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  1. MemezRus

    Hope this bug gets hot patched

    Yup, should probably ping @Boggzy and @Ahskance.
  2. MemezRus

    Reverse lead

    No surprise here.
  3. MemezRus

    HELP, What's the best Steel or RB ship?

    Depends on what you like to play. If gunboat DD, Ragnar is amazing for any mode of play, if BB, I would get the Bourgogne if you don't care about PR and like fast BBs with good HE and AP, Incomparable if you like a stealth playstyle where you stay undetected and wait to punish broadsides, then go undetected again. Stalin is always a good all around ship, but kind of boring to play IMO. Shiki is fun to play, but kind of a waste if you already have a Yammy.
  4. MemezRus

    Things we'd like WOW to fix

    I don't think it's the USN ships that are under performing here.....
  5. So your issue is because I have been playing since the beginning and got the MO with Free XP (not with my wallet like you whine), it's unfair to you? LOL. Iowa is better than the MO anyways, it just makes better credits. Also, what is wrong with Ohio vs Montana LOL? Both are amazing ships. Sounds like a L2P issue to me.
  6. That is exactly what this is, they have no meaningful way to implement this nightmare and are being forced by execs to implement so they can milk the cashflows.
  7. MemezRus

    Sub Change Proof of Concept

    By this time, it should be quite clear the balance team consists of developers who either do not play their own game or are not very good at it and do not see the impacts of their decisions on gameplay.
  8. This line is only really good at tier X, Colombo is a beast in ranked and clan battles.
  9. MemezRus

    I'm I reading this right?

    LOL this guys thinks DDs are coddled class...
  10. I would love subs to be removed, (no counter-play, un-fun to play against), but unfortunately, WG doesn't understand sunk costs and will try to recoup their investment back just like they did with CV rebork.
  11. MemezRus

    4% Disperson Removal & Light Cruisers

    You're right, brain fart.
  12. Talents do not activate in Clan Battles, not sure what you are talking about.
  13. MemezRus

    4% Disperson Removal & Light Cruisers

    Not really, he is talking about the overmatch mechanic. If the guns over penetrate the broadside of a cruiser, shells will just go through and denotate outside of the ship. This lets cruisers get away without being punished when they are broadside. However, you just wait to shoot at them bow on or stern on, or when they are more angled to get around that problem.
  14. Good explanation, WG balance department strikes again.