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  1. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

    Grats. Which one? My first was Shima.
  2. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

  3. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

    Das alot of dimp.
  4. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

    Ty, I took a long break. I overplayed for too long, pretty rusty on most of my ships. That and my tired PC really are what discourage me tho.
  5. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

    Better Subject Header How many Tier 10s is a lot???
  6. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

    Haha, for sure.
  7. WhiteRecon

    I'm better than you

    Clickbait. I just want everyone to know I got my 15th Tier 10 today. *Pats own back...
  8. WhiteRecon

    Hindenburg — German Tier X cruiser.

    Don’t get me wrong, I usually like my new T10 ship. I recently got my 13th which is the Hindenburg- this ship is a mean bruiser for sure. It makes me really wonder why I never fell in love with Zao, even after the torp upgrade. Hindenburg stomps around like a professional tough guy walking into a bar fight. 100% w/r so far (4, lol), see how long I can keep it up!
  9. WhiteRecon

    Why I shoot the water

    I love the battleship lob over the islands on the 'brothers' map. I've had at least one lucky hit, always laugh when I see the incoming.
  10. I really saw this as a one trick pony, bought one of the ‘b’s during Black Friday. Awesome little ship - had a tier 10 match yesterday (big surprise), our Shima went wide and refused to push objective so I had to cap C and fight off red Shima backed up by a DM and two BBs. Got the cap, kept the DM spotted and gave BBs a lot of torps to dodge. Almost all of my Asashio battles are fun.
  11. Great review of course, but a lot of good discussion as well. I’m certainly not tired of new FXP ships yet - have not had interest in any since MO. Alaska is right up my alley and worth $80 to me if I had a discretionary spending cash. The American lines are fun right now, really wanted this one since @iChase put out a vid on the actual ship some time ago. I guess I need to grind or pony up!
  12. WhiteRecon

    I am EXTREMELY dissappointed with you Wargaming

    Glad to hear about others with lag issues. I'm having crazy bad choppiness and lag with this latest patch but I have an old PC. I keep waiting for a patch to push me out until I get a new machine.
  13. Uuuugghhhh. Fletcher and Missouri? A real diverse DD and a BB that can be driven like a CA sometimes.
  14. WhiteRecon

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    JB in the premium shop this week, but $80, damn. All of a sudden Alsace looks better.
  15. WhiteRecon

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    I'm late to the Jean Bart party, just watched Mejash's vid on it in Ranked. Is it only available for coal now? I ditched my Alsace when it was nerfed, sure loved her. Now I have 2-3 Captains on Republic with different specs. I'm primed for Jean Bart but I don't have much coal at all. * It sounds like the recent FDG's buff is helping, your guys thoughts?