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  1. Airjellyfish

    Sooooo About Enemy Ai.......

    I have lost multiple games to bot capping because we could not get line of sight to the target in time.
  2. Airjellyfish

    Coop Unplayable Now

    At least one random does, lol.
  3. Airjellyfish

    Coop Unplayable Now

    I stated adding points to the starting total in both modes, so not divergent. Where do you get half points from my post? I am aware of WG abhorring divergent rules.
  4. Airjellyfish

    Coop Unplayable Now

    Np, these "fixes" and many others have been beat to death in the forum and ignored by WG. Happy New Year!
  5. Airjellyfish

    Coop Unplayable Now

    Yes, I realize this because I posted it there too, lol.
  6. Airjellyfish

    Coop Unplayable Now

    No need for 2 rule sets. The mercy rule kicks in most often in domination maps where no caps are initially held. Just add 100 or 200 points to the starting total for both sides and in both pve and pvp. This will reduce the mercy rule effect. Just change the value in a variable. This is not an old concept. Other games systems call it a morale clock, etc. I believe Final Liberation used it too along with other games. It even dated back earlier to tabletop miniature gaming. As a coop main, I only camo and flag up for scenarios and for certain ships under certain circumstances, i.e. 100% or 200% win bonuses. Most of the time it is not worth it. The usual game lasts under 5 minutes. If you are stuck on the wrong side of the map, you may as well read the paper while sailing or exit to port and get into another battle. (Who cares if I go pink. Banish me to coop? lol) The game will end before you get into effective range. The short games, latest WG December fiascoes (and other 2019 screw ups), and future sub drop have definitely affected our spending. I was going to spring for 3 premium accounts for the family and 9 mega crates, but not anymore. If you want less green bots on a team, why add another player to each side? Would that not increase the chance of getting a bot by adding another slot that will be potentially unfilled? I would think the reverse would be true. Less players per side, more easier to fill by humans. WG will NOT fix this. More games played means more camo and flags used which means more money for them.
  7. Airjellyfish

    Wargaming's trust rating

    I guess the ridiculous grind was only part of the "upset". The enormous effort going into the "free to get with effort" cover-up is what really torqued the players. A hotfix extending the timeline and reducing the absurd requirements to make the PR grind more humanly possible would have helped player relations tremendously. Instead, WG chose to spend their resources on advertising damage control instead of making things right. If WG had a half a ball, they would try to repair the PR event. It's not too late. But, didn't WG themselves say they wouldn't? I can't remember the other thread that was in. WG and trust should not be used in the same sentence.
  8. Euros? Rubles? Pesos? Turkish Lira?
  9. I guess the snowflakes are still worth something even though the directives are crap.
  10. Airjellyfish

    Sub. Wow just wow

    The release date is only in WG's hive mind. It could be near or far. I only offered speculation based on the CV rework. Still, the accountants will start demanding cash from the new line. Development can't last forever, costs money, and does not generate revenue until deployed. The bean counters rule.
  11. Airjellyfish

    What Tier Will I Need To Play, To Avoid Subs?

    I am not so sure. The randoms will use co-op to work out their subs.
  12. Airjellyfish

    9 game co-op penalty.

    A quick coop rotation will get that off in no time. A clan mate was messing around in tier 1 and got a 5 game penalty in a coop game by damaging a friendly bot. Somehow that one broadside did 6k damage to the friendly while trying to shoot the red bot next to it, according to the after action report. I wish my tier 1 had a 6k capable broadside.
  13. Airjellyfish

    Sub. Wow just wow

    Isn't planning to release subs in that form? (or near it) How can this reliably be said? WG will probably drop the subs on us in early 2020, after people spent their money on Christmas and PR. They will probably send it live with the same excuse of "needing more data" since major grinds were happening during the testing. Subs have been in development for a while. WG needs to starts getting cash from them regardless of the state of readiness and player base acceptance.
  14. Been calling females chicks for decades. We even had a qualifier - fluff chick - made up chick with big hair. Even my wife calls females chicks too. I also call chicks, chicks (i.e. chicken chicks). Don't really plan to stop either. It's a term from a different era.