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  1. I actually enjoy the mid tiers better than the high tiers. I like those ships better. The only reason I do 8 or higher (finally got Iowa) is if I feel like doing some Halsey campaign stuff. When I did do random at the lower tiers, the play style seemed the same as mentioned. Haven't went back in a long time.
  2. Weird, I have never seen anyone fight hard in random. Just people hiding behind islands and sniping, pretty boring for me. So, I let anything with random requirements slide. Not really an issue. So, I don't get a special set of electrons as a reward.
  3. Airjellyfish

    Latest ingame survey

    Maybe they are also trying to develop new camos and stat signals? Like a Coca Cola camo and polar bear signal that gives bonuses?
  4. Airjellyfish

    Too much bbs...

    Did I miss this or was this in the distant past? My Colorado and lower tiers still seem to be going the same slow speed. I can go get a cup of coffee while heading toward the enemy. Or was the buff to the paper Montana?
  5. Airjellyfish

    Too much bbs...

    Really? Too many BBs? Lol. I normally see 3-4 DDs per battle, a few cruisers, and maybe a couple BBs.
  6. Airjellyfish

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    I'm not Italian, but give me those Italian ships! I have been drawn to them since playing General Quarters and Seekrieg. But, we have paper Russians?
  7. This has been a historic problem with the error monitor. I brought it up to the support forum again on 7/1. Again, WG is silent and does nothing about this garbage in their software. Deletion of the monitor is your only solution since WG won't help.
  8. Airjellyfish

    NTC post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVED !

    Odd. A person who claims to have understanding just keeps ranting the same thing over and over again like a kindergartner. You obviously demonstrate great insight. So, anyone who does not support your disturbed, distorted view and disagrees is part of the problem? Sounds like like you are doing your own bovine crying. Maybe you should learn how to use the scroll wheel and click on various tabs to navigate the forums to find what you need instead of whining. Oh, there is a nice search feature too.
  9. Airjellyfish

    NTC post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVED !

    So, why is it not general besides you screaming "It's not general." Shouldn't this be said for the CV rework threads too? Why would it be support? It is not even a feature yet.
  10. Airjellyfish

    The Flaw World of Warships Business Model

    A lot of gamers I know grind just to be at the top level and miss the experience along the way. I see it in MMOs all the time. Free XP to shoot passed ships aids this tremendously. They get to the top, then they are bored or start a gear grind. For a lot, it's just having a "top gear" thing. I personally enjoy the mid tiers the most. Also, why are people asking for lesser tier clan battles? They are tired of tier 10 clan battles. Make those and you will get people playing the other tiers again. They will still burn consumables to win. There is your revenue stream.
  11. You do realize, that just like the CV rework, it's too late to stop it. WG is too far along in development to stop it because they don't want to waste the resources they expended, even though it is a very crappy idea. The news only leaks when they are at this point. This will be shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. If WG really cared about the customer base, they would bounce some concepts our direction BEFORE prancing down the path of irreversible stupidity.
  12. Airjellyfish


    It's already too late. Just like the CV rework, it is too far along for them to abandon it after they broke the news. We are getting this garbage whether we like it or not.
  13. Airjellyfish

    Bot Firing Torps Towards Allies

    I've seen bots with the 180 degree bug, red in front of them but they torp 180 degrees back into friendlies. I have seen bots let go both sides of torpedoes perpendicular to the ship with only enemies on one side and not even in range. I have seen bots launch into nothing a lot less than i see players do, even high tier players. The bots do far better than the spam torper humans who keep launching at ships far beyond max torp range even after you tell them.
  14. Airjellyfish

    Bot Cheats in Action and a little green team torping me.

    I do know they ignore firing arcs. I've seen bots fire torps out their a$$es and out their bow, ships that should not have been able too.