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  1. Vaitmana

    CV play sucks now

    Only select few dds can counter other dds, and almost none can effectively counter CAs. Hunting for CV is stupid most of the time. So clearly xp rewards are not correctly distributed for DDs, since they only really counter BBs. For example I would love to hunt ca in my shima, but those torps are easily evaded by cruisers most of the time due long reaction time, and 90% of all CAs in high tiers got radar. If CV got higher ave. xp, means its easier to farm damage and get kills using CV than DD. Hence dds must be getting more rewards for other things or their performance in the same metrics must be increased.
  2. Vaitmana

    CV play sucks now

    Are you saying thay all dd players play their ship type wrong, but most cv players play their ship type right? Thats not how server averages work. Higher results in server averages tell that on AVERAGE one ship type is performing better regardless of player skills. Hence inbalance.
  3. Vaitmana

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Midway can already reduce more than 50% of dd hp in one attack, if it goes up, it would be same as before the rework, where carriers could erase dds in first minutes of the game. Also, no matter how high your skill is, you most likely will still eat some chip damage from good cv, without any counter play, being focused its just a matter of time before sinking. Not to mention planes spotting dds for the whole team is same as radar on demand, one good salvo from Zao while you dodge planes and you go back to port promtly.
  4. Vaitmana

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Same time as DDs learn how to guide their torpedoes to target while staying at map borders.
  5. Would not mind kami clones being moved to T8 as long as WG would give them 8-10km ranges and MO levels of money printing. Slap a concealment module on them to lower that concealment to ~4.7km lol. For planes they would be practically invisible, if asashio gets 2.4 km plane detection... one can dream.
  6. I would love that in my shima and asashio
  7. Vaitmana

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Why dont you post a game showing how you evade midway that focused you in a dd for 10 minutes with less than 1k damage taken (and don't play grozovoi or khaba). Surely, you are not one of the average crap players.
  8. IMO it is too small for t10 ranges, and no good cover, most of enemy team is visible at all times. Removes tactical play.
  9. Vaitmana

    Why not let the players choose?

    Problem is, both BBs, DDs, and most CAs will opt out from CV games, just shows how fighting planes will never be fun.
  10. I always wondered, does karma affect who is at fault for causing damage to whom when two friendly ships collide, that pink warning you get, for me it always says the other player is at fault... does the game look at karma in those cases lol.
  11. Did you read my 2nd post? CVs got multiple plane types. CV can just launch his other squadron risk free. Another thing, dd must risk its life to get torp hits, can easily have launchers knocked out or destroyed and has to spend around 5 mins getting in position. 6% average hit rate is for a reason. Show me a CV that only hits targets 6% of time.
  12. What CV has only one squadron type?
  13. WG should just make plane squadrons always available in full, but every time you use them, they go on cool down for 5 mins regardless if you lost them or not. Just like DD torps. That way, CV losing all planes in attack is same as DDs missing all/most torps. But dds have to risk ship hp to get hits.
  14. Like many have said, AA isn't a balancing tool against CVs, cause there are ships that got none to speak of. And CV attack runs are like unrepairable fire, chipping damage until dead with no skill based counter play.
  15. Vaitmana

    Rocket dispersion

    Are you saying you do not want to do what literally every other ship type has to do to hit the target? Lol. DDs have to predict enemy movements a minute in advance to land torps. But, what you want is point and click. Go play CS or something.