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  1. Commandant_Cousteau

    Drawing distance

    I don't know. There are times when I can see a ship but the smoke isn't rendered.
  2. Commandant_Cousteau

    Drawing distance

    I'm currently using a mod from the modstation modpack. I find it a little cheesy and I would have liked to use the smokestacks in the same way. Plus the smokestacks tell you how fast the ship is going.
  3. Commandant_Cousteau

    Drawing distance

    I would to increase the rendering distance of the smokestacks. I find it's not visible from far enough, so I can't see how a ship is moving. Is there any option (in game or in the preferences.xml file) I can change to achieve that result?
  4. Commandant_Cousteau

    This is why players are no longer playing CV

    AA needs balance. I try to play with my Tier6 CV. If I'm top tier, against Tier 5 and 6 ships, it's all fun, AA is not much of a problem, I can keep going all game without running out of planes. But if I'm downtiered, even against a heavy tier 7 matchup, bye-bye planes. And heavens forbid players actually stay grouped, it's just a solid wall of flak... I don't even want to discuss tier 8 games. WG needs to tune the AA so that it's a real threat when top-tier but also not insurmountable when bottom tiered. Or find something else to do than strike for bottom tier CVs.
  5. Commandant_Cousteau

    Working as intented?

    Actually, I don't like it either way. I play to have fun. I'm not having fun when my team gets ROLFstomped. I'm not having much fun either when my team is doing the ROLFstomping and I don't get to do much because the game ends after 10 minutes and I barely had time to see ships explode before I could shoot at them. @BrushWolf I'm not making excuses, I'm saying that particular game wasn't much fun and maybe, just maybe, having fun in a video game should be a consideration. Blow out will happens, no matter what, that's not the point. How often and is there anything at all that can be done to make them less frequent is the point. What is better, a tennis game going 6-0 6-0 6-0 in 30 minutes, or a game going five sets with back and forth?
  6. Commandant_Cousteau

    Working as intented?

    What does it have to do with anything? The game was a blow out, and the top players in the alpha team carried the game. Once the ball started rolling, nobody could do much on the beta team, given they're all poor players, with zero carry power. If you're implying that if the beta team players had been better, they would have performed better, well duh...
  7. Commandant_Cousteau

    Working as intented?

    Not contesting any of it. It's not about any game in particular. However, over a large enough number of games, trends appear. That's why you have unicums and potatoes. Same goes for teams make-up. Stats don't tell anything about an individual battle, but they tell everything about the whole of them.
  8. Commandant_Cousteau

    Working as intented?

    I'm actually not using a matchmaking monitor mod. Blowouts happen all the time, but this particular game caught my attention because of the triple BB division. I went to dig what happened after that, checking stats of each player in the game and watching the replay. What I found is what I'm showing. The teams were stacked, nothing I can do about it and it happens either way. Just looking at the teams, I figured it would have been better to swap a couple of players around, nothing more. My job involves a lot of data mining and stats and I'd love to get my hands on the logs for the game. I could actually do some work on them. Apology for checking and thinking I guess. I'll put a blindfold back on...
  9. Commandant_Cousteau

    Working as intented?

    Tab doesn't work as expected, ended up posting instead of inserting a tab...
  10. Commandant_Cousteau

    Working as intented?

    Blowout battle yesterday on Fault line, epicenter. Battle time was 9:54, ended on mercy rule with 10 ships to 2. Here's the order of battle, with WR and number of battles Team alpha: Independence 6 Carrier 49.11 411 New Mexico 6 Battleship 41.76 1238 P. E. Friedrich 6 Battleship 49.11 4964 Kongo 5 Battleship 57.87 7479 A Okt. Revolutsyia 5 Battleship 46.26 941 A Texas 5 Battleship 60.88 4739 A Dallas 6 Cruiser 58.01 5546 Leander 6 Cruiser 58.1 630 Nurnberg 6 Cruiser 44.43 1445 Kirov 5 Cruiser 56.47 3053 Farragut 6 Destroyer 53.44 814 Gaede 6 Destroyer 48.85 6548 Team beta: Ryujo 6 Carrier 47.82 1631 Mutsu 6 Battleship 50.76 12005 P. E. Friedrich 6 Battleship 49.86 4242 Iron Duke 5 Battleship 42.43 931 New York 5 Battleship 46.76 2004 Okt. Revolutsyia 5 Battleship 48.64 1168 Budyonny 6 Cruiser NA NA La Gallissoniere 6 Cruiser 44.87 2886 Pensacola 6 Cruiser 58.72 654 Omaha 5 Cruiser 40.63 96 Fushun 6 Destroyer 47.41 5646 Gaede 6 Destroyer 48.6 1072 As you can see on the report, it went about as good/bad as you'd expect. Now, one question is why team beta ended up stacked the way it was? A simple move would have been to swap the alpha Dallas and Kirov with the beta La Gallisoniere and Omaha. Not perfect and may not have changed anything, but zero cost, really.
  11. Commandant_Cousteau

    I Really Love Cyclones

    I don't know if cyclones affect the game that much but they can be a pain. Just like the OP, I spent most of my time sailing in the direction of the enemy during the last cyclone I've seen, because they were retreating. Nothing to shoot at for the remainder of the game (I was in a slow BB). Fun and engaging, no doubt.
  12. Commandant_Cousteau

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    I personally think a global skill ranking would improve MM. Other games do it and use it to balance matches. Hell, most sports use it. I can't imagine pitting a local amateur team against a NBA one, except for sh!t and giggles. Or even grabbing a mixture of amateurs and pro, assigning them at random in unbalanced teams and expect a fun game on a regular basis. Imagine a tournament with ten teams, 50 players. 40 are amateurs and 10 are pros. What's better: get 1 pro per team, or let chance do its thing? Rolfstomp games are not fun, win or lose. And my admittedly limited experience tells me they tend to happen because 2-3 players from one team make a critical mistake at the beginning and either get themselves killed or useless (CV sniping another CV, DD going on CV hunt, CA/BB rushing, etc). Not only spreading out potatoes like me but also ensuring a level playing field is likely to make games more protracted. And worst case scenario, nothing change, but what was lost then? Shouldn't it be tried at least? It doesn't have to be very granular, maybe 5-6 levels, and shouldn't only use WR. The way I picture it, all players would start at 0. After a set number of games, based on their performance in comparison with players in the same level, they're up ranked to level 1, playing against level 1 players. And so on and so forth. If they're performance fall to far behind at a level, they're going back one down. Over time, players would settle in their level, whatever that is. It's nothing new, it's used by other games. Not sure what metrics would be used to assess performance, WR in you level? % of damage done per game? Base XP? Probably a combination. One thing I know is Wargaming must have mountains of data about each game played and could very likely detect the best predictors for success, at the team and player level. The objective would be to balance skill level across teams and games. It's not a silver bullet, but I can't see how it could make things worse. Now, of course, a clear side-effect would be a normalization of average stats across players, since you'd be pitted against similarly skilled players. But then, people could always brag about their level of course. Instead of "My WR is 51.09% and yours is 49.56%, your an idjit, uninstall!!!!1!!", you'd get, "I'm a lvl 3 and your lvl 2, your an idjit uninstall!!!!1!!" The only concern with tinkering with the MM is queue time. At very high and very low level, it could certainly be a problem. My $0.02
  13. Commandant_Cousteau

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Using stats as a tool to understand your weaknesses is good. I try to do it. But there is a lot e-peen wagging going on unfortunately. I feel a significant chunk of the server population does care about WR in-so-far as it makes them feel better about themselves. Hence the outsized reaction to losses. Many of my best, most fun games have been losses.
  14. Commandant_Cousteau

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    All this discussion about what sort of players should be allowed (or allow themselves) to play doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm bad, 48% winrate, better with some ships, worse with others. I get harassed once in while in chat by a random guy I've never met before and will never hear from again... Most of them are actually very average players with an inflated sense of their worth, not mentioning a good dose of stat padding (how many games in Guilo Cesare/Arizona do I see on YOUR stats?). I do what I can at the time. I make bad decisions, I get blindsided or I forget about the particulars of ship (guess how I found out the Gneisenau has torpedoes). I've been told I should uninstall the game or stick to co-op. Well, rage as much as you want, there's nothing you more you can do about me playing than I can about you playing. Plus, has any of those guys actually played co-op? Do you really want a player to grind to tier X in co-op and then try random? I didn't think so! :D Anyway, the game is the way it is at the moment. Random is random. You click "Battle" and you can end up in a team with a unicum division. Or against one. For every game you find yourself with a blind knuckle-dragger, there's another one you're playing against him. How often do you see your teammates complaining about incompetent players in the red team? What the game could use is a better matchmaking system, to balance out potatoes and unicums in each team. That would more fun for everyone, not just the top players. Another real treat would be an always available team battle mode, not just the occasional Clan Battle. That way, choosy players could actually select their teammates and avoid random altogether. Random is wonderful. Anything can happen. But it's not for everyone I guess. And I understand it is very frustrating if you're the competitive type. Finally, be careful what you wish for. All the players obsessing about their WR, if all the sub-whatever-you-deem-sufficient players were removed, guess what would happen to your precious WR? Remember: hate the game, not the player.
  15. Commandant_Cousteau

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Invalid for me as well