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  1. Kenrod_Melrocity

    If True This Is Concerning

    Claus Kellerman has done several youtube videos on WoT cheats over the last couple of months.
  2. Subs are so slow it must have taken many minutes for the red sub to cross the entire map to get to and then sink you. It appears you didn't do anything in the meantime. Please explain. EDIT: Better yet, post the replay.
  3. Kenrod_Melrocity

    So I got a Molotov, what do I do with it?

    Early in matches (talking random here) you want to play it at long range with HE. Do everything you can to max the the spotter plane consumable performance - number, reload time, etc. The gun ballistics make hitting targets using spotter plane easier than almost all other ships in the game, you shouldn't have problems hitting targets, especially BBs, at max range (18.6 km). It's HE has a high fire chance, your goal early on is to burn down BBs. While doing that keep moving and juking, they in turn will have a hard time hitting you. Which, as others have stated, you want to avoid like the plague because you are paper thin and will be gone in 1-2 salvos if they hit you. If, at some point in the match, you get closer to red CL/CAs switch to AP, which is very strong in the Molotov. Forget you have torps, and forget the hydro (go with defensive AA) if you play this at long range. Here is a fairly recent vid from Flambass on this ship, note he calls it the Molotov Cocktail - for good reason:
  4. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Who are the best movie directors?

    I'd like to see a studio pick the top, say, 5-10 directors. Give them each a $20 million blank check to make any movie they want. Release them more or less at the same time and see who does best. I'd like to see what some of them would do with a limited budget, head to head.
  5. If you like podcasts, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History's most recent series is on the Pacific War, "Supernova in the East". https://www.dancarlin.com/product/hardcore-history-62-supernova-in-the-east-i/. 6 episodes ranging from 3.5 to 5 hours long each. Excellent listening and free (but if you listen to and like them please consider donating to Carlin).
  6. I have little gaming experience, so pardon if this is a naïve question, but do other games update and patch as much as this one? For crying out loud, its friggin ponderous.
  7. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Load screen only - can't play

    LOL I just tried installing the update Aslain put out this morning in another PvE match. It didn't work but from the sounds I was able to throttle up. Wound up finishing in the middle of my team and even got a kill! CORRECTION: I think I made a mistake installing Aslain's most recent mod update (from earlier this morning). I repeated the installation more carefully and was just able to successfully play a PvE match.
  8. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Load screen only - can't play

  9. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Load screen only - can't play

    My previous match was PvP. Now trying PvE and the same thing is happening. Damn, I had a rare couple of hours to play this afternoon. Now I'll have to do something productive instead.
  10. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Load screen only - can't play

    My match is still going on with no changes in the last several minutes, 4 green ships and 3 red remaining. I wonder if they are all in the same situation?
  11. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Load screen only - can't play

    Happening to me as I type. I think I managed to put my ship in reverse (sounds like it responded to throttle), surviving so far. Oops, just died. Couldn't get past the Team Members screen
  12. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Random Play Crash

    Quite a few similar reports on r/WorldOfWarships. Also a lot of 'critical error' occurrences when in port and clicking Armory or Naval Battles being reported, all in just the past few days.
  13. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Game crashing at random

    Yesterday (Saturday) I started getting random, sporadic critical error crashes when clicking Armory too.
  14. Kenrod_Melrocity

    remove karma system

    Reminds me of a match a played recently, I think in my Montana. I had been hounded most of the match by a HE spamming DD and was really getting tired of it. My team appeared to be cruising to a win so I decided to switch to HE and charge the smoke and HE spam coming out of it. By the time he decided to bolt I was very close and blasted him his full broadside with every one of my guns. His nearly 100% HP pool went to almost zero and my secondaries finished the job. I messaged in chat to all something like "how do you like that for HE spam". Boy, that set him off! What a tirade. Laughed my [edited]off.