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  1. Bilious

    Post some ship namesakes!

    Not in the game but should be, SMS Blücher: Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher: (Images from Wikipedia)
  2. Bilious

    Video Card Upgrade

    Check if you have enough power supply capacity and pci power cables before buying. If you rely on slot power alone then go for a sub 75 watt card like most 1050s and 550s.
  3. Bilious

    Video Card Upgrade

    Get a cheap 570 or 580 and be done for another 5 years, if WG titles are all you play.
  4. Bilious

    Criteria for Premium Ships

    I still think they would benefit from some low tier ships as gateway products. It is a huge leap from free to play to buying an eighty dollar bundle. There's not a lot of interesting and unique ships in the $5-20 range. Also, it ignores the extremely storied historical vessels from WWI. Maybe Dreadnought was them testing the waters again?
  5. Bilious

    Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers (Suggested lines #1)

    From my post in a previous thread on this topic: Before the US cruiser reshuffle, I thought the RN heavy line should go: T2: Argonaut --> faster subclass of the Diadems, 16 x 6" guns on a 21kt hull T3: Either Warrior (armoured cruiser with 6 x 9.2" plus secondaries) or Monmouth (UK St Louis with 14 x 6" guns) T4: Hawkins, with cumbersome slow firing 7.5" guns T5: Effingham or Arethusa (both light cruisers, but no other real design really fits here) T6: York T7: Kent T8: Surrey T9: Churchill triple turret 8" design T10: Churchill 9.2" design However, with the tinclad Pensacola moved down to T6, its treaty contemporary the Kent could go to T6 as well, with the York moving to T5 (where WG has put Exeter). This would get rid of the slightly out of place light cruisers at T5, but would open another gap at T8 assuming the Surrey also moves down. Maybe the upgraded London at T8?
  6. Bilious

    Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers (Suggested lines #1)

    RN can provide real heavy cruisers from T2-8, and has solid paper designs for T9-10
  7. Bilious

    World of Warship - NOT Fun Anymore.

    If you are bored with the radar-detection meta, try T2. There are some lovely old protected cruisers and intrepid torpedo boats, most of which are storied and actually saw combat unlike the T10 fantasies. Dust off a Mikasa, Albany, V-25, Smith, Emden, Medea or Weymouth and play what is effectively a totally different game.
  8. Bilious

    New pc

    I'd recommend the Ryzen 2400g plus 16gb of 3000MHz + RAM over the 2200g and 8gb. Not only will you get better performance now, but it is a better platform to drop a mid-range GPU into in a couple of years time or if you find a more demanding game you like. As the above posters have pointed out, a decent system can last 10+ years with a GPU upgrade or two.
  9. Would make more sense than the WG fantasy USS Georgia. EDIT: Just saw in another thread that someone has found an Iowa prototype design that the WG Georgia could be based on. Still want the Incomparable, though, ideally on an alternate no-treaty RN BB line or BC line.
  10. It's reminiscent of HMS Incomparable, which should probably be a T7 or T8 RN premium with 1920 AA.
  11. I want Ranked Sprint in tier 2 or 3.
  12. Bilious

    Could we get a Centaur-class British CV premium?

    And HMS Unicorn please.
  13. Bilious

    AA Queen Looks Promising

    Is the manual AA skill worth it anymore? QE was the only ship I had it on, and the only one I have felt needed respec’ing.
  14. They’ve made a total meal of it. The RN carrier quirk should have been fighters that could perform light attacks with bombs and rockets, in return for being weaker against other fighters. They started the war with a multi role fighter bomber, the Skua, which I believe was the first to shoot down an Axis plane and to sink an Axis warship. The much maligned Fulmar had passable air to ground capabilities, and the Brits were into ground attack rockets early, even mounting them on Swordfish for attacking uboats.
  15. The problem with tiering the VU is the same as the Nikolai. Game mechanics do not account for its real life flaws: low freeboard and short operational range that make it useless for oceanic combat, mechanical unreliability, poor habitability, lack of AA or spare space and tonnage to install it, ahistorical bowtanking meta that exaggerates the advantages of their gun arrangement, poor stability and top heaviness. Real life Nikolai under real life circumstances would have been a T4 match for Orion or Wyoming. Historical VU, without the fake AA I hope they don’t add, looks balanced at T4 as a glass cannon with low HP and no TDS but must have been over performing. A pity. Maybe back to T4 with historical 17.5kts speed and only one repair charge?