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  1. When you get teams like these: There is nothing that can be done.
  2. yeah those CVs at T6 have such a hard time seal clubbing, they need radar on their planes to easier find their helpless targets /s
  3. I think this one is about CE skill that used to have different values for different ship types, now all get flat 10% just like dds. DDs being undetectable from air was never buffed, but actually nerfed for some - kleber says hello with its ridiculous 4.4km air concealment vs 3.8km weak AA range. Besides that point is moot anyways, as soon as a dd is spotted for any reason, if CV wants a dd dead, it is dead. The only exception is the Swedish line that can live for few CV attacks (and only high tiers of those) while their AA is still intact, probably will die to focus fire anyway.
  4. I second that, I've seen only nerfs, direct or indirect and lots of power creep as well.
  5. Assuming much? No rushing, in 15 minutes of the game you are bound to encounter another dd or you are just a useless weight on your team. CV just waits for you to get spotted once if he did not do it already. Again, assuming much, I did not say anything about being spotted with low hp, I did not say low hp means 1 shot death from enemy dd, it could be 50% rockets still delete you. What I said is after fighting off enemy dd, you are not spotted, you retreated, but you cannot outrun planes, no matter how fast you go. What I describe is a perfect dd play accounting for CV in the game, trying to do something for your team and still might die due to CV- no counter play, or do nothing, run and hide and still might die to CV AND be useless at the same time. There is nothing a DD can do to be effective, get a high XP score and complete mitigate a competent enemy CV that is actively hunting you. Prove me wrong with evidence. Still waiting for videos on how to "just dodge" from multiple loud people here.
  6. Guess what happens, CAs will become new DDs, some of them can stealth torp... I would add 4. to the OP's list - remove rocket planes, (I know WG will never remove CVs cause sunk cost fallacy). You just had an amazing duel with enemy dd, barely won, got a cap, sailed back to safety, but then comes an enemy CV and deletes you with rockets no counter play... fun fun fun /s
  7. Vaitmana

    What DD's do.

    And that applies to all DDs, not just IJN. 1v1 I rarely die to enemy dds, it is always planes or focus fire from island camping he spammers that gets me.
  8. Vaitmana

    DD Experience

    The solution is simple, just as it can be applied to sky ca... CVs, make subs and planes unable to spot for their team. Now dds can hunt subs without being focus fired by the whole enemy team. But there are many other issues with subs, impossible to balance for random and make it fun for everyone (just like CV). Hunting subs is just as fun as using AA against planes - not at all.
  9. Load of B S , I have replays to prove it, where is your proof that DDs can "just dodge" T10 CV? There is no counter play to rocket planes, maybe like 3 dds in this game can survive 1 or 2 passes of CV and CV mains suddenly cry imbalance, what a joke.
  10. Vaitmana

    Silver Income Nerf?

    Like mentioned above, f you are not doing majority of damage to a ship, you don't earn much. Doing 15k damage to a DD is worth more than doing 40k damage to a BB. In screen above, you did less than 50% or even 25% of hp to all those ships.
  11. Vaitmana

    CVs are OP???

    Poor CV lost its planes, now he is useless for the rest of the game... oh wait
  12. Vaitmana

    CV's in clan Battles

    fixed that for you
  13. Vaitmana

    CV's in clan Battles

    All balanced according to spreadsheets, fun and enraging engaging I am sure :P
  14. Vaitmana

    Silver Income Nerf?

    As far as I know, you get more for doing most of the damage (%) to a single ship than spreading your damage across the whole enemy team.
  15. Vaitmana

    CVs are OP???

    I was actually talking about 48% WR CVs. But yeah, even DM is not a shield it used to be. In CV match, you are either having fun in ikea DD or you are not having fun at all in a dd. AA is useless on all but very few ships. WG was trying to be cunning or something, releasing new DD line with very good AA. Still no redemption, CV is just cancer in this game, most of the time preying on ships with weak AA