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  1. Just returned after a long absence and trying out some old ships to see how they fare with all the changes since I been gone. My first ever Tier 10 was the Shima and she still doesn't disappoint. Loaded her with 20km torps and sent them off into the horizon! I forgot how much fun this game was :) Yeah yeah, I know it's not that big of a damage total, but it felt good to see so many hits with those slow fish, including a dev strike. Gonna take my Conqueror out next and knock the dust off to see what she can do
  2. Lord_Argus

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    I'd enjoy seeing more contests between holidays, like the ones they do for Halloween where you have a special ship you have to kill to earn a prize. I think that would be awesome if some games would just have a random special ship appear and the first to sink it, gets something cool. Doesn't have to be anything major, just some temporary special camo's or something.
  3. Been about 9-10 months since last I played, so I think I'm eligible for the recruiting invitation if it will help someone out. Probably play till March and then have to leave again, but maybe I'll really retire this time and become a couch potato and play games all day!!
  4. As title says, I'm about to redownload the game so if you wanna send me a link or invite, I'll use first one I get. Been gone nearly 6 months
  5. I left at the end of June and in 5 months I come back and check the forums. First page, I see the same old familiar topics: MM suxxors and needs to be fixed! Premium crate ship results suxxors! Chat Bans suxxors!(of course you don't think you deserved it) Etc, etc, etc....that's why I LOVE this game!! I could take 2 years off(I have before) and although you come back to some new ships and game tweaks, the community never changes. LOL, love you guys/gals! Hope your holidays are going great and you ate a ton of food. See ya on the battlefield soon.
  6. Lord_Argus


    I get this soo much, but I really do have my stats turned off. I'll be honest, it drives people absolutely insane! Especially since I recently started playing CV's, I've noticed them a lot more.
  7. You see it all the time, that Petro, Kremlin, Yamato or some other ship that is bow on and tanking, while his team is pecking away at you. It can be highly frustrating for many players that don't understand how to deal with this sort of tactic. The age old normal response from most people, is to just use HE shells to do a little damage, and set them on fire. Although this does work, it can be a slow process as ships like Kremlin have high health and good mechanics for putting out the fires. In the time it takes them to essentially burn out, half the game is over. So let's find some tactics for dealing with bow on ships. Input is highly encouraged if you are a seasoned Captain!! One way to deal with these ships is communication with your team! While this can sometimes be difficult with the mentality of some players who are only out for themselves, it can't hurt to ask a DD on your team to come around and throw torps at the bow on target. This may force the target to move to avoid the torps, thus showing his broadside or moving out of his defensive position. Flanking is another great tactic. If you see a bow on ship that is frustrating your team member, try to move around the map to be able to fire on them from a different angle. Once they start taking fire, they will have to move or be vulnerable to not only the ships they are bow on tanking, but whoever is shooting at them from across the map. HE shells are still good for setting fires and some ships have SAP now that can be effective for taking chunks of health off a bow on ship. If using these, remember to aim at the superstructure, which is basically the part of the ship above the hull, between the gun turrets. On most ships it's the less armored part of the ship. Another tactic for bow on ships is to just ignore them for a more favorable target. If your shots are bouncing or doing paltry damage, then your not really helping your team. In this case, if you see a juicier target that you can score damage on, turn your guns in their direction. While this doesn't get rid of the bow on ship, at least your contributing. I've seen people sit there for 5 minutes just shooting at a bow on BB and doing hardly any damage. That ship is doing exactly what it intended by keeping you out of the game because your focusing on him but not doing enough damage to help your team. CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally for me, charging or ramming the bow on ship may be a good tactic depending on how much game is left, your ships health and the position of the enemy on the map. Many decisions need to be considered before you charge or ram a ship. Don't be that guy/girl that charges when it is not really necessary. If your ships has defensive torps and his does not, this could be a great tactic as you could come up beside him and use gun and torps both to get the killing blow. If he has torps and you do not, then obviously charging may not be a great idea. Also, don't sacrifice yourself by ramming if there is plenty of game left as you could be more beneficial to the team by staying alive. If you have some insight for dealing with these situations, feel free to chime in and help those out that find these situations difficult to handle.
  8. Who needs rockets when you have torps and bombs!!! Basically just use rockets in the very beginning when your scouting ship locations and their direction. Dump them into the side of a cruiser and ignore them the rest of the game.
  9. Except I'm not a CV Player Main, I just picked it up a few weeks back. I prefer BB's and DD's!! Obviously you missed the sarcasm in my "troll" post :P
  10. LOL, this was meant to be a sort of troll post but I can't believe it got to 8 pages long....I actually don't have a problem with the rockets cause I only aim at big slow moving ships :P
  11. The Link to Donate is: https://tiltify.com/@worldofwarships/verizon-warrior-series Their goal is $10,000 and we are almost there! It's at a little over $9187 a few minutes ago. Not only does it go to a fabulous cause, the Wounded Warrior Project, but you can also get some nice prizes if they hit their goal! Prizes for reaching certain donation goals are: $2500 reached everyone gets 5 Mosaic Camos $5000 reached everyone gets 2500 Doubloons $10,000 reached everyone gets 2 Super Containers There are also some other cool prizes that they will pick donors at random and award to. Please consider giving a donation, it really is a great cause!! Be sure to donate using your In game name(put it in the display name field) and this is for NA server ONLY!
  12. Tell us about your favorite ship you own in game and why you enjoy it so much or what makes it great in your mind. It can be a favorite from a gaming point of view or historical. Throw up a screenshot if you want as well. For me it's always been the Shimakaze. I own tons and tons of ships now but my first ever line I decided to grind was for the Shima and when I got her I was over the moon. Years late and I still enjoy taking her out above any other ship in the game. She still has great concealment, her guns are not fast but they hit decently and she has smoke and speed boost for her toolkit. What makes her so impressive are the number and power of her torpedoes. She is capable of taking out any ship in the entire game if you take too many of those torps. Many DD's have entered the game and I own a lot of them but she will always be my fav Tier 10.
  13. Lord_Argus

    What happened to capt names over ships?

    I had this problem after the update but I use Aslains. I went back and reinstalled Aslains and for some reason the names over the ships option was unchecked. I used modstation before but Aslains seems to have everything they do and then some. If it really bothers anyone, they might wanna try out Aslains. I have no problems running it and my game runs ultra smooth, but I do use a higher end gaming laptop, so I'm not sure if there are any issues with Aslains on older systems.