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  1. Airjellyfish

    wg my compliment about the game

    But I would like the rage quitting suicide player because of ship lineup who would leave more XP for me!
  2. Airjellyfish

    TIE Fighter

    Played a lot of TIE Fighter hot seating missions at a friend's house. Recently picked up TIE Fighter vs X Wing from GOG.
  3. Airjellyfish

    I miss Epicenter

    I prefer Epicenter to Arms Race. If I wanted to run around and collect buffs, I'll go play Diablo 2.
  4. Airjellyfish

    Co-op bot numbers.

    Those screen shots don't display any bad profit, you being in the 1 and 2 spots and the tier. Green bots primarily cut profit when they ram the reds. The red bot AI is pretty bad. I was recently in a battle where the red DD sailed across the back of the map, backed into the far side of an island, and sat in its smoke most of the match. Did WG find the worst player in all the replays and program the behavior into the AI?
  5. Airjellyfish

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    I understand. I have had DDs drive back and forth between my cruiser and target to block my torp shots. This shot blocking is the rage. I have also had DDs and cruisers drag along my hull and hang there. The most satisfying thing is when you give them a nudge with a rudder shift and push them into a spread of torpedoes meant for you.
  6. Airjellyfish

    Massive Lag?

    I have been having occasional lag spikes and I don't run mods.
  7. Airjellyfish

    After the change... of what use will camos be ?

    So, WG is going to drop this nerf during the last stage of the French cruiser event?
  8. Airjellyfish

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    A lot of BBs can't even make it to a cap before the DD caps it, even with not turning, going full, and with brisk.
  9. Airjellyfish

    1980's version of wows?

    Played both the computer game and the table top version (still have the rules and minis). Harpoon Gold might run on Windows 10 if you can find it.
  10. Airjellyfish

    1980's version of wows?

    Play Harpoon.
  11. I thought it would be the return of RTS CVs!
  12. When the odd carriers were removed, the XP I had was dumped into my T4 carriers even though I had some T6 carriers that could have benefited from the disappearance of my T7s.
  13. Airjellyfish

    How are Co-op bots configured by MM?

    Did it change? In the RTS CV days, the bot would sometimes have different air groups than I did.
  14. Airjellyfish

    Subs Cavitating

    Cavitation is from the propeller blades not the sub hurtling at 100 kts. Can happen at much lower sub speeds with poor or early propeller technology. I believe depth is a factor too.
  15. Airjellyfish

    Interceptor and Fighter speeds

    Mine are always slower than the planes they need to catch.