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  1. Typhoon League I now! One more week to go, do we have the legs to get into Hurricane?!
  2. Updated with latest stats and welcome @Sovreign_2015, @manbear67, @SWOdaddy, @coop3156, and welcome back @zandre1126!!! And, yes! We are still looking for new people :)
  3. Made it to Typhoon League! :)
  4. Great day on the seas today! And welcome to the clan @DeadlyPie!
  5. Updated with the last few days. We didn't play yesterday, and Wednesday was pretty messed up for various reason. Also, welcome @Treegrin!
  6. Looking for a competitive clan!

    Your stats are definitely weird, but your Hindi stats are nice so I'm ok with that. I'm not sure why you'd turn down Rust, but feel free to check us out at The Skeleton Navy. We have a range of players in our team, but our clan battles are highly competitive as we push for Typhoon League and higher. Feel free to message me through the forum here or in game :) https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/1000044409
  7. Updated with a couple of sessions, still mixing things around strategy-wise. So close to Typhoon! And welcome to the team @ShadoWolFish, @Brbbb, and @IAmCoop!
  8. Thanks! Had no idea this existed :)
  9. @Wulfgarn those stats are based on random battle statistics, nothing to do with clan battles unfortunately. @Destroyer_KuroshioKai @IronMike11B4O I just want stats that aren't deeply embedded in the game itself. Like, on their website. I don't think that's too insane. Player-wise I would be interested in number of games played, win rate, ships played, etc. Most of these things that are already shown in-game, so they're not really sacred. I want to see it for other servers though, or when I'm at work and bored and don't have the game installed. Does nobody else at all care who is leading clan battles? I can't be the only person that doesn't want to dig through the port UI to find that info. And what about EU? @Spartias Interesting, thanks :) I'll save your link for later. Looks interesting.
  10. The only place that I can find NA stats is through the game in my own clan's menu. Even then the stats are very basic and struggle with the legendary port lagginess as with everything else. If I wanted to see EU clan battle stats I would have to download the EU client (I think?), make a new account, join/make an EU clan, just to see them. That's incredibly dumb. Just seems like something incredibly obvious that should be on the worldofwarships.com front page.
  11. Updated with our disastrous Sunday clan battle session, and welcome to the clan HonmonoTeioku!
  12. I've just edited this post to expand on who we'll consider for the clan, as well as a quick sentence on how we are doing so far this season :)
  13. Friday night down?

    Yeah, can't log in at all. My bud is having div issues, but the game is RIP for me.
  14. Thanks! Always fun having some fresh faces around.