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  1. USMCGal

    Is everyone having fun?

    I am having fun teaching my youngest ( now 13- started playing when she was 10-11) who decided to pickup the game again. I was discussing angles and how to avoid torpedo's this morning with her... It irked her as she is doing geometry in school right now...and here she thought she would never use that stuff...lol kids.
  2. USMCGal

    "WGC" Files on non-WGC install

    Looks like those files are installing with every update as well. I had them on a pc from a Jan 29th update. I deleted them then ran the 8.1 update and they got reinstalled. Thank you and Good catch!
  3. USMCGal

    Just something cool

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
  4. USMCGal

    Languishing in the Langley

    And I keep giving CV players Karma as I see all of their planes evaporate before they can even attack with them.
  5. USMCGal

    target lock

    This has been an issue for over a year and still has not been corrected. Even when cycling through the target lock when ships are close it sometimes does not go back to the nearest target and will only toggle between the two farthest targets. It is frustrating.
  6. For all of the reasons stated above by my fellow co-op players and one more thing for me personally. I like the up close and personal dueling BB fights. And any others for that matter. The bots know where we are so there is no hiding from them. The hiding and sniping meta is just not me. I like the fight that is brought to me. Semper Fi
  7. I have had those games as well where the bots just troll you and will not drop...and your shells are just not hitting hard enough. And it feels like you are fighting with cardboard... Lately though it seems as if I cannot do nearly the same amount of damage as I used to. Those games are extremely few and far between.
  8. USMCGal

    It can be done. . .

  9. I would rather the mercy rule was gone as well. Being in a slow US BB I need all the damage I can get.
  10. USMCGal

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You WG

    Thank you WG.
  11. USMCGal

    Random vs Co Op gameplay

    Being aggressive in co-op is good. Being aggressive in Randoms not so much... I have tried that DD hiding island thing, it does not work for me too much...
  12. USMCGal

    Lock on bugs

    4. When two targets are close to one another switching lock does not go to the next nearest target...instead lock disappears to either another target farther away or goes back to the original target. Reported this over a year go.
  13. USMCGal

    BB's need support in a coop????

    I beg to differ with this statement as well, nine times out of ten I destroy the DD's with my mains. Brawling other BB's in Co-op is a treat as well.
  14. @Sabene @ChuunChuunMaru Understood, thank you for the information. Unfortunately this does not seem to be a "quick" fix issue. I hope the support people understand that it is a fairly wide spread issue and fix it fast for you all!
  15. I don't know your OS's nor makes and models of pc's, so I will take a chance and ask this...have any of you tried to run the game directly from the warships.exe and NOT through the WGC? Are any of you running the original launcher and having this issue? Can you change your port to just Ocean? Does that minimize the lag/crashing?