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  1. Airjellyfish

    Playing for "Fun"

    Some missions promote bad play. For example, a person needs a certain number of torpedo hits in random. You will get more people trying to get these hits and end up yoloing. The difference is the person doing the insulting is hiding behind a computer screen, easy to be brave. In a real social setting, there is always the risk of violence depending on the insult receiver's mood and tolerance of your mouth. So, the principle may be the same, but the outcome very different. Also, did all of your other team members volunteer in chat that they are playing for fun? If not, that is quite an assumption.
  2. Airjellyfish

    Just got AFK'd for power outage :-(

    Customer support will never respond fast enough to unpink you before you played 3 battles. By the time you posted this and submitted a ticket, you could have been through a battle or two.
  3. Airjellyfish

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    Just like when no Gungans died at the battle of Naboo, but they surrendered any way. Can't have dead Gungans littering the field.
  4. People like beating dead horses. Then again, people do not want unresolved issues ignored, even if it is unpleasant for WG.
  5. That is such a novel concept. Rushing to the top is a problem in a lot of MMOs. The only good thing is in WoWs you don't have chat spam of people crying they are bored while sitting in town.
  6. Airjellyfish

    Enough already with the stealth Premium Time

    They also need to fix the in game clock for premium time. The last time I had premium time it said I had 15 minutes left for 2 hours. I had to restart the game to fix the clock, same with another clan mate.
  7. Airjellyfish

    Damage & flooding for ramming an island?

    I would be so dead instantly, maybe even before the game started.
  8. Airjellyfish

    Quality of Life and Balancing Ideas

    When you say quality of life, I thought you meant getting away from the frustration of the game with a good BBQ and drinks around a campfire.
  9. Airjellyfish

    Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    I have not asked for any of this crap. All I asked for was maybe a few more combat missions a week for coop. That is the love and attention I wanted. A few screamers in the forums do not make a majority.
  10. Airjellyfish

    Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    Bots have zero rudder shift and JATO bottles. I had a full broadside Hood at 3km U turn away from me, turning INSIDE my entire spread. Normally turning away is certain death. But the Hood reversed direction in a boat length.
  11. Airjellyfish

    Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    I like it when they can shoot and hit you over the island mountain when you are right next to it, but you can't shoot them back because the mountain is in the way.
  12. I had mixed success with this. Some bots still seem to remember, lol. I had an interesting torp shot last night. I fired a full spread from my Gallant at a full broadside Hood 3km away. The Hood did a full U turn away from me and turned inside the entire spread! Normally turning away from torpedoes this close is certain death, but the Hood did a full U turn in about a boat length. I wish my DD turned like that.
  13. Airjellyfish

    If subs are introdduced - what will you do?

    It would be interesting if they put in a crush mechanic for those that screw up an go below crush depth. Or a mechanic to hit bottom and get stuck on a formation and you can't surface again. That happened to me in Aces of the Deep, lol.
  14. Airjellyfish

    Coal Port Bug / Steel Port Bug

    Are other bonuses working or glitched, such as service cost increasing to compensate for clan service cost discounts? I didn't get to check yet.
  15. You make assumptions on now people get their jollies, not all people do it rationally. Maybe they like seeing the pretty ARP explosions up close? Personally, I never fire torpedoes until I have a close legitimate target. Their allies might care when enemy ships pop into view and the torpedoes are still on a reload cycle.