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  1. Bilious

    4k anyone?

    Looks great at 4K. About 100 fps on a 5700xt with a couple of settings down one notch.
  2. Bilious

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    I was looking forward to buying this, in a bundle with enough dubs for the next dockyard, but now I see it is lootbox only. Lost sale.
  3. Bilious

    Finally the Repulse

    This. I presume they are saving Renown for T6 in an RN battlecruiser line, with Repulse as the A hull and Renown's AA refit as the B. Alternatively, Renown could be a T7 premium with her late war AA and radar.
  4. Bilious

    RAN / Commonwealth Ships

    Would be a T3 capital ship. Better to have her sister HMNZS New Zealand and save the Australia name for the storied cruiser.
  5. In previous versions, the FPS cap could be increased in the engine config xml file in the res folder of the WOWS directory. That res folder is now empty. However, the file can now be found: World_of_Warships\bin\[some number]\res Hope this is helpful.
  6. Interestingly, the Commonwealth could have a whole line of CVs: T4: Nabob (Canadian crew) T6: Sydney (RAN) T8: Bonaventure (Canadian) T10: Melbourne (RAN) The last three are from the long lived Majestic class, but received very different levels of modernisation, from Sydney which was in WW2 CVL configuration and was then converted into a troop transport, to the Melbourne which has an angled flight deck and looked positively Cold War. They would of course have different air wings from the 40s and early 50s. Their thing could be smaller airgroups of more advanced planes than their peers (Saipan style). Or weak against BBs but strong against subs and DDs (Melbourne anyway).
  7. After the Darings, we went to US Charles F Adams DDGs for large surface combatants. The British designed Type 12 frigates snuck in around the same time as ocean going patrol craft.
  8. Nah, give the Kiwies something and do her sister the HMNZS New Zealand. Australia could be the County class cruiser.
  9. HMNZS New Zealand would be a great T3 BC, and would leave the Australia name free for a T6 or 7 cruiser. Pity WG only cares about T8-10.
  10. Bilious

    Radar Ships - more or less?

    DDs used to have a hybrid role also acting as submarines with their short detection range and stealth torping. They provided the stealth side of gameplay. However, with actual submarines coming the proliferation of radar pushes them into their historical role of escorts and adjuvants to the battle line. They gain an ASW role but are less called upon to be cosplaying submarines.
  11. Bilious

    Do people even know what 'GG' means?

    GG is also a meta/ironic way of saying Game Over. Maybe the lopsided players meant that?
  12. Bilious

    Advice on a new Tier 8 BB

    Mass all the way. You can get the Alabama experience for free playing the North Carolina. Lenin is pretty good, but you can get the all up front experience off the Tech Tree with the Nelson. Mass needs a specialised captain to shine, though.
  13. Even though it was a more advanced design than the Town or Crown Colony classes, the Swiftsure emphasised AA to match the prevailing late war conditions so it probably belongs at T7 in WOWS where surface warfare is dominant. Tiger could get smoke, radar, hydro and perhaps a heal. It would be a Belfast one tier up. Compared to Belfast it would have slightly less DPM and an extra tier in exchange for much better AA and a heal. Compared to Edinburgh it would lack torpedoes and DPM but be able to have smoke and radar. The RN lines could have several potential classes at each tier from 3-8 then it runs dry.
  14. Aresthusa at T5, Dido at T6 with choice of 4.5 or 5.25 inch guns to emphasise AA or antisurface. Maybe a 9x6” like Swiftsure for T7, and maybe Tiger at T8?