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  1. Folk here's my Theory. Looking at the # of games, small avg XP amount, and small avg damage amount...you're looking at a guy who bought the account. Remember, there are bots in this game to build an account, why do you think there are bots in the game; for selling...not a good one but one with some ships and XP. or simply....the player is just has garbage skills...lol. My 2cents, VR,
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  4. OK this needs to be fixed

    Interesting...I've noticed the last 2 days a lag in the time of pushing the button and actual firing of the guns. I don't have an answer but the lag of control is irritating. vr,
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  6. when will this end

    OP, sometimes you can do most everything right, do well and still get a lost. Sometimes you get carried to a win....but through it all YOU ARE IN EACH GAME. But in every game, are you really analyzing how you played? Ask yourself if you were a team or selfish player, if you contributed to the lost, if you could you have done better, why you sucked, why you were great, etc... Try to use your own stats (not just win rate) and identify where you need to improve (accuracy for starts), apply some techniques to improve, etc... vr,
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  9. Not necessarily based on size of screen, but the resolution of the screen. Those with 4K screens running a very good graphics card who scaled their resolution to 4K would have very small fonts/icons. This next update fixes that...nice touch by WoWS. VR,
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