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  1. USMCGal

    is WGC finally unavoidable?

    If you refer to todays news announcement about the WGC someones ticket specifically says that you need the WGC to run the game. At this point i am not sure what is right or wrong with so much information/misinformation being explained. Are there variations between the WGC launchers, I don't doubt that there is. We already know there are multiple launchers which really does not ease my fears. As all my other games run fine on my pc and this game is the only bottle neck I will either have to work around or start over using the Steam client. The issue that I have is that their WG error monitor currently hard locks my pc. So really a moot point on how it runs or updates unfortunately. @KilljoyCutter has said that attempting to turn this off crashes the WGC program. At this point I know this software will cause further issues with my pc so it is not an afraid to change thing. It is a known software issue. Thank you for trying anyway.
  2. USMCGal

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    Well thank you for the confirmation of my fears about this WGC. Knowing that I cannot even run the WGC without this crap running in the background nixes this game for me. Take care.
  3. USMCGal

    is WGC finally unavoidable?

    FYI-You need to run the game through the WGC now....check out the new post in news and announcements as someone posted a reply to their ticket asking about that issue. For me the game breaker is their Error monitor program constantly running in the background on my pc. It hard locks my pc after one battle. It is also not needed. I haven't tried to update my game as yet and probably won't. I might try the steam workaround if it still works. Otherwise it is starting over from scratch on steam proper.
  4. USMCGal

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    um I don't think so... I asked 2 questions they are different. You answered the one about migrating the account to Steam not about the workaround. Not saying anything else on that front. Thanks for forwarding though. Have a good day!
  5. USMCGal

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    What about this option? Will that be going away with this migration?
  6. USMCGal

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    Well sorry to disagree with you sir but my questions have STILL NOT been answered. Others take my info then never report back. I want to be able to pick my own directory for install, not have to move it after install. WG claims to have fixed this but people still cannot control the install folder. Can we get some clarification on this? Why two different Installers...and I am not referring to PT. Can we migrate our accounts to STEAM fully? ( i know the answer to this but thought I would ask again anyway) Will you be taking away the STEAM workaround that currently exists, if we do not like the WGC or it does not work on our pc's? Others have said that this download will see my current install? Is that true or will i be forced to reinstall the whole game, like many others have had to do this when converting to the WGC? We really would like information from the source but you are not providing these details that others want to know upfront. That I want to know upfront please. Everyone is giving out conflicting information on this and we would like to know the full "transparent" facts please.
  7. USMCGal

    Take your 100 points back

    So if I can earn more XP by the game lasting a few minutes longer how is that lesser reward? One can go into a random battle get 10 hits and still make double what you can in a co-op game for double the amount of effort you would need to perform in a Co-op game, to reap the same. But I am good with that. I prefer Co-op along with the people. We meaning my clan and those that I play with in the Co-op mode. There are far more that play this mode that post on this forum. As for random's on easy, ha could really care less. I go in there every now and again to remind myself to not bother. Hiding behind islands is not my forte. I suppose I could yolo but that is not right to do either. So I refrain from that mode due to the toxicity and boring high tier meta. LOL the only time I ever back up in my BB's is to get off of an island. I just cannot see playing that way at higher tiers. But like you said to each their own. I have been playing this game for four years a few minutes here or there for a longer match to garner more XP doesn't bother me. I like to have fun and brawl in my ships. I don't see this game as job where I must do this or complete that. Good luck and HAVE FUN OP! Life these days is too short to not have fun. @Thunder_Feet Well said sir! Thank you.
  8. USMCGal

    Take your 100 points back

    Sorry OP we don't see Co-op as a yolo fest type of game mode. We actually like to play this game mode helping others when we are dead. And the change seems to be working out. I only had one battle yesterday where it resulted in 1 ship being left on the map. This is a good not over the top change. Thank you WG.
  9. Just an FYI everyone but they changed their news article and pushed the date back. But never changed the first post on the thread... Is the WGC update going to be a separate update?
  10. If you are already running the WGC then you need not do anything. This is mainly to get those of us still running the Original launcher to upgrade before it is a forced upgrade in May to the WGC. For those who made accounts directly on STEAM and are running the game through STEAM it does not affect you. For those wanting WG to allow us to migrate our WG account to STEAM well it screws you. There is a work around where you can use your current account through steam but again it is a work around and not a direct migration. Just to clarify for those asking about STEAM accounts.
  11. USMCGal

    I detonated a friendly

    I have been tempted to do this at times when faced with a high tier objective. So tally ho and yolo forward! Whose to say the objective isn't intended.
  12. USMCGal

    I detonated a friendly

    Pretty much this. I took 6 torps from a green bot cruiser torping between two green friendlies form my back, at an enemy that was not even there. I killed him because of that. And I will continue to do so. The green bots lately are not our friends. WG could fix this but they won't. I have had enough apparently.
  13. Thanks for the info. on any drive or just the c drive?
  14. For those of us with the original launcher who will be forced to update to the WGC, it hasn't really been explained what will be happening. Will people be forced to reload the entire game? Will we be allowed to pick our install drive? Would be nice to have a little bit more information so you don't fill up people's hard drives with multiple installs. I can see the support tickets now.
  15. USMCGal

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    So are there any answers to my questions? At the time I had posted there had been just over 1400 downloads of the Original Launcher for this game downloaded. Now there are over 1500 downloaded from my sig. People will not be seeing this forced install coming at them. Especially for those with a limited amount of hard drive space. I hoped that you would communicate further details on this update such as needed hard drive space etc... Or if the current Steam work around would still be available once your update was pushed out. Any info would be appreciated. @Kalvothe