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  1. Bilious

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    Thermaltake Contac Silent 12: budget 12cm AM4 cooler that happened to be in stock. Gets around 50 Celsius stock and 75 OC under load.
  2. Bilious

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    I built a 2400g machine for the kids in March, with a 1080p 144Hz Freesync monitor. It does around 70FPS in WOWS with everything maxed out except for anti-aliasing (off). With a 20% iGPU overclock (& 50mV extra) it sits at the 75 fps limit, or I can get antialiasing and about 50 fps. These APUs are really bottlenecked by the RAM. I got 16gb 3200MHz CAS14 and running it at those specs rather than 2666mhz makes more difference than the OC. I got that combo because the APU plus premium RAM was a fraction of the price of even an entry level GPU at the start of the year. In 1-2 years I’ll get them a cheap Navi or whatever comes after. Although the 2400g is great for WOWS and WOT, with GPUs much cheaper now you might be better off with a 2600 or 2700x and a 580 or 590, depending on what else you play.
  3. Bilious

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    If your 4K monitor doesn’t have gsync and WOWS is the most demanding game you play then an AMD 590 might be the most cost-effective. Snaps at the heels of the 1070 for the price of the 1060.
  4. Bilious

    How About a DE Class Ship?

    The Hunt class DEs could probably work in tier 4 or 5 depending on the torps . In game terms they were Black Swans with a torp launcher and saw some surface combat in the Med I think.
  5. Are these the same as the crates given away in the Black Friday missions or are they a special premium version?
  6. Bilious

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    This. I installed it a year ago to try the Total War Arena beta. When I tried to load that game or update WOWS it repeatedly cut off and after several tries our connection to our ISP was cut off and I had to turn the router off for 5 min and restart for a new connection. Something it does upsets either the router/modem or the ISP's security protocols.
  7. Bilious

    More ranked, no steel!

    Can’t decide between the Krispy Kreme and the Acasta.
  8. Bilious

    Ranked Blitz Tier 5 Preview

    New achievement: rank out in Acasta
  9. Bilious

    The New WGC Launcher

    Something it was doing was offending either the router or the ISP. Here are people complaining of a similar problem: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/543805-wgc-broke-my-internet/page__st__20#topmost
  10. Bilious

    The New WGC Launcher

    I am not philosophically opposed to the launcher. I have Steam, Origin, Epic, GOG already. Indeed, I tried installing the launcher because I wanted to play Arena and Planes. However, it was so broken that not only did it not work, but it stopped anyone else in the house using the internet. And a quick Google search reveals many users complaining of the same. From that experience I fear that it will be unusable for some (including me) and we will be locked out of the game. I can imagine tech support saying to take it up with the ISP, or to first reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows, etc.
  11. Bilious

    The New WGC Launcher

    I installed it for the Arena beta last year but never got to play because every time the launcher tried to download a game my household's internet was cut off and we had to wait 5 min and powercycle the router. I presume it was activating my ISP's anti-DDoS protection or something. No other company's launcher does this. A Google search reveals that Tanks and Planes users had the same problem. Has it been addressed?