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  1. Of course anyone can complain about anything. Point is if it is taken seriously based on the individual experience and skill. Would you rather listen to a unicum or a potato. Plus, I never stated in my post that an individuals right to "complain" should be stopped. Also, if you are in a fight with a heavyweight boxer...then you did something very wrong. Also, to ride along with your logic....I don't have be a astronomer to know that the sun is very hot, I just know that it is. But still, I think I'll listen to the astronomer to know the science/logic/research behind the knowledge on the sun. vr,
  2. I understand what the OP is stating. I see/experience this a lot in game/in forum with people toxically complaining about (fill in the blank) only to see that they hide stats, have no games/experience in the ship they complain about, or just are weak overall. Now pointing out a flaw, bad game design, sorry tactics, crappy player, etc is fine if given reasoning, insight, and maybe helpful suggestions (that's called critiquing). Whining, throwing blame around, and just plain toxic comments is just Complaining. Just my 2 cents, vr,
  3. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits

    Saturday Bump. See first post for info.
  4. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits

    Monday bump
  5. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits

    Saturday bump. See first post.
  6. TexJapan

    Rental Ships in Ranked

    So true..+ 1.
  7. TexJapan

    I want to whine about...

    How about the power to suggest that CVs be allowed to change AA sectors when planes are in the air. Not good that I either have to break off my attacks (F key), or just hope the enemy CV don't know how to drop. VR,
  8. TexJapan

    why wg like destroy cvs?

    Excellent, forum post don't need ill-informed players commenting on things they know nothing about. Also, if you looked at my stats, I play every class/type of ship. So mis-informed. not VR,
  9. TexJapan

    why wg like destroy cvs?

    So defensive...hit a nerve, or lack of...lol. Never gave up on any ship types...you're funny.
  10. TexJapan

    why wg like destroy cvs?

    Hmmm this is coming from experience....???? Zero CV play in randoms since the re-work (1 prior to rework) makes it hard to take your view seriously. Sadly, this almost seems the case. I do disagree with the "slowly dial them back" part...many of the nerfs were hammers, not precise taps to adjust. VR,
  11. TexJapan

    Rental Ships in Ranked

    I agree with the above message..+1. vr,
  12. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits

    Thursday bump...see first post for info.
  13. In reading the past threads before this particular line, I see no harm in what Ducati stated. He just pointed to an alternate view. I hoped the point of this thread is to inform those that are researching to have some insight into clans that are established. It's not about "numbers within a clan" which is not a good way to look at this. From my actual experience, I've had over 200 applicates and so many VFW members that I've passed on or decided that they were/are not good clanmates. It's the choice I've taken for VFW that I created to learn from and not repeat mistakes of the clan I was in prior. VR, TexJapan, VFW Any clan can get numbers, but quaility and good folks/player is the key.
  14. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits

    Sunday bump.
  15. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits

    Saturday bump.