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  1. Supercharged1110

    How does Harugumo Heal in battle? Replay Attached

    I agree. I think it would be an interesting idea to have the skill activate after acquiring 2 captured or assisted in capture ribbons. Maybe that would help motivate players to play around the objective more often.
  2. Supercharged1110

    what steel ship next?

    Ragnar. If you're not interested in her, then I would hold off until the next steel ship release.
  3. Supercharged1110

    How does Harugumo Heal in battle? Replay Attached

    Good ole' Yamamoto
  4. Supercharged1110

    Subs are ruining randoms...actually no, they're not.

    Subs are just another way to over complicate the life of a destroyer. Good destroyer captains nowadays are worth gold. Not only are they the most influential and hardest to play (correctly) in the game, but because of plane spotting and now sub spotting, they are more vulnerable then before. It's one more thing that we now have to add to the list of complex multitasking in order to stay alive and win. A sub's worst nightmare in the real world were destroyers. They were purposefully designed to detect and attack submarines, yet in this game, they feel the weakest against them.
  5. Supercharged1110

    WOWS Numbers question-What is 'good' PR?

    I have to disagree. When I do get reported, it is usually a salty player on the enemy team that I dev struck or lit on fire 15 times over the course of the game. I get reported most of the time when I am in the top three players on the leaderboard of the winning team.
  6. Supercharged1110

    WOWS Numbers question-What is 'good' PR?

    If you run a third party match monitor, you can usually determine how hard you are going to need to carry from the get go based off of your team's average PR. It also gives you a good idea of which teammates you can more easily rely on and which enemies you should focus first if given the chance. No matter which way you butter the bread, a player with a higher average PR is usually much better than a player with a lower PR. And yes, numbers mean something to those of us who enjoy winning.
  7. Supercharged1110

    Closer tier line ups in Co-OP

    It's co op. You are facing bots. Isn't it +/- 2 like random battles?
  8. Supercharged1110

    I need some good battle advice (CV related)

    Wait until later in the game to go after Holland, hopefully by then, he has absorbed damage and some of his AA mounts are destroyed. Holland throws up a lot of flak, so do not ever approach it when it is in the vicinity of other ships because their AA combined with Holland's will make the flak to thick to maneuver around. A lone Holland is still manageable. Try and bait his defensive AA consumable, then retreat away until it is on cool down before making your attack run. Also, DDs tend to prioritize the side of their ship that your planes first approach from so try and maneuver to his opposite side. Make sure you are scouting and paying attention to your mini map. If you know that an enemy DD is stalking you, you can ask your team for support. Attacking a ship that is currently engaged in combat can overwhelm any opponent and make it easier for you to get your strike off since they are focused on engaging surface targets .Try not to fly into flak... Holland is designed to be a strong AA ship so expect to lose planes.
  9. Supercharged1110

    Too Many DD's

    If you are tired of seeing your team curb stomp bots before you have a chance to get your damage in, then maybe you should try random battles. They tend to last longer.
  10. Supercharged1110

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    It was really only ever “God-Like” because at one point, only the best players had it. In the hands of a good player, Stalingrad is a tough obstacle to get around, and while it’s guns are OP, it lacks significantly in other crucial traits. Stalingrad benefits most from good positioning, which is a skill that many players don’t comprehend. Making a mistake in it will likely put you in spectating mode.
  11. Supercharged1110

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    Stalin is still a strong choice for competitive but it’s rather boring compared to some of the other choices. Bourgogne is very fun to play! Probably the most fun T10 BB in my opinion. Lately, I’ve been playing Ragnar and I don’t regret buying it at all! Currently, from that list, I’d pick Ragnar
  12. I won’t hold my breath. Promises are words. Actions are real. Putting aside the morality aspects of monetization, players shouldn’t be encouraged to skip through to tier 8. The days of accumulating hundreds of battles grinding to tier X are long gone. With camos, flags and bonus modifiers, you can make the jump from tier 9 to 10 in under 20 battles. The quality of players in higher tier matches suffers immensely from this..
  13. Supercharged1110

    Tinfoil Hat time (LOL)

    So if you are IFHE, assuming that you took demo expert and India X-Ray and Victor Lima Flags, your fire chance is only 4.5%. If you were farming BBs, their hulls have increased "Fire Resistance Coefficient", which would be amplified even more if you were up-tiered, trying to farm a higher tier BB. Your anemic 4.5% fire chance on your Atlanta suffers even greater if the BB you are farming has all of the proper fire prevention mods and skills attached. You are probably looking at less than 3% fire chance realistically. I would recommend taking IFHE off of your Atlanta to boost your fire starting chances. Refer to this link for a better understanding, https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  14. Supercharged1110

    Ranked matchmaking is just wrong.

    This season does have pretty bad matchmaking. And yes it does appear that the team in your screenshot preformed very badly, however, a clan tag really is not a good translation for a players skill. There are lots of good players that aren’t in Hurricane and Typhoon clans. While seeing purple or blue clan tags does comfort you some, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a player is bad if they have an orange or grey clan tag... If you really want to see stats, download matchmaking monitor.