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  1. Makes 2 of us. Edit) Mine just dropped in game
  2. rjc3095

    Game Freezes Sorta

    Yea sorry had a temporary loss of sanity lol
  3. rjc3095

    How come no one ever talks about the ...

    Jean Barts a tier 9
  4. rjc3095


  5. As I’m sure the people playing at low tiers are sick of facing 2-3 CVs with their ship having little to no AA.
  6. rjc3095

    Client Hard Freeze

    I had the same issue last night in a div with a clan mate and he was also having it to so know its not a ISP issue. Also was holding the rudder shift key and while holding it the ship quit turning and continued on a straight line lol Buddy said it happened to him as well.
  7. rjc3095

    AA is now to strong

    Just dodge??
  8. rjc3095

    Another ship setting sail...

    She’s been working at one for a couple years so she should fit right in. LoL Good Luck Fem with your future endeavors
  9. rjc3095

    How many posts will it take

    Heck if you’ve noticed the gameplay of a lot of people lately I’d guess that most of them can’t read let alone visit the forum
  10. rjc3095

    1 Tier Match Making?

    Or tier 6 NM and 2 CV’s per team 8 and a 6 being in game lol
  11. rjc3095

    Reloading game

    This did the trick!! Didn’t know anything about the update file. Thank you
  12. rjc3095

    Reloading game

    Nothing has changed as far as things running in background