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  1. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Recommendations for doubloon ship purchase?

    Wasn't paying attention - maybe I'll wait for the next one, not in a rush.
  2. Kenrod_Melrocity

    so radar?

    "3.) Even at the time it was added to the game(Radar), DDs were the lowest performing ship type, just as they are now. They were never compensated, and we still wait for this to be corrected." I don't think so. DDs appear to have >50% win rate at every tier above V, and their win rate is above the overall average for 5 out of 6 tiers across all ship types. Maybe it depends on what you mean by "performing"?
  3. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Recommendations for doubloon ship purchase?

    LOL RipNuN2, the Yuro vid is a great selling point!
  4. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Recommendations for doubloon ship purchase?

    Power/game carrying - I want to have fun and to become a better, competitive player.
  5. I'm very stingy with my doubloons and they have accumulated to the point where I have enough to buy a ship. What are the top 2-3 doubloon ships in the ~6000-8000 doubloon range? I'm leaning toward a Z-39.... Thanks.
  6. Kenrod_Melrocity

    so radar?

    I haven't played WoWs all that long, for the most part CAs and BBs. I only started playing DDs last summer (and not good, but trying to get good), so I have never played without radar. That said, DDs are my favorite ship class and for the life of me I can't understand the whining about radar. There are plenty of examples in this game where the physics are not realistic. Take DDs - the stealth characteristics and torpedo performance are completely unrealistic. To think that a destroyer could actually get within 6 km of another ship without being seen is absurd. The torp speeds are also ridiculous. In game a 60 knot torp covers 6 km in about 40 sec when it should take about 3 full minutes to reach that distance. Finally, very few WW2 destroyers carried more than one salvo of torpedoes. The ones that did carry more did not reload during battle, as the reload took hours to accomplish. Given all that I don't think the radar is much of an issue. FYI my win rate in DDs is much higher than for any other ship class.