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    Idea. Maybe bad, maybe good. Instead of messing with ship detection range, which messes with AA envelops becoming stealth, then OP and AA is nerfed to balance, why doesn't WG just not allow planes to spot ships? Before you all explode, I mean they can see ships as normal - pre-buff air detection - but the ships they see only render on the mini map and for the planes spotting them, not in game to be fired on. This is realistic since attack aircraft are "attacking" and not providing spotting information and shell impact feedback. And when an attack squad did find the enemy in WWII, they reported in back, but that only allowed the friendlies knowledge of where to move for engagement, but not accurate enough for fire control. This would allow CV to select targets normally without needing to have them be surprised by stealth cruisers. It would remove the massive influence that a CV gives it team early on for targeting, but could give general information of the enemy disposition. It also makes the CV attacking the DD less impactful since the CVs team cannot fire on the DD also. Finally, to reduce the CVs massive advantage of engaging the same target over and over with new squads and the ship player having no counter, have the aircraft speed REDUCE the further away from the CV the planes get. This represents longer range missions needing to conserve fuel more. This means if you don't want to get attacked repeatedly, you sail away from the CV, like any other ship you can put some distance between you for survival. BUT, if a ship rushed the CV, the planes are a little faster close in (not needing to conserve fuel) and the CV can constantly attempt to save itself. Let the troll rage begin...