reset to Classic Wows button please? For those that do not care for any of this tripe.
  14. USMCGal

    I Want a New Button

    But do they respond to such commands? How can we tell if they do? What I see most, other than bots getting stuck on islands is that they refuse to come out into the open. Hiding like they were in a random battle. This is the most frustrating aspect of the new and "improved" bots...Bots that hide like people. This ruins the whole game play for me personally and has changed everything in the game making my slower bb's worthless.