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  1. Port slots you can stock up on when they have sales. Sometimes they offered, near the holidays, a 10 pack of slots for sale.
  2. Thank you, just wanted to confirm as I did not see it there...If I do not see it later today I will send in a ticket. Thank you.
  3. Where is the Camo for the New Orleans supposed to show up in your account? ?Inventory? I checked yesterday but did not see it on my account. I don't have the ship yet but could have it one day. Thank you.
  4. Try Right clicking your Warships.exe icon>Select Run as Administrator and see if that opens the game at all...Some people have had to do this after the update. Don't know if this will fix your problem as there is a laundry list of things to try at this point...hope it helps!
  5. Have you tried any of the troubleshooting features within that wrapper? I am unsure which version or what the versions are for mac. I saw a you tube about a version that had some troubleshooting options to try...for both tanks and ships.
  6. Run the dxdiag command in a search window and see what your graphics cards Direct X is....If that was your issue then the other thread about upgrading the video card is probably what is needed. So it can run the more current Direct X.... Maybe try running at low graphics within the game to see if this helps eliminate the crashes altogether...I had issues when running at high settings so I have been running at low for a while now.. except when they reset stuff...
  7. Hello and Welcome! In the general section there is a Game Guides and Tutorials section that has a lot of good info. There is a lot to learn. Best advice is to start from the bottom and learn each ship as best you can. This will help you learn the mechanics of the game in the long run.
  8. Many people are having this issue. The only way some people have resolved it is to rip it off and do a reinstall. I would assume that means the Game Client software and the game software...(save all of your screen shots and replays BEFORE doing this) Farther up in this thread is a link to the Original NA launcher....if you want to get rid of the Game Center Client you will need to rip it off. I would delete the old game folder from Program Files as well. Reinstall your game to a different folder not the default. (Make the folder in Program Files x86, before you start the install.) That way everything is in a different folder and is not being corrupted with old data. Don't know how much hard drive space you have so check that you have at least 40+ GB available before you try to reinstall... I hope either option helps you.
  9. If you are using the Game Center Client shut it down (right click on systray icon -lower right hand corner of screen and select exit if still running in the background) and try running the game directly from the .exe...find the game installation folder usually c:\program files x86 \warships ... Find the exe that runs the game. Right click on the exe and do a create shortcut. Copy new shortcut to desktop and attempt a game run from there. In order to set your new shortcut to run as Administrator Right click on shortcut >Select properties> Select the compatibility tab> And at the bottom of that tab check the Run as Administrator check box. See if that gets you by...good luck.
  10. Many people have posted the original launcher on threads. Here is one. To download the original installer go here please: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/131789-original-installer/
  11. Someone posted this earlier, didn't know if you already saw this or not... https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/136758-game-center-bug-unable-to-handle-application-files/ Hope this helps!
  12. Still haven't corrected the issue of toggling (using X) between ships to get the middle ship in a group. I can target either end ship but the X never selects the middle ship ever! This hasn't been fixed since I first reported it months ago. I have had issues tonight of my target switching to a farther ship when I was aiming and firing on the near ship. It does seem to take a bit longer for your sites to acquire a target lock? And I have seen the random white dot on occasion on the screen too. I will try to note which maps it is on.
  13. Vital211: Possible Solution to the Crash -Exception_Access_Violation- Errors. http://windowsreport.com/exception-access-violation-windows-10/ There is a Data Execution Prevention issue possibly happening here. If you follow the instructions on the page (scroll down past the stupid ad) and add warships to the Data Execution Prevention Tab in the instructions that may get the game back up and running again. WARNING***This is the important part I felt that you should be aware of before make this change. "Sometimes an innocent application will trigger DEP simply due to faulty coding. We often see this on older applications or things like shareware. It is usually not intentional and never caused a problem in the old days, but now that security is paramount, inefficient (and sometimes sloppy!) memory management can cause some serious issues. The right answer of course is for the application vendor to rewrite the portion of the app that is triggering DEP, but that is of course not likely in the case of older applications or shareware applications. In this case, you can exempt the application for DEP monitoring so that DEP ignores it. As long as you trust the application in question and know it is not really doing anything malicious, exempting it from DEP should not be a problem. Here is what the GUI looks like:" This was taken from this pages article explaining DEP and the reasons behind the use or not use of it...For your information. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/askperf/2008/06/17/to-dep-or-not-to-dep/ I would NOT add the Game Center Client to DEP.... I would however try to add the Wows.exe to it to see if that fixes the exception issue you are getting. I and others feel that the Game Center Client is too buggy at the moment to allow the client control of your pc would probably not be a good thing. **Question: Does your video card support Direct x11? Just curious on this as I found a very old thread where a WG support person had someone update their video card to fix a similar crash problem. Link here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/18161-unhandled-exception-access-violation/ Peter_Darling- Add your bug to the Feedback thread for this last patch. I know others have complained about your issue. I know someone whose guns would not fire for quite a while until eventually they came back. Perhaps pay attention to what you were doing when it did happen. They(the ever elusive support persons) want to be able to replicate the issue if possible so list details if you can...
  14. Is that with the Game Center Client off? (meaning you killed it from the task manager) You are doing the Run from the games .exe with Administrator permissions on the file like before?
  15. Same error as above or something else? At what specific point does it crash this time around? i.e. at port, or when diving up , or when getting into the game. Can you run a repair of the game files through the integrity check? Do you have any mods enabled/installed? I am just tossing questions out there as I do not know what you have tried or not to fix the issue. Have you sent in a support ticket as well?