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  1. Too many coward destroyers

    I am finding it very tough as a destroyer at the moment. Firstly load times are a problem, often I have loaded game and travelled 8km to cap before half or more of my spawn has even started moving. It is a joy to see all the ships start to move at the start and not have to wait 30 seconds for the other DD which would be a great help to me to join the game while I am trying to cap. This situation leads to me dying immediately or the enemy getting the caps as they are there in stronger numbers or both which is very frustrating. Secondly at the higher tiers so many ships have hydro and radar which means unless I have close cruiser support to give me some cover fire and push the enemy back, I am sitting there as their Cruisers/Japanese DD's/Lo Yang/German Battleships/Missouris hydro and radar constantly. I may as well have a neon kill me sign above my head. The main defense I have is stealth, this is totally negated by radar/hydro. Imagine for a minute half the ships in the game had a consumable which temporarily reduced hp to 1/4 for battleships or made their dispersion worse by a lot for a time, or perhaps one which makes cruisers slow to 1/4 max speed for 30 seconds, basically take their strengths away temporarily. This is how strong I feel hydro/radar is and in the most fragile ship type in the game being spotted every time you try and push a cap irrelevant of smoke or super low detection range makes it very very hard to be aggressive.
  2. AFK Players in T10 Games

    I was guessing it might be crashing as they are always AFK right from the start and never msg "sorry got to go" or similar msg. I just wondered as I have never experienced this crashing problem myself, it must be infuriating for those people who keep crashing.
  3. AFK Players in T10 Games

    I am seeing a lot of this of late. I don't really get why it happens. I know the occasional RL thing will happen so you have to leave in a hurry but so many games have AFKs now. In T10 where there are often 6-8 players a side anyway having one ship down is a huge disadvantage from the start. Are people crashing when they load in? Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Patch 5.1.3

    I just had some really bad lag a couple of times during the game, as in everything froze for roughly 20 seconds then all the events which happened in those 20 seconds happened at once. Then the game kicked me to the login screen mid game which has never happened before. This happen to anyone else?
  5. From a Tier 10 BB player POV

    I am not whining I am merely stating that I think a lot of games fail due to poor teamwork and stating from my point of view as a BB captain what I often think lets a team down. I can't speak from anyone elses viewpoint but mine which is why I am hoping other people chip in with constructive comments which I might be unaware of due to not playing that class of ship/a different perspective. It is not so I can have a good game in my BB it is so the team as a whole does well and also has fun (this is after all a game). Some people don't seem to know their roles and I am trying to raise awareness, I totally sympathise with people getting annoyed with BB's sniping at max range. I am not one of those BB captains but I have seen a lot like that and it annoys me too, they are helping no one. We can take a lot of damage so we should do that as battleships, however whilst doing that we need support or we will just get focused down pretty quickly then the team loses one of its main damage dealers.
  6. From a Tier 10 BB player POV

    I am trying here to highlight the problems I face as a BB player and hopefully make other classes more aware of what often in my opinion doesn't work well in games. I would welcome comments from all other players but please try to keep them constructive, I would like this thread to enlighten people not become a) A raging thread or b) A thread full of people posting totally pointless and unhelpful pictures.
  7. From a Tier 10 BB player POV

    A lot of matches I feel unsupported in. I am not the best BB captain but so often my team will lose because the other team are playing actually as a team and my team isn't. Please cruisers support your battleships, take out the DD's if you can and enemy cruisers and sweep ahead so we can at least see torps coming and have time to react to them. If there is a carrier on the other team give your BB's some AA support, also the CV if he needs it too and escort him for part of the game at least. Don't hide behind the battleships or go off on your own as it just ends up giving the enemy 2 easy kills. DD's please don't underestimate how important spotting is, I can't shoot what I can't see or dodge torps I don't know are there till the last minute. Also if the match is a small one it helps to stick around, I have lost a lot of small numbers matches because the DD's went off 30km away on their own and so we were two or three ships down on the main fight and so lost the game while they went way off course to kill one ship miles away. In return us BB players will tank a load of damage for the team and put out a ton of damage too, battleships only work with proper support which often I feel is lacking. A Yamato whilst being a hell of a tough ship cannot take on the whole enemy team. Please cruiser and destroyer captains add anything I can do as a BB captain to make things work better for you.
  8. I still more often than not don't see smoke. As a BB player trying to shoot things from range that smoke is very helpful on determining how much lead to give things and without it i can't even tell if a ship is going forwards or backwards sometimes. It used to work fine but since the last couple of updates it has been problematic. I don't know if this is a card manufacturer specific problem, or if it is just a bug in game which affects all hardware. I have Nvidia GPU's, it would be interesting to hear if any AMD users have this problem and then we can be sure it is a just a general bug and not specific to a particular make of graphics card.
  9. Team Play Is Terrible

    It was a Shim because it was 5 km in front of me with the word Shimakaze over the top of it, I even hit it a couple of times. There was also a tier 9 Japanese and a tier 10 Russian DD in the game but trust me it was the Shim. However it was the lack of teamwork and general lack of capping in a capping based game mode I am trying to understand. I think I will start recording games if that still works so I can give examples that people can see.
  10. Team Play Is Terrible

    Most games I play at the moment people don't seem to understand their roles. I play tier X. For example last game there are 4 cap points, game starts. I'm in Montana, got a Yamato next to me and an Atago in front. The Atago goes for the cap in front of him and I follow to back him up/provide fire support. He nearly has the cap when he gets torped by a Shima and dies, not his fault sometimes those Shima torps are really hard to dodge. So no problem I think there will be other cruisers around to assist, nope they are all way back from any of the caps doing I am not sure what. Yamato has moved way to the back is of virtually no help to anyone now. Meanwhile an enemy Iowa has strayed too close and has to turn to avoid an island so I wait until he is broadside and fire off a salvo, hit him for 66000 dmg 3 citadels. He runs off and hides as I see our torp bombers fly over him and target a Khabarovsk behind him, of course they miss and we could have cleaned up an Iowa there. Anyway I am still by far the nearest person to a cap, the enemy now has 3 out of 4 as no one on my team is capping so I decide as crazy as it seems I am going to have to try and cap in a Montana knowing that Shima is still lurking somewhere close on the other side, manage to dodge his torps ( was mainly luck) and grab one cap for our team but now I have 3 Cruisers, a Montana and a Khabarovsk and a Shima all within 10k on the other side of the cap and still my team are hanging back as if they are allergic to caps. Anyways manage to take down a cruiser do some damage to a couple of other ships then get focused down as I have no support, game ends very soon after as enemy team has all the caps and therefore all the points. It is such a frustrating experience. Battleships need support. We need Cruisers and DD's to spot for us and take care of enemy DD's in particular, use your torps for area denial and to take out people who are lumbering along at the same heading and speed. Make them turn broadside and we will pay you back by wrecking them. Carriers if you see a big Battleship take a lot of damage and have torp bombers in the area, take him out. That is a lot of firepower removed from the enemy team and also is an almost guaranteed kill. Please also spot enemy DD's if you have any free planes, this at the very least forces them back and to reposition, at best they get taken out. Cruisers please escort Battleships, 2 or 3 Cruisers and a couple of Battleships together a Carrier wont go near, a Battleship on his own because everyone else has run off and he is too slow to catch up is a sitting duck. Sometimes spawns are stupid I know but if you see a Battleship spawn 15k away from the rest of the group and there are 2 carriers per team go and escort him to the main group so he is not wiped out by the first wave of torp bombers. Battleships in return will provide you with amazing AA and will take big chunks out of enemy BB's and Cruisers, we need to work as a team guys. Not all games are like this and when a team plays together it is a beautiful thing but more and more often I am running into scenarios as described as above and it is just no fun at all.
  11. Blue Line Riding Suggestion

    Well thank you for the constructive input issm. It seems you have already had a lot to say about repair fees and I agree they are amazingly high, I main both the Yamato and the Montana which cost a fortune to keep running. This topic however is nothing to do with that. Lineriding happens often enough to be an issue for me to make a thread about it. It happens enough that the devs have put in place a mechanic to try and stop it. I am just trying to come up with ideas to refine the idea as the current solution does not (at least from what I have seen) seem to be working as well as intended. We are all beta testers and I am providing feedback about a problem I have encountered.
  12. Blue Line Riding Suggestion

    Well again that is a good point Legendary_Typo but I am sure it would be fairly easy for the devs to exclude ships whose engine or rudder is disabled and then reinstate the damage effect when their ship is back in working order.
  13. Blue Line Riding Suggestion

    Ok so change the times to suit the class, destroyers get the least time to get off the line before taking damage and battleships the longest, this is a good suggestion. How about also whatever state you left the blue line in for example taking 5% damage per second stays active for a minute after you leave the blue line so if within that minute you make contact with the blue line again you still get an on screen warning but the damage instantly resumes at 5% per second, this would hopefully get around people getting on and off the line to try and avoid the damage penalty. Again the times and values for damage would need to be tested so as to be fair and not punish genuine mistakes but punish those who are cheating.
  14. Blue Line Riding Suggestion

    In my last game there was a Yamato lineriding, it was clearly deliberate. Even with the cut to engine power introduced in the last patch he was hard to hit; this is just cheating. He has got 6 out of 9 guns in the map and most of his ship out of it. I am so sick of this. I think a good way to deal with it is the blue line does increasing damage to ships over time as a percentage of their ships total HP to make it fair. So for example the first 10 seconds it does no damage but you get a large on screen warning (everyone makes mistakes) then the next 5 seconds it does 2% damage per second, then 5% for the next 5 seconds then 10% for the remaining time the ship is on the line. This will make people get off the line a hell of a lot quicker than an engine power reduction and get rid of the problem altogether as if anyone stays on the line for any length of time their ship will be destroyed. These are just example damage figures/times and some balancing would probably need to be done but I think the idea is a sound one. What do you guys think?
  15. Smokestack smoke in 5.1?

    Same issue here, all graphics and draw distances set at max and most of the time I can't see smoke. As a BB player now I can't see how fast something is going as easily and with the nerf to AP when I do actually hit something I don't do any damage to it. Not impressed with this patch, just got my Yamato as well. Luckily Fallout 4 is only a couple of days away so will come back to this game later and see how it is going. Is a shame though as I really was enjoying the game.