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  1. WhiteRecon

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    I'm late to the Jean Bart party, just watched Mejash's vid on it in Ranked. Is it only available for coal now? I ditched my Alsace when it was nerfed, sure loved her. Now I have 2-3 Captains on Republic with different specs. I'm primed for Jean Bart but I don't have much coal at all. * It sounds like the recent FDG's buff is helping, your guys thoughts?
  2. WhiteRecon

    Anybody tested the IJN BB Kii post 8.0?

    A tier 8 BB? Oh, heeeellll no. Not for a couple more weeks. In other news, not taking out tier 9s either. All 10s or 7s.
  3. WhiteRecon

    Was it worth it WG?

    I don't see what it gains to keep opening new threads on this, or for me to post. I don't want to drive the new CVs, too first person shooterish. Having a great time in Ranked - look forward the equilibrium that will come to Random after about 3 patches by my estimate. After every major patch we all rush to the server and it's weird through the first weekend. This one takes the cake tho!
  4. I didn't mean for a second that it's not worth 3M. I have no opinion yet actually - and I don't know how to spec all my captains for when the CVs settle down and normalize.
  5. Hah, I would have. I got 30M credits selling them. They all showed up with the patch. I have 70 ships, probably has something to do with it.
  6. Odd, they added 25 of those AA mod 2s to me. I sold all but 5 for now. I used all that dimp on a couple new ships.
  7. WhiteRecon

    Ranked = relaxing

    Liking Ranked more than all previous seasons. Running odd ships like my new Roon, tried my old Neptune, bought and tried an Izumo secondary build. If I need a win I just pull Fletcher or Kitakaze.
  8. Hah ... my contribution: Ranked is working great.
  9. WhiteRecon

    Manual AA issues

    Interesting. How the heck do you focus area now?
  10. WhiteRecon

    Maybe this just isn't the game for me.

    I've had to take major breaks after geeking out too much. One of the reasons I'm not in a clan.
  11. WhiteRecon

    Maybe this just isn't the game for me.

    So I've played a ton, my win rate has gone down a lot for one important reason of playing too many diverse ships. I usually get pretty good when I'm grinding a T9 ship because I'm focused so hard on that one ship. Unless you're unicum already, I think jumping ship to ship can keep you pretty mediocre at my level - I would bet at <1,000 battles it can keep you on bottom score card.
  12. WhiteRecon

    Maybe this just isn't the game for me.

    No advice, I just blame my PC or client when I full speed derp.
  13. WhiteRecon

    A Perfect Hybrid?

    True, but I think agility is part of the equation and all of these are a bit fat and sluggish right?
  14. WhiteRecon

    A Perfect Hybrid?

    Good topic, I started one a while ago focusing on building a Yugumo as a hybrid - it worked well for me for a bit. No smoke, but radar was so heavy I figured smoke wasn't needed. I just fully upgraded Fletcher, it seems the perfect balance and has great utility. The IJN gunboats have extreme torp cooldowns, I tried Kit fully torp spec with the short range torps and didn't like it.
  15. Exactly- I want full respec, so many commanders