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  1. Airjellyfish

    Since This Is An Arcade Game......

    Or, the zombies are uncontrolled and fire at the nearest ship, regardless of who it is. In the end, the zombies win.
  2. Airjellyfish

    stupid AI

    Be grateful the AI didn't torp you.
  3. Airjellyfish

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    Well, glad the GC and Scharn are there. (I am not much of a DD person) I have them both myself and ironically don't play either that much any more. I got the GC when it was new because it was the first Italian ship I could get my hands on. I don't even remember looking at the stats, just saw Italian and clicked buy, lol. As far as bottom feeders (stat padder/pat self on the back I won again), many games suffer from those whether it is low tier ships here or twinked characters roaming the pvp battlegrounds in MMOs. I have to agree on the "meaningful" changes. Between real life and the game direction, I am playing a lot less, just to get a crate here and there. I even left most of my ships without the captains respected. The skills are in flux and a lot are crap, and not having them did not seriously affect the gameplay.
  4. Airjellyfish

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    No one is forcing anyone to play any game mode. If a player is dissatisfied with the mode being played, try some other mode or quit. I bet if the player had the OP ships, this thread would not exist. As long as WG wants to hype new premiums, WG will ignore testers' warnings of OP and produce broken ships to make initial sales, pull the ship, then stuff it into loot boxes for more money. I would laugh to see some the the "good" players whose rate dipped slightly for a short time be forced into coop. Given the newness of the rework, I would love to see randoms suddenly vacated because of the lack of 21pt captains. Happy queue times! If you want skill based match making discussions, there are plenty of other threads you can search for. Some of your arguments are strawman and ludicrous.
  5. Airjellyfish

    Deadeye is gone, how about the rest?

    Most skills are magic anyway. You might be able to train a crew to load the guns faster or be better at damage control, but not make a ship hide better, shoot farther, turn powered turrets faster, shift the rudder faster, etc. A lot of that would require a drydock. But...they can still fix Greased Gears! How much data do they need for that? The spreadsheets of WG's screw up with this are out there.
  6. Airjellyfish

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    Play coop.
  7. Airjellyfish

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    What about fixing Greased Gears?
  8. Airjellyfish

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    I need new islands to beach on!
  9. Sure connections can be verified? What if WG's glorious infallible program causes the computer to BSOD, freeze, or otherwise misbehave? You assumed all voluntary reasons. How are you going to prove intent across the internet? You can't.
  10. Play coop as said above lol.
  11. Airjellyfish

    WOWS End of life?

    To safely troll the forums?
  12. Airjellyfish

    Which is more likely a keeper

    Bacon with a side of bacon. Passing on bacon is heresy!
  13. Maybe WG knows that there wouldn't be enough active life boats for the crew? What happens when players try to drive over the lifeboats? Do they get flattened or does the multi-thousand ton ship bounce off them or get stuck like with a sinking wreck? The parachutes are another nice but not needed addition to the game.
  14. And various other old anime cartoons where the shot enemy soldiers were referred to as "robots".