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  1. Why remove Yubari?

    I think it sucks so no loss really lol
  2. Yes, live version may differ just remember that. Same with the last time
  3. How do you switch collections?

    Is there a list as to which collection is coming up and will begin on a certain date?
  4. How do you switch collections?

    The 3 daily containers you can get from earning xp will often give me a collection item. I noticed that it is only giving me items for one collection so I'm curious if it is possible to switch collections so that the crates gives items for a different one. I looked for a button that will allow you to stop getting items or switch from the current one but I couldn't find it. Is there an option to do this?
  5. So I was reading a post from a guy that made rank 1 in a DD and he said your job is to spot and cap, not to engage in gunfights unless necessary so as to stay concealed. I tried this approach and have been experimenting with his advice but it feels like you really get the shaft by doing this. Take my last game for example: I capped very quickly at the start and then went to spot for the team. As the game progressed I ended up firing my guns to finish off a low health DD and then a low health Zao. I got the kill for both but only did 3800 damage in total. I got one cap ribbon, 3 defended, 1 fire, 2 kills. We ended up losing and I was second to last on the list. I didn't get any torp hits but they had a lot of radar and such. I did use my torps to deny the cap I got at the beginning and held it for the entire game but my team could not get the second cap. I threw torps multiple times and made a couple ships turn away from the cap as they spotted them but they never got hit so that doesn't really show on paper I guess. Meanwhile the BB that camped in the back and never moved got the #1 spot, I'm guessing he sniped all the way across the map a lot. I was busy so I couldnt watch him the whole time but people were griping because he wouldnt come help. Is there a better way to contribute as a DD?? Please enlighten me!
  6. I have this ship but not sure how I got it. I took a break at the end of 2015 and when I logged in recently it was in my port, along with the Atago. I'm pretty sure I didn't purchase any ships back in 2015 when I started playing so again no idea how they got there. I never really played it too much but it says I have 10 games played and 60% win rate in it.
  7. Same problem, logged in and tried waiting on a game to no avail. Spent 4 hours waiting after hitting rank 1 and most ships I saw waiting with me were 9. Tried again next day and the next, but still nothing. I'm sitting in there right now trying again, hoping since it's Friday night that there will be more people off work and playing on the test server.
  8. Does the Kii you can buy now in the Premium shop come with the Kobayashi camo?
  9. I need a credit farming ship and missed out on the Missouri. Can anyone recommend something that is available now that does decently?
  10. I'm assuming it's one of the Destroyers but someone asked me that just started playing and I'm not sure. I googled it and found a post from 2015 stating that the Russian DD line was the fastest but is that still true for 2018?
  11. Since I posted this I've had several more great games in the Shim, again using the 20km torps. I love them because often I will fire and forget them, only to hear a minute later that I sunk a ship. I will say you have to be careful and not aim them back towards your own base or starting area. It's easy to do when your under fire from a ship and your not focusing on the whole map but it sucks if your long range torp hits one of your own battleships lol. I look for around 3 enemy ships grouped close together in an area and I send the spread of torps to them. Usually I get at least one hit because they are so far away that they don't think they are in any danger. Those Battleships also like to sit and camp behind islands and I can be really far away(say 16km) and fire towards them and by the time they see the torps they can't get moving fast enough to dodge them. I'm about to grind the IJN cruiser line to Tier 10 so taking a break from the Shim for a while. Have fun out there :)
  12. Premium Ship Credit Income

    No one mentioned the Atago yet but that is my money maker. I never got the Missouri because I took a long year plus break from the game and just returned. Since I been back I needed to get 8 million more credits to buy the Shimakaze and I used the Atago to grind that out in one evening. Even when I had a bad game and did only 50k damage I'd make 300-350k in credits. If you have a decent game I'd make 450-500k a game and if you do really good then 800K. So if your not the best player you can still easily make nearly a million credits per every 3 games in the Atago. If your above average then a million per 2 games. Also the Atago is great for training new captains and it doesn't cost a lot to repair/service at the end of every match. If they ever offer the Missouri again I'll pick her up but a lot of people have told me in game that they use the Kii to earn their money and you can still buy that one as well. Not sure how much it earns but it sounds like even a noob can make money in it.
  13. It's real simple, I've learned that if you have 3 people report you in chat for just about anything, it equals a ban.
  14. Just got the Shimakaze this week and been using Atago to farm credits to upgrade her to full. Finally got last upgrade last night and then today got the Kraken achievement which I've never managed to get before. Got close a few times with 4 ship kills but it's hard in a DD, probably be easier if I used a fast shooting cruiser. What was really neat was everyone talking how 20km torps suck but that's about all I used. My guns did a little damage but not much. Got several torp hits very far out and managed to get off a full volley right before I died and the ship had no chance. Soon as I died I watched with a smile as all those torps went right to his broadside and I knew in that moment I was gonna get it. Also was using a Dragon signal and my captain got over 20k xp for that round. Doubt anyone cares but I was happy so wanted to tell someone :P l
  15. I got a super container a week ago and in it were 50 Dragon Flags that give 333% captain XP. I was wondering how you can get more of them? Do they just have a random chance out of Super containers or do they run special on them once in a while and let you buy them? I used one so far in my Atago and it gave me over 10k in xp from one game so these things seem super useful. I didn't even perform that well so on a game where I really shine I can imagine these flags are pure gold.