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  1. Maybe they should change "year" to "century" so they have a little more time?
  2. I guess WG would need to really break it further before I would consider a refund.
  3. I can see them refunding the credits and stars, but not the cash people paid for premiums. So, this will not work.
  4. It would have also been easy to add caps and cap assists to the contest.
  5. So, you want to zoom around the harbor and torpedo stationary ships? Sounds exciting.
  6. A polite reminder in chat often helps too.
  7. I would also like the port lag reduced, lol.

    Chess does not have RNG.
  9. German HE vs AP?

    Scharn was armed with nine 28 cm (11.1 in) L/54.5 guns SK C/34, while Graf Spee had six 28 cm (11.0 in) L/52 SK C/28 guns. In reality, the Scharn guns are better. However as stated above, the guns have been WoWSified.
  10. Bad mission Combos

    15 destroyed modules in an Emerald.
  11. Where Do I Log A Major Complaint ??

    There is no way they can program a system to "prove intent". The court systems/your parents/any authority figure had to contend with the issue of proving intent forever with mixed success.
  12. T9 KGM FXP Ship?

    Sort of like a lot of other ships we use.
  13. What cheats are people using in WoWs?

    I am using the shell funnel cheat. A funnel deploys above my ship, thus channeling all of the enemy ships' shells into my hull. Therefore, I save my allies from taking any enemy fire.
  14. Gaming Router

    I don't use much wireless, but I would definitely get a gigabit router and upgrade your lan to cat 7 in you want to spend the money. Also, check out your modem and make sure it supports gigabit ethernet. No point having an uber router if your modem is slow. As far as specific types, I have not researched quality/reliability lately.