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  1. TexJapan

    Achievements for Halloween?

    Thanks guys...didn't read that article fully. Appreciate the info. +1 for both of you. vr,
  2. TexJapan

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    If used correctly by a competent player, oh yes it is. Knowing where a Harugamo will probably be or having it spotted it's not difficult to keep it spotted without being seen. Remember, the Harugumo is slow and turns like a train....and the gap can be as large as 1Km (T8 Kag). Do it all the time with T8-10 DDs. vr,
  3. Was just in a random battle in my Mogami, finished the match with 4 kills...I got an achievement call "Four-Goal Haul". It's a squid with a wreath around it. I don't remember any news listing new holiday achievements. Got 4 nice "Victorious" camo's for it. vr,
  4. TexJapan

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    OK, let's answer this.....Gearing, Shimi, Z52, Groz,Yueyang all out stealth it...and that's just T10. The T8/9 out stealth it by a healthy margin. The Harugumo is a strong DD, but it MUST be played correctly. If you mis-play it...you sink. If you go up against players that know how to counter it...you sink. It is pure Pew-Pew fun, but if you fool yourself into thinking it's just a small CL...you are delusional. Play it just like a DD with a few exceptions...must use cover, can't hide in smoke if a torp boat is near, if spotted by a CV, expect to be attacked by it. But always play the objective and push other DDs back. It is a dance few can do. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy playing the Harug, but I understand it's weaknesses and try not to let them get exposed. In the hands of a good player, it is a beast, in the ham-fisted hands of a bad to Meh player, it's meat on the table for your opponents. vr,
  5. TexJapan

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    Just torp it when it smokes or out detect it and let others shoot it or keep it spotted and choose your attack....there are a few counters to it that are very effective. Just running into it's strongest area and then saying it's OP...well you're just doing it wrong. It's slow, can't turn, is big, not the best stealth....use it's weaknesses against it. vr,
  6. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting, Benefits and Veterans

    Wednesday Bump. See first VFW post for information.
  7. Oh..OK. Yes it will translate into a console much easier..agree. Still not happy for the probable change...oh well.
  8. Skpstr, First, thanks for being civil and really posing questions/insight. The new seal clubbing now really is at T6 due to manual only at T4/5. Someone new to Manual drops/Straffing going as a T6 CV is in for a very rude shock. Not only are they most likely going against an experienced CV player, they are probably up-tiered into a tougher AA environment. Also, they don't get much better at T7 and up....due to they are now behind the power/skill curb. As for 'perma-spotting". As a CV player...there is cost and balance. If I dedicate a squadron (fighter, bomber, torp planes, etc), then that squadron is not shooting down nor attacking any ship. Now it may help the team if they can take advantage of that spotting (most times I'm very disappointed that it's not taken advantage of) but most of the time I just wasted a lot of resources and time. I do try to keep ships spotted, but I also know that now my ability to score/have a good game is very low. Not really sure what you mean by "most of the work can be shared with CV development for Legends". Do you mean Legendary upgrades? I'm I happy about the changes upcoming...NO. I'm I going to try to help...YES. VR,
  9. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting, Benefits and Veterans

    Caturday bump. Got first post for VFW information.
  10. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting, Benefits and Veterans

    Friday evening bump....
  11. TexJapan

    VFW Recruiting, Benefits and Veterans

    Friday bump. Goto first post for VFW info.
  12. I have my deep reservations on this change along with the doubt that the whole game will be better for it. With that said, I will participate in the Beta Test and hopefully help make this upcoming change better. I like the current CV game play but I don't fool myself in that there are problems. Hoped that the UI would be improved (use and responsiveness) and the XP earnings would be adjusted for more team play rewards but that seems to not be in the plans. I hope for the best for the testing and upcoming game changes. VR,
  13. Yes. Several items...nice t-shirts, gift ship, challenge coin, messager bag, etc...also the food and drinks were pretty good. They do a good job.
  14. TexJapan

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Wow, was kinda on your side. The Crates are really not worth the price, but some will try. But when you call others "free loaders" and expect special treatment just because you spend $$ on this game and think your entitled...well you lost me on this. The dollars you spend on this game is your choice, but some of us use that money to pay necessary bills. Call me a free loader. r,
  15. Another Hint for folks looking for a Clan...go in-game and look at Clan ports that interest you. There you'll find clan/individual stats, bonuses, oil reserves, activity of player base, building constructed, etc... VR,