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  1. TexJapan

    Thrill of Achievements Gone

    Sadly Kraayt, I must agree. You hits some truthful, insightful points. VR,
  2. TexJapan

    Thrill of Achievements Gone

    I tried not to react to this...but, I'm not pushing your agenda. I don't think the player base are "crack addicts" nor should you speak of "self-discipline". vr,
  3. Just my opinion. I use to get a small thrill from earning in-game achievements but now it's like those earned in most games. Just a page of stuff that I don't pay much attention. Why for me...there is no reward. In the past, if I got a Kraken, Solo Warrior, Confederate, etc, I got rewarded with signals for my efforts. Now, it's just a number on a page I don't view. Again, this is just my feelings and understand that some don't see it this way. VR,
  4. TexJapan

    Compensation for downtime

    Good Job and thanks WoWS.
  5. Sound familiar, good post. vr,
  6. Gandalf, Your CB team did great. Was kept spotted due to you and your DDs flanking to keep spotting going, very nice and well played. One of our DDs overextend too early and was crushed, after that you guys pushed us back. vr,
  7. Having good a cruiser player(s) easily counters this...but the problem is having a "good" cruiser player. vr,
  8. Eagle, The old rank system at 5-1 didn't care if you "play properly". RNG and potatoes on your team cause losses there also...just way my infuriating and painful. vr,
  9. TexJapan

    New Ranked has some issues

    Manny, Your thought is in the right place, but your method ignores and does not take into account the wild, wild ways of RNG. How many times in Rank (I'm sure you've experienced this) that no matter how well you play, how much you carry....team still loses the match. Maybe the other team was just good, or your team was just that bad. Your suggestion would led to much dissatisfaction of Rank (which already creates Rage). vr,
  10. TexJapan

    New Ranked has some issues

    So, how can you really screen out lower skill/toxic players? YOU CANNOT. Making it harder to move up ranks would only make a already grindy mode even more grindy (= no fun to play). Once WoWS made the climb up tech tree ships way easier and sold high tier ships it was always going to be a POTATOE FEAST at high tier and in rank. I do understand and suffer the same feelings but I have no good answer to stop the POTATOE flood. Just harvest them and bake, mash, boil them TATERs. VR,
  11. You countered your own Argument. The USN Airpower projection completely dominated the Air and surface.
  12. TexJapan

    why are high tier players so stupid.

    Yep, agree. So, Pot meet Kettle Mr. DevilD0g.
  13. So by this logic, you're saying that "colonoscopy" is unnecessary and should be removed from the medical profession? LOL Failed comparison.
  14. TexJapan

    WG: You need to pay attention to this video

    This video makes me sad. Not for what you may think, but for the overall ignorance, misdirection, and emotional arguments presented. I like Jingles due to his videos are interesting and entertaining, but when it comes to "how to play" he's not the way to go. I'm sure most will watch and have conformation bias and be happy that Jingles called it. Well, he is not a good CV player (or very good overall player), he presents a few truths mixed with many misdirection's and down right wrong information. This is a disservice to the player base and himself. I'm not hating on him, but I do feel sad for him and the direction he's going lately for WoWs. vr,
  15. Winning rate is what...you're clear as mud....good, bad, etc....