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  1. Minecraft11100

    Update - Min Graphics Card requirement unable to play

    If there is anyone that is still looking at this, this same thing happened to me. For context, I have an AMD HD 4550, which is a pile of garbage and is miles off of the minimum specs. However, I can still play. Try to reinstall or update your video drivers. 0.8.5 requires the newest forms of graphics card drivers. An older card will work.
  2. Minecraft11100

    Limited DCP

    That has been part of their design since the beginning. Even Okt. Revolution, the original RU BB, has this trait. It polarizes the line. Those who know how and when to use DCP efficiently are rewarded, while others who pop DCP at the first sight of red are punished. However, you are able to effectively eliminate most sources of DOT damage when you need to.
  3. Minecraft11100

    Ships not doing there role

    It is not one ship class' designated role to kill something. If a DD is spotted, everyone should be trying to get rid of the threat. A cruiser that pushes up to kill a DD is at risk of being citadelled by the enemies battleships. You as a BB have the armor and the health to mitigate one or two torps. You could then bully the DD out of the cap. The Cruiser is there to deal damage. Where that damage is going doesn't really matter, as long as that left mouse button is going, that cruiser is most likely having an impact. On the other hand, a BB sitting at max range bouncing AP off of other ships is useless. In the same way, a BB suiciding into the enemy team is useless as well. If your team is not supporting you, there is most likely a good reason why.
  4. Minecraft11100

    Your lost ships

    I still play my Musashi and Izumo. Yes, the carriers are annoying but I don't think that its the end of the world.
  5. Minecraft11100

    This would be an interesting battleship

    WG has already said that Yamato would have the largest guns in the game. Combined with her already good accuracy, Yamato's overmatch is what balances out her raised citadel. Based on this, I don't think this would ever become a premium, as it does everything Yamato does but better. DD? Just hydro. Facing CVs often? Just slot DefAA. Lemming train coming toward you? Spood Beest away. Battleship Bow tanking you? Just shoot at it. The ship you have outlined is in every way overpowered. Unless the entire deck is a citadel, there is no way this ship would be good for game balance.
  6. Minecraft11100

    Just got the Minotaur. Any suggestions?

    Not exactly sure if this has already been said, but Mino's 16mm extremity armor is enough to auto-bounce all cruiser shells besides Henri IV and the super cruisers(Alaska, Stalingrad, Yoshino, Azuma, and Kronstadt) This allows you to be far more aggressive when facing DMs, as you can just sidle up to them and dump your torps into them. Likewise, if another cruiser/DD tries to bow-tank your shells, don't forget about your decreased fuse timer. Just aim for their superstructure. This also allows you to pen the bow armor of all battleships if they are coming around an island, which is an easy 10k damage before they can even shoot you. If you are good with torps, then use those, but Mino's strength is in her guns.
  7. Minecraft11100

    Is the Neptune Worth Playing...

    Neptune and Minotaur both have very similar playstyles. If you buy the Neptune and you enjoy the playstyle, you will enjoy the Meme-otaur. If you decide that you don't like the Neptune playstyle, it is a lot cheaper to stop there than to free-xp the Minotaur just to find that you hate it. Just a tip that I have learned when playing these ships, it is entirely possible to bow tank all of the heavy cruisers except Henry IV. Their 16mm extremity armor will auto bounce every shell smaller than 230 mm.
  8. Minecraft11100

    Name the ship that is working for you in 8.0

    TBH, Neptune's AA is no joke. Sometimes, even Midway's will only get one strike off in a reinforced sector. Yubari is also a dream. She shreds planes at low tiers.
  9. Minecraft11100

    Potato it is!

    If you were in a Baltimore, where did those 12 torpedoes come from? Furthermore, the 1023 damage on a Kagero seems oddly familiar. I may be wrong, but that seems like the damage value for a British Cruiser. However, a Kagero bounced your shells, which I think is nearly impossible. At this point, you are either driving a DD. At that tier, only the Akizuki and Kagero have Quad Mounted Torpedoes. Akizuki's 100mm guns do not have enough penetration at range to penetrate most cruiser armor and is also easily bounced by other DDs. If you were in a Kagero and shooting AP, then there is a reason why the game favors some players more than others: understanding of the game mechanics.
  10. Minecraft11100

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    Chappy. You better be 75% of the way to being angled whenever you get spotted, or else you just get blapped from everywhere. Open water gunnery is nice, but you have to turn and slow down at the same time to dodge some shells, even with SGM2. At least that's my experience with her.
  11. Minecraft11100

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    16. Turning 17 in March
  12. Minecraft11100

    DD's in upper Tiers are OVERPOWERED against BB

    Right. I never realized that playing over 1/6th of your BB games at tiers 3 and 4 made you an experienced player. After the recent AP-against-DDs change, it is often better to simply fire whatever you have, and then load the HE. At this point in the game, HE will force the other destroyer to burn damage control, while AP will do a minuscule amount of overpen damage. While you manage to try and talk realism in your comments, let us realize that pressing "T" to automatically repair damage to your ship that has been blown to pieces is retarded IRL. Let us also see the 1-2% Hit rate of BattleShip Main Guns. For reasons of game balance, DDs at this point are able to go against battleships and win, simply due to shear numbers of shells, and sometimes the general incompetance of the opposing player. You never say when exactly you burn your damage control, so I am going to assume you use DCP on the first fire, given your record in Tier 3 and 4 BBs. Of course the DD is going to set a fire. A permanent one. Especially at tier 8, where DDs really start to ramp up their firepower.
  13. I was turning in front of a Gneisenau that was brawling my Alabama to shoot at the Asashio that popped up in B. Didn't realize that Gneisenau was turning. Oops.
  14. Minecraft11100

    AWESOMESAUCE MM distribution...

    It is the triple Cleveland division that is messing up the matchmaker. MM seems to not like divisions of ships of the same type, and I think that MM will give up sometimes, and dole out teams that have different numbers of ships.
  15. Minecraft11100


    That one pro tip you talk about is one that is taught in High School Debate as a logical fallacy. Since the audience can assume that you know so much about persuasive speaking, explain how doing the easy but wrong thing leads to the right outcome. Instead of attacking the main point, the speaker attacks the credentials, shifting the conversation away from what may or may not be an invalid point. It isn't as if a person who is new could have something important to say. If something has an infinitely small chance, it can still happen Judging from your interest in logical fallacies, maybe you would also like to delve into the depths of circular reasoning, as well as red herrings. You already have hit most of the major ones, why not go for the rest? In the same way that you say people stat shame due to the lack of fundamentals in the other person, I can shame you for falling into the trap of logical fallacies, the easiest but least useful tactic in persuasive speaking. When you say that you are the 'top CV in some league', one can only assume that only due to your massive amount of experience you are able to counter, let us say a cross drop or something along that line. Most of the player base in WoWs probably doesn't have the same experience as you. This lends a totally different viewpoint, in which the budding CV player may not know what strafing, or what spotting can do. The purpose of a forum is to connect ideas and hear them from someone that is different from you in probably every way, shape, or form. Instead of shaming people for having less experience, answer their questions and address their points. In this way, people will actually take your concerns seriously, instead of a person whaling on people's credentials in a video game.