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  1. Vaitmana

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    This, shorter time to target is much better than lower concealment.
  2. Vaitmana

    Headset Recommendations

    Forget what everyone said and go watch latest video from 'Z Review' on youtube. You will find your answer and much more.
  3. Yes, they have slightly different language and... thats pretty much it. Regarding VMF BBs, as long as they are not OP and bring something new to gameplay its fine. I generally dislike mainly paper ship lines, rather sell the rare real ships as premiums.
  4. Few times I thought that a benefit of grinding a nerfed line was that it will not be nerfed again or maybe even buffed... WG kept proving me wrong, but I still got shima since I put so much time into this line - my 1st one, and I sort of made it work. I always wonder how well I would do in any other t10 dd... The only fix I see for shima and below is to increase torp speed by few knots, since WG never undoes their nerfs.
  5. Vaitmana

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    This is funny, what is the average main battery accuracy for BBs again? What is for torpedoes? Go ahead and use that grey marker. It is only useful for brain dead BB targets or to measure how fast a ship is going.
  6. Vaitmana

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    I would be totally fine with farming cruisers and other dds, %hp is all that matters, not the raw damage number. Every game, if I have a choice of torping a dd or a BB, I go for dd = more rewards, less potential threat if killed. Besides, it only takes 2-3 torps to sink a cruiser and 1 to sink a dd... I had Yammi eat 7 type92mod3 torps and live.
  7. Vaitmana

    Shimakaze and the Legendary NERF

    No, I get you, I play the same, except with mod3s, because sometimes the only option is to launch at targets beyond 8km range. I try F3s from time to time, but I just feel hitting more torps with mod3s on average. I used to run F3s when there was at most 1 radar ship per team.
  8. Vaitmana

    Shimakaze and the Legendary NERF

    F3s are tons of fun until you get radar heavy game where people know how to chain radar. In such games you won't be able to approach anyone within radar range. Also, F3s do not 1 hit kill most dds as often as mod3s do.
  9. Vaitmana

    Shimakaze and the Legendary NERF

    Gonna unlock it soon, but will not use, it sucks. Legendaries should be sidegrades not straight upgrades for some (like zao or yamato) and downgrades for others such as shima. They should have made a better version of torpedo speed vs range captain skill for shimakaze. Turn your 12km torps into 10 for 74 knots or something
  10. Vaitmana

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    Type93mod3 with 1.4 concealment
  11. Vaitmana

    Possible Solution to Radar

    This is probably the most important issue in the game. When you put a lot of effort into capping and scouting in a very radar heavy enviroment and then find yourself in the middle of a score board at best, it leaves a very bad taste. Radar is easy to blame in such case. For good dd players radar is mostly an annoyance and reduces fun.
  12. Vaitmana

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Maybe reach T10 before shutting ppl up. Who decided that dds are only to harass or spot, neither is rewarding much and this game is suppose to be RPS. Also only dds are with a full hard counter named CV, radar is not even the main issue... actually there are like 2 dds that can survive cv more or less using their own aa so now we can dismiss it /s.
  13. I would take a 100k+ damage game with kraken over any win where I am not in top 3 any day. Capping enemy base to win when majority of ships have not even seen any action is not fun, watching cap counter go up is as fun as watching a paint dry
  14. I have a screenshot in IJN dd section, where I was the only person on my team to touch the cap, I spotted enemies, had 2 caps solo, sunk almost full hp enemy yamato and torped some other ships, and almost got 3rd solo cap before enemy CV killed me. And for all my effort only got 4th place on a loss. While one of my teams BBs was sitting and sniping the whole game in a far corner, probably farmed some good damage and placed first, but was useless in winning the game, did not tank nor sunk ships of importance. Damage is king in this game, sinking 2 potato BBs places you far ahead of a dd that got 3 solo caps and spotted for the whole game.
  15. Now if only those roles were equally rewarding and fun. Otherwise, shooting and watching ships sink is the only fun and profitable thing in this game.