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  1. There is no way you can play random and not at some point be showing a broadside to at least one ship here and there. My point is that when I have a clear broadside in random there is no way I will get the hit that I would in coop. Every time the damage will be less. If a player not a bot shows me a broadside in coop I will do severe damage every time. You will not get the same damage in random. And believe me players in random do show broadsides. Thanks for the feedback guys I guess I will stick coop and play a random once in awhile!!
  2. I understand that but ship is the same and my aim is that same. You can not score the same amount of damage in random than you can in coop. Just try and you will see!!
  3. In coop battles I can score anywhere from 20-60,000 damage in a broadside hit. Go into Random and a hit that should do lots of damage gets only 5,000 or less!! The accuracy of ships guns are changed in Random I know that for sure. Don't understand why. I just played a coop game in the Montana and killed 6 of 9 ships myself. Scored over 240,000 damage. Don't know about anyone else but I get killed quickly in random and guns are far less effective. Just wondering if anyone else see this???
  4. I can't have the world's biggest unfinished cruiser on my list of 'to be completed'.
  5. Hope I don't get buyers remorse, that was a lot of coal (one battle so far). I think I saw @Business6 having a great time in Friesland, but that ship does nothing for me. Mino is anything but a slow chipper and is one of my favorites. To each his own -
  6. That is my impression. Hmm. I have 15 other tier 10s + Smolensk. Any of them can get boring, but it's odd to me to call a high end ship unilaterally boring. Khaba for instance is a ship that just sits in my port - not because I think the ship is boring, just uninspiring. Why is Smolensk a boring ship? One trick pony? Seems high risk high reward to me similar to Mino and Wooster.
  7. I'm a traitor, got mine last night. Picked her over the other coal options. See you out there!
  8. WhiteRecon

    Something is wrong with the queue.

    I feel like MM is the best it has ever been. I'm loving tier 9 right now, finally get to roll the T9s and pretty much fight T9s. The all T-X battles are legit too. I've been up-tiered pretty hard on recent T-7 battles, but you just need to feel it out I think.
  9. WhiteRecon

    Your closest link to Ships we drive in WOW

    Which island was invaded?
  10. WhiteRecon

    Your closest link to Ships we drive in WOW

    My Dad served on the Essex class USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31. They called her the Bonnie [edited]. I got drunk on USS Midway at a damn good Wargaming party.
  11. WhiteRecon

    Is 1 mil FXP worth $64.99?

    I bought the Alaska B after building up my FXP. Now I have FXP for the next thing and the black ships have the best look imo. It's a great ship, I was just comparing it to my Moskva and they look pretty redundant but I'm happy with the purchase.
  12. WhiteRecon

    Should I?

  13. WhiteRecon

    Should I?

    Thanks Chief. I think I have all the ships I want right now, except the $80 Americans.
  14. WhiteRecon

    BB Player wanting to try Cruisers

    I think you picked well then. I would rarely disagree with @Pope_Shizzle but I would continue your path to Hindenburg. I think Hindy was my latest T10 (of 15?) and the best ship in game (realizing I don't have the premium/recent Super-Russians).