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  1. USMCGal

    AI's New Behavior

    Been seeing this a lot. As they skirt the edge of the map they contribute little to the battle.
  2. USMCGal

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    Welcome to the forums. People play what they prefer to play. It beats hiding behind an island and getting left unsupported any day.
  3. USMCGal

    migrate to windows 10

    I recently updated my pc from Windows 7 to Win 10 and had Wows on a secondary internal Hard drive. I did not have to reinstall anything on that drive. Good Luck!
  4. Played a handful of games last night and most of them ended with 2-3 ships left standing. Did I take screenshots of each and everyone? No but I think I will start keeping track of my battles too. I think there was only one or two battles that had all ships down. My overall damage has gone down drastically in this game too. Last night I have had at least half of my games be under 10k dmg or less. Occasionally poor positioning is to blame but not all the time. I think that the 9 vs 9 format was not implemented to be an improvement but allows more to stay on the plate. I also think that the time of day you play factors into this as well as how many bots you have on your team and server pop. The bots do yolo but if they take out a one for one until they are gone the points remain fairly even. Until the humans start capping and eliminating the bots. But in the same case how can you not cap...Capping=stars, Damage = stars. And who doesn't need those stars for Naval Battles or some other objective? It's kind of a catch 22 and they know that. They say they are "looking into it" but that will not be a quick fix like most of us hope. Or they will liberally use that sledge hammer of theirs to ruin the mode. Because I believe that they have backed themselves into a corner and they do not know a way out and they will not change a thing. The current Co-op is no longer fun. I try to trick myself into thinking, "well maybe this game I will do well in" , or this game etc...not anymore.
  5. USMCGal

    Update 0.9.0 - Feedback

    The update installed correctly and I was able to play some yesterday and completed some of the directives. I must say it was nice just to be able to do that again after the daunting PR directives. I have however noticed that the results screen seems to hang at the end of the game. It takes about 10-15 seconds for it to show up. And this seems to be getting longer and longer with each successive update. This has started since the 8.0 updates began. The GUI over all needs some help as it takes longer and longer to open things like Naval Battles and the Armory etc...perhaps someone can look into this? The overall game plays fine over Ethernet, no lag bursts like I was getting over wireless. I never use mods either and am using the original installer. The new gun loaded sound is not needed. Was not asked for and again is just not needed so please give those that play with headsets the chance to turn these additional noise makers off. It is annoying enough on my desktop speakers. Thank you.
  6. USMCGal

    Armory Broken?

    Those seem to be down for me as well.
  7. Then still asks for your wallet...as if nothing happened.
  8. New operation-Escort/tow the garbage scow to the scrap yard...if the bots sink your scow before you get it there then you get no steel reward. I wouldn't mind using it for target practice. As long as it stays sunk and doesn't come back.
  9. USMCGal

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone! I got a nice portable work radio for working around the house and a gallon of Sailor Jerry! Be safe!
  10. I guess hindsight being what it is they (aka WG) should have not promoted an item for free until they had their heads wrapped around their directives, which were totally outlandish to complete within the specified time frame. Sounds like the brain doesn't know what direction the feet are going. These directives only make people fail the grind half way through, so they would have no choice but to pay to finish the ship. That is unfair and deceptive. I would have accepted a fair grind to give it a try for free but they didn't make it that way. That is on WG. Not the player base for standing up to this mess. Pissing off your player base during Christmas is not the way to promote good will. Nor will it make wallets open further. I am more disappointed that the dockyard was presented in this fashion than the loss of a ship. The devs who made the dockyard should get an A+ for a nice idea. The man hours alone to make it had to be a lot. WG marketing, well they get an F. I am not renewing my premium time either. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  11. Green bots definitely know how to play to the objectives at times. I was in a match where I was the only human left and the greens capped two points for me while I was taking out the last two bb's. So they can do it. The enemy bots not so much. As they leave caps more than they stay in them. I have not seen any improvement for the added ship either. It's XP and credits going down the drain. If WG can come up with a solution for both modes that is not a sledgehammer to either mode, I'll probably have a heart attack. I just hope they do not break co-op to the point it is unplayable.
  12. USMCGal

    9 game co-op penalty.

    I have noticed the complaints of others saying they outright got a 6 game penalty for minor damage. Something has changed again without our knowledge as the penalties for friendly damage have increased drastically. Be careful at Tier 1 cause the friendly bots like to stop and chat with the reds...all in the center of the bloody map too.
  13. I can fully understand that, however don't buy a car just by looking at its sticker price. Ever. Do your homework and take the time to research things. I never had my hopes set on the PR but the T7 ship and even that is an insane grind for a co-op main like me. Which is simply not happening. I am really disappointed that WG thinks so less of us to set such high tasks that one cannot complete in time. Even the unicum players were saying that Directive 7 is insane and not doable and they play all day. I have learned to never hope that this company will do the right thing by it's player base unless we scream for it. The grinds are too long and they knew that upfront. They just wanted your money upfront and on the back end when you could not grind your way to the ship. If WG wants to cater to the whales fine let them. Us lesser whales might not get you your cmas bonus WG, but I am sure we help keep the lights on at this time of year. Remember that next year.
  14. USMCGal

    I have NEVER seen Co-op games go so fast as this AM

    Very tempting indeed. With the games ending so fast you can barely make any naval battle caps that are needed too.
  15. USMCGal

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Um I had matches at 2:58 seconds this past Sunday...Damage was very miss in most games. The 4 dd matches though still hurt for objectives. OP- torping at 3 km is simply not done in co-op anymore. If you want the torps to hit anything it's in their porthole point blank or you lose out.