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  1. USMCGal

    BB requesting support in co-op battle

    I agree. I have never understood why someone would just leave another like that. I always support my side. I can't tell you how many dd's I have sunk while in my BB's. I have just gotten used to it I think.
  2. USMCGal

    PVE Clans

    There are clans that want you on comms every second you are in the game then there are casual clans that don't require any comms. Most clans will post in their clan description what their preferences are and what you are required to do when in-game. VOP is not a competitive clan and we have people from all over in it. We have most of the major buildings and are saving up for the larger oil requirement buildings. You are free to div up with anyone in the clan or not. We have no requirements other than you are civil to the clan members and you play by the rules and have fun! Other than that it is play, when you can as you can. Good luck with your choice.
  3. How many times must people ask for new maps? We are going on a few years here now... How many times must people ask that WG fix the glitches before rolling out more power crept lines or events? People do need a break from time to time just to enjoy the game. Stop making everything a grind. How many more times must people ask for not only the older operations that were "promised" to be returned to us but new operations? Monetization schemes need to stop. Start focusing on retaining those still playing not only on those that are paying. Fix the game matchmaking. Make lower tier missions. Fix the captain skill rebork, please. I am all for bringing back the old skills at their existing costs and just adding in new skills to complement the expanding ship lines. All I see with WG is wasted time on making a fancy new trailer, and less time on making their game still fun.
  4. USMCGal

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    And still no Grease the Gears fix for the older ships...
  5. USMCGal

    Attacking someone on purpose

    WG doesn't really care about this kind of issue being reported to them anymore. According to them their system works....yeah right. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt if I am fired upon maybe it being an ooops. Your situation was different yes, but once is all you get from me anymore. WG doesn't care if I or the opponent is pink. So I don't care either. Sad tack to take but they made the game that way.
  6. Fixing Grease the Gears so it helped not hindered lower tier bb's would go a long way to being able to play those tiers again. Adding Light Cruiser applicable skills would help them last longer in battle too. Unlocking skills you hid behind certain classes too would help all classes. Next time don't respec every ship with the same damn build. How diverse is that? Skill diversity my hind quarter.
  7. No worries. The grind is a tough one for all. And everyone has to make their own decision on that. If it wasn't over Cmas I would not have made it.
  8. Co-op games run fast. But I can understand that the 10-20 games are a lot for some. But I hadn't been playing for at least a month before this dockyard event. I played on my lunch hour too which was an additional 4-5 games so I only played until about 10-11 pm at night. Sometimes I got up early I got a few games in too. I am currently working from home right now so it was doable and I could still devote a couple nights a week to working at the other house. I had time off at Christmas and this helped too. You have to squeak the time in here and there. It adds up. But even I was afraid I would run out of time. I was not sure I would make that last big Base XP goal. Base XP goals are the killer for Co-op mains like me. One thing I do know is that once you make that decision to grind you must be all in for it or forget it. These grinds are too damn long for anything but total dedication to it.
  9. I did my Hizen grind all in co-op. Now mind you I have a family, work full time and am remodeling a house too in between everything...I only played about 10-20 games a night. Sometimes less. I was able to complete everything and bought the last 4 stages. Other dockyard missions I have ignored. I felt though that I could complete this one and gave it a try. I played so much I got my Iowa and a couple other T9's.
  10. USMCGal

    grinding a line...

    Just play. That is the thing. If you do not want to sacrifice your Free XP then play. Even with the free camos we all get that helps a little bit. I hardly ever spend Free XP. After 5 years in the game I hit a hard wall at T8. The grind took me long with Premium time the last couple years. Yes on some battles you lose credits but as others have said play your lower tiers too. This helps replenish the losses/bad positioning that BB's sometimes get. Now I have a few of my T9's because of the Christmas grinds for Strasbourg and Hizen. And I even got the few lower tier ships through the other campaign. If you have the time to play this helps too. Committing to an event in this game is a long haul too. Good Luck.
  11. The only other ship I would add to my fleet would be Pommern. And if nothing peaks your fancy then let your coal sit. No harm in that.
  12. USMCGal

    OK Wargaming, you win.

    Take Care!
  13. USMCGal

    Valentine's Day Stream starting soon.

    Did someone say guns? The hubby and I had a nice steak dinner and desserts and are now binge watching star wars...salute all!
  14. USMCGal

    A Look At Greased Gears

    The stats are on the graphs. First page.
  15. USMCGal

    A Look At Greased Gears

    Actually I didn't down vote you at all on this thread. There are other F2P games that I play that purposefully do not hose their player base. I guess having a happy customer has gone by the wayside and I can perfectly understand change. Doesn't mean I have to like it. Just makes me wonder if they are all drinking the same bad vodka...