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  1. And what don't you get "it is an arcade game." How can anyone play this and not see it as that. It doesn't cost a quarter or fifty cents but hundreds of dollars and you think wg will change it. I'm waiting in a couple of months or more NTC will be full blown just the way they first planned on it being, its called baby steps, first part 1 then wait then part 2 wait then part 3 etc etc etc. Enjoy the arcarde game. LOL
  2. rkBlamerson

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    Yea it's a real shame. I'm heart broken. Maybe they could share that clubbing with DD's now. Have a nice day.
  3. rkBlamerson

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    I don't think I've seen so many QQ'ing about something that means nothing.
  4. rkBlamerson

    Latest ingame survey

    They are man can't u feel it. It's called the bone pal.
  5. Battleships OP lets talk about the dispersion given to surface ships excluding the destroyers there is no dispersion on there guns and their torps, I'd like to see the QQ'ing if their torps had even 1/2 the dispersion BB guns have. So don't come complaining about BB guns. What you've said is complete BULL****. This is a waste of time the player base is skewed, the Company is flat ****edup. I vote for bankruptcy.
  6. That is no answer to why they hide.
  7. rkBlamerson

    Positive Thinking

    Wow lets all throw flowers on the water and rejoice.
  8. What fantasy world do u live in. Carriers can and do sink ships.
  9. rkBlamerson

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    Can I have some of what you are smoking. Pls
  10. "Their product" Oh yea its such a good quality game. And what pray tell are the "bigger fish" could it be a very dysfunctional game. A game that they are willing to pay money to people if they get more customers for them. hehe lmaorofl
  11. rkBlamerson

    Bad Apples

    You all notice he doesn't say something will be done. He just wants you to waste your time and feel like something might be done. And verbal abuse in game gets you chat banned that's all and usually its a 24 hr ban. Other wise the guy only gets turned pink. Maybe he likes pink. Wonder why wg decided pink should be the color hmm Welcome to WoWs enjoy the game smoke a doobie have a drink and just make sure you give them your money.
  12. rkBlamerson

    New Player

    If you don't drive a DD or CV then your in a weak*** ship. It has to have torps. Have fun in the fantasy game of Torps.
  13. rkBlamerson


    If you don't drive a DD or CV then your in a weak *** ship awesome job WG. Game should be called "TORPS AWAY"
  14. rkBlamerson

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    And again, And again, And again, And again, And again, And again, And again
  15. rkBlamerson

    Dev Livestream

    Heehaw Heehaw Heehaw. They are donkeys oops I apologize to donkeys they are JACK*****