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  1. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Losing streaks

    It isn't you. It isn't the ship. It's just math. If your winrate is, say, 55% then you will have a span like this every few hundred games. It's inevitable.
  2. Kenrod_Melrocity

    US Tenth Fleet

  3. Kenrod_Melrocity


    I started running MatchMaker Monitor a few weeks ago. The most surprising thing I learned is how many players have zero karma. It must be at least 75% of the player base with zero karma, maybe even more. So, if you give someone negative karma the majority of the time they will not even know it.
  4. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Reporting 2 for throwing games

    I was in a match two days ago where one member of our team was in the same clan as a 3 ship division on the red team. All four of these clan players, including their clan overall, are unicum/super-unicum. The guy on our side sailed to a hiding spot behind an island near our spawn and then sat there the entire match. I don't think he fired his guns once. We lost and if he had helped we would have surely won. I reported the scumbag. I'm just an average joe player and try hard to win, and this really pissed me off. Got the usual boilerplate response from WG, really wish I knew what if any action was taken.
  5. pretty much an arcade game
  6. Kenrod_Melrocity

    What I don't like about detonations...

    That's what ships in viewing range should see. Ships further away on the map should see a bright flash, like when the kid in Empire of the Sun sees the Nagasaki bomb go off way beyond the horizon. No sound, just this omininous feeling that something horrible has happened.
  7. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Help, and what not

    You have fewer than 400 random matches, you have a ways to go to learn the game and the ships. Suggest you play more co-op to learn the feel of your ships - firing angles, how to angle your ship against red to minimize damage received, best range to fight from, etc. Once you get really familiar with the handling characteristics then start taking it into random. Meanwhile, also spend a lot of time watching CC videos on youtube or twitch. I watch Flamu, Jingles, and Flambass. There may be others that are better, but I've learned a lot from those three. Flamu is especially good because he often posts ship and commander builds. Whenever I get a new ship I use it in co-op first, usually playing it there until I have earned enough xp to research all of the upgrades (hulls, torps, gunnery). Only then do I take it into random. Anyway, I think it helped me. I don't think you are going to get anywhere asking in a match.
  8. Kenrod_Melrocity

    The Bismark should no longer be Tier VIII

    My post was an attempt to inject humor into the discussion with a play on words. I failed. (But, I seem to recall it worked ok for Jingles description of the Okhotnik)
  9. Kenrod_Melrocity

    More AFK players...

    I got disconnected the other night early in a match. Was in a Lightning heading for a cap at full speed. When I finally got back in I had a tiny bit of HP left and was still, of course, going full speed. Got in just in time to dev strike a red DD coming at me from behind an island, only to get immediately killed. I wound up with the second highest score on my losing team. That's how bad some of the friggin games are now.
  10. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Tier X blowouts

    I'm long used to seeing players at upper tiers with win rates in the 38-45% range and thousands, even 10-20 thousand, matches. Lately, though, I've noticed an increase in the number of people playing tier 8 -10 with less than 200 matches. I'm inclined to go along with another player who, during a random, referred to the current situation as "coronateams".
  11. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Radar. Playing with it or against it. Is this fair?

    IMO ships that fire fresh torpedo salvos every 1-2 minutes is a far more egregious exaggeration of technology than radar going through solid rock. I play DDs all the time, radar is just part of this game and I expect it in every game.
  12. Kenrod_Melrocity

    The Bismark should no longer be Tier VIII

    Seems like ships being full of seamen should factor into this somehow.
  13. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Submarines: How to Play

    Acoustic homing torpedos existed in WW2
  14. I don't disagree. It's not realistic.
  15. Ships firing torpedo salvos every 1-2 minutes is so made up I don't see much purpose in pointing out how unrealistic the torp speeds are. Surface ships (with a few IJN exceptions) didn't even carry a second round of torps, much less attempt to reload in the middle of a fight. It's more unrealistic than radar going through islands.