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  1. But there is always an option to opt out of all of them - stop playing the game I did since I do not enjoy games where your skill matters less than the composition and actions of your team, I don't enjoy a gamble.
  2. Vaitmana

    "Bring the CVs in line with other classes"

    Do you consider torps limited then? A high tier dd can do fewer torp launches per game than cv planes. Yet torps are much much more limited in their ability than planes. Damage is balanced by 6% hit ratio. You provided no arguments yourself on either of my points. Are planes CV ammunition or should they be considered proxy 'ships'? Also don't pull straws, where did I mention fake news? Stop going on a tangent.
  3. Vaitmana

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Main difference, you cannot WASD torps or shells to target, both have limited range and blocked by terrain. Torps hit ~6% of time, you want to keep your damage on DBs? Then receive the same accuracy as torps.
  4. Vaitmana

    "Bring the CVs in line with other classes"

    Ah so CVs want to have unlimited "flying ships" in their disposal unlike every one else who only gets a single ship per match. Thanks for proving my point on where cv crowd stands. Do continue to take words out of context just like all the sh!tty media do.
  5. Vaitmana

    "Bring the CVs in line with other classes"

    Would it blow your mind if I told you that each chess piece except one has limitations and all of them are weighted differently? If you want to go into that argument, then for one player controlled CV, a dd player should operate 5-10 dds. But this arcade pixel ship game strived to have all classes balanced 1 to 1, no other ship can sit in the corner of a map and WASD their ammunition to target while spotting ships with it in the process. But, if you say that planes are not ammunition, then WG should either introduce player controlled AA and bring plane limit back or have cv lose hp for every plane lost. No other ship playes against computer controlled rng mechanic such as AA.
  6. Vaitmana

    Update 0.8.4 Sounds Promising

    What, you have not seen a cruiser main on Ocean map?
  7. Vaitmana

    The Hatred for CV's needs to stop.

    You got no clue why people play games. Hint: there are only 2 reasons, not mutually exclusive.
  8. Vaitmana

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    What you described is the usual potato player pre 8.0, not some valid tactic. Post 8.0 you gotta hate yourself to play torpedo dds.
  9. Vaitmana

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    RTS cvs were as rare as detonations and could be tolerated due to that.
  10. Vaitmana

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    If dds have to play with the rest of the team passively, why even bring a dd? Zao is much better, got 12km torps, amazing long range guns and does not lose effetiveness if spotted. DDs lost all meaning in this game. I stopped playing this game, if its what it is, so be it, I will move on to better things.
  11. Vaitmana

    World of CVs

    This would be like the 4th time I request a video of someone in a dd vs midway and how he uses skill to counter that midway. Show us that adapted skill play in dd when CV focuses you. Do enlighten us, bad dd players... So far, its all talk. I once got a fortune cookie: "A person of many words, but no deeds is like garden full of weeds." This forum need some grass trimming
  12. Vaitmana

    World of CVs

    I was open to change, I changed the game I play! WG could have avoided a lot of grief if they sent a memo ahead of time that they do not want dds in this game. Luckily, there are other, more fun alternatives to WOWs if you used to enjoy dd gameplay.
  13. Vaitmana

    Make WoWs fun and engaging again

    You know, some politicians are over 80 years old, but are complete idiots Quantity does not equal quality. One should use all the available metrics to assign weight to someone's opinion.
  14. So who is the wuss here then? Ships that trade hp to be able to shoot each other or CVs that sail far away behind and farm damage at no risk to their lives? Don't bring real life to an arcade game that needs to be balanced and fun, not mutually exclusive.
  15. Sure, then all cv players should just only be able control they ships and let AI fully control planes not other way around. Other ships do not have separate navigation control for their ammunition.