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  1. rjc3095

    Another ship setting sail...

    She’s been working at one for a couple years so she should fit right in. LoL Good Luck Fem with your future endeavors
  2. rjc3095

    How many posts will it take

    Heck if you’ve noticed the gameplay of a lot of people lately I’d guess that most of them can’t read let alone visit the forum
  3. rjc3095

    1 Tier Match Making?

    Or tier 6 NM and 2 CV’s per team 8 and a 6 being in game lol
  4. rjc3095

    Reloading game

    This did the trick!! Didn’t know anything about the update file. Thank you
  5. rjc3095

    Reloading game

    Nothing has changed as far as things running in background
  6. rjc3095

    Reloading game

    Before I could load into the game really fast but since the last couple patches its really slow. So my question is why and is there anything that I can do to speed it up? games on a SSD
  7. LoL yea I’ve heard them to but she was a good ole girl and got the job done. Talked to a couple of the gentleman who worked on the TJ and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Also met the chairman (don’t remember his name) of Museum itself, At Anthony’s having dinner. All around classy bunch.
  8. Visited the TJ a couple weeks ago when visiting family and was impressed with the ship. Also was good to see the USS Kitty Hawk again. It’s been 35 years since I have seen her. Wish I could of took the family aboard the Hawk though, would of brought back a lot of memories. Have fun!!
  9. Did you join a division before enabling naval battles? I’ve had it not count if I joined one before enabling a couple times