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  1. Kenrod_Melrocity

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    50 pi Day camos - one of the better SCs I've gotten in a while.
  2. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Update 10.10 Water Effect Survey

    I would like to see smoke from stacks above the horizon especially early in the match before red ships are spotted. Although I suppose that would obsolete RPF and its 4 commander points...
  3. Kenrod_Melrocity

    WR is Meaningless

    LOL according to WG if your WR is < 46% you are officially “plain bad”. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/hotfix-game-balance/ Start viewing the video at about 11:30 and pause at 12:19 to see the chart displayed.
  4. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Who have you seen in game

    Last night played one match with Hapa_Fodder and then another with Angry Turtle. Two celebs in one night.
  5. Kenrod_Melrocity

    WR is Meaningless

    There are many threads on this forum on this same subject with the same individual attempting to make what he calls statistical arguments. I put him on ignore after I clearly caught him making stuff up, and when confronted he just kept going, completely unfazed. There is no point arguing with him, you will get nowhere.
  6. Kenrod_Melrocity

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Really wish WG would limit these updates (not patches/fixes) to, say, 4x per year instead of once per month.
  7. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Sometimes you just have to chuckle : )

    Aslain has a mod that sets your karma indicator permanently at 666.
  8. Kenrod_Melrocity


    no. math please : you want math no math, please : you do not want math Which is it?
  9. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Halloween Specials

    Haha - excellent, thank you
  10. Kenrod_Melrocity


    Played a match the other day with double CVs and double subs on Epicenter. Sucked the life right out of the game.
  11. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Why Do We Still Have Defensive Bonuses On Camos

    The same reasoning has been put forward for Concealment Expert. Nearly everyone runs it as soon as they get to 10 commander skill points, so why bother?
  12. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Subs do not fit in, Just like CV's

    Just got out of a double CV, double sub match on Epicenter. Can it get any worse than that?
  13. Kenrod_Melrocity

    More desync, yay!

    The last several weeks when I use binocular view the targeted enemy ship starts stuttering - wobbling back and forth. This is worse at the beginning of a match and eventually (5 minutes or so?) goes back to normal. Is anyone else seeing this? Any idea if it is on the WG/server side or is it more likely on my side (ISP/PC)? Thanks.
  14. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Red China releases the two Micheals

    Red China = Mainland Taiwan
  15. Kenrod_Melrocity

    Convoy Mode - Fun, but too easy for attacking team

    I'm finding it a bit boring due to the repetitiveness of the play. Might be more interesting if the defending team could somehow set the course for the transports (no clue how to pull that off), both team's starting points were hidden from each other, and the attackers could not see the route to be followed by the transports at the match start.