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    Anyone know historical precedence for orders to angle in

    bless you both
  2. Friend sent me this email: 'What's a tactical way to say "keep your nose pointed at the enemy"? Currently, I have "maintain facing", but I'm not sure that's correct.' Now, I've only heard "keep your nose pointed at the enemy" in World of Warships (yknow given how everyone loves to show their broadside), and being that such a necessity probably goes back to World War 1 and 2, does anyone know the historical precedence for such orders? And is "maintain facing" a thing? It sounds like it is, but I feel like it's for marching, like "dress to the right and cover down"
  3. ThunderBirdCat

    Barrels Matter with Battleships

    Yeap. I'm definitely a USN fanboy and I prefer the aggressive gun angles, AA and DC afforded by the Montana. Yamato's cheek and sides are more vulnerable and I can't tell you how many Yamato's I've slapped after baiting their "overmatch" guns into shooting my belt rather than nose. The shells are better than Kurrywurst's 406's cause they do 420's damage but the Grosser's 406's have a rate of fire bonus. Plus those secondaries. But call me crazy, I think I get set on fire in H42 more often than Montana. Although power creep is a thing, so I expect once Ohio's available there won't be any Montana's around. I hate fighting Conqueror's and Republiques the most cause Conker's gonna give you a bad fur day with that stupid HE and Republiques have troll armor. Grosser, Yamato, Kremlin have soft sides and I know how to break an enemy Montana's guns
  4. ThunderBirdCat

    Was "strafing" actually supposed to be called such?

    Well I'm glad we're talking balancing CVs but really this was about semantics. Thanks [WOLF3] HazeGrayUnderway and hexeris for Barrage and Boom n' Zoom
  5. You remember prior to the rework where Alt/Manual attack for Fighter squadrons would perform an attack run in a line with guns blazing? I remember reading somewhere technically it shouldn't be called strafing because strafing runs are specifically against ground targets. But for the life of me I can't find any other way to call it, nor is google helpful in clarifying the topic.