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  1. Yes, why? The changes to the USN CV line are "Balanced"...I don't agree with WG on this. Only giving a Fixed load out vs other fixes they could of made is maddening. They could of done: 1) Given one torp sq to the fighter load out, or 2) Given one fighter sq to the Strike loadout. As for the Midway, I like that CV. Giving it in the next patch T8 torp sq is a bit rough due to the buffs to some AA on DDs plus the already high AA spec ships at that tier. Also, the new "aiming reticle" for the CVs using the bombers is good in one way, bad in another. It is the narrow oval which lessens the RNG if angled correctly, but that's the trick...must be either full head-on or full rear attack. Any way, not sure about the dumbing down of USN CVs and not really getting at the real issues at hand (UI sluggish/unresponsive at time, power creep of AA/DF on ships, fixed or little real choice on Aircraft loadout on USN CVs). Rant over, with respect...
  2. Fully Agree. respectfully.
  3. Only method is stated (hide ships without commanders), not the best solution, but the only one we have. I find them bothersome also, but I have premiums w/o captains that I like to see in my port, so must tolerate them darn rentals. respectfully,
  4. KOR-Yall....As a CV player, before you jump to conclusions, try to play CVs (T6 and above) and then come in with your comments. respectfully,
  5. Which Voice program do you use?

  6. Was in a random match at T5 and saw a Nikolai I in Halloween garb...is this for an event? Again, this was a random match, not the Halloween Op mission. v/r
  7. Without information of your account, your dmg/xp for the game, what consumables, camo, and standard/premium time...tuff to tell you about why. BLUF....economy has not changed in many months. Last change made it a bit easier to get even in high tier. v/r,
  8. Thanks Lert....his method works....
  9. River, thank you for the shout out. With respect.
  10. Look, any ship that goes alone and is not supported has a low survival chance. Even if they are aggressive or passive. I play all classes of ships. I push with BBs, I support DDs with Cruisers, I scout/spot/cap in a DD and I clear skies/spot with CVs. Of course with all classes I try to sink opponents but that is not my main objective. My main objective is to contribute to the team so we can Win. But your view that CL/CAs are easy...well I don't think so. Also, don't use the public test server as your gage for how the live server plays. Bottom line...play your ships role/strength and just maybe you'll be on a team that understands how use a good teammate. With respect.
  11. Agree with many of the commenters and points made of team collapse. It's been very tough to keep trying to influence wins/loses. One commenter stated that no one complains about a win streak. I do from a certain point of view. Of course there is no complaint, but from my view I've been there many times on a win and seen how quickly the other side lost the game. From that win, I just scratch my head how badly they played, get no satisfaction from the win, and wonder how many players are that bad (no skill, wallet warriors, tier jumpers, selfish, bots, etc....). But of course, on a losing streak it is very frustrating how little you influence prevention of loses, no matter how you carry and try to encourage your team to play the best tactics. Trying to prevent lemmings, YOLOs, lone wolf fails, snipers, non-objective play, wallet warriors, tier jumpers, no-damage-to-my-ship fear, and etc... is a exercise in frustration. TLDR: I feel your Pain. With Respect.
  12. Hmmm, well can't say that I fully agree with your priorities, but each their own. Mine are: Play the Objective (scout, spot, cap, defend, cover friendlies), help the Team (smoke'em, provide fire support), and lastly sink ships. That is what I do for all my class of ships. I've seen the "do more damage then your ship's HP" which I see as more of a individual goal, not a team goal. Damage and sinking ship will follow along good aggressive team play and maybe sometimes your teammates will recognize your efforts. With Respect.
  13. Pigeon, Can you guys stop the incessant message in PORT that talks about the Elements battle....keeps popping up after I dismiss it. Very irritating. thank you
  14. Well, those that own the Tirps are probably very happy. Now it gets the Bismarck's powerful secondarys and of course keeps the Torps...why even play a Bismarck. Now if you want the best KM BB at T8, you have to pay for it. I understand that premium ships are suppose to be powerful and "unique", but this is just powerful, not unique. I believe this is the wrong direction for WG to go. With respect.
  15. Understand the OPs question/response. It happens in cases of the low horizon sun and lens flare affects. Does it happen often, no, but does it happen yes. When it does, it slows your torp aiming response a bit...which sometimes is enough to ruin or delay a shot. with respect.