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  1. Hipster, If I see good play, I tell the player that I've comp'd them. If they lack in game skill, well I may chat something or just click to describe the behavior. I find even if I'm trying to be helpful in a criticism (no curse words nor personal insults), most don't take kindly to it. So Hipster, you say you give a richer form of communication, but saying that a player did well only last until the chat ends, at least the Karma system gives you something after the game...good or bad. VR,
  2. CV Matchmaking

    So, along with that logic then a BB that gives full salvo on a target and DevStrikes it, then that's overpowered. A DD that torps a full health ship and DevStrikes it, that is overpowered. All ships with unlimited ammo is overpowered. Aiming, angling and positioning my ship to best use it in battle is "micromanaging"...etc. Look, I understand the CVs are a tuff ship to master, but wait until you get into T8+ CV and go into a match (see your highest is a T6 USN CV). That Strafe will be your best friend. Me personally, sometimes I can wipe the map against the other Team or CV...most times it's a tuff match, sometime I become the victim in a CV. MM is a funny thing and players are either potatos, avg, or unicome...mix bag that adds to the challenge. Always from my point of view...It's the PLAYER that is OP...Not the Ship or mechanics. VR
  3. How much XP for new Line?

    Cthulhu...thanks much. Right on the money.... vr,
  4. How much XP for new Line?

    Kaga...no you will not just get them for free. You'll have to research them through XP to unlock. Erebthoron, Thanks for the info....I could not recall the XP needed for the T9 USN CA since it's no longer shown in my port. You answered the mail...appreciated. VR,
  5. CV Matchmaking

    This part of Barton's post I agree. Sometimes when you play for the team, the rewards are pitiful. Example...T8 CV up tiered to a T10 match. Attacking most ships means that your squadrons are destroyed, so you try to scout and perma spot enemy ships. The end game, maybe you helped the team win by "team play" but your rewards at the end are very low. vr,
  6. CV Matchmaking

    Very true. Soooo true. Sooo not true. While strafe can do a lot of damage, it still take timing and skill to bring out the most of it. Without manual strafe and even bomb/torp drop manual, it would just be a pure point and click affair...no challenge, no fun (look at the Graf Zeppelin). For those that think CVs are easy, there is a reason there are so few in game...it take time and dedication to get good in them. VR,
  7. The Karma system is there not to benefit you personally. Think of it more as a way to show appreciation or displeasure in a players performance...a courtesy if you will. It's like in everyday interactions with people, saying thank you or giving someone a smile cost you nothing, but maybe the person on the receiving end appreciates the gesture. Just a different view verses the "what's in it for me" view. VR,
  8. BLUF: With the upcoming USN CLs arriving soon, how much XP is needed to research the Line? Background: I have all the T10s and have researched all ships so I don't see the baseline XP requirements for ships anymore in the tech tree. In getting ready for the CLs, I've re-bought the Omaha and built back ship XP on it to get the T6 Dallas when it arrives (about 35K stored on it). For my Cleveland been playing it a bit to build up ship XP for research of the Seattle but I don't know how much is needed. Credit will not be a problem nor will free XP although I'm curious how much XP I'll need for research of the Helena, Seattle, and Worcester. Not a big issue, just curious. VR,
  9. OK, update. It started to work after my 3rd game this morning. Scratching my head on this one.... And yes, I'm using the USN Cruisers DM and Buffalo...in case it is asked. Did that last night twice to no effect. But as stated, it started to work again on it's own which I've haven't the clue to why...but glad it's working again. VR,
  10. For the Halsey Campaign (hit hard, hit fast, hit often), I'm finding that Mission 4, tasks 8&9 not registering damage done to IJN nor KMS ships. It worked for a while, but now nothing is counted. I've re-set the game, ran the in-game program check, re-instituted Mission 4, task 5 (which I completed). Nothing so far. M4/8 and M4/9 stopped working after I completed M4/5 (combined damage to IJN/KMS ships). After I achieved that task, then M4/8 and M4/9 stopped working. VR,