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  1. TexJapan

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thank you for the update.
  2. TexJapan

    CV Myths

    OP, While I see your point but....Every CV can spot or can sink a DD. Use fighter drops for spotting (RU can do this) and get good at the use of your planes to get kills. The RU CVs with skip bombers can easily sink a DD if you're good enough. I do contend that some CVs are better than others at DD hunting, but All can do this. vr,
  3. TexJapan

    CV Myths

    Why is the default used "but a good CV player" as an excuse. A CV is only as strong as it's player and most players are potatoes. I've seen so many good CVs used ham fisted...just like any other ship in this game. Overall, the same saying can be used by any ship type or class. A "Good XXXXX" can make the worst viewed/opinioned ship sing. vr,
  4. TexJapan

    Wargaming center/Mod Station Blues

    Easy fix, just reload/re-install. vr,
  5. TexJapan

    Win Rate % and Match making

    No problem Lert...take care. vr,
  6. TexJapan

    Win Rate % and Match making

    Hey Lert, No "gotcha"...was not my intent. I only state that it is possible. If you can truly state that WG is always honest with customer dealings...then the possible is possible. vr,
  7. TexJapan

    Win Rate % and Match making

    No worries, I agree with your points. All my point is directed at is that if in one mode, it is possible to use it in another. Not a tin hat guy, just have little faith in corporations...they will get away with as much as the customer or laws allows. vr,
  8. TexJapan

    Win Rate % and Match making

    Hi Ariskandir, Your assumption is that WR would be used to balance teams by WG which I didn't point to either way. WG is a business, which means that business decisions are made. To make $$, they must sell items, advertise, and encourage spending. Sometimes business don't do what the customers wants, but cater to desires to encourage spending (think of Vegas). One way to encourage spending is using "frustration" or "chasing wins" to influence buying decisions to appease, encourage, or coerce buying habits. Example but not inclusive, ...on a losing streak, buy: signals, ship special upgrades, premium ship, move up tech line, etc. One thing I'm sure of, the CM don't know all of the background business decision being made by the owner, producers, or developers. vr, P.S. I enjoy this game and been playing since it went public.
  9. TexJapan

    Win Rate % and Match making

    Well, it's been said that the WG CMs state that MM is not WR based. Although, developers stated that Brawls uses that as a factor. Now, I was shutdown by responses basically saying that's it's not true, but if you have it for one mode, not to hard to use that in others. I'm not stating that MM for Randoms is set with a WR factored in, but I am stating that there is a possibility. I'm sure this will still get hate. vr,
  10. HaruSket, I hope you understand that if you want to complete the Dockyard, only 6 stages are require to buy in a package deal (34 stages are through gameplay). Of course, if you want to spent $$$ on every stage to get it early, you have that option. Your post is hyperbole and misleading by omission. Complete it with time, or money , or don't; it is the individuals choice.
  11. Hello xalmgrey, Only my opinion: I don't like subs, don't like to play them, and didn't ask for them to be in the game. Now that said, they are part of the game. Since they are part of the game I play them a bit so as to learn how to counter subs. I suggest you truly learn their strengths and WEAKNESSES. Stating that they ruin the game and "made an entire ship type obsolete" is at best hyperbole and just flat out ignorance at worst. I see that you've not played any games in a sub, so I suggest you do to learn the play style so as to counter. DDs are far from "obsolete" and are still the most influential ships in the game. vr,
  12. TexJapan

    Port is so S-L-O-W

    Just to let you know. WoWS has not addressed nor given a cause for this issue. I've adjusted frame rate, ran game diagnostic, check game files, set in a help ticket, etc.... So far, I don't really think it is directedly related to which windows you're using. I'm on Window 10. vr,
  13. TexJapan

    Superships ruining Tier 9

    I disagree that this is similar to a T8 vs T10 match up and find it disappointing that a NA CM thinks like this. The T11 ships all have gimmicks (main battery burst fire, secondary range/burst, main accuracy boost, etc...). Not to forget the T11 CVs gimmicks which make them very strong mid-way through a match with the hard hitting, very fast jets cycle management method....way more than a T10 CV can manage. Of course I acknowledge that these ships can be played ham fisted and do poorly. I also acknowledge that an above average player can absolutely wreak face with these...hence the popularity of them in Clan Battles (thank goodness for the limits). vr,
  14. TexJapan

    PSA: Ruckus in the Depot

    Acknowledge that it's good that WG sees this event/purchase gamble as flawed, but after a full week...hmmmm. As stated by Nevermore135 above, not sure many will want to give up the progress made over that time. For me, that would be about 21 hours of game play and progress (over 7+ days). Also, a red herring that WG "removed the limit on the 25 and 65 Token offers" like that is a kindness. All that allows is for folks to throw more money at this ($5.99 or $15.49 per) hit and run money grab. Kind of like a hostage situation. Poor customer treatment which is sad. vr,