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  1.  It is my sincere pleasure to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the fighting members of the VFW. (Only we who have been,  can understand the true meaning

    of what it is). 

    I was in the US Army, for just over 14 yrs, I was on my way to be a lifer when I got medical out.  My first duty station was S. Korea, the frozen chosen.  My first action was in Panama in the 80s with the 101st Air Assault Div. then in the first gulf war, I was with the 800th Div. And, of all things the LA riots, in 1992. At that point I was Cal. Nat. Guard.    

    I understand that I don’t make the grade for your unit , your standard are little outside my reach at the moment,  Perhaps in time I can make the grade so to speak.  Till them my brothers and sisters ,  I wish you all the best, and my sincerest thank you, for your service.

    This will defend. 


    1. TexJapan


      Hello Nordog,

        As one Vet to another, thank you for serving.  Got to know some folks who Jumped into Panama (Air Force TACPs,) when I was assigned to Pope (Intel Job was with 18 ASOG working directly with 18 Abn Corps and Divisions...liked being a Airborne Trooper).  Retired now.

        Cannot see your stats but appreciate your post.   If interested, unlock and let me see.

        Good luck,


    2. _Nordog_


      Hello Tex.Japan,

      After I got back from Korea I looked into going to 82ed AA.  But got cured of that first time I saw a roman candle, It  is was shortly after that I went 101st and became a dope on a rope.  AKA ( Air Assault )

      By the way, I would be happy to let you see my  stats,  it just,  I have no idea how ? lol,

      I just started playing this game and am  still learning. Perhaps we could talk,  I do have team speak on this sys.  


      All the way.