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  1. MemezRus

    Post Your Biggest Port Queen

    Pretty sure it’s the player, not the ship in your case. That’s all I’ll say lmbo
  2. MemezRus

    Post Your Biggest Port Queen

    Roma is a great ship dude.
  3. MemezRus

    Why would you ever push? So Sad.

    He is right, 14k battles 39% wr, you have zero room to criticize the average potato in this game, yet alone PQ.
  4. MemezRus

    Please stop flaming Deadeye

    The people who complain that battle ships are not pushing in are usually below average players, like the dd who instantly kills themselves in a cap and complain no support. I am not going to push if there are unspotted shimas in the map, or I can’t tell which way a battle is going yet, that is just suicide. I will never push if my flank is losing, I will kite and buy other flank time to win.
  5. MemezRus

    I feel robbed

    I agree , in my opinion, if you were 4/5 of the way to completion; they should extend it. I had many like that for which I just didn’t have enough time to complete.
  6. MemezRus

    with Dead Eye, Italian BB will be beast?

    It’s very simple really, if no one is spotted within your detection circle on the map, you have the bonus active.
  7. MemezRus

    need anti-cheat program now!

    His stats are hidden, that is all you need to now about op
  8. MemezRus

    What the experts think about Deadeye

    Does deadeye only work of base concealment or does it take into consideration modifiers such as CE and the concealment mod?
  9. MemezRus

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    Lol I clicked negative score on the rating of this update and it kicked me haha. WG doesn’t even want criticism.
  10. MemezRus

    No CVs, no DDs

    Low skilled? DD play requires the most skill out of all classes. I play al classes, so I know.
  11. Since I had most of the ships on that list, I got all the rare ships in about 100 mega crates I think. Plus all of those rare signals are going to help greatly with free xp farm. The bad part was getting all those CV premiums as I don’t play CV.
  12. Hi guys, is anyone else having this issue, especially on big maps. I usually run everything maxed on graphics with 120-150 fps, I have a monster computer, so it's not my hardware and all my other games run fine. I tried turning the graphics down a bit but it made no difference and nor should I have to run the settings down.
  13. MemezRus

    Your next coveted ship?

    I just need 750 steel to get my Stalingrad lol, need to figure out how to get that steel tho =/