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  1. I would take a 100k+ damage game with kraken over any win where I am not in top 3 any day. Capping enemy base to win when majority of ships have not even seen any action is not fun, watching cap counter go up is as fun as watching a paint dry
  2. I have a screenshot in IJN dd section, where I was the only person on my team to touch the cap, I spotted enemies, had 2 caps solo, sunk almost full hp enemy yamato and torped some other ships, and almost got 3rd solo cap before enemy CV killed me. And for all my effort only got 4th place on a loss. While one of my teams BBs was sitting and sniping the whole game in a far corner, probably farmed some good damage and placed first, but was useless in winning the game, did not tank nor sunk ships of importance. Damage is king in this game, sinking 2 potato BBs places you far ahead of a dd that got 3 solo caps and spotted for the whole game.
  3. Now if only those roles were equally rewarding and fun. Otherwise, shooting and watching ships sink is the only fun and profitable thing in this game.
  4. When I have losing streak in DDs, I either switch to BBs or drop to T5 for some seal clubbing in my Fujin
  5. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    All I can say is that Akizuki became more fun to play after the buff, now enemy cruisers and BBs actually feel fear when their HP starts melting under fire. Akizuki is more vulnerable to torps though. The 33kn speed is still painful, in open water you are dead. I do not think she is OP though, if abominations like khabarovsk can exist in this game, than akizuki is not OP at all. Besides, Grozovoi can possibly out DPM her due to higher HP and heal. Also, carriers still eat Akizuki with no issues, no DFAA is bad.
  6. DD's high tier game is bad

    Please tell me what you call too close, because whenever I am spotted, BBs have no problem landing shells from 15+km away on me from multiple directions, WASD hax do not help when there is more than one ships shooting at you, which is always the case with DDs. And then tell me what is the effective engagement range for DDs, most of them have 10km torps, almost all IJN dds have ~10km gun range. I sure have no issues dodging shells from 20 km away... staying 20 km away from BBs and CAs such fun, much WoW Hyperbole much. That limited distance is greater than or equal to almost all torpedo ranges, Brief periods of time? With 48s radar, dds caught can be sunk in as low as 5 seconds or 2 good salvos from 2 ships. I've seen that happen many times. Also, spotted DD will never land any torps, all ships can fire unspotted, like BBs or CAs do from behind islands.
  7. DD's high tier game is bad

    I wonder why everyone thinks the majority of DD mains have problems avoiding radar? The point that everyone misses is that most DD mains adapted and found that the gameplay at high tiers became increasingly stale and boring, and radar is one of the reasons for that. A lot of times DDs cannot play for objectives because 3+ radar ships can cover all caps and it is too much risk for no reward. Another is BB accuracy that forces passive play from cruisers, that is why radar cruisers are most popular, at least in my games.
  8. DD's high tier game is bad

    I refuse to acknowledge Khab as a DD, it is a fantasy abomination and should not be placed anywhere close to other DDs on a scale. Light cruiser without citadel, going at 45 knots with unrealistic accel/decel and rail guns is what it is.
  9. DD's high tier game is bad

    Missing correlation to the following? Guess why you get quickly deleted by BB AP, or is it so hard to figure out? Need help? I want to see you dodge shells from 5 different ships when some behind island cruiser lit you up without warning. The only counter to that is to stay 10km away from any potential island. I already listed why I want to reduce accuracy for BBs, do not put words into my mouth, I never said I want no risk, I ran F3 torpedoes with 8km range on my shima before radar population exploded. Now I rarely see less than 3 radar ships in my games and all of them are island humping campers. While BBs stay even further back and only move up only when there is 5 ship advantage. Cruiser drivers sure learned how to deal with BB AP - by hiding behind islands, must be fun gameplay. It is not hard to play around radar, all you need to do is stay 11 km away from all the action or potential islands if radar ships were never spotted. Very fun gameplay! People have been arguing for weeks on this forum that the main issue with radar for experienced DDs is not that it kills you, it is that it makes the gameplay boring and stale. BB AP is just the main reason I lose most of my HP if spotted. Others can do it, the option is there. What can a DD or cruiser do against a BB that is 20 km away and firing at them, except to wasd and hide?
  10. DD's high tier game is bad

    Are you really, really sure, because I do not want to succumb to stats as proof. Ships, other than DDs, have tools to survive when spotted, such as heal and armor. The only DD that can bounce shells is a fantasy cruiser named Khabarovsk. Again, do not make me bring your stats up, you Z-52 experience is very limited to say it nicely, and that spamming ability certainly does nothing for you. Z-52 torps are weak compared to all other nations that is the trade off. Doing 10k or less damage per torp and even if 10% of your torps hit, it is still way lower DPM than any gun on any of BBs or CAs at the same tier. And you just supported my argument, reducing BB accuracy will make cruiser much more survivable so they won't have to hide behind the islands all the time. If DDs were risk free, they would not have the lowest by a large margin survivability, average damage and XP. Nerfing BB accurcay will make: BBs more survivable (according to statistics, most damage is received from BB AP) CAs more survivable DDs more survivable (no more 3-4 shells hitting from 20km away and taking 75-100% hp) CAs will move with more freedom to hunt DDs BBs will have to move up to be more effective DDs will finally be able to counter BBs properly
  11. DD's high tier game is bad

    BB accuracy does need nerfing, even if WG removed citadels from cruisers completely, BBs will still sit at max range and snipe, because it is brain dead easy and effective. The second paragraph tells me you have no idea what DD gameplay is like at high tiers. DDs hate radar because it spots through land and for the whole enemy team, not because they are retarded enough to sit in smoke and "spam" torps at high tiers. You cannot spam something that has over 2 mins reload. Those island humping cruisers just promote more passive and stale gameplay.
  12. You cannot beat this I sunk 2 ships with 1 hp.
  13. How to Shimakaze

    What is the most painful from that game is that, I put so much effort to win and I am not even top 3 XP. While a BB was sitting, and firing the whole game from 20km away and got the top spot, barely any effort. Selfish play is the only play that rewards anything except WR. But, like you said, WR is much more team dependent, only CVs can strongly affect the outcome.
  14. How to Shimakaze

    Well what can I say, I played to win, almost got a 3rd solo cap too. Unfortunately most of the team immediately proceeded to go into the far corner above A cap and sit there until most of them died, only 1 ship played as a team and died to enemy CV, I was the only ship touching the cap at all for the whole match. I used F3s too, to force my self to play close. Communication with team was difficult to say it softly. Again not even top 3, after over 3k battles in them, I do not know how to play IJN dds and have fun. Maybe I should just stick to my team, regardless of what they are doing.
  15. How to Shimakaze

    Thanks you for a very detailed reply. I actually wanted to spot and spammed F6 for AA support so I can move into cap more but wanted to be patient at the same time. There was also enemy Cleveland that made me hesitate to move in due to radar and I had no idea where enemy Worcester was hiding (I knew somewhere at B). This game specifically I was trying to play much safer than I usually do, because I am tired of trying to spot and smoke my team only to get radared and killed early game. I am always told to wait before capping until all radar ships are spotted, well I tried to follow that advice. I just hate having to rely on the team so much to do anything, while I agree that planning with team is the way to win, playing for the win most of the time keeps me from top of score board and is not really fun. I had games with 3 solo caps and not even close to top XP. I guess the frustration just accumulated. By the way, my team won this game in the end, which was surprising, I guess killing all enemies is one way to win.