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  1. Airjellyfish

    CV Rework/Module Reset?

    Will there be a module reset for ships since some people bought hulls to improve the AA build of those ships?
  2. Airjellyfish


    Thank you.
  3. Airjellyfish


    With major software changes coming with 0.80 because of the CV rework, is WG going to universally inflict the WGC on us with this update? I seemed to have missed it in the dev blog and WG always remains silent when asked this.
  4. Airjellyfish

    Fixing Replays

    Fixing replays and adding even a simple check box to enable/disable them has been backburnered for so long you wonder if they are deaf on the subject.
  5. Airjellyfish

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    In reference to the title, I never "wished" or asked for any of this crap.
  6. True, but it also would make sense if they did lie. People/corporations do stretch the truth or outright lie to defend themselves/their decisions or actions in a hostile environment. The rework does happen to make CVs playable on other platforms and appeals to the whiz around kiddies that may find the RTS mode of CVs complex or boring. Legends will expand the customer base thus providing financial pressure to make a platform friendly CV, so the Legends theory makes sense. If the true goal was for Legends, revealing it would raise the public outcry. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if they are lying or not. If the other markets take off, maybe improvements for the PC platform will get slowly sidelined years down the road. Who knows? How is the Blitz population comparing to the traditional WoWS population?
  7. I see WG can't post the proper start times. I just checked the news site and the times are still wrong. (Dec 19 7pm EST)
  8. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Personally, I could care less if it is implemented or not, since it won't affect me. I just threw this out there as an option for those who seemed to want better teams which seemed to be the case by all the complaint threads. Maybe WG may implement it (or similar) to give the guys with skill better quality games.
  9. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Since there is no "hosting player", your post irrelevant. There would be enough players and enough games that some would drop out of the elite random and new ones would enter and so on.
  10. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    You have to have at least a T8 ship to get a T10 loaner, harder to get than T5. You can't play CW if not in a clan. Therefore, there are exclusions. I didn't say randoms excluded no one. I said the combat missions do.
  11. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Please read prior post. WG can calculate the win rates for tier 5+ and use that or a higher tier for that matter, thus reducing seal clubbing.
  12. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    I meant overall, not by tier or ship. You can div or solo.
  13. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Go ahead and call me an elitist, lol. If you look at my win rate in random, you will see I will never, ever, EVER, be able to enter the game mode I proposed. I proposed this for others. Plus I am a coop main. WG already practices multiple modes of exclusion, random only missions, clan battles limited to T10 (so what if there are crap rentals), missions limited to T5 or greater, missions limited to ships of certain countries, types, premiums, etc. So, why the heartburn over another exclusion mode?
  14. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    Clans may or may not have elite players. People can fail up to T10 and have a clan to join clan battles. With this mode, you can go in on your own, not have to wait for the clan battle window (which is ridiculous), or wait for enough clan members to be online.
  15. Airjellyfish

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    True, I am sure WG can calculate a win rate total for tier 5 and above, therefore reducing the seal clubbing.