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  1. The New WGC Launcher

    Thank you for your response. Will there be some communication as to when the WGC2 will be rolled out as to which up date it will be a apart of? TY
  2. The New WGC Launcher

    A lot of people wanted to do that once they rolled Ships out for Steam especially due to the issues people were encountering with the first WGC rollout. I considered doing it before they were going to make the WGC mandatory back then. I am again considering it. I was "hoping" that WG might make a migration tool so people could still keep playing the game and have a choice. I would prefer to not have to tweak files for the migration to take place. WoWs account Steam migration would be a nice alternative solution.
  3. The New WGC Launcher

    @RadarX I would hope, and I am asking that some form of clear communication takes place to actually inform people of which update will contain the WGC2?? WG a lot of good points have been brought up in this thread. It seems to me though that WG has a long way to go to correcting their broken trust with it's people. The fact that there were/are 2 different launchers out there is an issue. Has that been fixed? The fact that the program even now still says Beta for a product that is supposed to be a final product is a concern. Just reading the 23 pages of information on this subject is quite disappointing and I feel that WG has a very long way to go not only with this launcher but it's overall image. Sure you might get new people who don't know the back story of the launcher that has wrecked so many peoples pc's. But will you keep them? Fixing the new launcher to fully close upon game open was asked for with the initial WGC rollout. Everyone is still asking for that to be fixed with the new version and it hasn't even been addressed. Again trust and integrity seem to be missing somewhere. You want feedback, you get feedback then file it in file 13. For those people that do not want this software on their pc could you not accommodate them by developing a full steam migration option? They would still be playing your game and you would not lose them. Again there are options that you "could" have created to help keep people in your game. Depends if you (WG) want to go that extra mile or not. To all of the testers/guinea pigs out there, thank you for your efforts!
  4. Eagle Semper Fi That should about sum it up for me.
  5. The New WGC Launcher

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/127462-wargamingnet-game-center-feedback/?page=6 The objection? Well feel free to look at the above thread. For some peoples pc's this causes major lag and hogs resources. For others they cannot download the updates for the certain games at times. The constant reinstalling of the whole game over and over again for some people is just insane. Most people are not running an uber new /fast gaming rig with all the bells and whistles. My pc is over 5 years old and runs WOWs just fine using the original launcher. This will kill off peoples older machines and they know it. Most people are not going to upgrade a machine to play a game. Most people cannot afford to do that. And they shouldn't have to do this especially if the game is working just fine on their current pc. Again the original launcher works fine on peoples pc's. It is nonintrusive and does not hog resources. And people have also downloaded it from my posts over 500 times. Obviously it is not really desired for some people. But to each their own.
  6. The New WGC Launcher

    Thank you for posting this and keeping us informed. Like you I feel the same. People don't want this launcher and never asked for it. Now if they would just fix the bugs in the game that would be great...
  7. Sharks Suck

    ^This. If it means that I must turn my back on my team just for a few extra tokens, it is not worth it. Jumping ship is not authorized and I know it would get me keel hauled straight away. Semper Fi
  8. The first pic is the main flower garden which is running amok...I have daisies, columbine, purple coneflower, a peony some ferns and a bunch of iris (yellow, white, black and purple) and day lilies. Second pic is my one cinder block garden, is held together with jay hooks. Mainly Iris, daffodils and day lilies in that flower bed. I needed a narrow bed to transplant my stuff into and that filled up pretty quick.
  9. Very nice! I miss fresh beans too. Sigh. I hope that fence is high enough and electrified... I will keep an eye out on the okra and keep you posted if I try it!
  10. I so miss not having a garden. What does Okra taste like? I have never had it.
  11. Each plant type is different and must be managed as per it's wants/needs. There is no set in stone interval for watering. Water according to how much the pot is sucking up and if the plant is dry or wet. Top watering lets the water flow through the whole pot and soaks everything allowing the excess to leave the pot . Depending on your temperature -sun, wind, rain, soil conditions, etc. This could be ok for your area. Each location is different. When you water makes a difference as well. Bottom watering allows you to gauge how much a particular pot can suck up to be moist. It also allows you to only water it a certain amount to maintain that condition. I use separate dishes for most of my house plants and I only fill each dish a certain amount. Dump any extra water that is standing for outside pots then hold off a day until you water that pot again. When you water it again put less than what you originally put in that dish. Check again the next day rinse repeat... Again know your plants and what you are trying to grow. What worked for my plants might not work for your particular plants. My Ad hoc seedling starter: I used the bottom of a strawberry container, (has holes built right into it a plus) filled it with toilet paper tubes and then those were filled with potting soil for my zinnias that I started. I then put that in a tray and only watered the tray(a frozen dinner container) which was about 1 1/2" deep. The toilet paper tubes held the extra water and kept the seedlings moist but not drenched. Doing this I only had to water them every couple of days. I never had to use any of the Neem oil you had posted about. What ever grew, grew and I planted that.. Perhaps separate the ones with fungus from the ones that do not have it. I will post a couple of picks of my cinderblock gardens later. The rest of my flower garden is a mess but I am working on it. Then there was major construction on my main street and I lost about 10 feet of my garden. I did a lot of rapid transplanting that season. Surprisingly most of the stuff I had to transplant like bulbs and flowering plants survived the off season move. @LadyAnesjka Loved your Hosta Pics! The roaming packs of deer ate most of mine. Best of luck to you on your growing!
  12. Nice pics everyone! @LadyAnesjka From what I can see of your pictures you are mostly top watering your pots. Try instead watering them from below by putting them in a tray or dish and watering them from the bottom. Some plants just do not like their crown watered. I know my spathiphyllum is like this along with my poinsettia plants. You can fill the dish and refill when you see it is low. I ended up growing a set of Zinnas like this indoors as I never got a chance to plant them outside. I had them going most of last winter. I also see some nice cinder blocks lurking in the back of your last picture. Those make nice flower beads too! My outside plants mainly flowers include, day lilies, iris, mint, weeds, daisies, lily of the valley and a few ferns I have. I seem to have inherited a knack for iris though and can tell when they are in trouble. The iris borers really suck. Most of these flowers came from my parents house at the time.
  13. Game gliches and problems

    It sounds like by your description you are having video issues? right? Have you tried to update your pc drivers? Especially the video card drivers? Sometimes they get messed up after a game update and need to be reinstalled. If the screen is doing what I call "patching" i.e. you see random patches of video all over the screen and it is taking forever to clear up then your video card could be overheating. Blow out the fans and such with a can of air. This will help improve circulation so the fans can do their job and keep the gpu from overheating. Keep the laptop on a flat surface with nothing blocking the fan and vent ports as well. Some other things you can try to improve with the game performance is to set all video setting to either low or ultra low to see if that improved game performance on your pc. Turn off any unnecessary effects too. They just bog a system down after a while. I am not really too sure what to do about the game not loading. You could always send in a support ticket. Or run the file integrity checker to make sure the game is not missing any files. I hope some of this helps!
  14. I only had that happen once and that was after trying the new operation. It dumped me right to port then changed my port setting too.