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  1. rkBlamerson

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    I think anyone that doesn't post from their main account shouldn't be allow to post on the forums.
  2. rkBlamerson


    Working as intended. Enjoy!
  3. Yea thought that's what u'd do, try to distract from what was said. Ah so you wear a tin foil hat huh, you might try fitting a 2nd one on might give you more protection.
  4. I think u must be a wg employee you have so much integrity u can't even post with your main. Alright move long nothing to see here, move along.
  5. Man u definitely asked for those responses u should have known better. :)) Just like this crowd when they can't blast u with facts then they revert to its just a game.
  6. Since I hear that most people like CV's and Subs I think they should be in all modes of combat (Co-op, Random, Savage Battles, Operations, Ranked, Brawl, Clan Battles) heck get a true perspective of how they increase game play.
  7. I've started playing until I get the first 2 containers then pretty much exit the game, been thinking of just playing co-op since my last 8 or 9 games of random have had up to 6 dds & subs in them (4 dds, 2subs per-side) had 2 games where there were 2 carriers (T8 & T6) and 4 dds & 2 subs per-side. It was just a torp fest. I've already pulled my credit card so there is no temptation of spending money. Started looking at old games and some new ones to replace this one, don't think it will be long before I'm gone.
  8. No not all agree just by a causal browse of these forums will show you that. And I'm sure wg will never ask those questions. The of balance are incredibly skewed. I can't believe u can't see that or maybe u can and are just refusing to acknowledge it. I side with the first option, but it only really matters if wg asked that question and then if they have the integrity to actually share the results.
  9. rkBlamerson

    Subs are broken.

    Still can't believe people are expecting wg to change anything. Look how OP dd's are, they are consistently at the top of the damage tree. Thou they could lose that to subs and wg still does nothing. They can't take BB's and Cruiser because then subs and dds wouldn't have torp fodder. I started in 2015 don't think I played to 2016, I quit until this year and nothing has changed in this game. I'm thinking of just uninstalling this game. If there was a way of really hurting wg's bottom line I would do it, I've already removed my credit card they will never get any of my money again. This is the most unbalanced game I've ever played.
  10. rkBlamerson

    Kami R Master Class

    Good example of how OP dd's are
  11. I don't think I've ever laughed in this game.
  12. rkBlamerson

    100% doubloon "refund" coupon does not give 100%

    Like I said: A thief is a thief period.... When they advertise 50k for 198 then you should get 50k, they don't give you an option to pay 197.50. They are thief's.
  13. rkBlamerson

    100% doubloon "refund" coupon does not give 100%

    Gee you guys are kind. A thief is a thief Period.