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  1. Pufendorf

    Wg server or ISP?

    Thing is the issue, at least for me, is isolated entirely to WG servers. Any other game, packet loss test or ping test works smoothly.
  2. Pufendorf

    Wg server or ISP?

    I've noticed the issues seem to be located mostly in the Midwest and NE regions of the US. I'm in PA with comcast and I've had constant issues.
  3. Pufendorf

    Server issue Ping

    I'm in PA state and currently having the same issue. The problem is isolated with WG servers. I've tried ping testing and playing other games and it's fine. Only on WG servers.
  4. Pufendorf

    Irrevocable ranks

    The absolute latest irrevocable rank should be 14, not 12. Or better yet, get rid of them completely. All irrevocable ranks do is encourage people to bumble their way through with 500+ battles.
  5. There's no point to posting stuff like this. There will always be shitters and I hate shitters. I believe they should be restricted to playing games once they start losing too much, but it will never happen. Never play for win, play for damage if you're playing solo.
  6. Pufendorf

    Private Profiles and Clans

    You have 62 battles in. If someone stat shames you when you're that new they're not intelligent and probably not good themselves. If you have over 2k battles and are still garbage then thats problematic. Now, if you only have 62 battles and bought a high tier premium and playe din high tiers then you are problematic.
  7. Does warships premium time regularly go on sale for end of year sales? And if it does, around what dates exactly?
  8. So I received a 30% coupon after not playing for over a year or something along those lines. I go to check the premium shop and everything is conveniently around 30% more expensive than their regular prices. Whats up with this? EDIT: Realized my account for some reason is set to Canada as region even though I live in the US. How do I go about changing this?