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  1. Hmmm, so the Government (whatever level you choose) will tell me what is "gambling". My point is that the government will inform me what is legal or illegal. Hence my point on "accepted" levels of gambling that does not warrant government intervention. vr,
  2. Basically correct. So you disagree that it's not gambling. Whether it's regulated, illegal, or accepted "gambling"...it's still gambling in this case. Viper's point is that it's gambling, nothing more. vr,.
  3. Sport cards, yes that analogy is in the ball park, but it's still gambling due to the fact you have no idea which card you're getting. As for "legal standpoint", that is up to the federal and state governments to set the threshold. Your point can be carried over to what is legal or illegal for Drugs, alcohol, or you fill in the blank. There is no question that it can be abused, but again up to the Federal or state government to determine level of acceptance. VR,
  4. Your analogy is wrong. With a loot crate, you have no real insight on what you're getting and zero knowledge of the odds of winning what you want (at least for WG). With a movie, I can look at reviews/previews, go to the jondra I like, and I'm garenteed the movie I paid for is the one I get (i.e. goto Star Wars movie, get a Star Wars movie...how good it is, is not the point). While WoWS loot crates overall are a good deal, there is no escaping the fact that it is gambling. Why EU and some US states "throw a huge fuss" is due to Electric Arts and other gaming companies heavily abusing/taking advantage of customers with their Loot Crates. WG is only a very small step away from crossing the line. VR,
  5. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    VFW is ok and getting several new clanmates (holiday season, too much time on folks agenda I guess).
  6. Davo, how goes building the clan and clan battles? Tex
  7. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    Sunday bump. See VFW first post for information.
  8. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    Saturday bump. See VFW first post for information.
  9. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    Friday bump. See VFW first post for information.
  10. TexJapan

    CV Rework-The Good, Bad and Ugly

    As a CV player...Fully agree. Those that like the change are usually not CV players, and the rest probably only dabbled in them. I do think this is the wrong direction to go. WG could of: 1) Improved the UI, 2) Smooth the UI controls to be responsive, 3) Stopped the dumbing down of T4/5 (set players up for future failure in CVs). I've watched many of the videos, listened to comments from CCs (both CV players and non-CV players), and tried to be open. All I see is a dumb down version of the bombing mechanic from World of Warplanes...and that was boring and bad. Unfortunately, I know that WG is going to bull rush this change and I for one am very sad. A lot of time and investment of thought was spent to become proficient at CVs...only to see it going the way of the Dodo bird. VR,
  11. Thank you...missed that part.
  12. One benefit for playing Clan Battles (CB) is the free respec of captains. Just notice that it's back to having to pay for respec. Was this a mistake with the latest micro-patch? VR,
  13. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    Wednesday evening bump. See first post on VFW information.
  14. TexJapan

    What Achievements have you NOT Earned Yet?

    Conquered all...none left. vr,