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  1. 0.6.8 Bug Reporting

    Funny visual bug regarding the recently added Combat Missions. (I received the reward for Equip Your Ship II)
  2. 0.6.3 Bug Reporting

    Hey WG, I tried to make a division while I had the Type SH loaded. The game is completely unresponsive and terminating the game on task manager does nothing.
  3. 0.5.16 Bug Reports

    Hey WG. Here's a small bug I found while playing on the map Hotspot. That is an enemy Atago (possibly Takao) that was killed quite quickly by numerous citadels by numerous friendlies. Instead of sinking to the bottom, its image stayed (but was transparent, I could sail right through it). It also appeared that my teammates could not see it. Image happy holidays!
  4. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    anyone get achievements while in division? that might solve if the gold achievements are tied to division or not.
  5. Share your container rewards

    Try your luck- x5 double srtike flags.
  6. Gold, Silver, Bronze

    Honestly, I think this challenge should be instilled permanently.
  7. Ribbon Idea

    Objective Blocked Ribbon (OBR) My Idea for the ribbon stems from the gameplay mechanic of when Team 1 and 2 are both in a capture zone no capture progress will occur for either team. I believe that when a teammate halts the capture progress of the enemy it can be crucial for a team. Allowing slower, ships with more firepower (i.e Battleships) to catch up and destroy the enemy. At the same time there is no recognition for this act which may bag your team an extra 30+ points. Which is where the OBR comes into play. Here's how I see it working- -If 1 enemy is trying to capture a zone while you are in it you are rewarded 1 OBR every 20 seconds -If 2 enemies are trying to capture a zone while you are in it you are rewarded 1 OBR every 15 seconds -If 3+ enemies are trying to capture a zone while you are in it you are rewarded 1 OBR every 12 seconds -If you are blocking the capture along with any amount of teammates the reward timer has 10 seconds added to it (1 OBR every 30 seconds if you and a teammate are blocking 1 enemy from capturing etc...) -1 OBR should be worth about the same amount of XP and Credits as a base defended ribbon I'm no artist but Here is how I imagine the ribbon looking (mostly just that the ribbon is green, so that players know this ribbon is similar to the base defended ribbon)
  8. Tier 10 US Buffalo class cruiser

    Look at this. This was in the 0.5.6 Update review. SOURCE ------> Are they looking to implement the ship?