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  1. rjc3095

    Get repaid for a system crash

    Already have but thanks for your input
  2. rjc3095

    Get repaid for a system crash

    Yea Im getting this message every time I close the game. Well done WG
  3. rjc3095

    Turret view

    It was in all but the reinstall fixed it
  4. rjc3095

    Turret view

    No am zoomed all the way out (farther). I've used it before I quit playing in the past so I thought something was changed by WG. I will do an integrity check and if that doesn't work will try a reinstall. Thanks for the responses though gents
  5. rjc3095

    Turret view

    It’s assigned to the C key. Maybe an uninstall and reinstall is necessary and thank you for looking
  6. rjc3095

    Turret view

    I use the shift to zoom in and out Have tried the “C” key but it does nothing @Boggzy Any ideas?
  7. rjc3095

    Turret view

    Just started playing again after a long absence and i cant get my change turret view to work when aiming. Use to work but doesn’t now. Am I missing something in settings?
  8. Am using my highest refresh rate monitor and nothing has changed
  9. I do and am having the same issues
  10. Makes 2 of us. Edit) Mine just dropped in game
  11. rjc3095

    Game Freezes Sorta

    Yea sorry had a temporary loss of sanity lol
  12. rjc3095

    How come no one ever talks about the ...

    Jean Barts a tier 9
  13. rjc3095