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  1. flackbait_steel

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    That is not true. When I am on an attack run, the attacking plane that gets shot down is replaced by one of them in the reserve squad that is "up there" (I can't see them while on an attack run). If what you said was true, a lost plane during a run would never be replaced, because there wouldn't be anything left to replace it with. They would all have been shot down already. Damage is done to the currently attacking squad of planes. Those planes are fairly regularly shot down during the attack run and replaced by one from the "reserve" non attacking squads, unless there are none left. What macktkau2 is trying to articulate is that the first wave drop isn't disrupted until you shoot down the entire squadron exactly because of the mechanics that you described. No amount of AA damage keeps a full drop on your ship from happening unless you kill the squad. I think WG messed up on this part of the CV rework. If planes downed were not replaced during the attack run, ships players would feel that their AA had some effect on the CV strike; one torp instead of two, or two torps instead of three. But because of the current replacement system, the entire squad has to die to reduce the drop, so that's what players call for when there isn't any counter play to being attacked continuously. This would allow REDUCED AA because the ship would only have to damage the attacking element, not the entire squad. The flak bursts could still maybe hit the squad, not be aimed at the attacking squad, thus making future attacks weaker, giving AA a layered effect. Then flak burst damage to the squad would determine if a second or third wave would be appropriate.
  2. Just seems like the DDs will be spotted for 2 more seconds when they are trying to hide from a CV by turning off their AA That's good WG, make the DD vs CV interaction even more lopsided. Way to listen to the player base.
  3. flackbait_steel

    So, ouch

    And he had the chance to return fire with a strike that could have done 70% of your CVs HPs, right? Of course there was the opportunity for counter play, otherwise it wouldn't be balanced... Oh that's right,, CVs are immune to counter play, that's what makes it "Fun and Engaging"
  4. flackbait_steel

    Atlanta Post IFHE Nerf

    With over 2000 Atlanta games I can say this about her: When she first came out she was OP. Heavy armor of battleships and cruisers didn't shatter HE shells, so her 127mm shells always did damage. Maps had more islands, they were closer together and shorter making them easy to shoot over. And knowing you were spotted was a commander skill, not free; ambushing was easier. Her AA was fearsome. 40+ planes kills if the CV didn''t leave you alone, and those planes didn't regenerate. Atlanta could eat almost any ship she came up against given the right circumstances. The BB armor working as intended dialed Atlanta back to 'very good' and as desperately needed. Also, 3-4 years ago, fire was a terror to ships and burning down targets happened all the time. WG slowly dialed down the fire damage and duration, and eventually reduced flooding so damage control could be used on fires safely. All these changes were needed and welcomed. Over the last few years power creep has placed her in the 'situational' or 'ambush only' role. New ship lines with gimmicks and new consumables, superior armor, longer range guns with good accuracy at range, and the overmatch mechanics have made her Omaha levels of armor a favorite target of all BBs and CAs when you are spotted. RN and Italian semi-AP shells are completely brutal against her thin armor, and forget going against a battle cruiser with 305mm guns. There are even a few DD lines (Russian, French) with large DDs guns that can flat out beat her in a gun fight because of her slow shells. New maps for higher tier battles (8-10), which her finds herself 70% of the time have fewer islands, that are further apart, and they seem oddly taller. Then the CV rework happened. WG stated that part of this was to keep camping from happening, but Atlanta HAS to have hard cover unless she's borrowing a smoke screen. But the main nerf to Atlanta from the CV rework is that most of her AA is 'long-range', meaning flack bursts that any CV player can avoid. A good tier 6 CV player can just attack her with rockets over and over and she struggles to defend herself from CVs anymore. Tier 8 planes are a real challenge. Now IFHE changes and armor revisions leave her out to pasture. She needs revision to remain competitive, and as a classic premium that we all paid real money for, WG should to give her some love. She could use a boost to maneuvering, acceleration like RN cruisers OR smaller turning radius, to improve her active maneuvering abilities. And maybe something to make her AA useful again? Like magnetic proximity fused AA shells, like the ones the USN used in WWII? Have defensive fire give a huge bonus to long ranged continuous damage For her guns, WarGaming gave the IJN Anti-Air DD line HE pen bonus when their AA shells couldn't do damage, so maybe do the same for Atlanta? Then IFHE would allow you to damage cruisers of higher tier and dome BBs. Or some type of SAP rounds that could be used; having HE and SAP would be a unique mix and give her captain options depending on the target. OR, nerf her. Take away her radar, give her Hydro and Defensive-Fire only, but change her to tier 6. This seems drastic, but really changing to tier 6 only adjusts MatchMaking so she doesn't fight tier 9s anymore. And currently, she has no business in a tier 9 battle.
  5. flackbait_steel


    Idea. Maybe bad, maybe good. Instead of messing with ship detection range, which messes with AA envelops becoming stealth, then OP and AA is nerfed to balance, why doesn't WG just not allow planes to spot ships? Before you all explode, I mean they can see ships as normal - pre-buff air detection - but the ships they see only render on the mini map and for the planes spotting them, not in game to be fired on. This is realistic since attack aircraft are "attacking" and not providing spotting information and shell impact feedback. And when an attack squad did find the enemy in WWII, they reported in back, but that only allowed the friendlies knowledge of where to move for engagement, but not accurate enough for fire control. This would allow CV to select targets normally without needing to have them be surprised by stealth cruisers. It would remove the massive influence that a CV gives it team early on for targeting, but could give general information of the enemy disposition. It also makes the CV attacking the DD less impactful since the CVs team cannot fire on the DD also. Finally, to reduce the CVs massive advantage of engaging the same target over and over with new squads and the ship player having no counter, have the aircraft speed REDUCE the further away from the CV the planes get. This represents longer range missions needing to conserve fuel more. This means if you don't want to get attacked repeatedly, you sail away from the CV, like any other ship you can put some distance between you for survival. BUT, if a ship rushed the CV, the planes are a little faster close in (not needing to conserve fuel) and the CV can constantly attempt to save itself. Let the troll rage begin...