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  1. Even if WG did have the manpower to review each case, it would still be hard to prove intent from a replay, unless that person was actively raging in chat or it was so blatantly obvious because no enemies were in the area.
  2. I thought they just hated me and also used laser guided shells to track me through my turns.
  3. Griefing?????

    Thanks, but I have a further question. He drove into the target ship and didn't trigger a ram? Is there a minimum speed necessary to trigger the ram mechanic?
  4. Griefing?????

    Please define the difference between "blocking a target" and someone pressing home a torpedo attack so: 1. He can try to guarantee hits and put the enemy down. 2. Avoid spam torping through friendlies and risking team damage. A person pressing home such an attack may be "in the way" for a time. Also, people involved in swirling melees can "be in the way". Since the two ships were "entangled" with each other for a long time, maybe search for something else to shoot if available. You might have been able to get a couple volleys off at another target. If you are really good at aiming, blessed by RNG, and have an exposed potion of the target, you might be able to land a few rounds without hurting your ally. But, that calls for a lot of planets to be in alignment.
  5. Maybe that would cut down on idiots turning 90 degrees to cut across your bow and sail across the map to do nothing? I guess half the population would be pink.
  6. 1. The absolutely horrible target lock software logic that selects a target furthest away from you in a cluster of ships. 2. I love bouncing off islands with no damage.
  7. Historical Ammunition Levels

    I do not disagree with your points. In reference to your earlier post, I agree to try to read more clearly if you also try to write more clearly (initially). Agreed?
  8. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Your statement: All BB's and most CA's and a few CL's didn't actually carry enough ammo to be fully expended over a 20 minute match, but DD's did. So it was possible to run out of torps (duh) but Main Battery as well. I agree for the DD part, not what you said about the BBs and cruisers. Maybe a slight rephrasing to clarify your point: All BB's and most CA's and a few CL's did actually carry enough ammo which would not be fully expended over a 20 minute match, but DD's didn't.
  9. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Your statement: It was done to make DD"s playable: - Yes, I buy that, no argument here. All BB's and most CA's and a few CL's didn't actually carry enough ammo to be fully expended over a 20 minute match, but DD's did. So it was possible to run out of torps (duh) but Main Battery as well. - This is not the case for main battery ammo. So it was done to make them functional... a lot of things were altered historically to make DD's functional in this game's context. - No argument with this.
  10. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Sorry, double post.
  11. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Most of the information posted so far about ammunition storage contradicts your statement. Start with Super_Dreadnought's post.
  12. Chicken of the Sea

    So, this would be like having the Toilet Bowl for football as an opposite to the Super Bowl?
  13. Why people love Roma so much?

    Tomatoes -> spaghetti sauce -> spaghetti! Rats, time to get food.
  14. Atlanta, rainbow shooter

    She took a bit of getting used too, but I like her. I play her like a big DD with monster AA. You just need to lead a lot at long range because the shells got into low earth orbit. If I can, I try to set a fire to use up the repair then press a torpedo attack.
  15. Cyclones and CVs

    People like playing the reality card when they want to try to nerf/buff something or when something hampers their rigid style of play. Planes spotting ships in a cyclone in the game are quite bad, even a bit worse than ships spotting ships. Plenty of times I have used friendly ships to spot just to get a red outline to fly toward. Many times I had to circle before the enemy solidified on the map, all the while it was firing AA at the planes unhindered. If reality is wanted, no CV operations should take place during a cyclone. I could not imaging trying to drop torpedoes or dive bomb during such conditions. But, in this case, WG should rewrite the code so there is never a cyclone in a match with a CV or the CV would just be sitting there with its thumb up its butt.